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Nitro Recap - March 26th 2001
WCW United States Championship vs. WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Booker T defeated Scott Steiner

Rey Misterio Jr. & Billy Kidman defeated Kaz Hayashi & Jimmy Yang and Shannon Moore & Evan Karagais

WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Shane Helms defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr.

WCW World Tag Team Championship
Sean O'Haire & Chuck Palumbo defeated Lance Storm & Mike Awesome

Loser Gets A Tattoo Match
Shawn Stasiak defeated Bam Bam Bigelow

WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship
Rey Misterio Jr. & Billy Kidman defeated Elix Skipper & Kid Romeo

Sting defeated Ric Flair

Sting and Ric Flair leave the ring raising each others hand in respect for their great careers.

It then cuts to Vince MacMahon on the screen.

Vince McMahon: Well, Well, Well, looks like I finally won the Monday Night Wars, it also looks Like Ted Turners 'WCW Boys', couldn't cut what was needed to stay in this business. Now this brings me to what I'm going to do with WCW, should I put it on the self? Should I turn it into something like MY WWF?............Well I don't think so, next Monday night, all WCW superstars are requested at RAW, so I can look you all in the face individually and say YOUR FIRED, and Eric Biscoff I wish yo...............

Hit Bischoff's music

Eric Bischoff: You know Vince...... While you have been rambling on about what your going to do with WCW, I've been making plans for what I'm going to do with WCW! You said earlier tonight, 'Who would have thought Vince MacMahon would ever open up a WCW broadcast', Well I've just fixed that problem, because we will never see you open up a WCW broadcast again, you know why? Because I've have just bought all rights to WCW!!!!!! So I only got one thing to say...... Good bye Vince!

Crowd Cheers

Eric Bischoff: Now for what I'm going to do with WCW, hmmmmmm Ah, I am as of now stripping Ric Flair as CEO of WCW, next I am going to take all belts tonight and make them vacant, so champs, would you please come out here.

Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman (Cruiser weight tag champs come out), Pulumbo and O'Haire (tag champs), Shane Helms (cruiserweight champ), and finally Booker T (US champ and WCW world Heavyweight Champ).

Eric Bischoff: Thank you, I much appreciate this, if would all give me your belts and leave, I promise you will have your chance at getting them back.

They all stand around ringside looking ateach other, Shane throws his in first and then the rest do, but Booker gets up on the aporn and gets in the ring.

Booker T hesitates and asks for a mic.

Booker T: Eric what is up with dis?

Eric Bischoff: Booker, leave your belts and you will find out, I'm sorry for what has happened in the past between you and me, but please trust me.

Booker T hesitates and then throws his belts at Biscoff

Eric Bischoff: OK now that that is done, its time for some changes, on April 12th there will be a new ppv airing, WCW Big Bang, everything will be anew. It is time for change around here, and I'm the man to do it.........

Bischoff smiles as Nitro fades off the air.

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World Championship Wrestling: The Big Bang
Jacksonville, FL
April 15th 2001

Two weeks ago, WCW The Night of Champions, The Last Monday Nitro on TNT opened up with Vince McMahon, the owner of the WWF, WCW's most heated rival in the history of Sports and Entertainment.

At the end of the greatest WCW show ever, Vince McMahon showed up on the screen again, wondering what he would do with his newly acclaimed WCW as of Wrestlemania X7. Eric Bischoff came out and announced that he had infact aquired World Championship Wrestling from Ted Turner and he now infact was the owner of WCW.

Eric Bischoff further went on to say that all WCW Championship Belts were now vacant and that on April 15th a new WCW would appear and everything would be anew.

What can we expect to see at The Big Bang, the first Pay Per View on the new WCW era? Who can we expect to see in the New WCW era? What is the new WCW era?

Confirmed Matches for The Big Bang:

No Matches are confirmed at this time.
WCW World Heavyweight Championship:

WCW United States Championship:

WCW Cruiserweight Championship:

WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship:

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Can't wait for this as I am a WCW MARK!


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Jacksonville, FL
April 15th 2001

A video package is shown of ‘The Last Nitro’ where Bischoff takes the belts and says it will be a new beginning!

We come in to the arena with pyro going from every part of the arena leading to the stage which lights up with a huge display of Pyro.


Tony Schovane: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the rebirth of WCW, we’re live and under new ownership. I’m alongside Scott Hutson and Scotty I wonder what Eric Bischoff has in store for us and all you fans at home.

Scott Hutson: I can’t answer that Tony but it’s been a long month of changes throughout WCW, luckily enough we’re still here to bring you all the action of WCW Live.


Eric Bischoff’s music hits (the old WCW one, not the WWE one) and the crowd erupts with an amazing amount of cheers.

Eric Bischoff: As you can see this is the new, and, improved, World Championship Wrestling! All titles will be decided tonight, except for one.... The WCW Cruiserweight Tag Championships, They will be decided tomorrow night on Nitro.

Crowd boos

Eric Bischoff: Our first match tonight will be the WCW Cruiserweight Championship, it will be a single elimination match, consisting of: Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman, Chavo Guerrero, Shane Helms, Elix Skipper and last but not least, the returning Psychosis.

The Crowd erupts when he announces the return of Psychosis

Eric Bischoff: The WCW Tag Team Championship will also be decided tonight, with a No Disqualification, Triple Threat Tag Match; with Kronic, Palumbo & O’Haire and Team Canada

Crowd Cheers

Eric Bischoff: Tonight the WCW United States Championship will be decided in a Fatal Four Way with Hugh Morris, Rick Steiner, Kanyon and ‘Franchise’ Shane Douglas.

Crowd erupts again

Eric Bischoff: Also something else BIG is returning tonight.........the WCW Hardcore Championship, a Triple Threat between Johnny the Bull, The Wall, and Reno. There will also be more surprises tonight............... You will just have to wait and see.

The crowd erupts Bischoff drops the mic and starts walking to the back while Billy Kidman’s music fills the arena.


