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To be expanded upon, indefinitely.

Zero-One: MCMG vs. Fujita/Sugawara


Extremely fun, fluid tag match.

WWE: Benoit vs. Christian


For a long time this was my holy grail match. I saw it on Raw and could never find the damn thing online. Eventually I did, and I'm glad for it because it's a once-only encounter during a hot period for both guys and it's a lot of fun to watch.

WWE: Eddie Guerrero vs. Jimmy Jacobs


Tremendously fun squash during the crazy Eddie period. Jimmy is Jimmy and makes it more fun than usual by bumping like a lunatic. Also, technically Jimmy is 1-0 in WWE. Just saying.

TWA: American Dragon vs. Spanky


Yes, this is from Shawn's academy which makes it among the oldest existing footage of either guy. They're still a lot of fun to watch early on, even if they lack the polish the years gave them.

Stampede: Dynamite Kid vs. Davey Boy Smith


About as good as you can get with such a short match. Nasty finish too.

IWA:MS: CM Punk vs. Eddie Guerrero


I would have given a limb to see this match 3 years later. Oh well. This is still very good.

WWE: Eddie Guerrero vs. Big Show


Eddie's WWE Title vs. Show's career. The higher stakes add to the drama and these two always worked well together anyway. Very fun match, if often forgotten.

TNA: Milano Collection AT vs. Curry Man


Just ridiculous fun.

NJPW: Marufuji vs. Tigers Mask


BOSJ Quarterfinal, and probably my favourite match of the tourney. These two just go out and have a tight, slick little match that's a ton of fun to watch.

RoH: Takeshi Morishima vs. Homicide


RoH title match proves to be more of an extended squash. A lot of fun for what it is surprisingly, and the Japanese broadcast gives it a refreshingly different feeling.

Also, this is the match, as uploaded by me, which caused a fuss and got the media rules here changed. So it's even a part of forum history. :p

SPWC: Table vs. Stepladder



WWE: John Cena vs. The Undertaker


Their first match post-bland-babyface Cena. Not so much 'good' as 'interesting' given hindsight, and with a truly awful finish. Still, these two always had good chemistry and it serves as a fun little prologue to their summer feud.

TNA: MCMG vs. Speed Muscle


Unbelievably fun sprint.

NWA: Sheepherders vs. Fantastics


WON rated this *****. A fairly unheralded classic.

UWA: Motor City Machine Guns vs. Ultimo Dragon/Jushin Liger


Look at these teams and know what you're getting into. There is no way this can not be good.

WCW: Eddie Guerrero vs. Dragon Kid


Not as good as it could have been about five years later, but still good because it can't not be.

WWE: Benoit vs. Edge - Cage Match


Always in competition with their Last Man Standing match as my favourite between these two. This one is a lot smarter than it gets credit for, with an inventive finish that keeps both guys strong and plays to the character dynamics they were building at the time. Great stuff.

WWE: Bryan Danielson vs. Chavo Guerrero (dark match)


Pre-NXT debut. It's a handheld, so quality is dubious, but it's fine enough. Fun match.

More to come as I dig through my backstock...my terrabytes of backstock...

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Added a pre-debut dark match for Danielson. I guess I should note that it's a tryout rather than a squash, so it's very worth your time.
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