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Well, this my my portion of the ratings war against Grendrill. I will be posting RAW every Monday, to take on Nitro, going all the way back to 2001 to pick it up. Here is a recap of everything that has happened from the night after WM X7 to now,

Here is a quick recap of the events that took place over the two weeks after WM X7 from April 2nd to April 16th RAW.

**As a note** I will delay Backlash to May 20th, giving me plenty of time to build up to it, therefore, there will be no Judgement Day event.

Also, due to a lack of time, I wont post Smackdown events, just a quick recap, but the emphasis will be on RAW anyways with it being the Ratings War.

RAW; April 2, 2001: Test and The Acolytes defeated Eddie Guerrero, Perry Saturn, and Dean Malenko...Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley and Trish Stratus fought to a No Contest in a whipping match...Rhyno defeated Light-Heavyweight Champion, Crash Holly...Hardcore Champion, Kane, defeated Val Venis...William Regal and Kurt Angle defeated Intercontinental Champion, Chris Jericho, in a handicap match...X-Pac defeated Billy Gunn...World Champion, Steve Austin, and The Rock fought to a No Contest in a steel cage match.​
(Rock suspeneded after match)

Smackdown; April 5, 2001: Kane and The Undertaker defeated Bull Buchanan, The Goodfather, and Steven Richards in a handicap match...Rhyno defeated K-Kwick...Kurt Angle and William Regal defeated Chris Benoit in a handicap match...Jeff Hardy defeated The Big Show...X-Pac, Justin Credible, and Albert defeated Billy Gunn, Steve Blackman, and Grandmaster Sexay...Chris Jericho defeated Triple H to retain the Intercontinental Title (Note: Chris Jericho did not lose the Intercontinental Title)

RAW; April 9, 2001: Hardcore Champion, Kane, defeated The Big Show...Rhyno defeated Crash Holly and Molly Holly in a handicap match...The Undertaker defeated The Big Show...The Dudley Boyz (Buh-Buh Ray, D-Von, and Spike) defeated Albert, X-Pac, and Justin Credible...Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit fought to a No Contest. William Regal was the special guest referee...Val Venis defeated Raven...The Hardy Boyz and Lita defeated Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, Triple H, and Steve Austin.​
Smackdown; April 12, 2001: Albert defeated Spike Dudley...Women's Champion, Chyna, defeated Ivory...Kurt Angle, Christian, Edge, and William Regal defeated Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho in a handicap match...Hardcore Holly and Rhyno fought to a No Contest...Kane and The Undertaker defeated The Big Show and Kaientai in a handicap match...Test defeated Val Venis...Jeff Hardy defeated Triple H.​
(Note: With HHH not being Intercontinental Champion, this match was not for that Title, but Jeff Hardy won)
That leaves me up to date with this. I will post RAW Tomorrow!!!
Any feedback???

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I wont be doing Smackdown's. Most likely will do just a quick recap of what went down on SD.

Also, I have to post Vengeance tomorrow in Rebirth, so along with Grendrill's two shows tomorrow, my two, yours and Orton 17's, it is going to be very packed in the BTB forums tomorrow!!!

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Very interested I will keep an eye out for both these threads.

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RAW is WAR: April 16th 2001:

Highlights of Jeff Hardy defeating Triple H on Smackdown last week.

Vince McMahon then appears on the screen.;

“Tonight, is an extremely special occasion for all the fans in attendance here in Winnipeg. Tonight, you get to witness, the World Wrestling Federation pick up from where it left off three weeks ago, by once again, driving WCW into the GROUND!!

How?? I’ll tell you how. Champion vs. Champion. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Winnipegs own, ‘Y2J’ Chris Jericho!!!! Which title will be on the line?? You’ll find out later!!”

WWF Logo flashes across the screen, and the Raw is War video plays.


J.R: We are live, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, for another edition of Monday Night RAW!!! And you just heard the announcement, WWF Champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin will face the Hometown boy, the Intercontinental Champion, Chris Jericho in tonight’s Main Event, with one of the two titles on the line.