First Match
WCW Cruiserweight Title
Elimination Match
Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Billy Kidman vs. Shane Helms vs. Psychosis vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Elix Skipper

They all make their way down to the ring, Shane, Kidman Rey get the loudest pops. They all stand around the ring working out who’s going to go after who until Elix cheap shots Rey and Psychosis hits a Spin Kick on Chavo as he quickly goes into the ropes. They all pair off against each other and slug it out. Shane hits a quick drop toe hold on Kidman and follows it up with a elbow to the back of the head. Elix and Psychosis try and hit a Spin Kick on each other but they keep reversing it. Chavo catches Rey as he comes from the ropes and hits a hard Whirl Slam and applies a leg lock. Elix goes to the ropes and hits Psychosis with a Head scissor DDT while putting Shane down with a Bulldog which gets a huge pop. Chavo sends Rey into the ropes and catches him with a knee to the guts that leaves Rey rolling around the mat. Psychosis goes for the first pin of the night on Chavo with a roll up but he quickly kicks out at 1.
Shane goes to the ropes but is caught by Kidman with a BK Bomb while Elix goes to work on Rey. Kidman goes for a sleeper on Shane which leads into a series of Cruiserweight moves and reversals, Elix sends Rey into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Rey holds on when Elix tries to send him over and catches him with a DDT. Shane hits a running Neckbreaker on Kidman while Chavo plants Psychosis with a Sidewalk slam. Rey goes for a Mexican Roll up on Elix but he only gets a 2 count.
Chavo plants a hard dropkick to the back of Shane’s head after he hits Kidman with a Sit-Out Powerbomb. Rey goes for another roll up but this time on Chavo but he kicks out as well. They all start brawling in the ring with a series of punches until Elix jumps to the top rope and hits a Moonsult onto everyone that takes everyone down for another huge pop. Everyone makes it back to their feet, Shane goes at it with Elix, Kidman and Rey exchange punches and Psychosis and Chavo still fight at it. Kidman sends Rey to the ropes but is cut short with a drop toe hold from Shane (onto Rey). Psychosis turns Kidman around and hits the Psycho Stunner (he got it when he was in Japan) but is taken out by Chavo shortly after that. Rey gets back to his feet and Shane goes to the ropes, Rey recovers and pulls out a Hunacarana and holds onto his legs only once again to get a 2 count.
Kidman lays Psychosis out with another BK Bomb and goes to the middle rope and hits a Legdrop on him. Chavo sends Elix to the ropes but follows him and clotheslines over the top to the floor. Chavo slingshots himself over on to Elix who is followed by Rey who jumps and springboard flips off the top rope onto both of them. Psychosis goes to the opposite ropes for speed and flips over the rope to hit nothing but the mats on the outside (was aiming for everyone but they moved). They all move in a stomp Psychosis leading to Shane flip the rope without touching it onto everyone on the outside. Kidman is left to get back to his feet in the ring while the crowd starts chanting Billy. Kidman climbs the ropes and hits the Kidman Press (Shooting Star Press, like WMXX) onto everyone getting a major pop and a holy shit. They all stumble their way back into the ring and start slugging it out again. Elix sets Kidman up in the tree-of-woe and hits a Baseball Slide into the corner. Rey once again goes for a roll up on Chavo but only gets a 2 count.
They all start going at each other, Kidman and Rey try to hit each other but keep dodging or reversing, Psychosis hits a Head scissors onto Elix that sends him into Chavo who hits a Brainbuster and covers him for the 3 count.
Everyone has slowed down a lot but Psychosis starts laying into Shane in the corner with punches while Chavo takes a breather leaving Kidman and Rey to keep fighting it out. They both go to the ropes but both go for a cross body leaving nothing but chests to collide; they both drop to the mat writhing in pain.
Chavo quickly takes advantage and picks Rey up and sends him to the ropes, Rey hits the 619 (before the kick came in) and Chavo goes after him leaving him open for a drop toe into the ropes Rey sets Chavo up so his lying on the rope with his head on the inside of the ring and hits the Guillotine Legdrop and covers him for the 3.
Kidman picks Rey up and hits a Fireman Carry neckbreaker (whirl Neckbreaker from SD!5), Psychosis and Shane continue to fight at it till Rey Kidman dropkicks Shane into Psychosis who follows up with the Sit-Out Suplex but only for a 2 count. Psychosis can’t believe it so he heads to the top ropes for the Leg Drop, Rey cuts him short and hits a Frankensteiner. Kidman picks Shane up and hits another BK Bomb and pins him for the 3 count.
Rey and Kidman double team Psychosis and hit a Double Suplex on him, Rey goes to the ropes hoping for a senton onto him but Kidman catches Rey with a quick clothesline knocking him down. Psychosis heads up top and goes for a Frog Splash onto Rey but is caught with a Dropkick by Kidman. Kidman gets back up and pumps the crowd who are all ready ballistic for the match. Rey waits for Kidman to turn around before hitting him with a Springboard Head scissors. Psychosis sits in the corner leaving them to fight while he catches his breath from the dropkick earlier. Kidman hits the Kid-Krusher on Rey and then heads up top for the Shooting Star Press and pulls it off for the 3 count.
Psychosis comes quickly up from behind with a roll-up but Kidman kicks out. Psychosis quickly picks Kidman up and hits the Sit-Out Suplex and heads up top for the Leg Drop, Psychosis hits it and covers Kidman for the 3 count.
New Cruiserweight Champion: Psychosis - Pinfall

Psychosis celebrates in the ring with his belt as the camera cuts to Backstage and see Bischoff talking on the phone


Eric Bischoff: Uh huh.......yes...........so he signed? ...great

Hangs up phone

Eric Bischoff: YES!


The camera then cuts to an interview with Kanyon.

Gene Oakeland: Chris Kanyon, tonight as announced by Eric Bischoff just a few moments ago you will be in a Over the Top Rope battle Royal for the WCW United States Championship and Chris I must say as of late you have been on a roll.

Chris Kanyon: Gene, my whole life I’ve had people telling me that I can’t do it, I’m not good enough, but 2001 is going to be Kanyon’s year, I started it off by defeating Diamond Dallas Trailer-Park Trash and I’m going to keep it going by winning the US Title, cya Gene

Gene Oakeland: Thank Chris Kanyon; let’s take you back to the ring for the WCW Hardcore Championship, Tony?


