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The Summer of Punk Vol. 2

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At Money in the Bank 2011, CM Punk shocked the world when he defeated John Cena, after unsuccessful interference by Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis, and left WWE with the WWE Championship. What will this mean for the company? Will John Cena get fired on Raw tomorrow? Will we ever see CM Punk again? Does he have everybody's attention now?


Dark Match (non-title): Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov defeated The WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty (05:54)
1. Smackdown's Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Daniel Bryan defeated Kane, Sin Cara, Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater and Sheamus (24:27)
2. WWE Divas Championship: The Champion Kelly Kelly (with Eve Torres) defeated Brie Bella (with Nikki Bella) to retain the title (04:54)
3. Mark Henry defeated The Big Show (06:00)
4. Raw's Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Alberto Del Rio defeated Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, Alex Riley, R-Truth, The Miz, Evan Bourne and Jack Swagger (15:44)
5. World Heavyweight Championship (if Orton got disqualified or if the referee made a "bad call", Christian would automatically win the championship): Christian defeated The Champion Randy Orton by disqualification to win the title (12:20)
6. WWE Championship (if John Cena lost, he would be fired): CM Punk defeated The Champion John Cena to win the title
Raw Roster:

Mr. Money in the Bank Alberto Del Rio | Alex Riley | Beth Phoenix | Big Show (injured) | Brie Bella | Chris Masters | Curt Hawkins | David Hart Smith | WWE Tag Team Champion David Otunga | United States Champion Dolph Ziggler | Drew McIntyre | Evan Bourne | Eve Torres | Gail Kim | Jack Swagger | Jerry Lawler | John Cena | John Laurinaitis | John Morrison | JTG | Justin Roberts | Kharma (unactive) | Divas Champion Kelly Kelly | Kofi Kingston | Layla (injured) | Maryse | Mason Ryan | Melina | Michael Cole | WWE Tag Team Champion Michael McGillicutty | The Miz | Nikki Bella | Primo | Rey Mysterio | Ricardo Rodriguez | R-Truth | Santino Marella | Scott Stanford | Skip Sheffield (injured) | Triple H | Tyler Reks | Vladimir Kozlov | Vickie Guerrero

Smackdown Roster:

AJ | Alicia Fox | Booker T | Brodus Clay | World Heavyweight Champion Christian | Cody Rhodes | Mr. Money in the Bank Daniel Bryan | Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson | Eden Stiles | The Great Khali | Heath Slater | Hornswoggle | Jack Korpela | Jey Uso | Jimmy Uso | Jinder Mahal | Johnny Curtis (yet to debut)| Josh Mathews | Justin Gabriel | Kaitlyn | Kane | Mark Henry | Matt Striker | Natalya | Randy Orton | Rosa Mendes | Sheamus | Sin Cara (injured) | Tamina | Ted DiBiase | Theodore Long | Todd Grisham | Tony Chimel | Trent Barreta | Tyson Kidd | The Undertaker (not active) | Wade Barrett | William Regal | Yoshi Tatsu | Zack Ryder

NXT Rookies:

Darren Young | Derrick Bateman | Titus O'Neil


WWE Champion CM Punk (??)
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Raw | 18.7.2011 | Green Bay, Wisconsin

>> The Chairman of the WWE Vince McMahon opened the show and welcomed everyone to Monday Night Raw, acting all cool like nothing special at all had happened on the day before when **CENSORED** beat John Cena and left the company as the reigning WWE Champion. McMahon announced that, starting tonight, there would be an eight man tournament to crown the new WWE Champion. Vince then got a bit more serious as he invited John Cena down to the ring, and told him that he had failed in the most important match he ever had. Cena stayed quiet, knowing what his fate would be. ”Now you're going to pay for that mistake. John Cena... YOOOUU'REEE FII-”, screamed Vince, but couldn't finish when Triple H's music blared through the arena!

For the first time in months, Trips appeared on Raw, wearing a suit, and prevented Vince from firing Cena. 'The Game' said that him, Stephanie and the whole WWE board of directors agreed that the championship situation was too much for the old Vince. Although he had certainly made a lot of questionable decisions in the past, and showed that he is not the most sane boss one could hope for, this time he had completely lost his mind. ”Love him or hate him, we already lost a big star and we can't afford to lose another”, explained Triple H, and revealed that he had been named the new Chief Operating Officer of the WWE, to replace Vince in the charge of the organisation for now. ”You can't do this to me! I own this place, god damnit!” yelled Mr. McMahon, but Triple H had him escorted off to take a long vacation and get his head straight.

Triple H overruled the decision to fire Cena and even gave him his rematch at Summerslam against the winner of the title tourney, but John wasn't satisfied. He wanted to know how the new COO was going to handle the WWE title situation, but Triple H didn't think there was anything left to talk about. Triple H reminded Cena that they tried to give that one guy a new contract but he didn't sign it. ”There's going to be a new WWE Champion and the name **CENSORED** will never be heard on this show again. Problem solved”, said Triple H before leaving, ”I never liked that guy to begin with.”

WWE Championship Tournament First Round Match: Alex Riley versus The Miz. Michael Cole explained that we would see the first round matches this week, and the semi-finals and the final match to determine the new champion on Raw next week. The first opening round match saw the former teacher and student face off once again. Riley already holds two victories over Miz and looked to be well on his way to capturing the third when he surprised Miz with a quick Implant DDT. Miz rolled out of the ring, however, and moments later shoved his former protege face first to the ringpost. Shoving no mercy, 'The Most Must-See Superstar' hit the Skull Crushing Finale on the hard floor and then rolled Riley inside the ring to pin him. The Miz defeated Alex Riley

>> Dolph Ziggler was backstage with his manager Vickie Guerrero, wondering why would Raw even need a new WWE Champion. They already got the top champion in the world, the United States Champion Dolph Ziggler. ”But don't worry fans, I'll still enter the tournament. And when I win, I'm going to dump that fake belt to the trash, and prove that my United States Championship is the most important title there is”, stated Dolph determinedly. Ziggler said that he has faced Kingston about a hundred times before and knows every trick he's got. Vickie fondled the bare, oiled chest of Dolph as he claimed that he was going to win, and not only that, but also steal the show like he does every night.

WWE Championship Tournament First Round Match (non-title): The United States Champion Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero) versus Kofi Kingston. Like Ziggler mentioned, these men had faced many times before and knew each other very well. That resulted in a lot of counters and reversals in the start of the match. Eventually Kofi's controlled frenzy got the better of Ziggler, but when he missed the Trouble in Paradise, Dolph quickly snatched in the Sleeper Hold. Kofi got his foot on the bottom rope, but the referee never saw it, as Vickie quickly pushed the leg off the rope. The match had to be stopped when Kofi passed out. Dolph Ziggler defeated Kofi Kingston

>> In the backstage area, Zack Ryder congratulated his broski John Cena on not getting fired, and told him how excited he was about Triple H being the new COO. Cena encouraged Ryder to step it up now that there was one top guy less in the WWE. Meanwhile in the New Nexus locker room, the WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty were wondering what their future holds now that their leader has left the company. ”Weren't you a lawyer, David?”, asked Drew McIntyre suddenly, walking in on crutches. Drew explained that he suffered severe damage in the hands of the Big Show a couple of weeks ago, when he was thrown off the stage, and was looking to sue him because of that. The Harvard graduate Otunga said he was pleased to help Drew, if the price was right of course.

Six-Diva Tag Team Match: The Divas Champion Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres & Beth Phoenix versus The Bella Twins & Melina. Bellas used Twin Magic to trick Eve and worked on her for the majority of the match. Finally she got the hot tag to Kelly, who unloaded on Brie and Nikki with vicious clotheslines and, of course, her signature head scissors. The powerful Beth Phoenix joined in and chased the twins away, enabling Kelly to pin Melina with the K2 facebuster. Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres & Beth Phoenix defeated The Bella Twins & Melina

>> After the match the Bellas attacked Melina, blaming her for losing. Brie continued to mock Kelly's appearance, saying that the belt weighs more than the scrawny champion. ”Everyone in the crowd thinks that the title looks better on our waists” said Nikki. The Divas Champion answered back, challenging them into a bikini contest to let the people decide for themselves. Kelly's partner Beth was strongly against it, saying that the champion of the division shouldn't lower herself to nonsense like that, but the Bellas accepted and the contest was made official for next week.

WWE Championship Tournament First Round Match: R-Truth versus ???. As he made his way down to the ring, the crazed R-Truth talked about having more proof of the conspiracy against him: his opponent wasn't revealed to him until the match started. Clearly someone wants him to lose. Truth's rant was cut short when his old partner John Morrison returned once again, after being injured by Truth twice before! Truth was shocked as Morrison began laying rights and lefts at him. He mounted a comeback, but his Shut Up -finisher was blocked when 'The Shaman of Sexy' grabbed on to the top rope. Springboard kick set Truth up for the Starship Pain and Morrison got the win in his return match! John Morrison defeated R-Truth

>> The Rock appeared on the titantron with a pre-recorded message to his Wrestlemania 28 opponent John Cena. ”Thanks to you, Johnny, now we can't see the WWE title”, laughed The Rock, making fun of Cena's cathphrase. Rocky continued to joke about Cena's loss at Money in the Bank, asking if he lost on purpose so he doesn't have to get embarrassed by Rocky at Miami. Finally, 'The Great One' announced that he will be at Los Angeles for Summerslam.

WWE Championship Tournament First Round Match: Alberto Del Rio (with Ricardo Rodriguez) versus Rey Mysterio. Alberto tried to sneak attack Mysterio, but Rey was prepared and tripped his nemesis on the middle rope! Rey nailed the 619 right away, but Ricardo pulled Del Rio out of the ring. ”I don't need this, I'm mister Money in the Bank! I can have a title shot whenever I want”, yelled Alberto and left to the back. His spot at the tournament was instead given to the former World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger. Alberto Del Rio versus Rey Mysterio ended in a no-contest

WWE Championship Tournament First Round Match: Jack Swagger versus Rey Mysterio. 'The All-American American' used his power game to get the advantage, and threw the little man who beat him for the World Heavyweight title back in 2010 around the ring like a rag doll. Rey used his quickness to fight back and hit a seated senton to the floor. In the end Swagger went for a Gutwrench Bomb, but Mysterio countered with a hurracanrana that sent Jack to the middle rope! Rey hit the 619 and followed up with a springboard splash, but Swagger somehow kicked out! Mysterio dug down deep and channeled the spirit of Eddie Guerrero to deliver a frog splash that finally got the three count! Mysterio advanced to the semi-finals next week! Rey Mysterio defeated Jack Swagger

>> A small group of loud fans with pro-**CENSORED** signs interrupted the ending of Raw by invading the first row, yelling and chanting. An angry Triple H himself came down to ringside and had the security take the men away. He even furiously ripped one of the signs into little pieces. The COO regained his composure and congratulated Mysterio on his victory as Raw went off the air.

>> Quick Results:
The Miz defeated Alex Riley to advance in the WWE Championship Tournament
United States Champion Dolph Ziggler defeated Kofi Kingston to advance in the WWE Championship Tournament
Divas Champion Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres & Beth Phoenix defeated The Bella Twins & Melina
John Morrison defeated R-Truth to advance in the WWE Championship Tournament
Mr. Money in the Bank Alberto Del Rio versus Rey Mysterio ended in a no-contest
Rey Mysterio defeated Jack Swagger to advance in the WWE Championship Tournament

>> Confirmed for Summerslam:
The winner of the WWE Championship Tournament versus John Cena
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NXT | 19.7.2011

>> In the start of the show, Matt Striker announced that NXT Redemption will finally end next week in the grand finale episode, where either Titus O'Neil, Darren Young or Derrick Bateman will be crowned the WWE's next breakout star. Your votes count, WWE Universe!
>> Yoshi Tatsu was shocked when somebody had destroyed the shrine he had dedicated to his precious action figure.

Yoshi Tatsu defeated JTG with the Roundhouse kick
Titus O'Neil defeated Yoshi Tatsu with the Clash of the Titus (Sky High)

Superstars | 21.7.2011

Heath Slater defeated Trent Barreta with the E-Minor (inverted DDT)
Alicia Fox (with Tamina) defeated AJ (with Kaitlyn & Natalya) with a sneaky roll-up with her feet on the ropes
WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty defeated Santino & Vladimir Kozlov when Otunga hit the Verdict on Santino

Smackdown | 22.7.2011 | Minneapolis, Minnesota

>> The new World Heavyweight Champion Christian opened the show to gloat over his ”dominant” victory at Money in the Bank. ”Some people might think that winning the title by disqualification is cheap, but a win is a win. I was smart enough to exploit Randy's weakness and because of that, I deserve to be the World Heavyweight Champion”, said Christian proudly. After revealing that he got Orton suspended for his ruthless post match attack at Money in the Bank, 'Captain Charisma' promised to all of his peeps that this title reign would now be at least longer than 5 days. The Smackdown GM Teddy Long walked out and told Christian that he might have spoken too soon. ”Tonight, Christian, you defend that title against... 'The Big Red Monster' KANE!” announced Long, not happy with how the title changed hands past Sunday. Christian was furious and accused Teddy of biased match making, but he wasn't the only one dissatisfied with the decision.

Mark Henry came out to demand the title shot for himself, saying he should be the next in line for destroying Big Show at Money in the Bank. Henry said that he was tired of people underestimating and disrespecting him, and promised that anyone who does so will suffer like Big Show. Long was too scared to oppose Henry and said that he'll give Henry the chance to face the winner of the main event, but for tonight, he had a match against Smackdown's newest Superstar, 'Funny' Johnny Curtis.

