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I am going to book both TNA and WWE they each have 2 shows.



Raw is going to go head-to-head with Impact!SD! with Xplosion so I ll be booking alot first show will be up on Thursday(both companies).

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WAR IS BACK! by Faru in General WWE forum(doing this info on w-e forums mode)

The WWE and TNA are set to duel in tv wars the rating wars are back and it is what almost every fan has been dreaming off in the biggest shock in TNA history Jerry Jarret handed all control over to a silent partner who turned out to be none other than Eric Bischoff.According to WWE officials Bischoff's contract ran out just today and they hadn't contacted him to renew it.Vince Mcmahon was given another lowblow when Bischoff revealed the card and results of the next 3 PPV's.Vince Mcmahon in a state of shock handed all writing duties to his son Shane.The WAR! is back on.

Kevin Gregg(powerwrestling.com)-credit

Reply by Sibtain.

Yes like Faru said the war is back! but now all TNA/WWE talent have ben made free agents and there will be a live draft coming from Nashville I can't believe this is happening.

Reply by AtOmic.

HOLY SHI*T this is unreal the word of wrestling is all weird man it's just like dark venis.

Reply by Lita is The Best.

Stop your cheap plugging James this is huge news but think if A.J. gets drafted by WWE or RVD by TNA what a cool X-Division match that will be.

Reply by Jarmac.

Ya it would be man this is so awesome.

Reply by Wechamp.

YA! this is great I remember the last war... it was phenonemal and this will be too.

Draft will be up tommorow or day after.(If anyone is interested).

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After the draft which took place on Nashville The TNA asylum will have their first show which will go head to head with Monday Night Raw.

The draft was exciting to the minute in the end TNA owner Eric Bischoff struck a huge surprise on WWE as he made out that BROCK LESNAR! will be joining TNA.Shane Mcmahon told the crowd that that was a bluff and then announced that Goldberg had resigned with the WWE.And that turned out to be true at the end of the show as Bischof drafted Rob Van Dam.Goldbergs music hit the crowd broke out into boos's as Goldberg brutally attacked Eric Bischoff.Just then as Goldberg held up Bischoff.Eric would grab a mic.

Eric would then yell out Bill Goldberg HERE COMES THE PAIN! Brock Lesnar's music hit and the monster came down to a huge reception he ran into the ring and into a brawl with Goldberg Lesnar would stand tall after hitting a spear on Goldberg.WWE members Triple H and Ric Flair would run out after losing Batista and Orton to TNA they attacked Lesnar and beat him down to the mat.Americas Most Wanted came out to help but soon superstars like Kane,The WWE's new talent Chris Sabin,Sabu another person drafted and The Big Show would come out and beat down Lesnar and AMW.That was until the lights went out Seek and Destroy played and Sting made his way out to the ring with his baseball bat Sting proved he wasnt a person to mess with but was taken down as Val Venis,Rosey,Hurricane.,Kurt Angle and The Dudley Boyz came out as Sting was being attacked Eric signalled to the back TNA faces stormed to the ring the likes of AJ Styles,Jeff Hardy,Jerry Lynn and Raven cleared house when more WWE superstars would come out Billy Gunn,Hardcore Holly,A-Train,Chuck Paulombo,Johnny Stambolli and Test would get the advantage more TNA superstars flooded down to the ring Ken Shamrock,Perry Saturn,Juvy Guerrera,Primetime Elix Skipper and Jeff Jarret the two companie members brawled all around the ring as the show came to a close Jerry Lynn then shocked us as he took of his TNA shirt revealed a WWE one and then continued to brawl. 12 superstars were drafted while the rest where decided by lottery(means only 13 more new stars).

TNA recieved. WWE recieved

Matt Hardy Sabu
Edge Chris Sabin
Y2J Chris Jericho Goldberg
Paul London Jerry Lynn
RVD Vampiro(worked for TNA in my game)
Randy Orton Abyss
Brock Lesnar Amazing Red
Shane Helms Ron Harris
Johnny Nitro Don Harris
Batista The Sandman
Shelton Benjamin Randy Savage
Christian D'Lo Brown
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Thanks AtOmic I think thats exactly what LITB would say anyways.

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Due to a misturn of events I couldnt copy and paste the results of the first TNA and WWE show but heres a rundown of what happened

Recap sheet for TNA Impact!

Matt Hardys music hits and he comes out to a mixed reaction.
Matt tells the crowd that he will be a great ally to anyone he started in the WWE as a tagteam and went to the top and wants to start the same way in TNA.
Randy Orton would come out and ask Matt to join evolution then Jeff Hardy came out and asked Matt to reunite The Hardyz.
Orton grabbed a chair and went to attack Jeff only to get dropkicked in the face by Matt.
The crowd cheered as The Hardyz celebrated but now had to prepare for the up-coming match.