Match 2
WCW Hardcore Championship
The Wall vs. Reno vs. Johnny The Bull

Reno and Johnny start going at it before The Wall can make it down to the ring, Reno get the advantage with a spinning kick onto Johnny before Wall comes in and changes the whole situation with a huge chair shot to the back of Reno. Wall picks Reno back up and hits a Sidewalk slam onto the chair and Johnny goes for a sneaky pin but it gets broken up at the 2 count.
Johnny and Wall start slugging it out but when Reno gets back to his feet they hit a double Suplex to the outside on him. Wall punches Johnny in the face and gives him a front Suplex of his own onto the ring ropes. Reno grabs a chair of his own and makes his way back into the ring and slams Wall on the back with it while he’s attacking Johnny. Reno and Johnny try to double team Wall by sending him to the ropes but is taken down with a double clothesline from Wall. He throws Johnny into the corner and follows in after with a huge clothesline and then gives Reno and huge Powerslam and pin for the 2 count.
Johnny makes his way up top while Wall puts Reno down again with another high impact move; he turns around to find himself caught with a spear from Johnny from the top rope. Johnny rolls Wall out of the ring and goes to work on Reno with a series of stomps and elbow drops, Wall grabs a table from under the ring and slides it into the ring followed by a chair and a trash can. Wall wipes Johnny out with a Trash can shot to the head and sets up the table, Wall signals for the Chokeslam and puts Reno through the table. Johnny starts a fist fight with Wall as soon as he puts Reno through the table and hits a Low Blow and picks Wall up for a Press Slam, of which he nearly drops Wall with, Johnny covers Reno but only gets a 2 count.
Reno starts to stagger while Johnny goes back after Wall with the Trash Can, and gives him a loving shot to the face and heads up top for the Twirling Leg Drop onto Wall and covers him only to get a 2 count.
Reno gets back to his feet and goes straight after Johnny with a series of stiff kicks and follows up with a hard clothesline, taunt to the crowd and a huge pop. Johnny rolls out to the floor while Wall gets back to his feet and delivers a huge boot to the face of Reno, of which he starts punching him while he’s on the ground. Johnny gets back in the ring with a chair as Wall heads out and grabs a Kendo Stick; Johnny whacks Reno in the back with the chair while Wall waits for him to turn around and cracks the Kendo Stick over Johnny’s head. Wall then cracks Reno over the back with the Stick as well, Johnny staggers his way over onto Reno while he’s flipping off some fan at ringside, the ref starts to make the count and Wall breaks it up with a Kendo shot to the back of Johnny.
Reno rolls out of the ring while Wall continues to beat on Johnny, Reno gets another tables and slides it in the ring and follows it in. Reno gets up and runs to the ropes and hits a Bulldog on the Wall onto the Trash Can that sends it flat. Johnny jumps up on the turnbuckle and hits another Twirling Leg Drop onto Wall but Reno attacks him before he can make the cover.
Reno picks Johnny up and hits the Roll The Dice onto him and makes the cover on him for the 1 2 3.
New WCW Hardcore Champion: Reno – Pinfall


Goes backstage and we see Kronic Making their way to the ring for their match. It then cuts to another interview with Gene and Reno.

Gene Oakeland: Reno, just a few short moments ago you won the WCW Hardcore Championship, with the Natural Born Thrillers dis-banded, could this be a sign for the future?

Reno just looks Gene up and down and walks away


Match 3
WCW Tag Team Championship
Team Canada vs. Kronic vs. Palumbo & O’Haire

All 3 teams start out in their separate corners and talk to their partners till Mike Awesome kicks the match off early with a hard flying clothesline to Sean O’Haire, Kronic double team Chuck and Team Canada double team Sean. Lance attacks Adams from behind with several forearm shots to the back and hits a quick Northern Light Suplex but only gets a 1 count thanks to Clark.
Chuck takes advantage and hits Clark from behind with a Backbreaker while Mike continues his assault on Sean. Mike hits a hard Suplex but is then attacked by Chuck who hits him with a series of rights and lefts taking him down into the corner where he continues to attack him. Kronic turn their attention to Lance and hit him with a double Suplex. Palumbo and O’Haire try to put Awesome on the top ropes but he fights out of it and hits a double flying Clothesline that takes them both down. Mike rescues Lance from Kronic while Sean and Chuck regain their footing only to be taken down by Bryan Clark with a double clothesline. Lance locks a sleeper in on Adams but Clark breaks it up and they both start punching Lance before hitting a double Suplex and going after Mike and doing the same to him leaving Kronic standing tall in the ring. Team Canada and Palumbo & O’Haire back into separate corners working out a strategy, they both signal to go after Kronic and they signal ‘bring it on.’ They all start brawling but Kronic goes down due to overwhelming numbers. Lance and Mike put Adams on the top rope while Chuck sends Clark into a Clothesline from Sean; Lance comes away with a huge Superplex on Adams and covers him only to get a 2 when Sean breaks it up.
Mike starts going at it with Sean and gives him a Low Blow and hits the Awesome Bomb, Chuck Super Kick’s Lance out of the ring and Adams and Clark hit their respective finishers on the remaining 2 men. They then signal for the High Times for Chuck of which they get up and slam down and cover him for the 1 2 3.
New WCW Tag Team Champions: Kronic – Pinfall


Eric makes his way to the ring again

Eric Bischoff: Well I guess it’s time for my announcements. Firstly the WCW world title will be decided with a Gauntlet, with Lex Luger, Diamond Dallas Page, Booker T., Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett and last but not least, Sting, I called him last week and he said he would miss the ‘Rebirth of WCW’ for anything. Ah but that’s not all, I have also undone some of Ric Flairs errors when he was CEO, I just have signed, Kevin Nash and WCW’s biggest loss Goldberg. Thank you and good Night.


The camera goes backstage and we see Sting and Booker T talking about the World Title match later on tonight.


Match 4
WCW United States Championship
Chris Kanyon vs. ‘Franchise’ Shane Douglas vs. Rick Steiner vs. Hugh Morris

