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I guess this is the best place to put it. I started this little thing when I heard about Batista's LAT injury. It is to track the WHC starting in Jan and ending at the Mania. This is Part one of a 3 Part series.

Jan. I​

Teddy Long comes out on Smackdown and says that he is about to name a new number one contender to take on Batista at No Mercy. Teddy Long announces that by way of his victory in Hell In A Cell at Armageddon, The Undertaker is the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship and will face Batista at No Mercy. This prompts the legend killer Randy Orton to come out to the ring with his dad. He tells Teddy Long that while, yes the Undertaker won, that Randy is still standing and that proves that he is the better man, the more durable man, and therefore more qualified to be the number one contender. Randy also brings up the fact that the Undertaker used the urn on he and his father at the PPV and that he could have beaten Taker had it not been for that. Long tells Orton that he and his dad are the ones who introduced the urn into match to begin with and it is his own fault.

Before the 2 can argue more, Edge’s music hits and he comes down to the ring with Lita. Edge gets into the ring and says that he has been monitoring the World Title situation for a while and he has been waiting for his moment, and that moment is now. Edge holds up his briefcase and says that the contract within it guarantees him a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, not the WWE title, and since the big man Batista and his title got drafted to Smackdown, that’s where Edge has to be. Teddy Long cuts Edge off and tells him that he is going to have to wait in line behind the Undertaker, because he is the number one contender. Edge gets mad and tells Long he is Mr. Money In The Bank and that he waits in line for no man, or no freak either.

The lights go out and a GONG sounds throughout the arena. Smoke fills the ring and the aisle and the Undertaker makes his way to the ring. When Taker steps into the ring, Edge and Orton both scatter. Undertaker takes off his garb and goes towards Edge and Orton but Teddy Long tells him to hold on. Long tells him that he doesn’t have to go after Orton and Edge because they are not a threat to him and his World Title Match against Batista. Teddy says that he guarantees that Taker will take on Batista at No Mercy and that these 2 can not stop that. Just then, Edge clobbers Taker from behind with his briefcase and then hits Taker with an Impaler DDT. The Undertaker slowly makes hi way back to his feet. While he does this, Orton slides a chair into Edge and Edge cracks Taker across the head with it. Taker doesn’t go down, but just staggers and when he turns around Randy hits him with an RKO. This time, Taker doesn’t get up. Edge grabs the mic from Teddy Long and says “we cant stop the match huh? How about if the Undertaker has a broken neck, and a crushed throat?” Orton and Edge unfold the chair and then fold it again over Takers throat. Orton holds Takers legs while Edge goes to the top rope. Just before he can jump, Batista sprints to the ring and knocks Edge off. Orton gets up and Batista gives him a spinebuster. Orton and Edge get out of the ring and head to the back. Teddy Long gets on the mic and says that since Edge seems to anxious to start off his Smackdown career, that he can start it tonight. Long says he can start it tonight, in a match against the Undertaker!!!

Edges music hits and he comes to the ring with Lita, but they aren’t alone, Randy Orton is in tow with them. When they get into the ring, the ref gets in Orton’s face and tells him he had better not interfere in the match or he’ll get tossed out. Orton throws up his hands and says he understands. The lights go out and the Undertaker makes his entrance. He is alone. Taker gets into the ring and starts taking his garb off when Batista’s music hits. Batista walks out to the ring in his wrestling gear and points at Orton as he circles the ring chasing him. The ref jumps in front of him to stop the chase. Orton and Edge try to cheap shot Taker but they get double clotheslined. Orton rolls out of the ring and the ref rings the bell. The match ends in a cluster with all 4 men in the ring fighting. Orton goes out to get a chair and tries to nail Batista but he misses. Batista grabs the chair and swings but Orton ducks and hits The Undertaker instead! Orton and Edge jump out of the ring and run away laughing. Batista has his back to the Undertaker as he is yelling for the 2 to come back to the ring. When he turns around, Batista is chokeslammed by the Undertaker and Smackdown goes off the air.

Jan. II

Edge comes out the next week with Lita and Randy Orton in tow. He runs video from last week of Batista hitting the Undertaker with a chair and then the Undertaker choke slamming him. Orton and Edge talk about how easy it was to fool the 2 big dumb oafs and how they have an even greater plan to get the World Heavyweight Title. Just then Batista’s music hits and he comes out into the ring. He grabs the mic from Orton. He Tells Orton that if he wants a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, that he doesn’t need some elaborate plan to get it, all he has to do is step up and be a man. Edge gets in between Orton and Batista and says to hold on. He shows Batista the briefcase and says not to forget that he can cash that baby in anytime he wants. Batista punks him out and shoves him down. Batista says he is sick of hearing about Edge’s magical briefcase and that if he wants some of Batista, he can cash it in, if not, than he can shut his mouth.
Batista turns back to Randy and says that he’s sick of hearing his mouth so tonight, he his gonna shut it. A gong sounds and the lights go out when they come back on the Undertaker is in the ring and he starts brawling with Edge and Batista starts fighting with Orton. Edge and Orton flee again and Taker and Batista are left in the ring alone again. The 2 big men go at it until refs flood the ring and separate them. Teddy Long comes out and says that he has a way to determine a number one contender. He says that he is going to book a number one contenders match tonight. It will be Randy Orton taking on The Undertaker. Not only will it be a number one contender match, but it will have a special guest referee, and that man will be Edge. But just to make sure Edge calls it down the middle, there will be a special enforcer referee on the outside, that man, will be the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista!