Heyman: Well, J.R, that is why Vince McMahon is known as a genius. With one announcement, he worked this crowd into a FRENZY!! And as for not naming which title is up for grabs, I like that decision, because it’s gonna keep me guessing for sure!!

J.R: Also tonight folks, we expect to hear from The Game, following his unbelievable upset loss to Jeff Hardy last week on Smackdown!!

Heyman: One word J.R, FLUKE!!

J.R: But up first, it’s gonna be one on one for the Hardcore Championship, Kane vs. Raven!!!

1st Match: Hardcore Championship:

Kane vs. Raven

Kane dominates Raven throughout the match, and nails the Chokeslam, but as he goes for the count, Hardcore Holly runs to the ring, and throws Kane out of the ring. He goes for the pinfall, but that is broken by Steve Blackman.

Holly, and Blackman then brawl, while Kane gets back into the ring, and clotheslines both down. Grand Master Sexay then tries to take down Kane, but he is simply not strong enough. He is easily overpowered, by the Big Red Machine, but while all this goes on, Raven recovers, grabs a Fire Extinguisher, and sprays it into the face of Kane, then rolls him up, 1...2...3!!!

Raven wins!!! Holly, and Blackman then chase him out of the arena, as Raven scarpers up the ramp holding the title belt.

GMS then stands in the ring, wondering what just happened. He then pulls his goggles down, and starts to dance. While he dances, Kane sits up. He looks over at GMS who is still dancing. Kane then gets up and is given a pair of glasses by GMS to dance. Kane shakes his head, and grabs GMS by the throat and plants him with a Chokeslam!!!

Kane then walks up the ramp, irate over losing the Hardcore Title.

Backstage, in Commisioner Regal’s office, Kurt Angle walks in.

Angle: Hey, Regal

Regal: Yes Kurt.

Angle: Look, over the last few weeks, we have beaten Jericho and Benoit all over the place. Handicap Matches, pitting them against each other, you name it, we’ve done it. So why the hell is Chris Jericho on the verge of getting a WWF Title Shot!!

Regal: Oh Kurt my dear boy. You really don’t understand. Do you not think, as the Commissioner of this company, that I would really be silly enough to actually give Jericho a chance of winning the WWF Championship. No, no, no. You see, I have been in talks with Mr. McMahon all weekend about this match tonight. Now, I wanted to make sure that Chris Jericho wouldn’t walk out of his hometown with the power of his legs tonight. And who better to do that than Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Angle: Yeah. But, how is Vince going to work out which title is on the line??

(Laughs) That’s where you come in my dear boy. Tonight, you will face Chris Jericho, right before the main event. If he beats you, the WWF Championship is on the line. If you beat him, he has to defend the Intercontinental Championship.

(Laughs) But…what about Benoit??

Regal: Ahhhhh, Chris Benoit. Well, after all those handicap matches he has been through in recent weeks, why should we stop now. Tonight, Chris Benoit will face….the WWF Tag Team Champions, Edge and Christian!!

Angle: Oh yeah!! It’s true, it’s damn true!!

Regal: Now, this is what I wan- WHAT THE BLODDY HELL!!!

Raven runs into the office, being chased by Holly, Blackman, Gunn, Saturn, APA, Kaientai, a referee, and a dog.

Raven then hides behind Regal

Regal: What’s the bloody meaning of this!!!

Bradshaw: SHUT UP REGAL!!

Regal: Oii, sunshine, you don’t tell me to shut up. You, Bradshaw, you’re in a match tonight, against Albert. And better still, it’s up next!!! Now get the hell out of my office.

Raven: (Out of breath) Please, Commissioner, you have to stop this stuff with 24/7 ruling!!

Regal: WHAT!! Get out of here.

Raven slowly creeps out.

Regal and Angle then look to each other and sniff the air. They ask each other whose smell is that. Regal then looks down at his feet and sees The Dog taking a crap on Regals shoes. Angle tries not to laugh.