They all start brawling early, Franchise and Rick and Kanyon a Hugh, Shawn gets the advantage on Rick and starts repeatedly punching him in the face before hitting him with a Low Blow and a clothesline (Rick broke Shane’s arm a month before take over). Kanyon ducks a wild clothesline from Hugh to give him a poke to the eye and a whip into the ropes only to be hit with a shoulder block as Hugh comes back. Franchise goes after Hugh and gives him a big Suplex while Kanyon attacks Rick in the corner. Rick ducks a punch from Kanyon and rolls him up only to get a 2 count.
Hugh pins Shane after he hits him with a clothesline but he only gets a 2 count as well.
Kanyon takes Rick down with a Jawbreaker and then hits a DDT before heading up the top rope, Shane hits a Suplex on Hugh followed up by a Elbow from Kanyon from the top. Franchise and Rick start going at it again with a series of punches while Hugh hits Kanyon with a head butt and Leg Drop, Franchise goes for a big punch on Rick but he blocks it and hits a big Belly-to-Belly followed up by a pin and a break up by Kanyon.
Rick goes straight back to on Shane while Kanyon hits a Swinging Neckbreaker on Hugh who was just getting back to his feet. Rick hits a German Suplex on Shane while Kanyon tries to Superplex Hugh from the top rope; Hugh fights out and hits a Big Elbow from the top onto Kanyon for a 2 count.
They all get back to their feet and start exchanging blows with each other, Kanyon hits a Bottoms Up onto Shane but is then clobbered by Rick and a clothesline, Rick starts punching Shane in the face and keeps doing so even though the ref told him to stop. Rick gets back off and tells the Ref where to go and starts attacking Hugh, Kanyon heads up top and goes for an Elbow onto Shane but he rolls out of the way leaving Kanyon nothing but canvas. Rick continues to punch Hugh in the back or the head after a hard SteinerLine that knocked him nearly out. Kanyon hits a varied Rock Bottom on Shane while Rick gives Hugh the Steiner Driver and covers him for only a 2 count thanks to Kanyon’s save.
Rick gets back up and gets in the face of Kanyon and soon slaps him and gives him ahuge German Suplex that leaves Kanyon down with everyone else, Rick gets on all fours and starts barking and then flips off the crowd. The ref gets in the face of Rick and he pulls a chain out of his knee pad and wraps it round his fist, and whacks the ref while going after Shane of which he busts open after numerous shots to the face with the chain. Hugh recovers in the corner and comes to Shane’s aid with a forarm to the back of Ricks head followed by a DDT; Hugh signal to the top ropes and the crowd erupts as he heads up and hits the No Laughing Matter onto Rick but Kanyon breaks up the count a 2.
Kanyon goes and gets a chair and hits Hugh with it hard on the head which pretty much knocks him out, Shane makes his way back into the ring and hits the chair into Kanyon’s face knocking him out of the ring, Shane points to Rick and the crowd erupts. Shane picks Rick up for the Pittsburg Plunge but picks him back up and hits the Triple Suplex and picks him up one more time for the Franchiser, Shane clears the ring and covers Rick for the 1 2 3.
New WCW US Champion: ‘Franchise’ Shane Douglas - Pinfall


Gene Oakeland: Sting, up next is the Six-Man Gauntlet for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, your thoughts?

Sting: Mean Gene tonight I have the chance of being on top again, to win the World Heavyweight title, but realize this Gene, I never lost that belt. Halloween Havoc a year ago I was pinned but not for my title so I was stripped of it the next night. So what everyone has to realize is that I’m going to win back the belt I never really lost, It’s Show Time Geno!!!

Sting walks away as we fade back to the ring with Michael Buffer.


Michael Buffer: Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight six men, six Superstars’ will fight for the WCW World’s Heavyweight Championship, Are you ready?

The crowd erupts


Match 5
WCW World Heavyweight Championship
6 Man Gauntlet
Jeff Jarrett vs. Diamond Dallas Page

Jeff Jarrett comes down first with his guitar in hand, Page comes down second and gets in the ring while Jeff stands on the outside and shouts profanity at Page. JJ gets in the ring and the ref signals for the bell, Jeff straight away goes for an early advantage with a clothesline but Page ducks it and starts laying into him with lefts and rights before he hits a Discus Lariat that sends Jeff down.
Page sends Jeff into the ropes but he slides between Page’s legs on the rebound but is caught by Page with an Atomic Drop and gives him a stiff shot to the face. Page sends Jeff into the ropes while he goes to the opposite and gives Jarrett the Diamond Dreams (Running DDT) and pins Jeff only to get a 2.
Jeff quickly slides to the outside but Page comes over the top to catch Jeff with a Cross Body, Page then sends Jeff over the guard rail and they start brawling through the crowd and eventually make it back to ringside. Page comes over the guard rail and follows Jeff back into the ring. Jeff goes to shoulder Page with he’s through the ropes but Page catches Jeff with a Sunset Flip but only gets a 2 count.
They start slugging it out again but Page ducks a right hand and hits another Discus Lariat and heads to the top rope. Jeff give Page a couple of punches and goes off to come off with a Superplex, Jeff heads straight to the outside and gets a chair and comes back in and gives Page a back full of chair twice before the ref grabs it from Jeff. Jeff goes straight to stomping Pages back. Jeff picks Page up and whips him into the corner that gives Page major Whiplash. Jarrett head up top and give Page a couple of Axe Handles to the back but is caught on the third with a ***** Suplex from Page and a 2 count.
They both slowly make it back to their feet and start slugging it out, Page goes to whip Jeff into the ropes but Jeff reverses and sends Page in for a Backdrop; Page catches Jeff with a sit out Powerbomb and a 2 count instead.
Page picks Jeff up and signals for the Diamond Cutter, Jeff catches Page with a Low Blow and quickly bails out of the ring and grabs the guitar and huddles over next to the ring, Page comes out for Jeff but is caught with a Guitar shot that sends him back in the ring, Jeff follows back in quickly for the pin but once again it’s only a 2 count.
Jeff picks Page up and goes for the Stroke, Page elbows Jeff in the guts and then give him the Diamond Cutter and pins Jeff 1 2 3.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Scott Steiner
Scotty comes down real quick with the Lead pipe and Madajah close behind. Steiner waits for Page to get back to his feet and delivers a T-Bone then picks him back up and gives him a huge Belly-to-Belly and pins him only to get a 2 count. Scott yells at the ref and calls him stupid before doing some Push-ups.
Steiner picks Page back up and hits another T-Bone and covers him once again only to get a 2 count.
Steiner once against picks up a limp Page and gives him and Steiner Bomb (Double Arm Powerbomb) and covers Page again but Page once again kicks out much to the crowds delight.
Steiner tells Madajah to get up on the apron while Scotty gets the Lead Pipe. Scott goes for a big swing when Page gets up but he ducks and hits a Diamond Cutter and covers Steiner for a 2 but Madajah breaks up the pin.
Pages makes his way back to his feet and starts slugging it out with Steiner, Page goes to the ropes and hits another Diamond Dreams and pins him for another 2 count.
Pages gets back to his feet and helps Steiner up the rest of the way, Page signals for another Diamond Cutter but Scott pushes him to the ropes and catches him ready for a Tombstone, Page knees Steiner in the head a few times and he picks Steiner up instead and drops him quick with a Tombstone but can’t capitalize. Page eventually rolls over and only gets a 2 count.
Page makes his way back to his feet in the corner while Steiner does the same in the middle of the ring, Page goes for a Clothesline but Steiner ducks and goes for his own but Page ducks it and hits a ***** Suplex on Steiner for a 2 count.
Page and Steiner once again make it back to their feet, Page goes to the ropes but Madajah grabs his foot and trips him, Page goes back to the ropes and yells at Madajah while Steiner grabs the Lead Pipe and give Page a shot to the lower back and another while he’s on his knee’s, Steiner locks in the Recliner and Page has no choice but to tap out.

