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"The Staredown" @ WM27

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If Rock is the guest host for WM27, how big do you think a moment like this would be:

Where might a Rock-Cena staredown go in WWE history? Will it be anything close to the staredown we saw with Rock-Hogan at WM 9 years ago? Or the bret-hbk handshake and hug?

Or will that just be a randomly forgotten moment?

If we do see a staredown(or even a promo) with rock-cena at WM(or on raw or something), I really see it becoming one of those moments that people won't forget. Look at last year, Austin-Cena didn't even have a promo together but they were in the ring for like 15-20 seconds together and Austin looked like he was gonna hit a stunner on Cena but he didn't.
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and I'm not saying Rock-Cena staredown happens cause of a match. I mean just like both in the same ring at the same time type thing like we saw with cena-austin last year or bret-hbk last year too.

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Austin and Cena in the ring together wasn't really memorable so I doubt Cena and Rock would be. There would be some reason behind it because of when Cena called out Rock in a radio interview but only the IWC knows about that.

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It'll be remembered by alot of people but it won't be close to the Hogan v Rock staredown

I'm gonna laugh when the guest host isn't Rock and all the speculation everybody's doing turns out to be for nothing.
Well, you will not be able to laugh, cause the guest Host will be The Rock.

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Yeah, it would be cool. But tough luck, cause it ain't happenin.

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you people? 6 years since he's made an appearance and you're still speculating at every turn, his return? Let it go, sheesh. I'm a huge rock fan and even I don't expect him to return.
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