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The Twitter Thing?

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Why is wwe so into twitter, it seems like cole/jerry can't go 2 min without mentioning whats trending

twitter is overrated, it takes very little for something to trend, some kiddies want "bieber" to trend and it does, big deal

tna got big worldwide trends when they went live a few weeks back, for 3 hours something tna related was trending, ratings never moved

is this vince just out of touch, does he think this is something "new and cool" the teenagers are doing so he's running with it?
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yes but its not as big as some believe it to be

just because you trend doesn't mean everybody will flip to your show, tna is prove of this

im just sick of this "oh my god its trending worldwide" who cares
if they care so much how come when tna trends all night, but the ratings never change either way

if there going solely on what people are saying on twitter there dead wrong

and what about these online polls, does anybody actually think there not rigged

i fear that we the "universe" will become the new gm, and these "polls" will be all over the show
why don't they listen to the fans, listen to the older fans who are sick of cena pg crap, listen to the crowd when cena gets booed

fact is most fans are sick of cena and have been, even when punk is champ cena is always the focus
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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