Scott Steiner vs. Booker T
Steiner waits in the ring for Booker when his music plays no-one comes out, Steiner gets the mic and tells Booker he made the right decision, Booker comes through the crowd and slides into the ring and they both start brawling. Steiner puts Booker down with a hard clothesline and tells Madajah to get the lead pipe, she gets up on the apron and distracts the ref while Scotty goes for a swing with the pipe but Booker ducks it and hits a Harlem Sidekick and covers Scott but only gets a 2 count.
Booker waits for Steiner to get back to his feet and hits the ropes and hits a Scissors Kick and covers him again but still only gets a 2 count. Booker once again waits for Steiner to get back to his feet and kicks him in the gut and goes for another Scissors Kick but Steiner hits a Clothesline that takes Booker down. Scott signals for the recliner but Booker starts to get back up, Scotty hits the Belly-to-Belly and signals again for the Recliner. Scott locks it in leaving Booker to choke. Booker finally makes it to the ropes.
Steiner drops down and talks trash to Booker while doing push-ups and then tells Madajah to get the Lead Pipe. Booker sees the pipes in Scott’s hands and drops out of the ring and gets a chair. Steiner drops the pipe and welcomes Booker back into the ring. Booker gets back in and they start slugging it out again, they both hit each other at the same time and they both rock backwards, leaving Steiner to grab the pipe and Booker the chair, they both go for the swing and they simultaneously hit each other rebounding them into their faces leaving them both to fall, but Booker lands on top of Scott and the ref makes the pin for the 3 count.

Booker T vs. Lex Luger
Luger starts to walk his way down to the ring and cockily gets in and starts stomping on Booker who is pretty much out, Lex picks his up and hits the running Forearm dropping Booker down in a heap on the mat, Luger pops back up and signals for the Torture Rack. Lex continues the to signal for it and picks Booker up and locks him in it, before the ref can call for the bell the arena goes black and then lights up with green lights as Kronic’s theme fills the arena. Luger drops Booker and tries to work out how he is going to get out of his current situation. Adams goes around one way and Clarke the other while Lex stands in the ring, they get in and Luger tries to fight them off but Kronic is just too powerful to take on by yourself. They send his to the outside and send him to the rail and then signal for the High Times through the announce table. Kronic grab Lex and precede the put him through the tables before sending him back into the ring to a recovering Booker.
Booker gets back up and picks Luger up with him to and hits the Book End on Luger and covers him for the 3 count.

Booker T vs. Sting
The lights go black and thunder starts sounding through the arena then 2 lightning strikes hit either side of the stage and Sting’s music fills the arena (Metallica) and he makes his way down to the ring to a huge pop while Booker recovers in the ring from the Torture Rack from Lex. Sting gets in the ring and quickly goes to work on Booker with a series of running clotheslines knocking him down to the mat each time, Sting hits an Atomic Drop and then a drop kick and does the trademark ‘WOO’ to the fans and the crowd erupts.
Sting picks Booker up and sends him into the corner followed by a series of Stinger Splashes before being layed in the middle of the ring and coming off with another Stinger Splash from the top rope only the get a 2 count.
Sting gets back up quickly going to work on Booker with anything possible, Booker ducks a Sting right hand and hits a Spin Kick that knocks them both down. They both get up to their feet at the same time but Booker gets the advantage when he kicks Sting in the guts and hits the Axe Kick and pins him for the 2 count.
Booker picks Sting back up and sends him to the ropes and goes for the Harlem Sidekick but Sting ducks and comes away with a surprise Scorpion Deathdrop but does go for the pin. Sting puts his hand up in the air and he grabs Bookers legs and the crowd erupts as he applies the Deathlock to Booker. Booker makes it to the ropes but Sting pulls him back to the middle but Booker makes it back again, Sting pulls him back out once again as Jeff Jarrett runs down to the ring with a guitar, he pulls the ref out and gets and taps Sting on the shoulder, Sting turns around and comes face-to-face with Jarrett and they start talking trash, Sting pushes JJ away and goes back for the Deathlock but Jarrett gives Sting a face full of Guitar before he rolls out of the ring and runs up the ramp way, Booker gets back to his feet and picks Sting up and hits the Book End, the ref slowly makes the count 1 2 3.
New WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Booker T - Pinfall

Booker T celebrates in the ring while Sting rolls out of the ring and drops to the floor, Booker does a Spin-a-rooni in the middle of the ring to celebrate as The Big Bang fades off air.

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Great Show...good to see Psychosis return! And win! Woot!

I was expecting Sting to win the world title...damn you Jarret!

Great PPV all-up, 10/10!

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Shit Booker winning the World Title was kind of a shock, in the gauntlet.

I never used to be a really big wCw fan but I know that this thread will help me!

Great first show and I will definately keep reading :)

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Like Great one I was also never really that much of a WCW but this could help change that.

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Great show 10/10 I used to also love WcW. Interesting to see how you and WolfBeast do against each other.

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16th April 2004

A video package is shown of The Big Bang with all the matches and Bischoff’s promo at the beginning, it fades into the WCW Nitro theme and opening video then streches off the screen into a very effective pyro display goes off.

Tony Schovane: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the new era of WCW Monday Nitro, we’re live and on the air with all the Superstars of WCW coming off a huge Pay Per View last night, beside me is Scott Hutson and what a night it was last night!

Scott Hutson: Tony, last night was the new beginning of WCW, at least we have a figure head in the company, Eric Bischoff is now the sole-owner of WCW and what a night he had set up for us last night; not only that what a night we have set up for tonight as well, WCW Cruiserweight Championship online tonight in a triangle Ladder Match.

Eric Bischoff’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring.

Tony Schovane: Looks like we’re graced with the boss’s presence straight off here tonight on Nitro.

Eric Bischoff: Well, well, well, Last night went better than I thought it would!

The crowd erupts as Bischoff smiles

Eric Bischoff: We’ve already got 1 match booked tonight, the WCW Cruiserweight Tag Titles, it will be a ladder match with but I’m not going to say who the teams are. I also thought I might announce that Goldberg and Kevin Nash are here in the build...........

Flairs music starts playing and he makes his way down to the ring with the rest of the Magnificent 7, they all surround Bischoff leaving Ric and Eric standing in the center.