Mark Henry versus Johnny Curtis. Curtis finally debuted after a long series of vignettes and stepped into the ring, where there was a spotlight set in the middle. ”Why did Mark Henry cross the road? Anybody? Because he wanted to get to the other side, the winners side! Fifteen years in the business and the guy's never been a world champ, haha... ha. Tough crowd, huh?” joked Smackdown's new stand up comedian Curtis, but the time for jokes was over when Henry mauled him down with a devastating clothesline. If the crowd found Johnny's joke to be dumb, Mark certainly wasn't amused, and squashed the comedian with a corner avalanche splash and finally, the World's Strongest Slam. Mark Henry defeated Johnny Curtis

>> Smackdown's brand new 'Mr. Money in the Bank' Daniel Bryan was stretching in his locker room, when a familiar figure entered the room. ”I can see you're doing quite well for yourself”, said Bryan's trainer William Regal, and asked him about his plans on using the magic briefcase. Bryan revealed he had a big plan in mind and he was going to tell the whole world about it soon. ”I could never win the world championship in my career, but I hope you will”, said Regal. Bryan wondered why master Regal said that when his career isn't over, but William admitted that he had been contemplating retirement. Daniel was a bit upset to hear this. Before leaving, Regal wished Bryan luck in his number one contendership match, which is up NEXT!

Number 1. Contenders Match for the Intercontinental Championship: Mr Money in the Bank Daniel Bryan versus Cody Rhodes versus Sin Cara versus Ted DiBiase. The Fatal 4-Way started more like a tag team bout, with Rhodes and DiBiase working together against Bryan and Cara. Former Legacy members got thrown to the outside early on and Bryan and Cara performed dual dives on them. Rhodes accidentally punched DiBiase in the jaw when he was holding Bryan, who ducked. The white-dressed Sin Cara was acting more aggressive than usual, raking Bryan's eyes and choking him on the ropes. Michael Cole also mentioned that he thought Cara was injured at Money in the Bank, but he showed no damages. Ted managed to hit Sin Cara with the Dream Street, but Cody threw his partner out of the ring and pinned Cara to steal the win. Cody Rhodes defeated Sin Cara, Daniel Bryan, Ted DiBiase

>> DiBiase, obviously not happy with the result, started yelling at Rhodes but eventually calmed down. Cody decided to put a paper bag over Sin Cara's head, but Bryan came back to save his buddy. Cody escaped and left Ted to get kicked out of the ring by Mr. Money in the Bank. Daniel helped Sin Cara back to his feet, but 'The Mexican Sensation' just pushed him aside. Bryan was confused and tried to talk to Cara, only to get slapped across the face by the mysterious luchador. What's wrong with Sin Cara?

>> Before the divas portion of the night, we saw the Chick Busters playing SVR in their locker room, when their mentor of sorts Natalya stormed in. 'The Dungeon Diva' was worried that the duo was focusing a little too much on fun and games, and not enough on wrestling. ”You've been playing for hours. All this time you could have been studying tapes!” said Nattie, but Kaitlyn remarked about that being boring.

Tamina (with Alicia Fox) versus Kaitlyn (with AJ & Natalya). As we learned, Kaitlyn entered the match with little preparation. She and AJ have picked up wins over the team of Tamina and Fox before, but this time the NXT3 winner didn't mount to much against 'The Warrior Princess'. Tamina brought her mean streak and was able to plant the Chick Buster with the Samoan Drop, and finish the job with the Superfly Splash. Natalya looked disappointed and shook her head on the outside. Tamina defeated Kaitlyn

>> After a Raw Rebound recapping Triple H's return as the new Chief Operating Officer, we saw Todd Grisham try to interview Christian in his locker room. ”I was in a grueling match with Randy Orton just five days ago, Todd, I shouldn't have to defend this title... You remember what happened the last time?” complained Christian, when Jinder Mahal walked in. Mahal offered to aid Christian in his match by making him stronger with his hindu magic, in exchange for a future title shot, when they both heard Jinder's servant The Great Khali yelling nearby. When they went to check, Khali was laying on the floor unconscious. Christian turned to ask Jinder what had happened and saw him knocked out too. Kane appeared behind the World Heavyweight Champion and whispered in his ear that in order to become a monster once again, he had to torture Christian and take the title. Christian stayed still for the entire time, too scared to turn around and face his challenger.

Sheamus versus Wade Barrett. Both men tried to out-cheat each other in this match. Barrett rolled Sheamus up and held the tights, and Sheamus tried to pin him with his feet on the ropes, but both pin fall attempts failed. Wade then poked the Irishman in the eye, but Sheamus poked him back. The referee John Cone warned both men so they both raked his eyes at the same time. With the ref out, both low blowed each other precisely in the same time, and fell down holding their crotches. When they finally got up, Sheamus dropped the former Nexus and Corre leader with the Irish Curse for a two count. Frustrated, he then retrieved a steel chair. The referee tried to stop 'The Celtic Warrior' but was shoved aside again. Wade booted Sheamus in the face and cracked him in the ribs with the chair that was brought to the ring. Barrett did a school boy roll up and got the win! Wade Barrett defeated Sheamus

>> Sheamus stopped Barrett before he could leave. Holding his ribs, Sheamus admitted that Wade was the better man, but only when it came to cheating. 'The Celtic Warrior' laid down the challenge for a no-DQ, no count out, Falls Count Anywhere rematch for Summerslam! ”Why would I need to fight you again when I just proved I can beat-”, asked Barrett, but couldn't finish as he was blasted right in the face with the Brogue Kick! ”What about now, fella!?” screamed Sheamus.

World Heavyweight Championship: The Champion Christian versus Kane. Christian tried his best to run away from the monster, not wanting to make a mistake and lose the newly won title right away... again. Eventually Kane got his hands on the champion and pummeled him around the ring and outside of it. Christian didn't go down without a fight, though, even kicking out of the Chokeslam! He mustered a comeback when he crotched 'The Big Red Monster' on the top turnbuckle and went for a superplex. It ended up being the mistake he tried to avoid, as Kane managed to block, and hit the Chokeslam from the top! He crawled on top of Christian and got the three count! Kane is the new champion! Kane defeated Christian to win the title

The referee was handing the World Heavyweight Championship over to its new holder, when he noticed that Christian's leg was laying under the bottom rope. The referee had to restart the match, but Kane went crazy and grabbed him by the throat. The manhandled Mike Chioda lost focus, which allowed 'Captain Charisma' to pick the fallen title belt up and blast Kane in the back of the head with it. He followed up with a spear and retained the title after all! Christian defeated Kane to retain the title

>> Christian's celebration for his title reign lasting more than five days came to an abrupt end when Mark Henry determinedly walked down to the ring. 'The World's Strongest Man' didn't waste any time going to attack Kane and delivering a devastating splash. Christian escaped so quickly he forgot the title belt in the ring. Henry eyed the biggest prize on Smackdown and Christian looked horrified, as the show came to a close.

>> Quick Results:
Mark Henry defeated Johnny Curtis
Cody Rhodes defeated Sin Cara, Mr. Money in the Bank Daniel Bryan, Ted DiBiase to become the Number 1. Contender to the Intercontinental Championship
Tamina defeated Kaitlyn
Wade Barrett defeated Sheamus
The World Heavyweight Champion Christian defeated Kane to retain the title

>> Confirmed for Summerslam:
The winner of the WWE Championship Tournament versus John Cena
The Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson defends against Cody Rhodes
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NXT Review for 19.7.2011

I see you're already starting to right some wrongs, as NXT Redemption is actually going to have a winner unlike in real life. O'Neil has to be the favorite, but since he's dominated all season, Darren Young is my pick.

Tatsu beats JTG but then gets beaten by O'Neil? Why did he have to go through two matches in a row?

Just the results so no score, but I'm certainly looking forward to the finale next week.

Superstars Review for 21.7.2011

Heath Slater vs Trent Barreta = Jobber 1 vs Jobber 2, but Slater wins it anyway, so his status is elevated a little.

Fox with the illegal pin to win this one, there'll probably be a rematch next week on Superstars.

The Nexus gets one back on VlaMarella after they were beaten on the Money in the Bank pre-show, but I think the Odd Couple are still first in line for a title shot.

Again, only the results so no score, but the results were pretty good, although it seems the tag titles are being utilized on Superstars and dark matches more than anything.

SmackDown Review for 22.7.2011

Bit strange for Kane to get a Championship match seeing as he lost at Money in the Bank, although Daniel Bryan doesn't really need a title shot right now, but Henry would be the prime candidate you would think. Henry comes out and demands a title shot, and instead of making a #1 Contenders match, he gives Kane the title shot? A little strange, but at least Henry gets a championship match next week. Christian's right, Teddy's just giving out title matches all over the place :side: BTW how long is Orton suspended for?

Henry vs Curtis did its job to build Henry up for his title match next week, and Johnny Curtis was at it again with his corny jokes...

Regal could be retiring?:sad: If you do retire him, you should use him on commentary as he is pure gold on NXT.

Hunico wrestling as Sin Cara in this one? Could be interesting if he became #1 Contender under Cara's name... Rhodes and DiBiase work together of course, before Rhodes inadvertently takes Ted out.Cody steals the win from Ted? I smell a championship rivalry coming.

Sin Cara could also start a short-term feud with Bryan while the man formerly known as Mistico is injured to give Mr. Money in the Bank something to do.

Tamina beat Kaitlyn fairly easily, but I could see how Kaitlyn and Nattie could blame this loss on AJ because of the lack of preparation.

Strange segment with Christian, Kane, Khali and Mahal. Mahal trying to bribe Christian into a title shot; he should probably go to Teddy, who'll probably give it to him free of charge ;)Christian scared of Kane, why wouldn't he be? Interested to see how he manages to get past the Big Red Monster.

Barrett wins by cheating, do I smell a feud? It should be interesting to see if you stick with heel-heel or turn Sheamus face.

Nice tease that Christian was going to have another 5 day reign, before the ref reversed the decision and Christian retained using shady tactics. This is a pretty realistic result, as Kane didn't come off looking weak, and Christian proves a point to Teddy and his conspiracy against Captain Charisma.The end of the show has Mark Henry looking stronger than a win against Johnny Curtis could make him, and builds anticipation for next week.

Overall, it was a pretty solid show, the last two matches and the fatal 4-way were easily the best. I can see Christian maybe staging a walkout or something like what happened to Triple H IRL. 7.5/10
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TigerBoy979: Oops, I didn't mean to have Yoshi Tatsu wrestle two matches on NXT. Lets just say he was angry and wanted to fight everybody. And yes, I also forgot to mention that Sin Cara is played by Hunico as Mistico got suspended for a wellness violation right after Money in the Bank like in real life. Thanks for the feedback!

Raw | 25.7.2011 | Hampton, Virginia

>> The brand spanking new Chief Operating Officer of WWE Triple H opened the show and walked to the ring past the new WWE Championship belt, which laid on a pedestal at the ringside, waiting for its new owner. HHH talked about the changes that are coming now that he has replaced Vince in charge. First off, he reinstated his good friend Jim Ross back to the commentary team. After Good Ol' JR had made his way out, Hunter dropped a huge bomb, announcing that the brand split, which had been in effect since 2002, had come to the end of its road due to the new Supershow format. ”From now on, all WWE Superstars are free to appear on all of our shows, creating even more exciting match-ups”, explained Triple H. 'The Game' said that he was going to take the company to new heights, but because of his increased responsibilities, he needed help in running Raw. Bleep of the computer interrupted Trips, and Michael Cole read the message out loud, reminding the new COO that the Anonymous GM was still alive.

Triple H said that the mysterious general manager had nothing to be afraid of now that Nexus had disbanded, and he was curious to know who McMahon had hired for the job. Only Vince and perhaps Chris Jericho knew the secret but neither of them were here. Trips asked Cole about the GM's identity, but the hated commentator swore he had no clue. At this point, the excecutive vice president of talent relations John Laurinaitis, who was seen at Money in the Bank alongside Vince, walked out. ”As Mr. McMahon's right hand man, I happen to know the answer to that question”, revealed Johnny, but he wasn't just going to tell everyone. Laurinaitis said that he should be awarded for all of his hard work for the company behind the scenes, and named the new general manager of Raw. He in exchange reveals who's the guy sending the emails. ”You? Haha, I don't think you're really competent to run this show”, laughed the COO, to the disappointment of Laurinaitis.

”I AM PERFECTIOOON!” interrupted the men in the ring. The United States Dolph Ziggler strutted out, wanting to be the first guy to shake the new boss' hand, being the top champion of Raw and all. ”You heard me right. I'm the United States Champion and I am above your new fake WWE Championship”, boasted Ziggler. Vickie Guerrero said they were still planning to throw the belt away when Dolph goes on to win the tournament, and solidify him as the top dog. Triple H wasn't pleased to hear Ziggler degrade the new championship and punished him by putting his semi-final match on first. ”And since you're so damn confident about winning, why don't you defend that United States title while you're at it?” added 'The Cerebral Assassin'.

WWE Championship Tournament Semi-Final Match for the United States Championship: The Champion Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero) versus John Morrison. Ziggler and Vickie didn't have time to get angry, when Morrison attacked with his lightning fast parkour-inspired offense. It looked like Morrison was heading to the finals, until the crazy R-Truth decided to interfere and smack him in the head with a water bottle, while Vickie was drawing the referee's attention away! Ziggler connected with the ZigZag and picked up the win! Not only did he retain his United States Championship, but Dolph Ziggler also has a chance to become the WWE Champion later tonight! Dolph Ziggler defeated John Morrison to retain the title

>> Before the next bout, we saw ECW's annoying talk show host Abraham Washington make his return to television. Now the owner of his very own wrestling stable, the All World Promotions, Washington looked to sign some potential big names under his banner. And he had his eyes on Vladimir Kozlov, but first he had to ditch his hindrance of a tag team partner Santino. Kozlov rubbed his chin as A.W. proposed the idea, and said he wasn't sure about it. Washington promised he would make Kozlov a star, as Santino rushed to the scene and tripped on a cable on the floor. ”See? This is exactly what I'm talkin' about, man!” said Washington.

