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i've just joined,and a big fan of WCW & the Warrior.I was bored reading half the posts because they were all WWE pages *yawn* but i was happy 2 find that there was plenty of great E-Feds!but isaw a distinct lack ov WCW thread. i saw a couple & 2 b fair they were pitiful.Syck asvertisee his show but it neva came thru, and tomlev wateva his name is, did one show, & then tryed 2 do a very cliched roster split.so i decided 2 do a WCW thread, its gonna b Nitro, and its going 2 b every Monday.mY First will b 2day and it starts the day after Greed.herez da show;

Show starts with a R.I.P.video package to DDP from Scott Steiner. Horns are played and they show the American Flag with a trailer park in the background. Then they say and another one bites the dust.

Sirens hits and Steiner, Animal, Midajah, and Ric Flair make their way to the ring. Steiner is on the mic, and says that tonight he figured he'd be nice and let all the white trash mourn DDP. He says that he is going down as the greatest world champion of all time, cause he is the only one who has beat people and taken them out of the game. He tells the people to pay homage to him. Flair gets on the mic and says that Jarrett and himself beat the Rhodes at their own game. Flair says that he didn't make Dusty come and kiss his ass, but then Dusty's music hits and Dusty says that Flair will be kissing his ass tonight. Steiner gets on the mic and tells them to come down. Dusty says that there is someone else who wants Steiner, and Booker T's music hits. Booker T says that he wants the world title back. Booker tells Flair that he needs to save the drama for his mama. Booker says that he talked to the man today, and he has a message, that in one hour, Booker and Steiner will face in the ring for the title.

They show footage of DDP being taken out in an ambulance from last night.
Backstage, Animal and Buff are arguing about where the cameraman was last week. Buff is saying that it is all about staying together. Animal says that Lex only thinks about himself. Buff tells the camerman to follow Luger everywhere tonight.

Match #1
Jason Jett Vs. Disco Inferno w/ Mike Sanders
Disco says he wants silence in the crowd, and he wants to introduce everybody to his new best friend, Mike Sanders. Disco tells Alex that he needs to watch him do, what Alex couldn't do last week, and that is beat Jett. Jett hits a drop toe hold. Disco hits a snapmare. Jett hits a hiptoss powerbomb for a two count. Jett hits a sit down powerbomb, for a two count. Sanders pulls Jetts leg and Disco knocks him to the outside. Sanders kicks Jett on the outside. Disco hits a neckbreaker. Disco hits another neckbreaker. Disco goes for a third neckbreaker, but Jett reverses into a pin for a two count. Disco hits a knee to the face and gets a two count. Disco works on the knee of Jett. Sanders chokes Jett on the second rope. Disco hits a russian leg sweep, and then chokes Jett. Sanders comes in, but misses a knee drop. Jett hits the Afterburner. Jett hits a standing moonsault. Disco hits a ddt for a two count. Jett hits northern light suplex and Sanders comes in, but elbows Disco instead. Jett hits the Crashlanding for the win.
Winner: Jason Jett via pin

They hype the phone call from Eric Bishoff.
The cameraman is watching Flair and Jarrett talking behind a room.

Match #2
Shane Helms Vs. Billy Kidman
Helms is on the mic, and talks about how he promised to win the cruiserweight title and he did. He challenges Kidman to a match. Helms hits a shoulderblock on Kidman. Kidman hits a hurricarana. Kidman misses a baseball slide under the bottom rope and then gets thrown into the guard rail. Helms flys over the top rope. Helms hits a cross body on Kidman for a two count. Kidman is going for Kid Crusher, but it gets reversed. Kidman hits a suplex for a two count. Kidman hits a type of powerbomb for a two count. Helms hits pulls down Kidman and gets a two count. Kidman hits an inverted suplex for a two count. Helms catches Kidman with a boot and then a clothesline for a two count. Helms hits the Vertabreaker for the win after a series of reversals. Chavo comes down and jumps Helms after the match. Helms gains the upperhand, but Elix Skipper and Kid Romeo come down to help him. Then Rey Mysterio comes down to help him. Mysterio sends Kid Romeo over the top rope, and Helms hits Chavo with Sugar Smack.
Winner: Shane Helms via pin

The cameraman is backstage, and Lex is laid out.