Ric Flair: Bischoff, you’ve made a big mistake by taking my authority away from me and for that you’re going to have to pay.

Eric Bischoff: Flair, you and I hate each other; that’s not news. I’ll admit you bought our ratings up in the last couple of months you were the C.E.O of this company, but look at the screw ups you did, fired Nash and Goldberg, and screwed them out of the company. Also I don’t want someone going behind me with everything I do altering it, two owner of one company….. Sounds like something WWF would do.

Ric Flair: Answer me this Eric; are you going to give me my authority back or not?

Eric Bischoff: No…….

Flair looks a Rick and nods, Rick grabs Eric by the jacket and holds him there while the rest of the Magnificent 7 close in. OOOOWWWWW plays through out the arena and the crowd erupts as Nash walks out onto the stage and walks his way down the ramp. The Magnificent 7 leg go of Eric and turn their attention to Nash, Nash stops next to the ring and points at them to turn around, they turn and Goldberg is standing there, Nash gets in the ring as well and they both clear the ring.


Ric Flair: You’re on Bischoff

{Commercial Break}

Match 1
Shannon Moore vs. Shane Helms

Shane comes down to a huge pop as the ‘Sugar Babes’ dance down to the ring with Shane, Shannon comes out to a fair bit of heat, the ref rings the bell and the match becomes underway.
They quickly lock up and Shannon ducks behind and hits a Side Slam onto Shane and locks a Sleeper in, Shane rolls out of it into an Armbar on Shannon who soon rolls out of it and runs at Shane only to be Arm Dragged down as he slides to the outside to a huge pop.
Shane pumps the crowd a bit as Shannon tries to sneak back in but Shane sees him and jumps off the middle turnbuckle and Monkey Flip’s Shannon into the corner causing his leg to get caught up on the turnbuckle. Shane goes to the opposite corner then runs at Shannon hoping for a Baseball Dropkick to Shannon but he lifts up and Shane goes straight to the outside, he quickly gets back in only to be taken down with an Armdrag on Shannon into an Armbar, of which he quickly makes it to the ropes for. They both race back to their feet and Shannon goes for a right hand but Shane ducks and goes for a Back Suplex by Shane but he flips out of it and hits a Neckbreaker on Shane to a pretty big pop. Shannon taunts the crowd and picks Shane backup, Shane hits a few quick punches to the gut and goes to the rope only to be met with a knee to the guts from Shannon as he starts to taunt the crowd a little more. Shannon picks Shane back up and sends him to the ropes and goes for a Backslide of which Shane kicks out at 2.
They both race back to their feet as Shannon quickly hits a Hunacarana on Shane to send him back down. Shannon picks Shane back up and signals for the Bottoms Up, Shane reverses and sends him to the ropes only to be caught with another Backslide from Shannon, once again only getting a 2 count.
They both get back up, Shane slower this time as Shannon sends him into the corner, Shannon follows in but Shane moves and hits a Neckbreaker and Shannon rebounds back out of the corner, Shane covers but Shannon kicks out and the crowd erupts, mainly as the move is replayed on the Turner-Tron.
They both get back up, Shane this time starts hitting a flurry of right hands to Shannon and backs him in the corner again as he hits another flurry of punches to Shannon. Shane sets him up on the top rope and goes up to the middle turnbuckle then comes off Superplex to a huge pop from the crowd. Shane goes back up top and comes off with an Elbow to Shannon and a quick 2 count cover.
Shane picks him back up but Shannon Low Blow’s him (their legal remember) and sends him into the ropes again and goes for another Backslide but Shane reverses it and hits a DDT once again to a huge pop. Shane picks him up and signals for the Nightmare on Helms Street but Shannon gets out of it and hits a quick Bottoms Up on Shane that only gets him a 2 count.
They both get back up slow and Shannon goes for another Bottoms Up but Shane reverses this one into the Vertebraker position, Shannon fights out of it and looks like he’s going to hit one of his own, but Shane kicks him in the back of the head and then gets Shannon back in the position for it and drops him down and covers for the 1 2 3.
Winner: Shane Helms – Pinfall


Backstage Flair is talking to Lex and Buff about their match later tonight, the Steiner’s come up to Flair.

Scott Steiner: We want the match with Nash and Goldberg tonight so I can put them back into retirement

Ric Flair: Are you sure Scott, I mean it’s Goldberg and Nash ther............

Scott Steiner: What do you mean am I sure; don’t you think I can do it? Your always on my case, ever since I won this belt and joined you, you’ve been telling me what and what not to do with my career, You know what Flair, F*ck you, common Rick, Madajah.

Ric puts his back up against the wall and looks up at the roof as Animal walks up to Flair

Animal: What was that all about?

Ric Flair: Scott’s losing it, he’s gonna snap soon.

Animal: Don’t worry; I’ll take care of it!


Match 2
Totally Buff vs. Kronic

Kronic come down first to a huge pop with their new belts and pose in the ring as Totally Buff make their way down to the ring with a huge amount of heat to the Kronic-pro crowd.
Adams and Buff start the match off and Buff goes for a quick roll up but only gets a one count and gets Clotheslined back down by Adams as he gets back up. Adams picks Buff back up and sends him into the ropes and tags Clarke in to a huge pop as he catches Buff and hits a hard Backbreaker onto him, Clarke then starts stomping on Buff until Luger starts talking trash to Clarke causing a distraction and Buff being able to recover and hit Clarke from behind. Buff sends him to the corner and taunts a little then gets up on the middle turnbuckle and starts punching Bryan in the face taunting the crowd every second shot. Buff hits 10 punches then goes to the middle of the ring and ‘struts his stuff’ as Clarke runs at him and Clotheslines him back down to the mat, Clarke covers but Luger runs in the ring and breaks up the count causing Clarke to hit him from behind and knock him to the outside.
Buff takes advantage again and hits a Back Suplex on Clarke and quickly rolls over and tags Luger in, Luger sends Clarke into the corner and follows him in with a Clothesline followed by another one that takes him back down to the mat. Luger picks him back up and hits a Body Slam while Buff comes in the ring and stomps on him a couple of times. The ref starts arguing with Buff allowing Adams to come in and Clothesline Lex down and clapping his hands together so the ref hears a ‘tag’. Adams comes in and knocks Buff off the apron and Clotheslines Lex down then hits Buff again only to be met with a Forearm from Luger taking Adams down. Luger tags Buff in who picks Adams up and hits a Backbreaker and a quick covers for a 2 count.
Buff backs into the corner as Brian slowly makes it back to his feet, Buff runs at him and Clotheslines him down and taunts the crowd a little more. Adams gets back to his feet and Buff hits a couple of right hands and then goes to the ropes only to be lifted up on the air and dropped down on the Adams knee for the Gorilla Press Gutbuster, Adams falls down and rolls over and tags Clarke back into the match.
Lex goes to the outside of the ring and grabs a chair and slides it into the ring and then gets another and does to same again, Luger attacks Adams whose on the outside as the ref gets rid of one chair, Clarke looks to the outside to see what’s going on as Buff hits Clarke with the chair on the back and quickly rolls him up and uses the ropes to get the 3 count.
Winners: Totally Buffed - Pinfall

Lex and Buff pose in the ring for ages while Adams and Clark get back to their feet Lex and Buff continue to pose while Kronic gets in the ring behind them and shake their heads before attacking Totally Buff and giving Lex a Meltdown and Buff a High Time.