John Cena & Zack Ryder versus Jack Swagger & Curt Hawkins. It was a dream come true for young Zack Ryder to team with his good bro John Cena. The broskis controlled the match throughout, except for a period where Swagger and Hawkins managed to double team Cena and isolate him from his corner. Finally Cena managed to give Swagger the fisherman's suplex and make the hot tag. Yes, Cena made the hot tag to Zack Ryder. 'The Long Island Iced Z' cleared house, and with the help of his recovered partner in form of an Attitude Adjustment to Swagger, pinned his old partner Hawkins after a Rough Ryder leg lariat! John Cena & Zack Ryder defeated Jack Swagger & Curt Hawkins

>> After the match, Zack wanted to shake Curt's hand, but he walked away. Ryder said that he and Cena can't be a full-time team because of his WWE Championship chase, and he needs a new tag team partner. ”Will you be my broski, bro?” asked Zack. Hawkins stopped. After thinking about it, Curt returned to the ring and hugged his old buddy, giving him the answer: ”You know it!”.

>> ”Hey, man, I got no idea who the anonymous general manager is”, assured Rey Mysterio, but that wasn't the reason Triple H had invited him to his office. The COO explained that he didn't want Dolph Ziggler, or even The Miz, to win the title. Not because they're both jerks, but because it would hurt the company. Triple H looked at Mysterio and told him that he had to win the tournament. Rey promised to do his best, like he always does, but 'The Game' shook his head. ”No, not good enough. I said you have to win”, told Triple H. Kofi Kingston stormed into the office, without knocking, and wanted to know what the new boss was going to do about him getting screwed out of the title tournament by Dolph and Vickie last week. ”At least you got included in the tournament”, said Evan Bourne, who happened to hear the conversation. Triple H agreed that both men had good reasons to feel cheated and wanted to make it up to them, the good boss that he was. ”Get in to the ring, guys. It's you two against David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty for the tag team titles, right now”, declared the COO.

WWE Tag Team Championship: The Champions David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty versus Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne. Otunga and McGillicutty were confused by their impromptu championship defense, but Kingston and Bourne were equally surprised about having to suddenly team together. Using their superior teaming experience, the former New Nexus members isolated Bourne from his corner. This only lasted for while, as Otunga accidentally jabbed his own partner in the face. Evan made the tag, and Kofi came in with a flying crossbody, taking down both Otunga and McGillicutty. Kingston caught McGillicutty with Trouble in Paradise and Evan hit the AirBourne shooting star press to win the match and the tag titles! Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne defeated David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty to win the title

>> In the locker room, Vickie Guerrero was psyching Dolph Ziggler up for the WWE Championship finals, when they were interrupted by Jack Swagger of all people. ”I know you're getting ready for your big title match, but I need to talk to you, Vickie”, said 'The All-American American', to the confusion of both Guerrero and Ziggler. The US Champion was very unhappy with his preparation session being interrupted, but Vickie wanted to hear what Jack had on his mind. Swagger talked about having had some bad luck lately and said he could need some guidance by a manager. Dolph immediately rejected the idea, saying that there is only room for one man in the ”stable”, but Vickie was more favorable towards the idea of Swagger joining them. ”Right now winning the WWE Championship is our main goal... but after that, I'll think about it”, promised Vickie, as Dolph looked unhappy with the situation.

>> The host Jerry Lawler was excited as it was time for the bikini contest between the Divas Champion Kelly Kelly and the Bella Twins. Nikki and Brie started and danced around the ring in their skimpy outfits as their theme music played. Then it was Kelly's turn, but Beth Phoenix interrupted the contest. ”This is ridiculous”, complained Phoenix, and tried to convince Kelly to go back to the locker room and put some clothes on. To Lawler's joy, Kelly refused and went on to remove her robe. Just as she was about to do it, 'The Glamazon' clobbered her from behind! The Bellas rejoiced, but Phoenix took them down with a double clothesline too! ”None of you deserve to hold the championship”, claimed Beth before leaving.

WWE Championship Tournament Semi Final Match: Rey Mysterio versus The Miz. The match was very even with near falls for both men, and Mysterio looked to be picking up the win until he went for a cross body and Miz pulled the referee Chad Patton on the way to save himself! With the referee down, 'The Most Must-See WWE Superstar' seized his opportunity and grabbed the WWE Championship belt from the pedestal. He prepared to knock Mysterio out, when he was distracted by a raspy voice yelling ”No! No no no!”. It was John Laurinaitis, who ran down to the ringside and snatched the belt from his hands. Miz turned around and was tripped to the second rope! Mysterio hit the 619 and the springboard splash to advance to the finals! Rey Mysterio defeated The Miz

>> The shocked Miz protested as John Laurinaitis calmly walked to the back, but to no avail. Mysterio didn't have any time to rest as Dolph Ziggler sprinted down the ramp and assaulted him. The referee rung the bell! The match for the vacant WWE Championship was under way!

WWE Championship Tournament Final, for the vacant WWE Championship: Rey Mysterio versus The United States Champion Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero). Rey was in deep, deep trouble early on, having to wrestle two matches back to back. Ziggler had the match well in hand, and he had to time to flaunt. ”I'm the champion!” shouted Dolph, as he went to cover Rey after the Fame Asser, but 'The Master of the 619' somehow kicked out! Vickie encouraged Dolph not to get frustrated, as he went back to the headlock, while of course performing a head stand to show off his skills.

Mysterio finally managed to counter a throw into a bulldog that sent Ziggler to the outside. He did a seated senton to the floor. The crowd rallied behind 'The Ultimate Underdog', as he tripped Ziggler on the ropes and went for the 619, but Dolph recovered too quickly and hit him with a hard lariat! When that didn't get the job done, Ziggler went for the Sleeper Hold, but Rey slipped out and countered into a victory roll! This time it was Ziggler, who kicked out in the nick of time.

A nervous Triple H was shown watching the match from the back. Mysterio tried to go for the frog splash that got him the win last week, but Vickie held his leg. Dolph climbed the turnbuckle and dropped Mysterio with a fireman's carry gutbuster all the way from the top! Nobody could believe their eyes when Mysterio got his shoulder off the mat! The fighting spirit of Mysterio kept him alive in the match, as he was able to trip Dolph again, and this time connect with the 619! He was too worn-out to go for the splash, though. Ziggler attempted to pull Rey back in, but he hotshotted him on the top rope. With all that he had left, Rey tried to do the seated senton once again, but was caught. Ziggler powerbombed him, but Rey rolled through into a pin and got the win! Rey Mysterio defeated Dolph Ziggler to win the title

>> ”Buh Gawd! Rey Mysterio has dun it!” yelled Jim Ross, but Mysterio barely got his name announced as the new champion, when Alberto Del Rio had already entered the ring and kicked him in the head. Del Rio told Ricardo Rodriguez to hand the Money in the Bank briefcase over to the ref, but he was distracted by John Cena's music! Cena slid to the ring and started laying into Del Rio and Ricardo. Alberto escaped, and his personal ring announcer got clotheslined out of the ring by Cena. John grabbed the WWE title belt and took a long look at it, before handing it over to the champion, Rey Mysterio. As Del Rio and Rodriguez left with the MITB-briefcase still in their possession, Triple H led the entire good guy roster out to the ring to celebrate Mysterio's hard fought title victory. Cena and John Morrison lifted Rey up on their shoulders as Raw went off the air.

>> Quick Results:
The United States Champion Dolph Ziggler defeated John Morrison to retain the title and advance to the finals of the WWE Championship Tournament
John Cena & Zack Ryder defeated Curt Hawkins & Jack Swagger
Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne defeated WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty to win the title
Rey Mysterio defeated The Miz to advance to the finals of the WWE Championship Tournament
Rey Mysterio defeated The United States Champion Dolph Ziggler to win the vacant WWE Championship

>> Confirmed for Summerslam:
Rey Mysterio defends the WWE Championship against John Cena
The Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson defends against Cody Rhodes
Plus The Rock will appear live!

>> The Dirt Sheets:
- In case you missed it earlier, Sin Cara was indeed suspended because of a wellness violation right after Money in the Bank. However, the character is still featured on screen as Hunico from FCW has been chosen to play the character until the original one returns.
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NXT | 26.7.2011

>> The season finale of NXT Redemption saw Derrick Bateman being crowned the next breakout star! His prize? Getting to be a contestant on NXT Season 6! Congrats, buddy! To everybody's surprise, Teddy Long appeared to offer Bateman a Smackdown contract, which he gladly accepted. ”Screw this, I'm bringing chicks and America to Friday Night Smackdown, baybeh!” declared Bateman.
>> The final NXT episode also featured a wild (and young) reunion tag team match between former NXT pros and rookies.

Derrick Bateman defeated Titus O'Neil, Darren Young in an elimination Triple Threat match (O'Neil pinned Young with the Clash of the Titus, Bateman pinned O'Neil with the Man-tastic)
Mr. Money in the Bank Daniel Bryan, Alex Riley, Goldust & AJ defeated The Miz, Heath Slater, Primo & Maxine in an NXT Reunion tag team match, when Bryan submitted Slater with the LeBell Lock

Superstars | 28.7.2011

Trent Barreta defeated Johnny Curtis with a tornado DDT
Melina defeated Gail Kim with the Sunset Split leg drop DDT
Jinder Mahal & The Great Khali defeated The Usos when Jinder used some kind of hypnosis on Jey Uso and hit the Full Nelson Slam

Smackdown | 29.7.2011 | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

>> The World Heavyweight Champion Christian was the first man to walk to the ring, obviously very angry about not having his title belt around his waist. ”Last week Mark Henry stole my belt after I successfully defended it against Kane”, explained 'Captain Charisma' and informed everyone that his current reign was now 12 days long, despite of him not being in possession of the physical belt. That's a week longer than the first one! 'The World's Strongest Man' Mark Henry walked to the ring with the title and said he would've given it back last week but the champion was too scared to come and get it from him. Christian ordered Henry to put the belt down on the mat and walk back so he could quickly grab it without making contact. Mark did exactly that, saying he would gladly let Christian hold the belt until Summerslam, because that's when he is going to get his opportunity at the gold.

”Hold on a minute, playa!” hollered Teddy Long from the top of the entrance ramp. Long said that he didn't exactly grant Mark a free title shot, but he put him in a number one contenders match against Kane, who he felt was screwed by Christian last week! Henry wasn't thrilled about the announcement, and said that if Teddy continues to put obstacles in his way, he will end up like Big Show. ”I already proved I can beat Kane last week, and Mark, I know I can beat you. Be it by pin, submission or perhaps disqualification”, said Christian, but Teddy Long had news for him too. The GM said that Christian might not even be the champion by Summerslam, because tonight he will face Mr. Money in the Bank Daniel Bryan, and you never know what's going to happen when magic briefcases are in play!

Non-title Triple Threat Match: Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson versus Justin Gabriel versus Heath Slater. The Corre explodes! The Intercontinental Championship wasn't at stake, but Ezekiel still wasn't taking the match lightly. He dominated both of his former stable mates with his signature series of body slams. Slater managed to hit his finisher, the E-Minor DDT, on the IC Champion, but he impressively kicked out at one! Jackson then picked Gabriel up to the Torture Rack, and he had to give it up. Ezekiel Jackson defeated Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater

>> After the match we saw a rare case of Ezekiel Jackson on the mic. ”There will be more domination” were the only words that came out of the Intercontinental Champions mouth. Jackson mysteriously threw up the Four Horsemen hand gesture, but with the thumb included. ”HEY-EY!” blared on the sound system as Cody Rhodes walked out with his hood and transparent mask covering his face, and Ted DiBiase following closely behind him. Cody laughed ominously and said that he was soon going to begin a legacy of his own... and it was going to start at Summerslam by becoming the new Intercontinental Champion. Rhodes commanded DiBiase to attack Jackson, but the champion easily disposed of the lackey. Cody followed suit, getting bodyslammed for his trouble. Ezekiel tried to get him up for the Torture Rack, but Cody escaped and headed to the back. Jackson once again threw up the five finger gesture, is this a sign of something?

Natalya versus AJ (with Kaitlyn). The Hart Dungeon trained diva wasn't happy about how her proteges had been losing lately, presumably due to focusing on video games instead of practicing. Natalya was determined to give AJ a lesson in wrestling, but the spunky rookie gave a good effort against her mentor. Nattie locked in the Sharpshooter, but AJ refused to tap out. She got the rope break, but when Natalya pulled her back to the middle of the ring and locked the hold back in, Kaitlyn had to throw in the towel for her best friend. Natalya defeated AJ by forfeit

>> After the match was over, Natalya helped AJ back to her feet. Kaitlyn told her she was being unnecessarily hard on AJ, but Nattie said that she was the teacher and she decided what was best for her students. Kaitlyn showed weakness by throwing in the towel so Nattie made her do pushups in the middle of the ring.

>> Back from the quick break, and Wade Barrett was making his way to the ring with a microphone in hand. Wade said that a lot people were wondering if he was going to battle Sheamus at Summerslam in a Falls Count Anywhere match. And the answer is no. The former bare knuckle fighting champion said he wasn't easily manipulated and wasn't going to fight Sheamus again just because he cowardly kicked him in the face a week ago. ”I already know I'm better than that hooligan”, said Barrett.