Bam Bam Bigelow is talking about last night. He talks about how Stasiak needed a woman to help beat him. Bam Bam says that tonight he and Stasiak will fight again tonight.

The cameraman is backstage and Animal and Buff are attending to Lex. They start to question Rick Steiner because he is the only one not accounted for.

Match #3
Shawn Stasiak w/ Stacy Vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
Stacy Keibler comes down to the ring. She says next time she comes out she deseres a bigger ovation, and then introduces Shawn Stasiak. Stasiak tells the crowd to shut up, listen, and learn. Stasiak says that last night he doesn't understand why the fans cheer Bigelow. Then he says that he understands because the fans are just like Bigelow. That was the fans brush with greatness for the evening. Stasiak hides behind Stacy as Bigelow enters. Bigelow punches away at Stasiak. Bigelow hits a splash in the corner. Bigelow is going for a belly to back, but Stasiak is holding onto the ref. Stasiak now punching away at Bigelow in the corner. Elbow to the back of Bigelow's head. Stasiak hits a clothesline in the corner. Bigelow goes for a splash but misses. Stasiak hits a clothesline. Stacy throws in the hairspray but Bigelow catches it. Bigelow throws it at Stasiak and then punches him, and hits the Greetings From Asbury Park. After the match, Stasiak says that the only reason Bigelow won is because he cheated. Stasiak says he wants a rematch and he'll put anything on the line. Bigelow says that next monday, if Bigelow beats Stasiak he gets to tattoo Stasiak next week.
Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow via pin fall

Sirens hit again, and Scott Steiner makes his way to the ring with Flair, Midajah, and his lead pipe. There is a table in the ring. Terry Taylor is in the ring. Steiner grabs him, and Taylor tells him to calm down. Booker T's music hits and he comes out to the ramp. Booker says the man is Eric Bishoff, and then tells them to shut up and listen. Bishoff gets on the phone, and talks about the WCW sale. Bishoff says that he wants to provide an exiting program next week. Bishoff says that every title will be up for grabs. Bishoff says that Steiner will face Booker for a title Vs. title match next week. Bishoff says that he would like to extend an invitation to any former world champions, and that they shouldn't be afraid to bring their boots. Bishoff tells Flair that, he should kiss Dusty Rhodes ass tonight. Steiner is telling Booker to sign the contract, but then he hits Booker. Steiner hits Booker with the lead pipe, and then beats on all the security that comes into the ring. Flair throws Booker back in the ring. Booker breaks free and Booker hits the axe kick, and then grabs the lead pipe. Booker goes to hits Steiner, but Flair pulls him out of the ring. Steiner wants the match now, but Flair won't let him get into the ring. Booker signs the contract, and says that next monday, he will have both belts.
The cameraman is watcing Buff, who is talking to Jeff and Rick. Buff says they are going to Rick's dressing room, but Flair says that he has a bigger problem, trying to not kiss Dusty's ass.

Match #4
Kanyon Vs. M.I. Smooth
Kanyon jumps Smooth as he enters the ring. Smooth hits a powerslam. Smooth clotheslines Kanyon over the top rope. Smooth rams Kanyons forearm on the guard rail. Kanyon tries to get out of the ring, but Smooth grabs him. Kanyon hits a mule kick. Smooth hits a big splash in the corner. Smooth hits a headbutt. Kanyon catches smooth with a boot, and then hits a russian leg sweep for a two count. Kanyon catches Smooth with a back body drop. Kanyon drops a few elbows on Smooth. Kanyon drops a leg drop on Smooths nuts, and gets a two count. Kanyon chokes Smooth, and then hits a suplex. Kanyon hits a slingshot elbow for a two count. Smooth takes kanyon down by the hair. Smooth hits an atomic drop, and then a clothesline. Smooth hits a powerbomb. Smooth hits a standing splash for a two count. Smooth hits the post with his shoulder. Animal comes into the ring and hits a DDT on Smooth. Kanyon rolls into the ring and makes the pin. The Cat comes down and hits Animal and then comes in to attack
Kanyon. Kanyon and Animal retreat to the back. The Cat challenges them to face him & Smooth next week.
Winner: Kanyon wins via pinfall

