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A war has been waged on Springfield, and the good citizens of the town are looking to fight them off. Certain egos have grown far too big, and now they must be laid to waste. It's warfare.

You guys should know this stuff. Don't quote your role PM, don't post pics of it, don't interact with others outside the thread unless you have permission, and all of that garbage. I'm not going to tolerate people posting after they're dead either. I'll probably steal Fap's ideas of the deadsies topic, especially since I surprisingly have a replacement list.

Town is Springfield Aligned, fyi. Don't try that trick.

1) Pez
2) scrilla
3) Magic
4) Gards
5) Stacks
6) Big_Man
7) Seb
8) IMP
9) Letlive
10) Crofty
11) Shep
12) Camille
13) MDP
14) MetalX
15) Mikey
16) GA
17) Hams
18) SL
19) RUS
20) sonicksy
21) Postage
23) Fap
24) Titania
25) Evo
26) Queeny
27) TKOK
28) Dan
29) sXe


Replacement List:
1) Emarosa
2) Dealer
3) NaFFan
4) Kiz
5) Roy
6) Lawls
7) Rising
8) Alco

*It is now Day One, and with 29 alive, it takes 15 for a lynch*

Another idea I stole from Fap.

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vote no lynch

I don't want to risk hitting a member of the UNINFORMED MAJORITY (LIKE ME) day 1 guys. It'd be safer to go to night, this way we can get results from our cop and follow them all game long.

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Also, I'm sure there's probably a bunch of spelling errors and stuff in the role PMs, but I'm tired, sick and generally don't care all that much. Just let me know if you haven't actually got your PM.

P.S. Yes, roles are random.

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