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Yeah its me roaddogg4 im back.This is ganna be my thread anytime i make something new ill post it here. So you may have seen some of these before oh well. These arnt in the order i made them in so some suck cuz there from far ago now i know lots of stuff and am makin top notch stuff :). Well rate these old ones.. NOT IN THE ORDER MADE

Those are for my board. And this one was sort of a thought i had when i was thinking of OZ's many sigs :p

^ i like that one :agree:

^Jake from tough enough 2

Heres the ones made too me by people i guess ill post just for shows. dont rate these cuz i ddnt make:

And i used to have like 5 more made to me by other ppl but that file with ema ll got delted :( oh well

Oh btw forums lookin great with layout and new style :)

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First three, aren't that good.
Animation thing, I'm flattered. :D
The next three suck.
Roaddogg4 one is sweet.
The South Park Wrestler one is okay.
The two Rhyno ones aren't really that good, but I DO like them, they've got a cool feel.
The TOTAL VELOCITY one is good, except for font. And if I'm correct that BG is either premade or an action scipt.
Benoit one sux.
I like the Jericho one, its simple.
Not crazy about the Dreamer one, although good concept.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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