Match #5
Rick Steiner Vs. Konnan
Steiner punches and kicks at Konnan. Konnan rolls to the outside. Konnan throws Steiner into the guard rail, but then gets caught with a Steinerline. Rick hits another Steinerline, and then rakes Konnans face. Steiner punches at the top of Konnan's head. Konnan catches Steiner in the face, but quickly goes down. Steiner applies a half crab, but Konnan grabs the ropes. Steiner hits a belly to back suplex for a two count. Konnan hits a rolling clothesline, and then hits the face buster. Steiner hits a Steinerline, and then an elbow. Steiner hits a powerslam for a two count. Steiner punches at Konnan's head. Steiner is just standing over Konnan, and then begins to pound on the back of his head. Steiner applies an arm bar. Steiner hits another powerslam, and goes for the pin, but Shane Douglas comes from the ring. Douglas clocks Steiner. Douglas leave, and then Steiner begins to beat on Steiner again. Hugh Morrus comes out to help Konnan.
Winner: Rick Steiner via DQ

The cameraman is following Buff, Luger, and Animal into Rick Steiners dressing room. Buff asks what is going on with Rick. Rick is asking what they are talking about. Rick says he is leaving to cool down.

Lance Storm and Mike Awesome say that after the beat O'Haire and Palumbo tonight in a non title match, then they are gonna have to give them a shot at the titles.

The cameraman is looking in at Jarrett and Flair. Jarrett is telling him to act like a CEO. Jarrett says he will be his partner again tonight.

Match #6
Team Canada(Storm and Awesome) Vs. Sean O'Haire and Chuck Palumbo
Storm and Palumbo start out. Palumbo applies a headlock. Storm reverses into a headlock of his own. Palumbo hits a big right hand. Storm hits an elbow. Palumbo hits a dropkick. Storm goes to the outside, but O'haire throws him back in. Palumbo tags in O'Haire, and then Storm tags in Awesome. Awesome applies a headlock. O'haire hits a gut shot. O'Haire punches at Awesome in the corner. Awesome catches O'Haire with a boot. O'Haire hits a spinning heel kick and get a two count. O'Haire is sent to the outside, and Storm rams him into the steps. Double forearms on O'Haire. Storm is punching away at O'Haire, but O'Haire fights back until Awesome comes in from behind. Storm hits a suplex. Awesome hits a cross body for a two count. O'Haire is fighting back, but Awesome hits a low blow, and then chokes O'Haire on the top rope. Storm hits a jawbreaker, and then a side kick. Awesome hits a clothesline from the top rope on O'Haire for two count. O'Haire fighting back again, but Storm hits a double axe handle off the top rope. Storm knees O'Haire in the corner. O'Haire hits an inverted death valley driver on Storm. Palumbo in and he hits a fall away slam on Storm. Palumbo is punching both men. Palumbo hits a sit down powerbomb on Storm. Palumbo hits a flying shoulder block for a two count. Palumbo hits the side kick on Awesome and O'Haire goes to the top rope, but Storm pushes him to the outside. Awesome cracks Palumbo with a chairshot to the head, and then an Awesomebomb for the win.
Winners: Team Canada via pin

Jeff Jarrett comes down to the ring, guitar in hand. Then Flair music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Flair says that he is going to make the right decision because he is the CEO, he then tells Dusty to bring his dirty ass out here. Dustin comes out. Flair says that he is talking to his old man, not him, but Dustin says that he wouldn't miss this for the world, and then introduces Dusty. Dusty comes out and clears house with Dustin.Jarrett bails & runs to the back, while Dusty stinkfaces Flair.
Show ends.