2nd Match:

Albert w/X-Factor vs. Bradshaw w/Faarooq

Pretty quick match, with back and forth action. X-Pac trips Bradshaw on the apron, leading to a brawl. But with it being three on two, X-Pac and Justin score with the double super kick on Bradshaw, followed by a Baldo Bomb from Albert for the three.

X-Factor quickly leave, as APA are irate in the ring.

We then see the arrival of Triple H & Stephanie

J.R: Well, this has been a wild ride already here tonight. Benoit to face Edge and Christian, Angle vs. Jericho and Jericho vs. Austin, all still to come!!!

Heyman: Yes, J.R. This is what the WWF is all about. Giving fans what they want, when they want it!! And J.R, over the last few weeks, The RTC have been looking pretty shaky, with just a week ago, looking like they were set to disband. But tonight, Steven Richards has requested one more chance, in a Six Man Tables Match, at Bull Buchanan, Goodfather and Val Venis take on the Dudleyville Trio, the Dudley’s!!

J.R: That still to come, but also, we will hear from Triple H, regarding his loss to Jeff Hardy, just five days ago on Smackdown!!

Interview with Edge and Christian:

Tonight, you guys face Chris Benoit, two on one. Obviously, the deck is stacked in your favour guys.

Edge: Well….thanks for pointing out the obvious, Michael Cole!! Yeah, tonight, it’s Edge and Christian, the seven time, count it Michael, One, two, three, four, five, six, SEVEN!!! Times Tag team Champions!!!

Christian: That’s right Miss Cole. Seven times, we have been the WWF Tag team Champions, over the last few years we have won everything, Triangle Ladder Match, TLC, TLC 2, You name it, we won it. We have beaten The Hardy Boyz, The Dudley Boyz, Too Cool, APA, RTC, T&A, all the names, we have won it. There is nobody better, or more imposing than, Christian and Edge. We rule the roost, we run the yard.

Undertaker: Sorry?? Did I just hear you right?? Did you just say that Edge & Christian run the yard?? Because that’s what I think I heard, and if I didn’t, thenI’m getting old, and if I did, I will make you two pretty boys Famous.

Christian: Errrrrrrr…..no, no you didn’t. We didn’t.

Undertaker: So I’m getting old then. Is that right??

Edge: No, of course you’re not. Look, we respect you Taker, but we have to go, I mean, we have a match an all coming up. We need to get ready.

Undertaker: Ohh, you will be ready.

Taker then moves toward E&C, then, from behind with a steel chair comes Rhyno. He attacks Taker with it, putting him to the ground.

Rhyno: Edge, Christian. Don’t worry about Undertaker. You have me!!

E&C laugh.

Edge: See ya later, DEADMAN!!!

Undertaker tries to get to his feet, but is irate with what just happened.

3rd Match: Six Man Tables Match:

RTC w/Richards vs. The Dudley Boyz

RTC start off pretty well, but soon, they start to have some communication problems, and The Dudleys take control. Soon, they easily send Val Venis through a table to get the win.

After the match, RTC try to regroup, as Goodfather and Bull help Val to his feet. Richards then gets into the ring with a chair, and nails all three men. He then takes a microphone.

Steven: You all said you would fight the good fight!! You all said you would help the cause of the RTC, but now, you are all just failures. I don’t need losers like you. I can do this myself!!!


J.R: Folks, welcome back to RAW, and of course toni-

“Time to Play the Game” plays in the arena, and Triple H makes his way to the ring, very pissed off.

He gets in the ring quickly and takes the microphone.

HHH: I arrived here tonight in Winnipeg, I stepped out of my limo, and all I got was people standing in the arena, laughing at ME!! No one, laughs at me!! I am The Game!! And I am the best wrestler alive today!! What happened last week on Smackdown was a fluke!! Something that will NEVER happen again. And I plan on proving it. You see, Jeff Hardy may have a pinfall victory over me, but lets remember, so does the Brooklyn Brawler.

