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The true story of Austin vs McMahon

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Many people thought that that Vince's hatred for Austin was based on Austin being a foul mouthed, beer drinking, anti-authority rebel but the true story is actual much deeper. It's a story of love and lose.
You see once upon a time there was a man named Vince McMahon who thought
:vince5"Only bobybuilders are sexy dammit".
But then he stumbled across a skinny 6' 1" 225 lbs man named Shawn Michaels.
:vince5"Goddamn look at that sexy boy" Vince thought to himself.

After a short while they develop a secret relationship that they kept hidden from there respective spouses. An they would make sweet love in motel rooms.

:vince5"What a maneuver!" Vince would exclaimed whenever Shawn climaxed.

However, Shawn eventually had to end the relationship cause he actually wasn't gay and just banging Vince to get ahead in the Business.

:vince5"You broke my heart Shawn" Vince yelled. "That's right you're a heart break kid."

Vince however loved Shawn too much to punish him and instead let him and DX bully the locker and bury as much talent as possible. However, one night Undertaker hurt Shawn's back in a casket match.

:vince5"That son of bitch" Vince exclaimed at the news "Taker will be punished for this Im gonna....Im gonna... Im gonna make him fight his brother at wrestlemania!!"

A distraught Shawn knew what he had to do.

:hbk1"Vince I got to give Austin the belt." Shawn told Vince

:vince5"NNNNNNNOOOOOO!!!!!! Don't do it Shawn Austin isn't sexy!!!" A devastated Vince yelled

However, Vince gave in at the end and Austin won the belt at WM 14 and afterwards a devastated HBK (who was also in pain cause Mike Tyosn knocked him the f**k out man) hugged Vince in the gorilla postion.

:vince5"Im gonna get Austin for this if it is the last thing I do" Vince mumbled under his breath.

An that boys and girls is the story of how the greatest rivalry in wrestling began.
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