Tell me what u think of my show
-The Warrior has spoken

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thanx kev i used 2 write on a e-fed but den i got bored.i was seriously a HUGE WCW fan i used 2 watchsaturady night, worldwide evryting , i was totally addicted 2 it. i've yet 2 hav read ure booking but i look forward 2 it

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I used to watch WCW Worldwide thats the only WCW show that was on over hear it was made up of Nitro and Thunder Matches. I loved WCW and would do a thread but its hard to remember some of the wrestlers.

Im gonna keep reading this cause i get to remember more about what happened in WCW.

Keep up the Good Writing.

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yea over hear worldwide was more of a clip type thing mixed with wwe confidential.oh yea herez my roster :
Chavo Guerro jr.
2-Count (Karagies & moore)
Harris Bothers
The Cat W/ Ms.Jones
Team Canada (Storm & Awesome)
Sid Vicious
Shane Douglas w/Torrie Wilson
Kronic (adams & Clarke)
Kevin Nash
Scott Hall
Mike Sanders & Disqo
Palumbo & O'haire
Scott Steiner w/Midajah
Jeff Jarrett
Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio
Shane Helms
Hugh Morrus
Bam Bam Bigelow
Totally Buff
Lash Leroux
Elix Skipper & Kid Romeo
Jung Dragons
Road Warrior Animal
Rick Steiner
Dustin Rhodes
*Ric Flair
Booker T
Jason Jett
Randy Savage
Curt Henning
Hollywood Hogan
Juvetud Guerrea
Rick Micheals

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yea i thought sum golden oldies & hogan wud make it feel like WCW, i wonder whos next, maybe roddy piper, nah im not that desperate

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w-e champion i'm carrying on the fueds b4 they sold it, and im using the tattoo gimmick fued between stasiak-bigelow.My night of champions is going 2 b like like the original one, with the same matches but different storyline, with bischoff taking over.I'm gonna put the Night Of Champions up tonight then i'll post the follow up next Monday.
A-Dust if u look at one of the post's you'll see that my roster is pretty much WCW orientated.

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the fueds are the same, as are the storylines but i tweaked it so its different

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at the moment i cant do thunder 4 a few of weeks since i gotta work out my storylines, i don't want 2 put out 2 shows aweek & run out of storylines in a few weeks.I'm gonna do Thunder wen i've got some good fueds underway

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Night Of Champions

this is like the original nitro finale, but with a new suprise and a new owner.

Fireworks go off and Schiavone and Hudson talk about Bischoff and how tonight is the Night of Champions.

Match #1
Title Unification Match
Scott Steiner Vs. Booker T
They lock up and booker puts on a headlock. Booker punches away at Steiner. Booker hits the Harlem Side Kick and gets a two count. Steiner knees Booker in the corner. Steiner gets caught with and elbow and then a clothesline for a two count. Booker hits a running clothesline in the corner on Steiner and then puches him. Steiner powerbombs Booker but only gets a two count. Steiner throws Booker to the outside, and Midajah slaps him. Steiner tries to hit Booker with a lead pipe, but Booker ducks. Steiner hits a Steinerline and then and elbow drops and then does some pushups. Steiner chops at Booker in the corner. Steiner hits the belly to belly suplex for a two count. Steiner applies a surboard type move. Steiner knees Booker in the back. Booker fights back but gets caught as he was going for a back drop. Booker hits a dropkick. Booker punches at Steiner and then hits the Axe Kick. Booker drops Steiner on his face and then spins around. Booker hits the Harlem Side Kick and then calls for the Book end. Booker goes for Book End, but Steiner reverses into northern lights suplex for a two count. Steiner goes for a powerbomb, but out of nowhere Booker hits the Book End for the win. Booker celebrates by showing both titles to the crowd.
Winner and New World Champ: Booker T via pin

Eric Bischoff is on the phone speaking to someone & telling them that they deserve to be here.

