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The Undertaker agrees to appear on podcast with Stone Cold Steve Austin

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The professional wrestling world was stunned this past Sunday at WrestleMania 30 when the Undertaker was defeated for the first time in 22 matches at the event at the hands of Brock Lesnar. Not only were there over 70,000 fans in attendance that witnessed the shocking historical event, but some of the biggest legends of the last 30 years were in the back watching as well.

One of those legends in the back was Stone Cold Steve Austin, and according to a report from WrestlingRumors.net, the ‘Rattlesnake’ will actually get the chance soon to sit down and talk with the Undertaker on an upcoming edition of his podcast.

Continuing, “Stone Cold” stated that he had no idea that The Streak would be ending that night. Additionally, Austin said that he does not contain any inside information on why Taker and WWE chose to end The Streak. Austin did state that he talked to both Taker and Lesnar prior to the match, revealing that Undertaker agreed to appear on the “Steve Austin Show” in a couple of weeks.

If there were ever a must-listen edition of a professional wrestling podcast, this one is it. When superstars appear on the show with Austin, they’re generally out of character, so we may get a bit of insight from the Undertaker as to what happened this past Sunday.