Wade Barrett versus Tyson Kidd. As you might have thought, Barrett mainly dominated the match with hard slams and strikes. At one point it even looked Kidd might stand a chance when he kicked the fomer Corre leader in the face and hit a springboard elbow drop for two! Kidd tried to lock in the Sharpshooter, but Barrett kicked him away. Wade lifted Tyson up for the Wasteland, but his legs accidentally struck the referee knocking him out. Barrett delivered his finishing maneuver, when Sheamus sprinted down the ramp and booted him in the face with the Brogue Kick! Sheamus dragged the limp body of Kidd on top of Barrett and revived the referee, who slowly counted the three! What an upset victory for young Tyson Kidd here tonight! Tyson Kidd defeated Wade Barrett

>> ”Fine! You got your match, Sheamus!” yelled Barrett furiously, as he climbed back to his feet holding his jaw. Wade dared Sheamus to come back, but as 'The Celtic Warrior' returned, Wade himself exited the ring and walked up the ramp. "What's the problem, fella? Let's fight!" yelled Sheamus, but Wade was gone.

>> We saw a vignette filled with stars and stripes, bald headed eagles, apple pies and women in bikinis. Finally the NXT Season 5 winner Derrick Bateman's smug face appeared on the screen. ”I'm coming to your local Smackdown very soon... and I'm bringing chicks and America with me!” screamed Bateman with the USA flag in hand. The video ended with the message: ”Derrick Bateman, Coming Soon”.

Sin Cara versus El Cobra. The next match saw Sin Cara face a new masked luchadore, El Cobra. Although the newcomer looked sort of familiar when he powerwalked to the ring with his green mask on and started arm dragging the confused Sin Cara. Cobra somehow managed to counter all of his opponent's moves with his lucha libre prowess. Cobra then did a really ankward looking 619 as a tribute to Rey Mysterio, but got tangled in the ropes. Sin Cara shook his head and kicked him in the face. Cara did a springboard senton followed by a similar type of moonsault combination to win the match. After getting up, Cobra tried to tell the referee that there were still two falls to go but got ignored. Sin Cara defeated El Cobra

>> Sin Cara celebrated wildly, climbing and posing on all the turnbuckles! 'The Mexican Sensation' quickly left the ring, though, as Daniel Bryan came out to confront him. Bryan challenged his buddy to a match next week so he could get he answers from him in the ring! The commentary team once again noted that Sin Cara's behaviour was very strange...

Non-title Match: The World Heavyweight Champion Christian versus Mr. Money in the Bank Daniel Bryan. Bryan out-wrestled the World Champion as they started with some chain grappling, and annoyed by this, Christian darted Daniel into the ring post to get the advantage. The match was even with both men trading near falls. Bryan almost got the shock win with a top rope missile dropkick and Christian used the spear to put Daniel down, but neither man got the three count.

Finally Christian thought he had the match won, as he went for the Killswitch, but Bryan smoothly countered and trapped him in the LeBell Lock! If not for reaching the ropes, the World Champion would have surely tapped out! Christian rolled out of the ring, but Bryan followed and threw him against the ring post. Mr. Money in the Bank unloaded with a series of kicks, but Christian evaded the last one and Bryan's foot connected with the steel post hard. 'Captain Charisma' nailed a reverse DDT on the floor! When his opponent still resiliently kicked out, Christian exited the ring once again and threw his title belt in to use it as a weapon. While the ref was busy getting rid of the illegal object, 'Captain Charisma grabbed Bryan's metal briefcase instead and swung at 'The Submission Specialist', who dodged and answered back with another kick that knocked the case into the face of the World Champion. The referee turned around just in time to see the hit and disqualified Daniel, giving Christian another cheap DQ victory... Christian defeated Daniel Bryan by disqualification

>> But the story didn't end there. The World Heavyweight Champion Christian was laying on the mat knocked out from the briefcase shot, and Daniel Bryan was up on his feet. His eyes got bigger as he realised his moment was now! He picked the blue briefcase up... but instead of handing it over to the referee, he shook his head and left. "What an idiot!" screamed Michael Cole in the commentary position.

>> El Cobra walked through the backstage corridors holding his neck in pain from the beating he got from Sin Cara, when he walked straight into the large chest of Vladimir Kozlov. Kozlov yanked the mask off of the luchadore's face, revealing it was Santino Marella all along! Who would've known? Vladimir said that it was because of things like pretending to be a luchadore that he didn't think they should go on teaming any longer. ”This is better for both of us. It's over”, said Kozlov. Santino didn't say anything. He just ran off sobbing. Abraham Washington emerged from behind Kozlov and shook his hand: "Now we can focus on making you a real superstar, baby!"

Number 1. Contender's Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Mark Henry versus Kane. Two behemoths collided in the middle of the ring as the main event got started with a punch exchange of epic proportions. Both men ran to the ropes and double clotheslined each other down. Kane then tried to take Henry down with a flying clothesline but he stayed on his feet. Kane went up top again, but Mark stopped him and hit a huuuuge superplex that somehow didn't collapse the ring. 'The World's Strongest Man' hit the big splash, but Kane powered out of the pin! Kane rolled out of the way as Henry tried to splash him again, and then booted him in the face not once, but twice to finally knock him out of his feet. 'Big Red Monster' nailed a big sit-down dropkick to the face of Henry. Kane signaled for the Chokeslam, but Mark blocked. Kane went for another big boot, but Henry caught him and slammed him down with the World's Strongest Slam! 1, 2 and 3! Mark Henry defeated Kane

>> As the referee raised Henry's gigantic arm in the air, Teddy Long walked out and confirmed the main event for Summerslam. ”Christian will defend his title against 'The World's Strongest Man' Mark Henry... and a man who's using his rematch option, Randy Orton, in a Triple Threat Match!” announced Teddy! With that, Smackdown faded away!

>> Quick Results:
Ezekiel Jackson defeated Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater
Natalya defeated AJ by forfeit
Tyson Kidd defeated Wade Barrett
Sin Cara defeated El Cobra
Christian defeated Daniel Bryan by disqualification
Mark Henry defeated Kane to become the Number 1. Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship

>>.Confirmed for.Summerslam:
Rey Mysterio defends the WWE Championship against John Cena
The Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson defends against Cody Rhodes
The World Heavyweight Champion Christian versus Mark Henry versus Randy Orton in a Triple Threat Match for the title
Sheamus versus Wade Barrett in a no-DQ, no count-outs, Falls Count Anywhere Match
Plus The Rock will appear live!

>> The Dirt Sheets:
- The rumours say that NXT is discontinuing until WWE gets a new TV contract for the show... if they ever will.
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I don't have much time, so I'll just give you an overview.

Vince losing power is great for the show, Vince loves to feature himself too much, and makes the stories about him and his family. No one really cares about the mcmahons anymore.

The tournament is fun, but why does Triple H try to be hard on Dolph and then not restart the match after he cheats to win? Ziggler-Mysterio would be an awesome match, and I'm not complaining, it just doesn't make much sense to me.

Mark Henry is a monster. nuff said. Christian as champion is fantastic. Thank god it wasn't another 2 day reign!

Kofi Kingstong complaining?! ha! that would require some kind of characterization.... He and Evan Bourne can be a really cool team.

I like the *CENSOR* of Punk's name. Makes it feel more "real" as they want to make it feel like Punk had really left.

I hope Daniel Bryan doesn't do what Vince loves to do to MitB winners... lose until ihe can't lose anymore. I am a huge Bryan fan, have been since RoH, and hope he gets a big push here. Same goes for Cody Rhodes. Cody=great IC champ, and its a good time for him to have a solid reign, and maybe ME some smackdowns.

With the brand split gone, are the World Title's going to be unified? I hate having two belts for 1 roster. It makes it seem like there is a five tiered pecking order. WWE, World, IC, US, job squad.

You're doing a good job of making every one of your key players look strong, and that will make the PPVs more interesting. WWE really didn't get a chance to expand on the "pipebomb" and hot shotted the whole storyline, making it awkward. Rey wins tourney... has to defend title that night... Unification match 3 weeks later.... Del Rio's cash in... it was all too much too fast. I hope you can stretch it out a little bit more. Remember tho, del rio was HOT at this point, and wasn't as drone as he is now. Del Rio probably can't hold the WWE belt properly with Punk's shadow looming over WWE.

As for your presentation, maybe tell us when a commercial was, to help break up the matches and segments. For the winner of the match, maybe make it a little bigger,
Ezekiel Jackson defeated Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater
Ezekiel Jackson defeated Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater
just makes it easier to read.

All in all great job. looking forward to more.
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Thanks for the comment, StLSaint_75. I'm not going to unify the titles, not yet at least. The main guys and ”brand exclusive” championships are still going to be mainly featured on their own shows (WHC on Smackdown and WWE title on Raw). The midcarders will probably move between shows more. I just wanted to officially end the brand split as it hasn't really meant anything for a long time, and at the same time it was something for the new boss Triple H to announce and make it seem like he was changing things. I'll see if I change the layout but for now I'm quite satisfied with it myself. The idea is to kind of hide the result so that you don't "spoil" yourself of the winner before reading the match. I don't know if that makes sense.

This is the first show since the end of October, so if you want to catch a little recap of the things that have happened, head over to the advertisement thread.

Raw | 8.1.2012 | Indianapolis, Indiana

>> WWE Universe got a surprising start to Raw this week as the program kicked off with Michael Cole ready in the ring for another Michael Cole Exclusive interview. He welcomed his least favorite WWE Superstar 'Mr. Money in the Bank' Daniel Bryan into the ring. ”You must be not only the luckiest man alive to even have that briefcase, but also the dumbest for not using it last week on Smackdown when you had the perfect opportunity”, mocked Cole. 'The New Voice of the WWE' asked the million dollar question: when was Bryan going to cash the contract in then? The newly crowned mister MITB said he didn't want to take the easy way and pin an unconscious champion, no, he had a better idea. He wasn't a coward like Alberto Del Rio, who tried to beat Rey Mysterio last week after he already had two matches that night. ”I on the other hand, I will wait until Wrestlemania 28... and I will cash this briefcase in to face whoever is the World Heavyweight Champion at that time!” declared Bryan!

Cole laughed at Bryan's ambitious plan, when Raw's magic briefcase holder Alberto Del Rio arrived in his fancy car. Ricardo announced him as ”the man who should be WWE Champion”. Del Rio was already pissed off about Cena sticking his nose into where it didn't belong last week, and he wasn't taking lightly to Bryan calling him a coward. ”I will snap your arm if you don't keep your mouth shut, perro!” shouted Del Rio. The two got into an argument about who was the better ”Mr. Money in the Bank”, but were interrupted when the Anonymous General Manager sent an email and Cole read it out loud: ”And I quote: At Summerslam it will be Mr. Money in the Bank versus Mr. Money in the Bank as Raw's Alberto Del Rio faces Smackdown's Daniel Bryan!”

Upon hearing the announcement, the enraged Del Rio clobbered Bryan down and applied the Cross Armbreaker! Even with his submission skills, Bryan couldn't escape the devastating hold! Thankfully the new WWE Champion Rey Mysterio ran down to drive Alberto and Ricardo off. What's more, Mysterio challenged his nemesis to a match right here tonight, as a payback for ambushing him last week. The anonymous GM confirmed the match via another email, adding that it was going to be fought inside a fifteen feet high steel cage!

Jack Swagger versus Mr. Money in the Bank Daniel Bryan. Despite getting assaulted by Del Rio just moments earlier, Bryan chose to go on with the scheduled match. Swagger continued where Alberto left off and attacked Bryan's arm. Bryan fought back valiantly despite his injury and showed viciousness by stomping on Swagger's fingers. Bryan nailed a hard running kick to the face of Swagger and sent him to the outside. Daniel then hit a jumping knee from the apron down to the concrete floor knocking Jack down hard. After hitting Bryan's hurt arm to the steel ring steps, Swagger rolled him back in the ring and nailed the Swagger bomb. 'The All-American American' smirked as he noticed that Vickie Guerrero was watching the match from the entrance ramp with a smile on her face. He clenched on the Ankle Lock, but Bryan knew the counter and rolled out sending Jack face first into the turnbuckles. Daniel tried to apply the LeBell Lock but his arm gave up and Swagger blasted him with the Gutwrench Bomb for the pin! Jack Swagger defeated Daniel Bryan

>> Michael McGillicutty walked in on his tag partner David Otunga and Drew McIntyre discussing about their lawsuit against the company for Big Show's actions a few weeks back. ”Dude, where have you been?” yelled McGillicutty, and told Otunga they had their tag title rematch coming up this Friday and hadn't strategized at all. Plus they had a huge eight man tag bout up next! Otunga calmed his ex-Nexus partner down and said that after they win the pending lawsuit, they can get as many title shots as they want. "Don't worry, Michael, I went to Harvard law school", said Otunga proudly.

>> At the interview pit, Scott Stanford congratulated the unlikely new WWE Tag Team champions, Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne. ”Thanks, Scott. You know, last week the WWE Universe saw the beginning of the Altitude Era”, said Evan. Kofi said he felt that the Legion of Boom was going to go places, but Bourne stopped him. ”Legion of what? We already went through with this and our team name is the Altitude Era”, claimed Evan. Tag champions bickered around about the name until they both decided to focus on the match at hand and pick the name later.

8-Man Tag Team Match: WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne & The Major Broskis (Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins) versus Ex-sus (David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty) & Sons of Shiva (Jinder Mahal & The Great Khali). Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins teamed up for the first time in years after reuniting last week and were partners with the new tag team champions in this huge eight-man match. Curt, who had adjusted his appearance to resemble the style of the 'Long Island Iced-Z' a bit more, got manhandled by the former Nexus (hence Ex-sus) members until he tagged in Evan Bourne. The tag champions turned the tide of the match, but in the end it wasn't enough to win for their team. As Ryder was preparing for the Rough Ryder, Jinder Mahal used his magical powers to put him in a hypnotic trance. Khali chopped Ryder in the head and pinned him for the win. The Ex-sus & Sons of Shiva defeated Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne & The Major Broskis

>> Cameras were waiting in the parking lot as Triple H arrived at the arena. The executive vice president of talent relations John Laurinaitis was waiting for him and nervously explained that, thanks to the anonymous GM, their WWE Champion Rey Mysterio was going to face Alberto Del Rio in a Steel Cage match later. Trips said he was late because of some very important COO business he had to take care of. ”Inside the cage no-one can help him if Del Rio decides to injure him or cash in the title match contract, and we don't want any of that to happen, do we?” asked Laurinaitis. Johnny reminded HHH that without his brave actions last week, Rey wouldn't even be the champion. ”If only the general manager was someone you could trust, someone like me. Nothing like this would happen”, insinuated Johnny and said that he could maybe reveal the GM's identity right now if the COO agreed to make him the new boss. Triple H's answer was still ”no”. He said he was going to take care of the GM situation himself, but now he had an announcement to make concerning the Cena/Mysterio Summerslam match. Laurinaitis was again left disappointed. ”I'm going to get what I want... one way or another”, he mumbled to himself as Triple H left...