Show clips of Booker celebrating

Clips of Chavo .v. Helms at Greed are shown.

Match #3
Cruiserweight Title Match
Chavo Guerrero Jr. Vs. Shane Helms
Chavo goes behind Shane and punches him in the back of the head. Helms fights back and rams Chavo's face on his knee, and then a neckbreaker for a two count. Chavo kicks Helms in the face and then clotheslines him over the top rope. Chavo hits a belly to back suplex. Chavo tries to hit a superplex, but Helms drops him down and hits a sunset flip for a two count. Chavo catches Shane with a clothesline and then gets a two count. Chavo with a hard chop. Chavo tries to suplex hlems in the ring, but Helms fight back, and ends up hitting a cross body for a two count. Chavo hits a big suplex for a two count. Lots of reversals, but Chavo finally apples a northern lights suplex for a two count. Chavo goes for sunset flip but Helms sits down and gets a two count. Helms hits the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two count. Shane misses the Sugar Smack, and Chavo tries to hits a suplex, but Shane reverses and hits the Sugar Smack. Helms goes for Vertabreaker, but Chavo reverses. They trade some holds, and Helms hits the Vertabreaker for the win.
Winner and still Champ: Shane Helms via pin

Booker T says that right now this may be the end of a chapter, but there are many more Chapter in the book. He also says that if anyone wants to test him, they better step to him like a man. He then says don't hate the player, hate the game.

Match #3
World Tag Team Title
Team Canada Vs. Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire
Storm is on the mic, and says tonight they become champs. He then has the Canadian National Anthem playedPalumbo and O'Haire make their way to the ring and finally this match starts.
O'Haire and Storm start out. Storm applies a headlock. O'Haire starts to punch at Storm and then tags in Palumbo. Palumbo now punches at Storm. Palumbo catches Storm and hits a fall away slam. Awesome distracts Palumbo, and Storm hits a side kick. Awesome is in and gets a two count. Palumbo punches away at Awesome. Awesome hits an elbow to the face of Palumbo. Storm is back in and is chopping away at Palumbo. Palumbo slingshots Storm into the top turnbuckle. Storm hits a seated dropkick on Palumbo. O'haire in and is clearing house. O'Haire slams Awesome down and gets a two count. Awesome catches O'Haire with a clothesline, and Storm hits a side kick on Palumbo. O'Haire pulls Storm to the outside. Awesome goes for an Awesomebomb, but Palumbo reverses and hits a side kick. O'Haire hits the Seanton Bomb for the win.
Winners and still Champs: Palumbo and O'Haire

They show clips of Bam Bam and Stasiak from Nitro last week.

Match #4
Tattoo Match
Shawn Stasiak w/Stacy Kiebler Vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
Stasiak is on the mic, Shut up, Listen and Learn, but the Bam Bam comes out. He has his case with him. Stasiak jumps Bigelow, but Bigelow counter and hits a clothesline. Bigelow misses a splash in the corner, and then Stasiak hits a clothesline. Stasiak misses a cross body from the top rope. Bigelow hits a slam, and then goes to the top rope and hits the flying headbutt. Stacy distracts the ref so Stasiak doesn't get pinned. Bigelow has Stasiak and is about to hit the Greetings from Asbury Park, but Stacy pulls Stasiak down, and then Stasiak hits the neckbreaker for the win.
Winner: Stasiak via pin

Eric is seen waiting outside in the parking lot.Then a limo pulls up and the liscence plate reads, The Mega Powers 1

DDP is being interviewed and says that it has been a long strange trip. He says that he would like to thanks all the wrestling fans for letting him become DDP. He says that if you want it bad enough and work hard enough, then anything is possible. He says that his dream isn't over and it is time to take it to another level.

They show pictures of past champions, Sting, Vader, Giant, Nash, Ron Simmons, Dusty Rhodes, Terry Funk, Great Muta, Sid, DDP, Booker T, Scott Steiner, and many others.

