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This will based on matches primarily from the Premier League, but will also feature matches from leagues such as La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga etc, as well as matches from competitions like the Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup etc. If enough people request matches from any other competitions, then they will also feature.

The points system will work as follows:

Correct result: 1 point.
Eg. You predict Chelsea to win 2-0 and Chelsea win 3-0.

Correct score for a game with 0-3 goals: 3 points.
Eg. You predict Man Utd to draw 1-1 and Man Utd draw 1-1.

Correct score for a game with 4 or more goals: 4 points.
Eg. You predict Arsenal to win 3-1 and Arsenal win 3-1.

In other words, when you pick up 3 or 4 points, the 1 point for the correct result is included in that number.

Each week you will be given a list of about 5 fixtures to predict.

To sign up, simply post ‘in’ or something similar in this thread. You can also go ahead and predict for the first 5 matches, or you can wait to do so at a later date. You can edit your predictions, but obviously any changes must be made before the relevant game kicks off.

Each ‘mini season’ (see below for explanation) you get to play to 3 jokers where you get double points for a match. So specify with a J if you want to play a joker on any of these matches.

Saturday 14th August 2010, 15.00 GMT

Aston Villa v West Ham

Chelsea v West Brom

Liverpool v Arsenal

Man Utd v Newcastle

Tottenham v Man City

The good thing about this is that you don’t have to predict for the entire season to be involved. The season will be broken down into ‘mini seasons’ lasting about 6 weeks. There will be several tables/divisions and at the end of each mini season people will be promoted, relegated or remain in the same division, depending on their position in the table.

The number of divisions will depend on how many people sign up, but the first mini season will be a preliminary season. It will be longer (10 weeks) and there will just be one table. The final standings from this preliminary season will decide who starts in the ‘Prediction Premier League’ etc. All newcomers once this is up and running will enter in the lowest division.

So, that’s it. If there are any questions then ask away.

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Now we've had one of these for the past 4-5 seasons and the person running it alway ending up not finishing. Is this really going to be any different?
Born to Run is a jam up guy and a serious professional... I'm pretty sure he wouldn't just give up on one of his concepts...
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