Jeff Hardy proved nothing to me last Thursday night, and Jeff, just cause you beat me once, it doesn’t mean you will beat me twice!! Jeff, if you havent got it into your head yet, this is a challenge for a rematch. Now, I realise that you might want some time to think about it, so lets say, next week, right here on RAW, you and me, one more ti-

Hardy Boyz music plays and out step all three members of Team Extreme.

Jeff: Whats wrong Hunter?? You look pretty annoyed. Would it be because….I pinned you last week on Smackdown!!!???

HHH: Hey, kid, I’ve seen your sort before, you come and go. You see this is what I envisage for you. I see Jeff Hardy in two, maybe three years time, sitting at home, wondering what could’ve been. Get a good picture in your head people. Jeff hasn’t got all those pretty colours in his hair, he doesn’t have all those good looks he has, or his sparkling white teeth, and he has put on roughly thirty pounds. Why?

Is it because he let one victory over Triple H go to his head? No.

Is it because he got injured one night, performing a crazy ass move? No.

Is it drugs? No.

Alcohol? No.

What it is, is the fact that I would have ran your ass out of this company, with your tail between your legs. I will have busted you up, chewed you up, and spit you out. I will have rattled the teeth out of your mouth, I will have broken your neck, I will have ended you’re career!! And then what? You will just be another one who has come and gone, just like the rest.

Jeff: You know, some of that might be right Hunter. But most of it, is WAY wrong!! I will be here in three years time, and maybe it will be me who has ran YOU out of this company. And next week on RAW, I will do the exact same thing I did on Smackdown, and beat your ASS!!

HHH: Oh yeah big shot. Why don’t you come down here then and give me a taste of what’s to come.

Jeff: You’re on!!!

Jeff, Matt and Lita then start to walk to the ring, until, Steve Austin comes from behind, and attacks Matt. Jeff then fights with Austin, but HHH gets out of the ring and attacks Jeff. The Power Trip then start to dismantle the Hardyz, and Steph slaps Lita.

They bring all three into the ring, and look set to beat on them some more, until Jericho hit’s the ring, sending the Power Trip into retreat.

A Y2J chant erupts as the Hometown boy has just saved The Hardyz from the Power Trip.


4th Match: Handicap match:

Edge and Christian vs. Chris Benoit

Fast paced match, with Benoit putting up a great fight, and coming back from a beat down, to take control and then locks in the Crossface on Edge, but Rhyno runs to the ring, and attacks Benoit. Rhyno then sets him up for the Gore, and nails it. The referee ends the match in a DQ, whilst Regal comes to the ramp with Angle talking into his ear. He declares the match a three on one match, with NO DQ!! The match then restarts.

Benoit is beaten down by the trio, and they look set to pick up the win early using the No DQ ruling to their advantage, but as Edge, Christian and Rhyno look set to win, Undertaker’s music plays, and the American Bad Ass walks to the ramp, Edge, Christian and Rhyno are in shock. They jump out of the ring, and quickly go through the crowd. Taker just stands at the top of the ramp, shaking his head.

Backstage with The Power Trip…

Did you see that Vince??? Sort it out!!

Vince: Hold on here Hunter. I didn’t expect Jericho to come out.

Austin: Why not??

Vince: What do you mean??

Austin: Of course Jericho was coming out. He wants to soften me up for later, because just like The Rock, he is scared of Stone Cold Steve Austin!! He is scared of what I’m gonna do to him in his hometown. I am gonna grab him by his scrawny little neck, rip out his crappy hair, shove my fist down his throat, and whoop his ass!!

HHH: And as for the Hardy Girls, Jeff is gonna be very sorry that he crossed me.

Vince: You know, you are both right. Tonight, no matter what happens, Austin, your match against Jericho will have No DQ for YOU!! But Jericho…he can be disqualified, and Submission’s wont count for nothing!!

Oh and Hunter. As for next week. Name the match you want, and you got it!!

HHH: What do I want?? Ummm…You know, I want it to be simply one on one. I want to proveto the world that Jeff Hardy is not in my league, and does not belong in the ring with me!!!