Lumberjill Match (non-title): Divas Champion Kelly Kelly versus Beth Phoenix. 'The Glamazon' faced the Divas Champion after cheap shotting her last week during the bikini contest. All of the Raw and Smackdown divas were at ringside to ensure that the fight stays in the ring, but in the end they were the ones who caused mayhem. A fight broke out midst the lumberjills when Beth dumped Kelly out and she was attacked by the baddie side. Chaos ensued and the referee had to stop the match, as the whole divas locker room was brawling in the ring. Kelly Kelly versus Beth Phoenix ended in a no-contest

>> Natalya stopped Beth from beating up AJ and Kaitlyn, but after Phoenix said something to her, she changed her mind and threw her own proteges out of the ring! Beth and Melina worked together to get rid of Alicia Fox. Fox's tag partner Tamina was about to attack them, but 'The Glamazon' grabbed a mic and said that together they, the real athletes, could change the direction of the divas division. ”Are you with me?” asked Beth. Eventually, Tamina nodded her head. Together, Phoenix, Natalya, Tamina and Melina raised each other's hands in the middle of the ring as the rest of the divas looked on at the entrance ramp.

>> In a pre-taped video, we saw the new champion Rey Mysterio speak about his title victory from his home in sunny San Diego. Sitting by the pool with the title belt laying next to him, Mysterio said that he has been the World Heavyweight Champion twice before, but this is his first WWE Championship. Rey said he's proud to hold the same title Eddie Guerrero won 7 years ago. The video cut to Mysterio's wife who said that Rey's been working harder than ever and she doesn't know if there's anyone who could take the title from him right now. Back to Rey, who said that he is looking forward to facing John Cena. ”Being the WWE Champion is my dream, and I'm not letting anyone take this away from me. Not even John Cena. He's got Hustle, Loyalty and Respect, but I have the power of the 6...1...9.”

>> As Raw went back live, the familiar sounds of ”My Time is Now” signaled the arrival of John Cena to the ring! The number one contender started off by congratulating the new champion. John said that he is happy for Mysterio, but it doesn't change the fact that Rey's dream is sadly going to come to an abrupt end at Summerslam. Cena said he saved Rey from Del Rio last week because he wanted to fight Mysterio at Summerslam, and not Alberto. ”Mysterio deserves to be the champion after beating two former world title holders in the same night... that's one hell of an accomplishment”, said Cena, but at the same he wanted the title back to himself after the disaster at Money in the Bank.

As Cena talked about his respect for Rey Mysterio, Triple H arrived to make his special announcement concerning the rematch against Mysterio. Just as the COO was about to open his mouth, the beep from the computer interrupted him. The anonymous GM sent a message and declared The Rock to be the special ring side enforcer in the WWE Championship match! Triple H got annoyed because that was the exact announcement he was out to make. Triple H warned the GM from getting too cocky. After all Laurinaitis knows his secret, but the computer replied with a surprising answer. He had just talked to Laurinaitis minutes prior and promised to make the first Raw after Summerslam a special ”Night of Appreciation for John Laurinaitis” episode to ensure that Triple H will never get to know who the GM is!

Sin Cara versus John Cena. Cena wanted to prepare for Rey Mysterio's lucha libre style by facing another luchador, Smackdown's own Sin Cara. Some warm up was indeed in order for Cena as he was completely caught off guard by a pair of headscissors and a plancha to the outside. After regaining control, John unleashed his signature move combo, but Cara slipped down from his shoulders and rolled him up. Cena kicked out, but Sin Cara threw him to the turnbuckles, perhaps attempting to hit the spanish fly. Little did he know that John Cena was never ever taking such a dangerous move and pushed him down to the mat. John leg dropped the mask man from the top rope! He quickly trapped Cara into the STF and the luchador tapped out! John Cena defeated Sin Cara

>> The words ”CONSPIRACY THEORY with R-TRUTH” appeared on the screen as we saw some kind of a dimly lighted studio with two armchairs and a small table set up. R-Truth was sitting in one of the chairs. He welcomed everyone to his new show, where his mission was to expose the conspiracy in WWE. Without further ado, Truth introduced his guest for the evening, The Miz. Miz walked in and took a seat next to Truth to a sound of fake pre-recorded applause. Footage was shown from last week, when John Laurinaitis interfered in the tournament semifinal match and prevented Miz from cheating, costing him the opportunity at the WWE Championship. ”Laurinaitis, Triple H, Vince... they're all together in this”, complained The Miz. R-Truth claimed that ”they” were doing everything in their power to keep guys like him and The Miz from becoming champions, because they weren't liked by the Little Jimmies in the audience. Miz assured that he and Truth were going pay back everyone who have done them wrong, starting with their former partners Alex Riley and John Morrison. ”I can't thank you enough for showing me the truth behind the politics here”, thanked The Miz as the screen suddenly turned to static.

Steel Cage Match (non-title): WWE Champion Rey Mysterio versus Alberto Del Rio (with Ricardo Rodriguez). The match got off to a hot start as Mysterio and Del Rio brawled on the outside before the bell rung. Del Rio was holding Rey as Ricardo tried to smack him with the Money in the Bank briefcase, but Rey dodged and Del Rio got hit right in the head by his servant! Despite this, Alberto and Ricardo managed to jam the champion's arm between the cage and the door and slam the door close! As the match officially got underway, Del Rio tried to send Mysterio face first in to the cage wall, but he countered with a springboard moonsault. Mysterio went to run the ropes and realised that he couldn't do the 619 inside the cage, so he tried to dropkick Del Rio to the steel instead. Unfortunately Del Rio caught Mysterio's legs and catapulted him into the steel wall! Alberto attempted a backbreaker but Rey countered with head scissors that sent him flying right into the door, which also flew open!

Mysterio was almost out of the cage, but Ricardo slammed the door into his face. Rodriguez violently stole the cage key from a referee and locked the door so that Rey had no choice but to climb the wall of the cage. Just as Mysterio made it to the top, Del Rio reached him and wrenched the bad arm between the steel bars of the cage structure! Rey was screaming in pain, but the worst was yet to come as Del Rio superplexed the champion from way up! The move took a lot out of him too, and both men were left laying, until Ricardo unlocked the door and entered the cage to pull Alberto out by his leg! He was slowly making progress, but suddenly he was stopped by a big figure behind him. It was John Cena, who had come down to even the odds! Cena lifted Rodriguez up and AA'd him onto Alberto! Meanwhile Mysterio had recovered just enough to frog splash Del Rio and win the cage match! Rey Mysterio defeated Alberto Del Rio

>> Mysterio's celebration was interrupted by a noise from the Anonymous GM's computer. Cole got up on the pedestal and read the email out loud: ”Due to John Cena intervening in the match, I have reversed the decision of the referee”. Del Rio was declared the winner, but his music was instantly cut out by ”The Game”, as the COO Triple H appeared once again and re-reversed the decision back to Mysterio's favor. In order to ensure that the general manager didn't try anything funny next week, Triple H booked the main event a week in advance and challenged Del Rio and the GM to find two partners to face the team of John Cena, Rey Mysterio and Daniel Bryan in a Blockbuster Summerslam 6-Man Extravaganza. ”That's going to huge next week, but for now, good night everybody!” wished Jim Ross as the broadcast ended.

>> Quick Results:
Jack Swagger defeated Daniel Bryan
Ex-sus & Sons of Shiva defeated Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne & The Major Broskis in an 8-Man Tag Team Match
Divas Champion Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix in a Lumberjill Match ended in a no-contest
John Cena defeated Sin Cara
WWE Champion Rey Mysterio defeated Alberto Del Rio in a Steel Cage Match

>> Confirmed for Summerslam:
Rey Mysterio defends the WWE Championship against John Cena WITH THE ROCK AS THE SPECIAL ENFORCER
The Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson defends against Cody Rhodes
The World Heavyweight Champion Christian versus Mark Henry versus Randy Orton in a Triple Threat Match for the title
Sheamus versus Wade Barrett in a no-DQ, no count-outs, Falls Count Anywhere Match
Mr. Money in the Bank versus Mr. Money in the Bank: Raw's Alberto Del Rio versus Smackdown's Daniel Bryan
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There's some pretty weird stuff in this episode of Smackdown if I may say so myself, so please let me explain my style a little bit. I enjoy this kind of tongue-in-cheek style, not totally over the top like for example WWE Sitcom (which is amazing, by the way), but not too serious either. I'm still trying to do the best stories and matches possible, but some of the stuff (like the segment with Ezekiel and Cody and Kane's dream...) may leave some of you shaking your heads... I also feel like the show is longer than the previous ones and there's like 17 debuts.
No NXT this week!

Superstars | 8.5.2011

David Hart Smith submitted Chris Masters with the Sharpshooter
Mason Ryan defeated Yoshi Tatsu With the Sit Down Batista Bomb
Justin Gabriel & Trent Barreta defeated Heath Slater & Johnny Curtis when Gabriel pinned Curtis with the 450 Splash

Smackdown | 8.5.2011 | Lexington, Kentucky

>> Smackdown started with a bizarre, to say the least, video where Kane was roaming in a tunnel, waist deep in water. It was dark and the air was filled with eerie mist. Somewhere at the end of the tunnel there was a bright light shining and Kane was heading towards it. He breathed heavily as he finally made his way to the end. ”Kaaaaaneeeeeee... I have something fooor youuuuu...” a familiar high pitched voice cried. Kane blinked his eyes repeatedly trying to see better. He recognized the man as Paul Bearer! Bearer was sitting on a throne of some kind, but his face couldn't be seen because of the light. Bearer asked if Kane really wanted to be a monster again? Kane nervously said yes. A cloaked druid appeared and handed a red mask over to him. Kane stared at the mask. It was the same mask he used the wear for many years. Suddenly Bearer disappeared and Kane saw flashbacks of ugly lizard-like demons slaying humans with swords in front of his eyes (all PG of course). Somehow he knew that he had to start an army... an unholy demon army. Then Kane woke up. It was just a dream. But as he rose from the casket he was sleeping in, he was holding the red mask in his hands! The scene faded away...

>> Elsewhere, a camera guy ran into Christian as Smackdown's own World Heavyweight Champion was speeding through the hallways. 'Captain Charisma' damn near kicked the door of Teddy Long's office off its hinges as he stormed in. ”Just what the hell, Teddy!?” Christian yelled furiously and grabbed a flower pot from the table and threw it into a wall! Teddy was trying to calm Christian down, but he tore Long's Martin Luther King portrait down from the wall and kicked a hole into it. ”I'm not changing the Summerslam match!” shouted Teddy, as Christian pulled out a pack of matches and tried to set the whole office on fire. Fortunately he didn't succeed. Long informed Christian that Randy Orton's suspension ends one day before Summerslam and therefore he is eligible to use his rematch at the event. ”But disqualifications don't count in Triple Threat Matches!” cried Christian. Long said that Christian can't cheat his way out of this one. ”Winning by disqualification isn't cheating, Teddy! It's like my new thing”, protested Christian and unveiled his new 'Captain DQ' shirt: ”It says '#WinningByDQ' in the back! It's a Charlie Sheen joke! I bet you didn't even know that Teddy, now did you!?”. Long admitted he had no clue, but was adamant in his decision to have Randy in the match. The World Champion finally gave up and left to devise a plan for Summerslam. ”Take the night off, playa!” suggested Teddy, as Christian ran off.

WWE Tag Team Championship: The Champions Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne versus Ex-sus (David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty)... versus Sons of Shiva (Jinder Mahal & The Great Khali). The champions were assaulted by Jinder Mahal and Khali on their way to the ring, and the Sons inserted themselves into the match by virtue of their victory on Raw. The match was a chaotic three way where all three teams came close to getting the win. Great Khali was doing a lot of damage so the champs and Ex-sus briefly worked together to eliminate him to the outside. Left solo, Mahal used his black magic to freeze Otunga in his tracks but Khali was still on the outside. Kofi came from out of nowhere with a Trouble in Paradise kick to the head of Jinder! Bourne finished the groggy Otunga with a picture-perfect Shooting Star Press! Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne defeated Ex-sus, Sons of Shiva to retain the title

>> As Smackdown returned from commercial, the former bareknuckle fighting champion Wade Barrett entered the ring. The Englishman said that after what happened last week, he can't wait until Summerslam! He wants Sheamus in the ring tonight! But there is a catch... ”It's going to be a tag team match... and my partner happens to be The World's Strongest Man!” announced Wade. On cue, Mark Henry slowly made his way to the ring. He was more concerned with his upcoming Summerslam title match and said that general manager Teddy Long was in deep trouble for messing with him and including Randy Orton in the match. It didn't really matter to Henry anyway, as Mark promised he would destroy everyone who stood between him and the World Championship.