During the main event Edge keeps looking over at Batista who keeps giving him cold stares. Batista at one point pulls Edge out of the ring when he could be counting Orton down for the 3. When Taker sees this, he gets into Batista’s face. Edge gets into it with them and Orton attacks Taker from behind. The match ends when Lita “distracts Edge” allowing Orton to go to cheat but Batista spears Orton who drops his chair. Taker blasts Orton with the chair and then Edge rings the bell. Edge tells Chimmel that he has disqualified The Undertaker. When he turns around, Edge gets bashed in the head by Taker with the chair. Batista gets up and tells Chimmel that he is disqualifying Orton. After he announces this, Taker blasts Batista with the chair. Taker grabs Batista’s belt and poses with it as SD goes off air.

Jan III.​

Batista comes out to start the show and says that he doesn’t care that Orton won the number one contenders match last week. Batista says he wants the Undertaker, and he wants him now. He asks Taker who in the hell he thinks he is, knocking him out with a steel chair. Orton then comes out and tells Batista that he isn’t going to be getting the Undertaker until Batista faces him for the World Title. Teddy Long then appears on the screen and says that he doesn’t like how Edge officiated the match last week and that because of that, Long is making a Triple Threat Match for the Royal Rumble. It will be Randy Orton vs. Batista vs. The Undertaker! Batista shakes his head and says that he doesn’t want to wait for the Royal Rumble, that he wants the Undertaker tonight. Teddy Long says that he can appreciate how Batista feels but its not gonna go down like that. But Teddy says that tonight he will give Batista a chance to get Taker in the ring. Tonight, Long says, he is booking an Unlikely allies tag team match. Tonight, Randy Orton will team up with The Undertaker to take on the team of Batista and Edge. Orton shakes his head no and Batista smiles and nods as SD goes to commercial.

Later in the show we see Orton trying to get his partner switched to Edge or Batista but Long tells him no. Tonight he is going to be the Undertakers partner and there is no way out of it. SD goes to commercial.

Even later in the show, Edge goes to Batista and tells him tonight that he had better not screw with him. Batista laughs and speaks quietly and says that if Edge even think about pulling anything out there tonight, that he is going to make it the last night he ever competes in the WWE. Edge gulps and walks out.

During the match, everyone sees action against everyone else, including the partners getting into it, including the partners on both teams. The match ends up being a 2 on 1 as Edge abandons Batista and Orton and Taker do a number on him as it takes an RKO and a Chokeslam to keep down for a 3. After the win, Batista rolls from the ring and Orton gives Taker an RKO. Orton celebrates his victory but from behind comes Batista who gives him a Batista bomb. Taker gets up and tries to chokeslam Batista but it gets blocked and Batista takes him out with a Batista bomb as well.

Jan IV (Royal Rumble)

Edge goes up to Teddy Long in the back and says that tonight, he is going to win the Royal Rumble and take on the winner of the Triple Threat Match at Wrestlemania. Long wishes him good luck and Edge picks his number. He looks at it and storms off.

The triple threat match sees mostly Orton and Taker doing all of the action as they take the champ out early. At the end of the match, Batista works his way back into the ring and hits Orton with a Batista bomb. The Undertaker gets up and picks up Batista, knocking him into the ref who goes down. Taker hits a tombstone but he isn’t done there. He then picks up Batista and sets him on the top rope. Taker chokeslams Batista from the top rope to the floor. Taker then turns to Orton and does his throat slash. He picks up Orton and gives him a tombstone and makes a cover but there is no ref to count. Edge sprints down to the ring and hits Taker with his briefcase. He then picks up Taker and gives him the Impaler DDT on the briefcase. Edge then pulls Randy Orton over the prone Undertaker as the ref gets up and counts the 1…..2…..3!

Edge enters the Royal Rumble at number 2 and starts off with Raw superstar Carlito. Edge is the last person in the ring along with HHH. The 2 circle each other and stare each other down. The lights go out and when they come back on, Undertaker is in the ring. The chokeslams Edge and then gives him a tombstone. Taker leaves and H is easily able to throw him over the top rope and get the win.

to be continued

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nathanm said:
can''t happen becuase Edge cashed in MITB at NYR? Didn't you watch Raw or hear about NYR? In people's sig it says how glad they are, so yeah you should've known.

Yeha I started it before he cashed it in and I didnt want to change it.
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