Eric is seen talking to Terry Taylor,and says that its nearly time for 'them' to address WCW.

Match #5
Cruiserweight Tag Title
Elix Skipper and Kid Romeo Vs. Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio
Skipper attacks Kidman as the match starts. Kidman hits a head scissors takeover. Kidman holds Skipper and Mysterio hits a dropkick, and Kidman gets a two count. Skipper hits a belly to belly suplex. Skipper drops Romeo on Kidman. Romeo gets caught with a boot by Kidman. Romeo looks like he's going for a piledriver, but instead just flips Kidman right over. Skipper back in and gets caught with a cross body and gets a two count. Skipper hits a heel kick and tags in Romeo. Romeo goes for a cross body, but Kidman hits a dropkick into Romeo's stomach. Rey is in and hits the springboard thesz press. Rey hits a tornado ddt on Romeo, but Skipper breaks up the pin. Rey hurricarana's Romeo over the top rope. Rey hits a forearm on Skipper. Kidman does the slide into Skipper and then Rey hits the Bronco Buster. Romeo comes in and catches both Kidman and Rey. Romeo hits a double underhook and goes for a pin, but Rey break it up. Rey hits a powerbomb on Romeo and then a headbutt but only gets a two c
ount. Skipper, puts Rey on his shoulders and drops him and gets a two count. Rey hurricarana's Romeo to the outside. Skipper goes for the Play of the Day, but Kidman reverses into the Kid Crusher for the win.
Winners and New Champs: Kidman and Mysterio via pin

Bischoff is seen walking in the back

Real American hits,and Randy Savage & Hulk Hogan, dressed as they when they were the Mega Powers, walks down to the ring, to a standing ovation.Hogan says that him & Savage are back for one last ride and that they are going to show these rookies what champion means.Randy gets on the mic and tells O’Haire & Palumbo that they better watch their backs cause the Mega Powers are coming at ya, oh yeah!

Ric Flair is shown telling a mystery man that it’s time to go toe-to-toe one more time.

2001, a space odyseey blares out and Flair comes down the ring and says that the greatest opponent he has ever faced was Sting, and that he & Sting are gonna have the last match ever ,under Turner ownership.

Match #6
Ric Flair.v. Sting
Sting makes his way to the ring. They exchange calls to the crowd. Sting throws Flair to the ground. Flair shoves the ref who shoves him right back. Sting hits a shoulderblock and Flair falls to the ground. Sting gets poked in the eyes by Flair. Flair then chops at Sting. Sting Reverses and start to kick away at Flair. Sting hits a drop kick, and Flair rolls to the outside. They lock up and Flair hits a shoulderblock and takes down Sting. Flair begs for Sting to back away, and then struts. Sting hits a press slam. Sting is in the corner punching at Flair, and then Flair does his fall face first. Flair hits a low blow as Sting was holding on to him. Flair kicks at Sting. Flair chops away and then snap mares Sting over and hits his knee drop. Flair chops Sting down. Flair pokes Sting in the eyes and then goes to the top, but Sting catches him and presses him ot the mat. Sting misses a dropkick as Flair holds on to the ropes. Flair applies the figure four in the middle of the ring. Flair is using the ropes and gets a two count. Flair gets another two count. Sting pulls Flair to the middle of the ring and reverses the figure four. Flair tries to chop at Sting but there is no effect and Sting beats on Flair in the corner. Flair does his flip in the corner. Sting hits a suplerplex on Flair and then puts on the Scorpion Death Lock for the win. After the match, Sting hugs Flair. They both shakes hands and embrace again.
Winner: Sting via sumbmission

Show ends

I liked bringing back Hogan & Savage, and i'm gonna enjoy writing about them.i wud like 2 state that i've got the last nitro matches as a reason.my reason is that it kinda puts a full stop and it means that i can now write the way i feel that WCW should had been written.Anyway tell me what u think , and u know u gotta tune in next week after you've witnessed this.
-The Warrior has spoken

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thanx , expect some good programs between the mega powers & other tag teams lol
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