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The US Champioship getting defended at Wrestlemania after 4 years

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finally, The US title is given back ALOT of prestige, Sheamus and Bryan will have match of the night IMO, Sheamus competing for the US Title makes me think the title is now more important, people who say he is getting buried, there are too many people in the main event and i think its a good move to have him face Bryan for US Title, and it looks like Sheamus will win and become new champion, Bryan beating Sheamus would be a big upset.
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lol, Bryan can't reach Sheamus's height.

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Yeah its just too bad that they fucked it up by having Sheamus lose to Mark Henry, of all people.

Hell, they did this a couple months ago with Tyson Kidd!! "Hey Bryan! I am going to show you in 2011 how a real US Champ should be". Very next match...gets killed by Mark Henry!

Why do they establish a direction for a heel, and then derail him on the very next segment?! And should I just rename Mark Henry "US Title Feud Killer" because they seem to put more into him than they do the potential challenger for the US Title!

I am running my brain in circles trying to figure out this logic, but I've come to the conclusion that its impossible to out think them because they aren't really thinking to begin with.

But yeah, Bryan & Sheamus can have a great match.

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Although the thought of Sheamus getting dropped down to US Title level is pretty depressing...the match will no doubt be excellent. Bryan is one of the best ring performers in the compnay and Sheamus is VERY underrated in ring. He's someone who can clash with someone like Bryan and put on an awesome match. Think of his matches with Morrison and Bourne, Sheamus works well with smaller guys who can work.

I guess if it puts them both on the card properly and gets a mid-card title defeneded it would be pretty cool, I would rather see Sheamus involved in something more important though.

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Yeah, that was odd...

Oh, and I don't want Sheamus vs Danielson, because Bryan's gonna lose for sure.
Don't be so sure. Sheamus is jobbing to the Kool Aid man, after all.

Besides, in what way is dropping the US title a detriment? He can't defend it except maybe twice a year and it ensures he's trapped doing nothing while he holds it. Sounds like it's better he does lose.

The link doesn't work for me, but I'm for it, supposing that this is true. Sheamus deserves a meaningless match like this, and who knows, maybe Danielson will carry him to his first good match.
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