'The Celtic Warrior' Sheamus stepped out at this point and said he wasn't afraid of Henry or anyone else for that matter. After all, he believed he was the toughest brawler in the WWE. Sheamus revealed that his partner in the blockbuster main event was a monster who battled Henry just last week, Kane! 'The Celtic Warrior' said he was chosen by Kane to be a part of his new alliance, the Unholy Demon Army. Together they will torment the whole WWE and Henry and Barrett are going to be the first in line! Barrett asked Henry what their team name was, but 'The World's Strongest Man' didn't care for stupid names. ”Team Barrett it is!”, declared Wade, but Mark gave him an angry look so Barrett quickly changed his mind: "Team Henry is good too."

John Morrison versus Cody Rhodes (with Ted DiBiase). Raw's John Morrison recently returned from an injury caused by his former partner R-Truth and was looking to pick up more momentum on Smackdown as he faced the number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship. Morrison's high flying tactics backfired on him as Cody catched him in the right position to hit the Alabama Slam. When that didn't get the job done, Cody called Ted for help but he was hesitant, and the stalling gave Morrison the chance to get up. John missed the Flying Chuck and Cody attempted his own similar move, the Beautiful Disaster kick, but it missed it's mark too. Morrison capitalized on the mistake and hit the C4 (flipping moonsault slam) for a two count! He then tried to finish Cody off, but botched the Starship Pain, well, like he always does, but this time he really missed it. 'The Shaman' quickly bounced back up and went for the running knee strike, a move that Josh Mathews now knew was called the Nitro Blast II, but Cody evaded. Rhodes headbutted Morrison with the transparent mask he still wears, and nailed another Beautiful Disaster springboard kick for the pin! Cody Rhodes defeated John Morrison

>> After the match was over, Rhodes predicted that he is finally going to win his first singles championship two weeks from now at Summerslam. ”All of you probably know that I used to be a part of a group called Legacy once... but that was a long time ago, and now it's time for me to start my own legacy”, Cody said defiantly. Rhodes announced the first member of his new group the New Legacy, a third generation superstar and a good friend of his who he helped back at NXT2... Husky Harris! Harris, uncharacteristically dressed in a fedora hat, Hawaiian shirt and long white pants and shoes, made his way to the ring looking like he was high on something. Husky said that he was honored to be a part of Cody's family, but some things had changed since they met for the last time. ”You see, 'Husky Harris' is dead. Please don't call me that”, he explained and reintroduced himself as ”Bray Wyatt”. Ted DiBiase was disappointed about the decision not to include him, but Cody said that Ted has to step up his game if he wants a spot in the group.

Cody and his New Legacy were interrupted as Ezekiel Jackson emerged from the back with the Intercontinental title around his waist. Without saying anything, Ezekiel threw up the five finger gesture and dance music started blaring out of the speakers. Former NXT rookie Percy Watson led out a dancing crew consisting of JTG and other former rookies Naomi and Darren Young. ”OH YEAH!”, screamed Percy, ”We see you got yourself some backup, Cody, but so does Zeke!”. The mouthpiece Percy Jackson revealed that he was actually the cousin of Jackson's mother-in-law, and his real name was Percy Jackson. He introduced Naomi Jackson, Jackson TG and Darren Jackson, all distant relatives of Ezekiel and thus part of the big Jackson Family. Together they threw up the five finger gesture and struck a dance pose, except for Ezekiel who stood motionless in the middle.

”This is absolutely ridiculous!” yelled Cody and challenged the Jackson Family to go at it right now! But as he turned around, Husky Harris, or Bray Wyatt as he now wants to be called, was just laying on the canvas laughing and looking to the ceiling. Cody summoned him to attack, but he didn't react. DiBiase was hesitant to go, and even as he did, he was easily disposed of by Darren and Jackson TG. Cody was left alone and laid out with the Book of Ezekiel in the middle of the ring. Naomi Jackson took one of Cody's paper bags and put it over Rhodes' head! Meanwhile, Wyatt had just wandered away...

The Soviet Shooter Challenge: Vladimir Kozlov (with Abraham Washington) versus Johnny Curtis. 'Funny' Johnny Curtis was in the ring ready for his stand up routine: ”Krhm... So did you guys know that Vlad won a political joke contest once as a young boy? Yeah, he did... The main prize? Ten years in prison! HAHAHA! Oh geez, sooo funny!”. A new music brought out Vladimir Kozlov, wearing MMA style shorts and fighting gloves and tape on his bare feet. ”Time for jokes is over, Johnny boy! Here comes my main man, 'The Soviet Shooter' Vladimir 'The Koz' Kozlov!” announced A.W.. 'The Koz' stared Curtis down with such intensity that it would have made a lesser man pee his pants. Not Johnny Curtis though. The bell rang and Kozlov instantly went for a takedown and hit Curtis with some quick blows to the head. A backstage camera showed Santino watching the match from a monitor backstage, still in tears about losing his tag team partner. The match didn't last long as 'The Soviet Shooter' locked in The Kozmission (a rear naked choke) and forced the referee to stop the match when Curtis passed out. Vladimir Kozlov defeated Johnny Curtis by referee stoppage

>> ”Daniel Bryan, how are you going to protect yourself against Alberto Del Rio's vicious armbreaker submission at Summerslam?”, asked Todd Grisham backstage. Daniel said that he felt firsthand just how devastating the Cross Armbreaker can be on Raw last Monday, and it cost him his match against Jack Swagger. That's why he had spent the entire week studying the hold and now believes he knows the counter. Todd also wanted to know if Bryan was serious about waiting until Wrestlemania to cash in his Money in the Bank -contract. ”I'm not going to take the easy way to winning the World Championship, I'm not like that. Sin Cara, Alberto Del Rio, whoever the champion is by next years Wrestlemania... they will all tap”, promised the submission specialist.

Daniel Bryan versus Sin Cara. ”Oh mah Goodness!”, yelled Booker T, as this time the white wearing luchador (who is definitely not in The Fave Five anymore) attacked a fan in the audience on his way to the ring! Lord knows what would've happened if Daniel Bryan hadn't hurried out and started the match. The masked man got the early advantage with his lucha moves and even hit an impressive asai moonsault to the outside on Daniel. Bryan did his best to slow down Sin Cara's aerial game and managed to threw him into a turnbuckle. Bryan unloaded with a series of hard elbow strikes and kicks, which were directed to the luchador's arm. It seemed like Daniel had a different plan which became evident as he locked in the cross armbreaker straight out of Alberto Del Rio's playbook! As Sin Cara struggled not to tap out, another masked man ran to the ring! The man was wearing red Sin Cara garb, as opposed to the other's white gear. Daniel, along with everyone else, was confused and let go of the hold. There are two Sin Cara's in the ring, but which one is the real one? Bryan didn't have time to figure what was going on as the red wearing Sin Cara quickly booted him in the head! Daniel Bryan defeated Sin Cara by DQ

>> The two Sin Caras put the boots to 'Mr. Money in the Bank'! The original white one celebrated like he had won the lottery, when suddenly AN ATOM BOMB WENT OFF! A patriotic tune brought out NXT standout, and Bryan's protege, Derrick Bateman! Bateman jogged to the ring in his red, white and blue stars and stripes sweatpants and swung his flag pole sending the Sin Cara duo packing! Bateman helped his ”pro” to his feet and they hugged in the ring.

>> Meanwhile at the catering area, The Chick Busters approached Natalya, who was talking to her phone. ”Thanks, Beth, see you at Raw”, she said as she ended the call. Kaitlyn was extremely disappointed with Natalya's betrayal last Monday, but Nattie said that she's the one who should be disappointed. ”I tried to help you two, but you were worrying more about looking cute and playing your stupid video games!” Natalya shouted and promised that Phoenix had a plan on how to rid the WWE of the little princesses. Kaitlyn and AJ took offence and challenged Nattie and Beth to a tag team match on Raw. ”Hah, it's your funeral...” laughed the Hart Dungeon trained diva as she left.

Wade Barrett & Mark Henry versus The Unholy Demon Army (Sheamus & Kane). Main event time! Everyone except Kane had already arrived to the ring when flames exploded on the stage and the lights went off. A new theme played as Kane walked out to a little smoke with a totally new red bodysuit attire on. He removed a hood to reveal he was wearing the red mask he received from Paul Bearer in a dream! Kane walked down and all four men brawled uncontrollably in the ringside area. Barrett gave Sheamus a little preview of their upcoming Falls Count Anywhere -match by cracking him in the ribs with a chair, unnoticed by the ref of course. As the match got to the ring, 'The Bareknuckle Brawler' smacked Sheamus in the jaw with a couple of his trademark jabs and turned the match over to Henry, who continued to dominate. After squashing 'The Celtic Warrior' in the corner, Henry tried for another avalanche splash, but this time he missed. Sheamus mauled Henry with a series of hard double axe handles and tagged over to the masked demon, Kane! The reborn monster entered the ring and booted Mark in the face, then hit a running DDT, shades of his brother!

Kane showed his strength by sidewalk slamming 'The World's Strongest Man'. He climbed to the top rope but Barrett shoved him down to the waiting arms of Henry, who headbutted him down and hit the big splash! Kane powered out of the pin, so Mark tried to splash him from the second rope. Kane managed to roll out of the way and the match broke down as Barrett illegally entered to help his partner. Sheamus attempted to kick Wade, but he dodged and the Brogue Kick connected with Henry, knocking him out of the ring! Wade lifted Sheamus up for the Wasteland, but he escaped by kneeing Barrett in the face, and pushed the Englishman right onto Kane. 'The Big Red Monster' dropped Barrett with the Tombstone Piledriver to ensure victory for the Demon Army! The Unholy Demon Army defeated Wade Barrett & Mark Henry

>> Quick Results:
WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne defeated The Ex-sus, Sons of Shiva to retain the title
Cody Rhodes defeated John Morrison
Vladimir Kozlov defeated Johnny Curtis by referee stoppage in a 'Soviet Shooter Challenge'
Daniel Bryan defeated Sin Cara by DQ
The Unholy Demon Army defeated Wade Barrett & Mark Henry

>> Confirmed for Summerslam:
Rey Mysterio defends the WWE Championship against John Cena with The Rock as the special enforcer
The Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson defends against Cody Rhodes
The World Heavyweight Champion Christian versus Mark Henry versus Randy Orton in a Triple Threat Match for the title
Sheamus versus Wade Barrett in a no-DQ, no count-outs, Falls Count Anywhere Match
Mr. Money in the Bank versus Mr. Money in the Bank: Raw's Alberto Del Rio versus Smackdown's Daniel Bryan

>> The Dirt Sheets:
- The man portraying the second Sin Cara is FCW talent Epico, the cousin of another WWE star Primo.
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Quick overview: Ah, WWE's biggest screw up in recent memory. (Aside from...everything else.)
I like Vince being gone, as i always do! The key players or whatever you prefer to call them are represented well here, and actual saying "referee stoppage" instead of WWE's made up knock out rule they only use when they feel is a lot better.

Also like the tag division building, despite the Demon Army thing reminding me of Gremlins and Zombies. And hey hey, A New Legacy! I also can picture Husky in that outfit perfectly.
Thanks to JasonCage for the feedback!

One week until Summerslam. I might actually make it!

Raw | 8/8/2011 | San Jose, California

>> Before the opening video, we saw the Chief Operating Officer Triple H walk through the backstage corridors until he found John Laurinaitis. ”What the hell is going on with you and the GM!?” asked 'The Game', referring to last week when the anonymous GM set up a tribute show for Laurinaitis a week from now in exchange of Johnny not revealing his identity. Laurinaitis said that after his great name was degraded by ”that one guy”, he has to inform the WWE Universe of his amazing legacy with a tribute show. ”I had to turn to the general manager when you didn't want to cooperate”, Laurinaitis explained. Triple H said that a full episode of Raw dedicated to celebrating John Laurinaitis didn't fit his vision of WWE and offered John a pay raise to give the whole thing up, but he didn't accept.

Speaking of pay raises, Triple H got something else to think about as an assistant passed him his first paycheck as the COO of the company. H got a wide smile on his face and said now he can finally buy Stephanie a new yacht she wanted. ”I hope the paycheck is at least 100 000 dollars?” asked Laurinaitis as David Otunga and Drew McIntyre appeared to the scene. The Harvard graduate Otunga said that one hundred grand was the exact amount that he and his client McIntyre wanted for compensation for Big Show's actions. The COO said that the incident with Show happened before he was in charge so they should blame the anonymous GM for it. ”We already consulted him about it, and he has a solution”, explained the law expert Otunga. The GM had laid down a challenge for 'The Game'. If the COO's chosen wrestlers Rey Mysterio, John Cena and Daniel Bryan win in the main event, the anonymous GM pays the money, but if the GM's team of Alberto Del Rio and two mystery wrestlers win, the COO has to pay the fee. Triple H wasn't happy about the situation, but he had no choice but to accept.

>> After the opening credits, the WWE Champion Rey Mysterio made his way to the ring to call out his upcoming opponent John Cena. Mysterio showed the clip from last week when he beat Alberto Del Rio inside a steel cage with a little aid from Cena. Mysterio thanked John for taking take of Ricardo, but warned him not to take him lightly. ”I know you think this title match is a foregone conclusion, but I'm the champion now. I can take care of myself and I will defeat you at Summerslam”, assured Mysterio. Cena was a bit taken aback by Rey's words and noted that last week The Rock was added to the match as a special enforcer to make sure there's no interference. Cena said there was no doubt that they were going to have a great match, but he was planning on taking the title back home. The general manager's email alert interrupted the Summerslam opponents. The GM brought out 'Mr. Money in the Bank' Alberto Del Rio and introduced the rest of his main event team: straight out of Smackdown, the World Heavyweight Champion Christian and 'The World's Strongest Man' Mark Henry! Even Cole and Lawler had to admit that the GM had assembled himself quite the team. Triple H's paycheck may be in jeopardy!