4 way tag title match-Hardy Boys vs Americas Most Wanted(c) vs Grandmaster Sexay and Suga Shane Helms vs Elix Skipper and Low KI for the tag titles.
The belts were suspended above making this a ladder match.Shane climbed the ladder as well as Skipper on the outside James Storm and Low Ki are taken down when Matt Hardy and GMS hit them with chair shots.
Jeff Hardy quickly comes in with another ladder and jumps off with a missile dropkick knocking Skipper,Shane and the ladder to the outside(sick bump in EWR).
The Hardyz then grabbed the titles.

Winner-Hardyz 78%

Grandmaster is backstage wear some workers tell him it was a good match but he didnt put on a good performance.
But congratulated his partner Shane for a wonderful match.Grandmaster then joins with Shane turning heel.

NOTE-Grandmaster gained 2 overness and debuted his new boy band gimmick Suga Shane gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

Interview with Y2J and he hypes up his match with Brock Lesnar.(87%

X-Division title tournament(3 way matches one on impact one on xplosion winner face off for title).

Rey Mysterio def.Juvy Guerrera and Paul London

Guerrera had London taken out with the corkscrew moonsault.And his ally from team Mexico Psychosis ran down.
Psychosis swung a chair at Rey who ducked and Juvy was hit Rey knocks Psychosis off the apron then pins Juvy.

AJ Styles is backstage and makes it clear he is going to win the TNA world title tonight in the battle royal.
Sting appears and argues with him.

Bryan Danielsons music hits and he comes out to some heel heat.
Danielson makes an open challenge to any worker who can match to his technical ability.
Shelton Benjamin comes out making his debut and gets in the ring.

Shelton Benjamin def.Bryan Danielson.

Danielson took him out with a modified armbar then went outside to show off he got upto a 5 count before getting on the apron.
Benjamin grabbed him and sent him flying over the turnbuckles to the outside where the remainder of the count out expires giving Benjamin the win.
Danielson slowly gets in the ring he turns Shelton around and hits a double arm suplex.

Jeff Jarret introduced his elite team of him,Sean O Haire,Christopher Daniels and Elix Skipper who was still banged up from earlier.
anwering a 8 man elimination match challenge was Rob Van Dam.Van Dam bought Zach Gowen,Ultimo Dragon and Sonjay Dutt.

Team Jarret eliminated all of RVD's team mates leaving him alone Van Dam in an impressive show eliminated O Haire,Daniels and Skipper.
but Jarret hit him with the guitar behind the refs back to pick up the win.
(Jarrets Finisher was changed to guitar smash by me).

Brock Lesnar beat Chris Jericho.

Both men were cheered but in the end the crowd wound up booing Lesnar as he used brass knuckles to get the win.
Lesnar celebrated but Jericho slowly got up and knocked him down with a steel chair

A 10 man battle royal for the TNA world title took place.

Randy Orton,Batista,Edge,Christian,Jerry Flynn(different wrestler),Mr.Aguila,Sting,AJ Styles,Johnny Impact(Used to be NItro still Bischoffs servant and changed his name to TNA show IMpact!),Sonny Siaki

Sting won after eliminating Styles.

should I keep results like this or do the messy EWR results.

WWe Raw.

Sabu came out then Jerry Lynn

Sabu def.Jerry Lynn when Rhyno ran down and gored Lynn.

Interview with Kurt Angle(no roster split due to war).
Angle hyped up his match with John Cena tonight.

Renee Dupree beat.Kane by DQ when The Undertaker came down and attacked Dupree.
Taker shook hands with Kane turning heel and bringing back the brothers of destruction.

Lita and Ivory def.Jacqueline and Trish Stratus.
Ivory hit the poison ivory on Trish.

Backstage Tyson Tomko attacked Ivory and we see Trish laughing behind him.

Ric Flair went one on one with The Rock in an epic match.
Flair picked up the win after Takers gong hit then Kanes pyros exploded distracting Rock who fell into a roll up.

Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno def.Rosey and Hurricane after Sabu came and hit Rosey with the arabian facebuster.

Eugene Dinsmore came out with his manager(yes I made him one)Triple H.Chris Benoit came out next this match was for the world title.
Benoit won after the crossface but HHH attacked him.William Regal ran down to the ring but was beaten down as well.
(91%)both have fantastic chemistry.

Goldberg def.Garrison Cade with the jackhammer.

The Rock was in the ring where Taker and Kane attack.Shawn Michaels makes his return from injury as he and The Rock drive both off.



result-The ratings are so close we dont have a definite winner for this week).

New stable-Extreme Warriors-Rhyno,Dreamer,Sabu.

HBk return from trachea problems

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Faru, that show looked good. Keep it up.
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