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The state of heels improving?

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It's probably all going to fall apart when Super Sheamus and Super Cena hit the ring at Summerslam, but it does look promising that the WWE is letting some of its heels show some actual balls.

Del Rio, Punk, Miz, even Ziggler to an extent are being allowed to look decent (give or take a weekly boot in the face in the case of Ziggler). Maybe the penny has finally dropped and creative realise that Cena needs some more believable opposition to keep people interested?
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The talent has to do it on their own. I don't think the writers have any idea how to write for a heel. They all are the same. They whine, complain, and lose to the superhuman hero of whatever show they're on, whether that be Cena on Raw or Sheamus on Smackdown.
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