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Where you satisfied with the outcome of the "SS Aftermath" RESULTS?

  • Good show, keep up the good work.

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  • Could've been better.

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WWE Raw reveals:

“The SS Aftermath” RESULTS – the night after Survivor Series
‘ Raw Title Tournament explained; Y2J screws Brock!’

The much-anticipated “Raw Title Tournament ” was finally explained last night on Raw. Co-Raw GM Eric Bischoff was not present due to an illness, so Stone Cold had full control over Raw for the evening. Austin announced that the tournament winner would face the Raw Champion at the next Raw pay per view, Armageddon . Austin declared that all former World Champions qualified to enter. So Triple H, Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, Goldberg, Scott Steiner, Booker T and Ric Flair will all be a part of the tournament. Chris Jericho , who earned a Raw Title shot at Survivor Series , will get an exclusive one on one shot next week on Raw! Stone Cold also explained that the quarterfinals of the tournament would begin next week (matches will be confirmed on Raw preview).

In the main event, Kane was fighting Rob Van Dam and had him set for a Chokeslam , but Brock Lesnar tagged himself in, wanting to get the win over Rob Van Dam . Kane , in fury, then gave Lesnar a Chokeslam and walked out on the match! Triple H followed after Kane , wanting to get a piece of the World Champion. Stone Cold then came out and tells the referee to restart the match as a match between RVD and Lesnar . Lesnar had the match won, until Y2J came down and distracted the referee, allowing RVD to smack Brock with a steel chair and get the pin.

Also, Shawn Michaels won his rematch against Jeff Hardy in a fast-paced match, thus regaining the Intercontinental Title .

* Match Results:

* Scott Steiner def. Lance Storm
* Chyna def. Victoria to retain the Womens' Title
* Goldust & Booker T and La Resistance fought to a no-contest when the World Tag Team Champions The Dudleyz interfered and attacked both teams, which led to Stone Cold announcing a 3-Way Tag Team Match for next week with the World Tag Team Title on the line.
* Randy Orton def. Christian and Tommy Dreamer
* Shawn Michaels def. Jeff Hardy to regain the Intercontinental Title
* In the main event, Rob Van Dam def. Brock Lesnar
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