Alex Riley versus R-Truth. In a quick opening match, Riley attempted to gain more momentum as a singles superstar. He got the upper hand early as Truth was arguing with crowd members and hit an STO. Truth called for a time-out so he could have a sip of water. As a good sportsman, Riley allowed this, but he should've realised that Truth was only looking to hit his signature water bottle strike. Truth blinded the referee by spitting water in his face and tried to hit Alex, but he dodged! Riley got R-Truth up for the TKO, but he wriggled free. The bottle fell from Truth's hands and water spread all over the canvas. Riley went to run the ropes, but slipped on the puddle and got hit with Truth's jumping complete shot finisher for the pin. Tough luck Riley! R-Truth defeated Alex Riley

>> The Miz came down to the ring and congratulated Truth on his dominant victory. Miz kicked Riley in the ribs and interrogated him about the conspiracy. ”What the hell...” mumbled Riley who had no clue what was going on. Truth said that the conspiracy was real and that's the inconvenient truth. The familiar guitar riff played as both Truth and Miz's former partner John Morrison hurried down and saved Riley's ass. 'The Shaman' helped Alex up to his feet and laid down a challenge. ”At Summerslam, it will be you two against me and Alex Riley, or as we're collectively known, 2 Handsome Boyz”, announced Morrison, adding that 'boyz' was indeed written with a 'z' like in many early 2000's tag teams. Jerry Lawler said that he had just gotten the word that apparently Morrison's biggest fan guitarist Adam Jones from Tool was going to play the national anthem this Sunday.

Dos Caras (Sin Cara & Sin Cara) & Sons of Shiva (Jinder Mahal & The Great Khali) versus The Major Broskis (Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins) & The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso). No, Alberto Del Rio's dad didn't make a surprise appearance on Raw, but the WWE Universe was confused nonetheless, as two Sin Caras walked down to the ring for this eight-man tag team contest. The other one was wearing white gear and the other wore red, but other than that, they were fairly identical. Michael Cole tried to explain the situation the best he could, but he had no idea who the real Sin Cara was either, and why he was acting like a douche. Sin Caras started the match with some illegal double teaming and beat down Curt Hawkins, who was wearing his long red pants again. Zack Ryder stepped up and wanted to have a test of strength with Khali. He ended up getting brain chopped to oblivion. The Usos tried to save the match by hitting a double Samoan Drop on Jinder, but the red Sin Cara broke up the pin. Jimmy and Jey did the war dance and climbed to the top for Double Superfly Splash, but The Great Khali chopped them on the way down. Ryder tried to prevent Mahal from using his magic, but the Sin Caras hit a codebreaker/backstabber combination that Josh Mathews somehow knew was called Sin Catástrofe, and got the win over Ryder! Dos Caras & Sons of Shiva defeated The Major Broskis & The Usos

>> Back in the locker room area, Santino Marella was still crying about losing his tag team partner Vladimir Kozlov. The current tag champs Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne were trying to console him and tell him that he'll find another one. ”But I don't want a new partner!” Santino sobbed. Kingston said that he and Evan came together by accident too and now The Legion of Boom is the top team in the world. ”Again? Are you doing that intentionally?”, asked Bourne and said that their team name is The Altitude Era. They asked Santino what their name should be but he was too depressed to answer. Evan and Kofi agreed that if Bourne wins the United States Championship from Dolph Ziggler later, they will call themselves The Altitude Era.

Beth Phoenix & Natalya (with Melina & Tamina) versus AJ & Kaitlyn. The rookies were in for beatdown as they faced two of the most powerful and experienced women in the roster. The bigger of the two, Kaitlyn, actually put up a little fight against Phoenix, but in the end it wasn't enough. Melina and Tamina were on ringside but they didn't have to get involved. Kaitlyn tried to hit her finisher the Kaitlyn Gun (Bubba Bomb), but Nattie blocked and nailed her with a discus lariat. The gutsy rookies fought until the end and at one point AJ rolled Beth up and almost got the shock win, but that only angered their opponents. Phoenix finally Glam Slammed AJ down with authority and picked up the pin. Beth Phoenix & Natalya defeated AJ & Kaitlyn

>> After throwing their opponents out of the ring, Phoenix grabbed a mic and declared that she and the other three athletes in the ring were sick and tired of the little princesses like AJ and Kaitlyn and especially Divas Champion Kelly Kelly. ”Together we are the Divas of Doom”, announced Beth, as Kelly and Eve Torres walked out to the entrance ramp. The Divas Champion did her best serious face and said that she may not be the most powerful competitor to step in the ring, but she's the champion because she has heart and determination. Kelly then challenged the Divas of Doom to a tag team match at Summerslam versus her, Eve, AJ and Kaitlyn. Beth accepted the match and promised that Kelly and her friends were going to get squashed!

>> The United States Champion Dolph Ziggler was backstage with Vickie Guerrero, who stayed in the background texting with someone as Dolph took the chance to speak. Ziggler admitted his defeat to Rey Mysterio in the finals of the WWE Championship tournament, but also said that he wanted to have a rematch at some point. ”It makes me sick to see you walk around with that fake belt of yours!” Dolph spit out. 'The Showstealer' said that the US Championship was Raw's top title, whether people wanted to acknowledge it or not. Ziggler said he would defend the title against every worthy challenger until no-one can deny his superiority. Tonight he had chosen to face one half of the tag champions Evan Bourne, who has been picking up impressive wins lately with his partner Kofi Kingston. Dolph said he will not only beat Bourne, but also steal the show, like always.

United States Championship: The Champion Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero) versus WWE Tag Team Champion Evan Bourne (with Kofi Kingston). Evan 'Air' Bourne looked to make himself a double champion as he got his chance against the United States champion. He did very well in this even match up and even looked to be on his way to victory after he managed to hit a standing frankensteiner. Bourne signaled for the finish when Jack Swagger jogged down to the ringside! 'The All-American American' grabbed Evan's ankle as he was ascending to the top rope, but the other half of the tag champs Kofi Kingston pulled Swagger away. The distraction was enough, though. Bourne dived, but Ziggler had already gotten up, unbeknownst of the fight going on outside. Dolph connected with a beautiful mid-air superkick from out of nowhere right to the jaw of Bourne! One, two and three! Jerry Lawler complimented Ziggler's ability and said that he once again came through on his promise to steal the show. Dolph Ziggler defeated Evan Bourne to retain the title

>> Vickie Guerrero was clapping and laughing as Swagger helped her to the ring. The confused Ziggler collected his belt and wanted to know what Swagger was trying to accomplish. Dolph even shoved Jack in the chest but he kept his cool and just smirked. Kofi Kingston stepped in and said that he was ready to put the tag titles on the line to face Ziggler and his new buddy at Summerslam. ”We're not even friends!”, screamed Ziggler, but Vickie accepted the challenge on her client's behalf. Guerrero said that if Swagger wins, he gets a permanent spot in the team.

>> 'The People's Champion' Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson took time off from his busy filming schedule to send a very special video message concerning the WWE Championship match at Summerslam. Sitting in a beach chair with a drink in his hand, Rocky said that last time he checked the WWE Championship was inside some bums fridge, but it looks like they made a new title. ”And that's good, because when The Rock returns to the ring at Wrestlemania 28 to face John Cena in front of millions and millions of The Rock's fans, The Rock wants that match to be for the most coveted prize in all of Sports Entertainment”, he said. Rock took another sip of his drink, and said that he was indeed going to be the special enforcer for the Summerslam title match. Despite his championship aspirations, there was no way in hell he was going to influence the result of the match in any way. He was only there to make sure there was no outside interference. Rock even suggested that he might challenge Mysterio for the title before Wrestlemania in case he comes out on top. He did the ”what The Rock is cooking” catch phrase to end the video and went back to shooting a movie scene.

100 000 Dollar Lawsuit Six Man Tag Team Extravaganza: Team Triple H; WWE Champion Rey Mysterio, John Cena & Mr. Money in the Bank Daniel Bryan versus Team ?GM?; World Heavyweight Champion Christian, Mr. Money in the Bank Alberto Del Rio & Mark Henry. David Otunga and Drew McIntyre watched from a monitor backstage as six of WWE's biggest stars collided in the main event with Triple H's paycheck on the line. Daniel Bryan bravely started in probably his biggest main event match so far and went toe-to-toe with his upcoming opponent, Raw's own 'Mr. Money in the Bank' Alberto Del Rio. Despite being a skilled technical wrestler himself, Del Rio found out that he couldn't outwrestle Bryan on the mat, and had to tag out to Henry. 'The World's Strongest Man' was more effective against Daniel's style as he clobbered him around the ring. At one point Christian tried to hug his Summerslam challenger Henry after double teaming Bryan, but the 'World's Strongest Man' shoved him away violently. Cena entered the match and smashed Christian's head into all of the four turnbuckles, even his own team corner as Del Rio and Henry evaded and left their annoying tag partner at the mercy of Cena.

The WWE and World Heavyweight Champions then briefly collided as Mysterio and Christian tied up. Mark Henry stopped an attempted 619 with a devastating clothesline, but Rey chose not to tag out even though he had the chance. Henry squashed Rey with a splash in the corner. Henry yelled something about being the next world champion and pointed at Christian on the apron. Rey rolled out of the way of a big splash and finally had to make the tag to Bryan. 'The Submission Specialist' hit a big knee strike to the outside to knock Christian out! Daniel furiously kicked Henry in the chest area, but his momentum was stopped when Del Rio pushed him down as he was going to the top rope! Henry gave Bryan the World's Strongest Slam, but Cena broke the pin, just barely. He tried to lift Henry up, but collapsed under his massive frame and was thrown out.

Rey hit a crossbody but was easily caught by Mark. Henry tried to slam Mysterio, but this time Rey countered with a hurricanrana that somehow hurled the biggest man in the match out of the ring! Only Del Rio was left and Rey nailed him with the 619. Mysterio got ready to deliver the springboard senton, when Christian appeared and reverse DDT'd the WWE Champion on the ring apron! Del Rio quickly dropped Mysterio with a Falcon Arrow and hooked both legs for a surprise three! This huge win for Del Rio means that Triple H has to pay for the lawsuit! Team ?GM? defeated Team Triple H

>> Del Rio was ecstatic as he posed on top of the downed Mysterio and teased locking in the armbreaker. Fortunately John Cena got back up and once again caused Del Rio and Ricardo to flee. Cena offered to help Mysterio up, but he refused and crawled up by himself. The champion was clearly disappointed about the loss as he picked up his belt. Rey had a short staredown with the challenger Cena before leaving holding his neck and dragging the title belt behind him.

>> The camera cut to Triple H in his office just before the show ended. He was talking to someone on the phone. ”AHHH DAMN IT!” he screamed at the result of the main event, but then regained his composure for the person on the phone. ”No, it's nothing, honey, just hit my toe on the threshold. Listen, Steph, you might not be getting that yacht we talked about”, Trips explained, obviously talking to his wife, who wasn't happy about the news. ”No, please don't hang up, Steph!” he pleaded but she was gone. ”This general manager nonsense has to stop...” the COO thought to himself as Raw faded away.

>> Quick Results:
R-Truth defeated Alex Riley
Dos Caras & Sons of Shiva defeated The Major Broskis & The Usos
Beth Phoenix & Natalya defeated AJ & Kaitlyn
The United States Champion Dolph Ziggler defeated Evan Bourne to retain the title
World Heavyweight Champion Christian, Mr. Money in the Bank Alberto Del Rio & Mark Henry defeated WWE Champion Rey Mysterio, John Cena & Mr. Money in the Bank Daniel Bryan

>> Confirmed for Summerslam:
Rey Mysterio defends the WWE Championship against John Cena with The Rock as the special enforcer
The Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson defends against Cody Rhodes
The World Heavyweight Champion Christian versus Mark Henry versus Randy Orton in a Triple Threat Match for the title
Sheamus versus Wade Barrett in a no-DQ, no count-outs, Falls Count Anywhere Match
Mr. Money in the Bank versus Mr. Money in the Bank: Raw's Alberto Del Rio versus Smackdown's Daniel Bryan
The Inconvenient Truth (The Miz & R-Truth) versus 2 Handsome Boyz (John Morrison & Alex Riley)
The Divas of Doom (Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Tamina & Melina) versus Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, AJ & Kaitlyn
WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne defend against Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger
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Last Smackdown before Summerslam! Ok, so I've been having some serious problems with my internet connection lately, which is part of the reason for the rather long gap between these shows. Anyway, Summerslam is up next. See you in a couple of months then.

Superstars | 8/11/2011

Chris Masters & Yoshi Tatsu defeated the new Superstars tag team of 'Funny' Johnny Curtis & Heath Slater when Masters submitted Slater with the Masterlock
Kelly Kelly defeated Maxine of NXT fame with a K2 Facebuster
Mason Ryan defeated Santino Marella with a sit down Batista bomb

Smackdown | 8/12/2011 | Sacramento, California

>> Michael Cole was ready for yet another cutting-edge Michael Cole Exclusive interview, but his commentary partner Booker T stopped him in his tracks and announced that he was conducting the interview, because no-one wanted to see Cole in front of the camera. Booker introduced his guests, The World Heavyweight Champion Christian and his other challenger Mark Henry. He asked them what they thought about Randy Orton getting his rematch after not being seen in four weeks. ”I'm not scared of Randy's revenge, but the fact that there's no DQs involved in this match is unfair!” claimed the champion, when 'The World's Strongest Man' ripped the mic out of his hands. Henry simply stated that he was going to win the title no matter how many people he had to destroy to get there. Booker then made the bold statement that Christian's title victory might have been the flukest fluke win in all of history. Booker referred back to all the times they where in the ring together and said that he knows Christian is a great wrestler and it's a shame that he needs to bend the rules to win matches. ”Oh yeah, Booker? Why don't you step in the ring with me here tonight and I will promise to beat you fair and square?” suggested the world champion. Booker was caught unaware by the sudden challenge, but he didn't get a chance to reply as Wade Barrett's music hit.