{Commercial Break}

We come back and see that Rick has been knocked out in the Magnificent Seven’s locker room, Flair comes up the hallway.

Ric Flair: What the Hell is going on here?

Jeff Jarrett: Rick's been taken out he’s in the locker room.

Flair storms off down the hall


We see Mike Awesome and Lance Storm talking about Mike’s match later on tonight.


Match 3
WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship
Ladder Match
Elix Skipper & Kid Romeo vs. Filthy Animals vs. Jung Dragons

Rey and Kidman come down to the ring for the loudest pop followed by the Jung Dragons and then by Elix and Romeo, they all stand in respective corners and scan out a strategy, while the referee rings the match begins.
Rey starts things off by going after Kid Romeo but Elix cuts him short with a quick clothesline, Yang heads out of the ring and grabs the ladder from the outside. Kaz goes for a Head scissors on Kidman but he reverses it into a Sideslam and Yang slides the ladder in and Elix and Rey start fighting it out. Kidman starting slugging it out with Yang as Romeo takes advantage of the fallen Kaz, Elix hits a snap Suplex on Rey and get the ladder and sets it up, Kidman goes for a Powerbomb on Yang but he reverses it into a Hunacarana and then hits him with a series of rapid punches. Romeo goes for a springboard drop kick but Kaz gives him a Buzz kick to the guts while Elix hits a Dragon Suplex onto Yang leaving Rey and Kidman to recover in the corners.
Kaz goes to the ropes but is hit with a Dropkick from Romeo on the rebound as Yang hits Kidman with a DDT and head up the ladder, Yang reaches for the belt but Romeo tips the ladder over sending Yang to the outside of the ring. Elix hits Rey with a Dropkick as Kidman sets the ladder back up while Kaz hits a series of Karate moves onto Romeo, Kidman heads up the ladder but Elix Dropkicks it out from underneath him leaving him to come crashing down to the canvas.
Elix grabs the ladder and places it underneath the belt and climbs up only to be Power bombed off the Ladder by Yang, Romeo then attacks Rey from behind as he tries to climb the ladder and hits a bulldog onto him, straight after Romeo hits hit Kaz gives him a Buzzsaw Kick to the back of the head that nearly knocks him out. Kidman gets back up only to be met with a Clothesline from Yang to send him back down to the mat. Elix recovers and goes for a German Suplex but Rey reverses it into a DDT, Rey gets up and taunts the crowd to a huge pop as Yang hits him with a Spinning Back Kick to the face that nearly takes Rey’s head off.
Romeo gets back up and hits a Running Neckbreaker onto Kaz as Kidman hits a running Enzugiri to the back of Elix’s head. Rey goes to the ropes and Dropkicks Romeo to the outside of the ring, Rey goes to the ropes then hits a Flip Over the rope onto Elix, Yang follows over and hits a Corkscrew on to Rey and Romeo, Elix recovers and hits a Springboard Splash to the outside onto all 3 men, Kaz waits till they all get back up and hits another varied Corkscrew onto them as Kidman makes his way climbing the ropes to hit a Kamikaze Press to the outside (the SSP from the ropes like he did at WMXX) to a huge pop from the crowd. Elix stumbles his way over to the announce position and finds a chair and slides it into the ring, while the rest of the men slowly make their way in too. Elix picks Kidman up and hits a DDT onto the chair knocking Kidman nearly out, Romeo goes for a Back Suplex onto Kaz but he flips out of it and hits one of his own to Romeo. Rey springs from the middle rope and hits a Hunacarana onto Yang sending him down into the corner that lines Rey up for the Bronco Buster, Rey goes for it but Yang throws the ladder at him knocking him down to the mat.
Romeo picks Rey up and sends him to the ropes and hits him with a Whirl Backbreaker while Kidman and Yang make their way up the ladder, they start slugging it out up top and Kidman gains the advantage then comes away with a Hip toss from the top of the Ladder to the Canvas. Romeo then makes his way up the ladder but Kaz pushes it over on him leaving him to get caught up in the ropes and fall to the outside. Elix catches Rey in an attempt to hit a Springboard Moonsult and hits the Play of the Day on little Rey Rey. Elix sets the ladder back up and start to climb up only to be dropkicked off by Kidman, who then hits a BK Bomb onto Yang. Kidman and Kaz start to make their way up the ladder but Romeo who recovered on the outside comes in and pushes it over leaving them both to fall to the outside of the ring. Elix makes hit way back to his feet and hits a stiff DDT onto Rey who is already wobbly thanks the to Play of the Day, Elix then goes up top and hits a Missile Dropkick onto Yang that knocks him to the outside. Elix sets up the ladder and start climbing up and Kidman races back in the ring and hits a Bulldog off the ladder to the canvas on Elix to a huge pop. Romeo also makes his way back into the ring and lays the ladder down onto the mat, but Rey comes in from no where and hits Romeo with a Bulldog onto the ladder that busts him open as he rolls to the outside of the ring. Kaz makes his way in the ring, and picks up Elix and goes for a Snap Suplex but Elix reveres it into The Play of the Day and then rolls Yang out of the ring. Rey, Kidman and Elix are the only ones left standing, barley. The Animals double team Elix and then hit the Nutcracker Suite on him, Rey makes his way up the ladder and grabs the belts and the crowd erupts and referee’s rush down to see if everyone is ok.
New WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions: Rey Mysterio Jr. and Billy Kidman

Kidman and Rey hold their belts high as they hug in the middle of the ring and then slowly make their way backstage.

We go backstage and see Flair walk up to Animal.