Vince: Done!! Oh, and on Smackdown, just as a little taster, Lita will go one on one with Stephanie McMahon-Hellmsley.


J.R: Well this night goes from one extreme to another!!

Heyman: What a Main Event it will be tonight. Jericho vs. Austin. One title on the line, Austin cant be disqualified, Jericho can!! Sounds fair to me.

J.R: Oh, you are kidding me Paul!! How is that fair??

Heyman: Errrrrr….No comment!!

J.R: In any event, it will be Angle vs. Jericho next, just before Jericho vs. Austin.

Backstage, we see Raven looking to sneak out. He jumps into a cab, and tells the driver to go. The car drives a little, then stops. Raven then jumps out, and runs as quickly as he can. We see the driver step out, pulling off a wig and glasses and we see it is Al Snow. He then picks up Head from the passengers seat and asks Head, “Was it something I said”

5th Match:

Perry Saturn vs. Test

Test makes quick work of Saturn to pick up an easy three count.

We go backstage with Benoit talking to Jericho.

Look Chris, as much as I wish it was me out there, this is your night, your chance to do what they all said we couldn’t do. In your hometown, make your dream come true!!! I would offer to go out there with ya, but I know you would rather do it yourself. Go for it!!!

Jericho: You know Chris, of all the people I expected to wish me luck, I wouldn’t have expected you. But I’m glad it is. Tonight, I will do the unthinkable, and I will hold both titles!!!

J.R: Well, this is it Paul. It is Jericho’s chance to do what many said would be impossible.

Heyman: And what many say, still is impossible. Stone Cold Steve Austin sold his soul for the WWF Championship, and Chris Jericho cant take it from him!! No one can!!!

J.R: It’s Jericho vs. Angle….NEXT!!!


6th Match:

Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle

(If Jericho wins, he gets shot at WWF Championship against Austin)

(If Angle wins, Jericho must defend I.C Championship against Austin)

After twelve minutes of pure wrestling action, Angle goes for the Angle Slam, but Jericho counters into a bulldog, followed by a Lionsault, then a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!! Jericho then tries to apply the Walls, but Regal comes to the ramp and tells Jericho, that the same ruling applies both his matches tonight, and he cannot win by Submission. Jericho is irate. Angle takes advantage, and nails an Angle Slam, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Regal is shocked. He walks to the ring with his Brass Knucks, but Benoit runs down and attacks Regal taking him back up the ramp. This distracts Angle, and gives Jericho a chance to get a roll up, 1...2...3!!! Jericho wins!!! He now has a shot at the WWF Championship.

Jericho then calls Austin to the ring, for the Title match. While he does this, Angle picks up the I.C Title belt, and clobbers Jericho from behind. He then leaves Jericho in the ring, laying as Austin comes out to the ring, with a huge smile on his face. He jumps into the ring and gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Austin cant believe it. He covers again, 1...2...Kick Out!! Austin is shocked. He goes to the outside and picks up a chair as we go to the final commercial


We return with Austin in full control;

Austin whips Y2J off the ropes and lowers his head in anticipation for his return, but Jericho has it scouted and gets an inside cradle for a two count. Austin jumps up and punches Jericho back down to the ground. He whips Jericho off the ropes again, and attempts a Lou Thesz Press, but Jericho holds the ropes, meaning Austin falls straight to the ground, Jericho takes advantage by getting a pin with a bridge, but Austin kicks out at two again. The two men slug it out again in the middle of the ring, this time with Jericho on top. He comes off the ropes and hit’s a flying forearm.

Jericho starts to get control over the match, and begins to work on Orton. He hit’s a number of elbows to Austin’s leg and stomps on his leg also. Jericho then tries to apply the Walls of Jericho, he knows he cant win with it, but could still do damage, but Austin fights out. He gets up and runs at Jericho, but Jericho hit’s a drop toe hold with Austin going into the ropes. Jericho then plays to the crowd, and hits a knee to the back. Austin bounces off the ropes and straight into an Enziguri kick from the challenger. He gets a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!! Jericho then hit’s an Atomic drop, followed a clothesline.