The bareknuckle fighting champion announced that the main event slot was reserved for him as he wanted a rematch with the Unholy Demon Army, but he proposed that Christian would tag with him instead of Henry this time. ”There's a reason Christian is the champion and not you”, said Wade to Henry, ”and you're a horrible tag partner”. 'The Celtic Demon Warrior' Sheamus then appeared and said that Kane has not been seen after his reincarnation and the formation of the Unholy Demon Army last week. That didn't mean Sheamus wasn't ready to fight, though, he just needed a new partner. And that partner was standing right next to him, and his name was Booker T! ”With Sheamus on my team, I accept your challenge, SUCKAAAAAA!” yelled Booker out loud. T-Lo Teddy Long came out to confirm the main event and assigned Mark Henry to replace Booker behind the commentary table.

Dos Caras (Sin Cara Falso & Sin Cara Rojo) versus Team USA (Derrick Bateman & Daniel Bryan). Booker T identified the Sin Caras as they were walking down to the ring. He believed the one in the white attire was a poser so he was from now on known as Sin Cara Falso. He called the one in the red costume Sin Cara Rojo. ”That means red in Spanish”, he explained, proud of his linguistic skills. Cole asked him how did he know which luchador was which and Booker said he just had a strange feeling about it. ”Well, I have a feeling that you are going to get embrassed by the World Champion later tonight!” giggled Cole. The match got underway as the self-appointed captain of Team USA Derrick Bateman tried to get a chant of ”U-S-A!” going, but was attacked and arm dragged all over the place by the masked luchadors. He was soon forced to tag out to his mentor and former NXT pro Daniel Bryan.

Bryan wrenched the arm of Sin Cara Rojo in several arm locks, which proved to be a sound strategy. Sin Cara tried to arm drag Bryan but his arm gave out! Bateman applied the figure four leg lock, but he couldn't quite pull it off. Bryan had to let go of the other luchador and go instruct Derrick on how to put the hold on properly. Finally he succeeded but Sin Cara quickly turned on his stomach and put the pressure on Bateman. Bryan rolled them back to the starting position, but the other Sin Cara attacked him and threw him to the outside. Cara helped his other half back to the control of the figure four and hit a plancha on Bryan, hurting his own injured arm in the process. Daniel tried to end the match with the LeBell Lock, but Cara had it scouted. However, he didn't prepare himself for a cross armbreaker! Bryan trapped the red Cara in the center of the ring. Bateman and the other Sin Cara were still struggling with the figure four leg lock and Cara Rojo had no choice but to tap out! Team USA defeated Dos Caras

>> ”Will the real Sin Cara please stand up?” asked Bateman after he freed himself from the leg lock, but Bryan had a different theory. After being in the ring with both of them, he had come to the conclusion that neither of the Sin Caras were the original. The defeated Sin Caras looked at each other and exited as Bateman was demanding to know where the real Sin Cara was. Bryan believed that the posers had probably kidnapped the original Sin Cara and stolen his identity! 'The Submission Specialist' also said that he now knows the secrets of Alberto Del Rio's armbreaker, and is fully ready to defeat 'The Pride of Mexico' at Summerslam.

Tamina (with Natalya) versus Gail Kim. The divas were in action next as Tamina of the freshly formed Divas of Doom group faced Gail Kim. A fellow diva of doom, Natalya, was standing in Tamina's corner, but provided only mental support throughout the match. Perhaps she wanted to prove that Tamina can get the job done by herself. Gail didn't go down easily, though, as she twisted Tamina in the flying dragon hold, but Snuka used her power advantage to fight out. She nearly knocked Gail unconscious with a headbutt, but Kim found the strength to kick out. The Korean-Canadian diva went for a crossbody, but Tamina caught her in mid-air and hit a huge Samoan drop. She climbed to the top and finished Gail with the Superfly Splash. Surprisingly, Tamina offered Gail a handshake after to congratulate her for putting up a good fight. Gail was wary to accept, but she did, and there were no cheap shots like you could've expected. Tamina defeated Gail Kim

>> Todd Grisham was backstage with Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel and Trent Barreta. Kidd was proud to state that the trio had formed a new alliance. He said that all of their high flying styles and youthful exuberance matched well together and that's why Tomorrow Plus X was a new force to be reckoned with on Friday nights. ”Ok, cool”, said Todd. Grisham then peeked into the room next to them where Jinder Mahal was using his black magic to hypnotize David Hart Smith into joining his side in the next match. ”Awesome”, noted Todd.

Tomorrow Plus X (Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel & Trent Barreta) versus Sons of Shiva (Jinder Mahal & The Great Khali) & David Hart Smith. David Hart Smith made a rare appearance as he was hypnotized by Mahal to join his side against Smackdown's newest unit. Interestingly, DH had to collide with his former partner Tyson Kidd as the former Hart Dynasty members started the six man tag team bout. Using quick tags, Tomorrow Plus X managed keep the control of the match, but only until the giant Khali stepped in. 'The Prince From the Land of Five Rivers' aka 'The Punjabi Godzilla' aka 'The Messenger of the Deities' quickly neutralized Gabriel with the Trident of Shiva (the almighty brainchop). Barreta and Kidd hit simultaneous springboard missile dropkicks to knock Khali back a few steps, but Mahal intervened and hit Tyson in the head with his new shiny magic staff, which is a totally legal weapon to use during matches. He already uses magic which is pretty unfair so who cares. DH Smith dropped Trent on his head with his signature Saito Suplex and locked in the Sharpshooter for a tap out victory! Mahal congratulated Smith, but he snapped out of the hypnosis and suplexed Jinder. Sons of Shiva & David Hart Smith defeatd Tomorrow Plus X

>> At this point Michael Cole noticed that his broadcast partner Josh Mathews was sporting a black eye and asked him what had happened. Josh said it was from an interview that he conducted earlier in the week with Bray Wyatt to find out more about his motivations. The video rolled and showed Mathews in a room with Wyatt and his friend Cody Rhodes. Josh explained to Bray that the WWE Universe was confused as to why he had changed his name and everyone wanted to know more about his background. Wyatt said that some things happened in his childhood that he had repressed for a long time, but now they had come back up. The former ”Husky Harris”, which he explained was a fake identity, got more and more nervous as he spoke, and Cody had to escort him out of the room. Rhodes said that he had known Bray for a long time and explained that he had a traumatic childhood, growing up in a religious cult where he was forced to worship a giant owl statue. Wyatt stormed back in only to smack Josh in the face and knock him off his chair. He choked Mathews on the floor and laughed maniacally until Cody pulled him off and calmed him down.

>> Speak of the devil, New Legacy leader Cody Rhodes and his followers Bray Wyatt (who is also a member of the New Legacy) and Ted DiBiase (who is not a member of the New Legacy) walked out to the ring for their match. Before that, though, Cody revealed that he had decided to give a certain somebody a chance to be a part of his group. Ted DiBiase's eyes lit up, but he was disappointed again. Cody announced his brother Goldust as the new member. The lights turned golden as 'The Bizarre One' made his triumphant return to Smackdown. He took the mic and declared that it felt great to be back alongside his brother. Although he loved his little brother, Goldust said he felt bad for Ted, who he said deserved better than to act as Cody's lackey. ”Maybe you should seek a different path in your career, maybe you don't need this group”, Goldust suggested. Ted started to think about it as the Jackson Family danced their way out. All except Ezekiel, who didn't dance.

Eight Man Tag Team Match: The Jackson Family (The Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson, Jackson TG, Percy Jackson & Darren Jackson) (with Naomi Jackson) versus The New Legacy (Cody Rhodes, Bray Wyatt & Goldust) & Ted DiBiase. As Ezekiel's distant cousin Naomi Jackson cheered on, the rest of the family clashed with the number one contender Cody Rhodes and his new posse. The challenger looked to make a statement as he dominated Ezekiel's brother-in-law Darren Jackson in the early goings of the match. The son of Ezekiel's uncle's nephew Percy Jackson stepped in and nailed everyone on the opposing team with back elbow strikes, before dropping Wyatt with his finisher, the picture perfect ☆Dropkick☆, for a close two count! Bray recovered and mauled Percy and Darren with intense short range lariats. Then he just fell down to the mat and started giggling to himself. DiBiase took out and almost pinned Jackson TG (Ezekiel's 'brother from another mother', so it can be debated whether they are really even related) and looked at Cody for approval, but he was slammed down by the Intercontinental Champion. Goldust now entered and rattled the IC Champion with some of his signature offence, including a bulldog and a drop down uppercut to the throat. Despite all this, Goldust couldn't lift the champ up for the Curtain Call and was planted with the Book of Ezekiel for the three count! The Jackson Family defeated The New Legacy & Ted DiBiase

>> A video was shown from a press conference earlier in the week. Reporters where taking pictures of Abraham Washington and 'The Soviet Shooter' Vladimir Kozlov as they sat down behind a desk. 'AW' started off by commenting on his new client's first 'fight' a week ago and called his knockout win over Johnny Curtis ”a dominant performance”. He now holds a record of one win and zero losses with one KO. A representative of the press then asked about Kozlov's next opponent. ”I have already booked his next fight”, announced Washington and 'The Koz' noted that he will ”fighting everyone in double double e”. Chris Masters' music started playing in the room and 'The Masterpiece' emerged. Masters said that breaking up the team with Santino to join the All World Promotions wasn't a cool thing to do. Kozlov and Masters stared each other down as the reporters quickly took pictures of them. ”My man 'The Koz' will choke you out!” shouted 'AW' as Kozlov angrily threw the table over, but no shots were exchanged yet.

Special Tag Team Match: The World Heavyweight Champion Christian & Wade Barrett versus Sheamus & Booker T. In anticipation of their Falls Count Anywhere war, Sheamus and Wade Barrett went at it in the beginning of the match and pummeled each other with hard strikes. Guest commentator Mark Henry said that he was impressed with Sheamus last week when they were in the ring together and said he thinks he will beat Barrett at Summerslam. ”Maybe I'll grant him a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship after I win this Sunday”, Mark said confidently. Indeed, 'The Celtic Demon Warrior' was looking hot until Christian stepped in and they illegally double teamed him while the referee was trying to prevent Booker from coming in.

Barrett punished his Irish opponent with multiple knee lifts in the corner. Wade yelled obscenities at Sheamus and downed him with a spinning side slam. He then went for an elbow drop off of the second, not the third, turnbuckle, but 'The Celtic Demon Warrior' rolled out of the way. He channeled his newly acquired demon energy and got a second wind. After a series of polish hammers, Sheamus tagged in Booker T! Booker came in with spinning kicks that floored Barrett. Christian stepped in, but Sheamus hit him with the Irish Curse backbreaker. Sheamus hoisted Barrett up to the electric chair position and Booker delivered a doomsday device style missile dropkick from the top rope to knock him down! If not for Christian breaking up the pin, that would've surely been the end. ”What a great move!” said guest commentator Mark Henry, really getting into his new job.

Barrett and Sheamus ended up tumbling to the outside, dangerously close to 'The World's Strongest Commentator'. Meanwhile, Booker T picked Christian up and kicked him in the midsection. He ran to the ropes... and nailed the Scissor Kick! Booker sensed that it was time to bust out the spinaroonie! Meanwhile Christian crawled back to his feet and Booker set him up for the Book End, but he fought out of it. Christian dodged out of the way of an oncoming superkick and planted Booker with the Killswitch, getting the three count! ”Oh boy, what an ending to an exciting match!” said Henry enthusiastically. Christian & Wade Barrett defeated Sheamus & Booker T

>> While the match was going on in the ring, Barrett had managed to ram Sheamus head first into the security barrier to finally knock him out. The bareknuckle brawler grabbed a mic and promised that he was going to kick Sheamus' pale ass, or arse as some like to call it, all over Los Angeles if that was needed to beat the Unholy Demon Army soldier. Wade also said that it was now evident that Henry was a worse tag team partner than Christian. 'The World's Strongest Commentator' left the announcer's table, and Barrett bailed. Christian was still in the ring so Henry decided to give him one final taste of what was coming at Summerslam, and drove him to the canvas with a devastating World's Strongest Slam.

>> Don't turn your TV's off yet, people! Before Smackdown faded to black, we saw one last video promo by Christian, apparently taped after the show. The World Heavyweight Champion was standing on the roof of the arena with his belt draped over his shoulder. He was still holding his neck from the beating he got earlier as he complained that the deck was stacked against him. Randy Orton is a maniac and no-one knows what's going on in his head after not being seen for four weeks, and Henry, well, he is 'The World's Strongest Man'. Teddy Long is clearly against him and worst of all, there's no DQs in play! The World Champion said that it is only fair that he gets some help too, so he is calling out to the only friend he can trust. Christian directed a bright spotlight to the night sky, sort of like he was calling Batman for help, but instead of the bat symbol he projected a huge letter 'R' to the clouds...

>> Quick Results:
Team USA defeated Dos Caras
Tamina defeated Gail Kim
Sons of Shiva & David Hart Smith defeated Tomorrow Plus X
The Jackson Family defeated The New Legacy & Ted DiBiase
World Heavyweight Champion Christian & Wade Barrett defeated Sheamus & Booker T

The Biggest Event of the Summer!

Sponsored by 7-Eleven!
8/14/2011 | Los Angeles, California

WWE CHAMPIONSHIP, with special ringside enforcer THE ROCK
The Champion REY MYSTERIO versus JOHN CENA


'Mr. Money in the Bank' versus 'Mr. Money in the Bank'
Raw's ALBERTO DEL RIO versus Smackdown's DANIEL BRYAN

No-DQ, No Count-Outs, Falls Count Anywhere Match


Eight Diva Tag Team Match

The Champion EZEKIEL JACKSON (with the Jackson Family) versus CODY RHODES (with the New Legacy)


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