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Today, NASA released exciting information about organisms that can live in arsenic. Of course, NASA, looking for anything to stay relevant, claims this as proof that there is life on other planets. They claim that it opens up the possibilities of life on planets that were previously assumed barren. I guess they completely ignored the extremophiles found here on Earth. Several species with odd adaptations have found ways to exist in previously thought to be unlivable areas, like in underwater heat vents and at the bottom of the Ocean.

Apparently, the lack of phosphorous is proof that there are alien species. I don't buy it. My concern is that NASA has fallen off the table in terms of relevance. For the past decade, they have been defined by their failures. Funding has been cut, the shuttle is gone, and NASA seems to be a group of people that look at satellite images from billions of light years away. While I feel that this is an important function, I also feel that opening those images to college professors would allow for a wider array of data interpretation and save hundreds of millions of tax money.

Yes, I said it, NASA is useless now. Going into space does nothing for us. All we did in the last few shuttle missions was repair, at our own cost, the ISS; a project for which we assumed every penny of the budget overruns and don't use.

Space travel is a dream, and if someone is going to try and realize that dream, it should be private industry. Efficiency would increase ten fold, as it always does when the government is not involved in an industry. Furthermore, profit motive would lead to actual advances, instead of the baby steps NASA scientists announce in order to keep their jobs.

Another trip to the spotlight for NASA. Another failure. Do we need to continually fund the missteps? Is the possibility of alien contact or flying the Mars worth the cost of financing the learning process? I would say no. The possibility is so slight that we may as well be burning the money as rocket fuel.
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