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The Top 5 in ROH

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Who are the top 5 wrestlers in ROH right now. singles wrestlers only. not wrestlers in tag teams. start from 5 down to 1.

5. El Generico
4. Eddie Edwards
3. Roderick Strong
2. Christopher Daniels
1. Davey Richards
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Well to be fair both Hero & Claudio are two of the best singles wrestlers ROH has and would be in the top 5 easily.

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5. Colt Cabana
4. Kenny King
3. Davey Richards
2. Chris Hero
1. Eddie Edwards

Kenny Omega gets an honorary shout but he's not really a ROH regular is he.
Eddie Edwards :shocked:


5)Colt Cabana-Why this guy isn't on tv on a regular basis baffles me.

4)Davey Richards-Throws out MOTYC on a regular basis and always good to watch.Only complaint is his matches are rather repetitive .

3)Roderick Strong-Great wrestlers ,gets a lot of hate these days but I still rank him easily of one of ROH'S best.

2)El Generico-Probably the most enteraining acts in all of wrestling .Consistent as anyone and plays a babyface in perill like no one else.

1)Kings of Wrestling-Two of the best ,well rounded wrestler's in the world.I couldn't pick ,but if I really had to i'd say Hero just because he's a better big match wrestler who throws out MOTYC on a regular basis.My pick for ROH's mvp of 2011.

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Are we talking ability or current form or pushes?

Anyway, here's my Top 5:

5. El Generico
4. Christopher Daniels
3. Claudio Castagnoli
2. Chris Hero
1. Davey Richards

Notes: Hero and Claudio wrestle plenty of singles matches and the American Wolves are focusing on singles now.

I guess the Briscoes, WGTT and Roddy deserve mentions too.

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1Claudio Castignoli
2Chris Hero
4Shelton Benjamen
5Colt Cabanna

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5. Briscoe Brothers- Just a legendary team on the indy scene at this point.
4. All Night Express- Hard to pick between Kenny King and Rhett Titus but their both making Ring of Honor awesome right now.
3. Homicide- Only because I like his don't take no shit bad attitude style.
2. Chris Hero- My favorite over Claudio. He's been around for a long time now and just has the superstar appeal to him versus most of the other guys.
1. Davey Richards- He gets a lot of "hate" I suppose but he's easily their top guy right now.

El Generico is just alright in my book when you take the awesomeness of Kevin Steen away from him.

I would put Christopher Daniels at 6 if I could. Really nothing bad to say about the guy. He's worked his ass off for Ring of Honor for a while now and was wrongfully fired by TNA.

I'm not really feeling Worlds Greatest Tag Team as my favorite yet but I look forward to their match in Chicago.

Roderick Strong is amazing in the ring but he's the definition of a Vanilla Midget. I hate to use that term and I like Roddy but he only appeals to die hard "wrestling" fans that would rather watch a smaller guy that could do all these spots and wrestle for an hour over a UFC heavyweight fighter or somebody from the past like a Bill Goldberg or a Undertaker, Andre the Giant or Vader somebody with the charisma and dare I say look. To me Roddy had even more to do then Davey with that whole YWC/Youtube ROHbot vs. nonRohfan battle a few months back. Roddy is just so easy for those kind of people to knock. I guess he would do good in TNA then.

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Pretty tough, but off the top of my head:

1) Hero
2) Generico
3) Strong
4) Claudio
5) Davey

Plenty of competition though, and I haven't seen how Haas and Benjamin will take to this kind of wrestling yet. I'm sure they'll be up there.

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1. Chris Hero
2. Claudio Castagnoli
3. El Generico
4. TJ Perkins
5. Adam Cole

After #3 there's nobody I really love. Perkins and Cole don't really distinguish themselves from guys like Richards, O'Reilly, Strong, and Daniels, but I'm huge fans of both of them so I'll go with them.
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