Ric Flair: Why the Hell did you do that? We need Rick for tonight, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING!!!!!!!!!!!

Animal: I didn’t do it, why don’t you get your facts right before you get on my back and you know Ric, I think Scott said it best, fuck you!

Animal walks off

{Commercial Break}

We go backstage and see Goldberg and Gene Oakeland

Gene Oakeland: Goldberg, we are just moments away from seeing you team up with what seems your life long enemy, Kevin Nash to take on two members of the team that railroaded you out of the this business, can you and Kevin Nash put your vendetta aside for this match?

Goldberg: Yeah it’s true Nash and I have been enemies since the day I got into the business, I’ll hold up my end of the deal for this match but after that…. All bets are off!

Goldberg walks off as we fade into a commercial break

{Commercial Break}

Match 4
WCW Hardcore Championship
Mike Awesome w/ Lance Storm vs. Reno

Mike and Lance come down first and throw a heap of weapons in the ring, including a table, Reno comes down and quickly runs into the ring and starts fighting it out with Mike until Lance comes in from behind, Lance gets a chair and hits Reno in the back as Mike sets up the table, Lance picks Reno up and gives him a Super Kick before helping Mike pick him up for the Awesome-Bomb, Lance sets him up on the table and Mike heads up to the top rope, Mike pauses for a little then hits a Frog Splash through the table and covers him, Lance forces the referee to count the fall as Mike becomes the new Hardcore Champ.
New WCW Hardcore Champion: Mike Awesome – Pinfall


We go backstage and see Gene Oakeland with Kevin Nash

Gene Oakeland: Kevin Nash, earlier tonight we heard Goldberg’s thought’s on the match tonight and he says all bets are off after this match, your opinion?

Kevin Nash: Gene, that’s fine with me, I don’t like Goldberg, that’s pretty obvious, but I’m with him on that, I think we can last at least 1 match without ripping each other’s head off, but we’ll just have to wait and see; As for the 7, their going down for the Jackknife tonight.


Scott Steiner’s music fills the arena with a pretty big pop, Rick follows holding his head and Madajah carries the belt down and they get in the ring, Scotty gets the mic as Madajah tries to talk to Ric

Scott Steiner: Eric Bischoff, I don’t know what sort of shit your trying to pull with me but it ain’t gonna work, I’m going to get my belt back. As for tonight these two pieces of white trash that I’ve destroyed once already, I’ll just have to do it again, and this time make sure they don’t ever come back.

Kevin Nash’s music fills the arena to a huge pop and he makes his way down to the ring not waiting for Goldberg and starts slugging it out with the Steiner’s.

Match 5
Tag Match
Goldberg and Kevin Nash vs. Scott Steiner and Rick Steiner w/ Madajah

The match starts with Scott and Nash fighting it out in a slugfest to see who can get the upper hand as Goldberg music fills the arena to a huge pop and he slowly makes his way down to the ring as Bug Sexy gets Clotheslined down to the mat with a huge hits from Steiner. Scott starts talking trash to Goldberg as Nash gets back to his feet; Madajah grabs Nash’s foot allowing Scott to attack Nash again with a hard shot. Scotty brings Nash back to his knees and starts’ choking him as Mickey Jay tries to pulls Scott off of him threatening him with a DQ. Scott poses for a little and goes to the ropes as Nash gets back to his feet only to be met with a Big Boot taking both Nash and Steiner down to the mat. Nash and Steiner both get back to their feet first, Nash hits a couple of hard right hard causing Scotty to go back to the ropes and rebound back at Nash, after the third shot Nash hits a Sidewalk Slam and rolls over and tags Goldberg in.
Goldberg comes in and goes straight over to Rick and punches him off the apron to the floor and lines Scott up for the Spear, Madajah, however, grabs Goldberg’s foot causing a long enough distraction for Scott to take advantage and Clothesline him down to the mat. Scott tags in Rick who comes in and picks Goldberg straight up and hits a Back Suplex then starts laying into the right hands, the ref pulls off Rick as he starts barking and the crowd starts too, Rick picks Goldberg back up to his feet and goes to the ropes for a SteinerLine but Goldberg catches him and hits his Gorilla Press Slam to a huge pop from the crowd. Goldberg then lines up Rick for the Spear as Scott gets in the ring, Goldberg goes for Rick but Scott catches Goldberg with a Clothesline rocking the monster and taking him down. Rick and Scott start tag team Goldberg causing a major beat down, Scott hits a Belly-to-Belly to a pretty big pop as Rick heads up the top rope and hits the Top Rope Bulldog and covers Goldberg only for a 2 count.
Rick tags Scott in and he starts wearing Goldberg down with a series of hard elbows and a series of submission moves. Scott picks Goldberg up and sends him to the ropes and then goes to the opposite himself, Goldberg ducks Steiner’s Clothesline and causing Scott to go to the other ropes then leap frogging him and hitting the Spear to a HUGE pop as Goldberg springs back to his feet. Madajah starts to grab the ref but Nash comes in and knocks her off the apron and knocking the ref down. The M-7 all run down to the ring and start to attack Nash and Goldberg but they end up fighting them off as Scott comes in with the Lead Pipe and takes them both down, The Wall then runs down to the ring and gets in the ring and comes face-to-face with Scott, Wall then turns around a Chokeslams Goldberg and then barely give one to Nash, Scott hits Nash with the Lead pipe a couple more times before Wall sends the ref back in and wakes him up. Scott applies the Recliner to Nash as the referee sees Nash is out and calls for the bell to a huge amount of heat from the crowd.
Winners: Scott and Rick Steiner - Submission

Steiner’s celebrate in the ring in between adding insult to injury against Nash and Goldberg. Scott helps Rick pick Goldberg up and give him a kick to the nuts, Scott picks Nash up and Ric goes up top and hits the Bulldog on Nash, Scott applies the Recliner to Goldberg as Rick and Madajah talk trash to Nash and Goldberg as we fade off the air

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Nice, i liked how Goldberg got kicked in the nuts....very clever...

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That was really cool, I loved every minute of it.

The Main Event was great, seeing Steiner's win, and the attack afterwards was cruel!

New Cruiserweight Tag Champs in Mysterio/Kidman

Great Nitro, and a great start of things to come 10/10

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Fantastic Big Bang's, Scott, they were both good, l can see a Sting/Jarret fued coming, l can't wait till your next show.

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I love the story line man. I was watching wCw befor wwf/e so I know about some of these people that I remember not frome the wCw people that are now on wwe great job Grendrill 10/10
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