Jericho goes up top, but out of nowhere McMahon runs in. He attempts to pull Y2J off the rope, but he is punched to the ground. Jericho then hit’s a dropkick to Austin from the top. He covers the champion, 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN. Y2J is shocked. He picks up Austin again and punches him back down. McMahon then jumps on the apron and complains to the referee that Y2J used a closed fist. Jericho is distracted also, and knocks McMahon off the ropes. Austin then picks up a chair and runs at Jericho, but gets caught and Jericho then hit’s a DDT to the champion, followed by the Lionsault, 1...2...KICK OUT!! Jericho gets up again, but McMahon again gets on the apron. This distracts Jericho, and this gives Austin a chance to attack Jericho from behind again, with a Russian Leg Sweep. He then sets up Jericho for a Stunner, but as he attempts it, Jericho counters and hit’s the Breakdown. 1...2...Vince puts Austin’s foot on the rope.

Jericho then grabs McMahon by the hair and knocks him off the apron with a stinging right hand. Jericho then goes to hit a clothesline on Stone Cold but Austin ducks and as Jericho turns around again, he is met by an Stunner. Austin gets the cover with his feet on the ropes, 1...2...JERICHO KICKS OUT!!! Austin is in shock.

He goes for another, but Jericho pushes him off the ropes, and hit’s a dropkick. He then goes for a Lionsault, but Regal is there now, and hits Jericho as he jumps onto the ropes with a chair!!! Jericho is laid out, Austin gets a cover, and the referee can do nothing but count, 1...2...3!!! Austin retains!!!

Austin, McMahon and Regal then quickly leave up the ramp as Jericho is still out cold in the ring from the chair shot. We go off the air, with Austin, McMahon and Regal all standing at the top of the ramp.

End of Show


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brilliant show I will give my poll results in now...10/10. Hard first week to judge.

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Great Raw. I think this week Raw just edges it past Nitro. Good storylines going there and now I see why you wanted the 2001 roster. The Regal/Angle segment was great, in particular the dog part.


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Smackdown Report:

Test defeated Haku

Eddie Guerrero defeated Steve Blackman to retain the WWF European Championship

Lita defeated Stephanie McMahon-Hellmsley

Undertaker and Kane defeated X-Pac and Justin Credible by DQ after interference from Edge and Christian

Raven defeated Hardcore Holly to retain the WWF Hardcore Championship

Grand Master Sexay defeated Raven to become the NEW WWF Hardcore Champion.

Billy Gunn defeated GMS to become the NEW WWF Hardcore Champion.

Raven defeated Billy Gunn to become the NEW WWF Hardcore Champion.

Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho & Matt Hardy defeated William Regal, Kurt Angle & Stone Cold Steve Austin when Matt Hardy pinned Austin.

Other notes;

Regal ordered Jeff Hardy out of the arena at the beginning of the night, amid fears that Jeff would interfere in the main event.

Triple H’s interference in the Main Event, came to no avail as Matt Hardy still got the win over the WWF Champion, Steve Austin.

William Regal also signed a tag match for RAW with Benoit and Jericho taking on Regal and Angle.

Taker and Kane made a challenge to E&C to face them Monday Night on RAW, but this challenge was not answered, will E&C show up Monday Night??

Raven briefly lost his Hardcore Title, but after a number of quick title changes, Raven regained the Championship from Billy Gunn. This Monday, Raven will face the man who defeated him this Thursday, Grand Master Sexay in a Title match.

Also, Steven Richards made an announcement that he has disbanded the RTC, and as a mark of revenge, will make sure that Bull Buchanan, Goodfather and Val Venis will suffer for failing him!!

Matches confirmed for RAW:

Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H

Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit vs. William Regal & Kurt Angle

Raven vs. Grand Master Sexay - WWF Hardcore Championship


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like the matches for Raw and good Smackdown report.
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