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I posted this in another thread but feel it warrants its own thread.

Cena was within spitting distance of the guy who two weeks ago assaulted him with a sneak attack, put him out of action for a week, and further aggravated his already damaged arm. The closing segment for the go home show was the absolute WORST possible time for them to try and be funny and lighthearted. The stand alone quality of the promo aside, the sheer lightheartedness of the confrontation was just completely out of place given the context of the feud even given Cena's penchant towards light comedy.

Cena, injury or not, should have been itching to kick Lauranitis's ass PPV match in 6 days or not and Lauranitis should of had a bunch of security + Lord Tensai surrounding him because it makes NO sense why he, a retired wrestler and a corporate syncophant, would want to confront Cena alone. Its not like Lauranitis was forced into the confrontation by Triple H as I'm certain WWE would have milked such an announcement for a pop. They didn't even have the excuse of Cena being injured given how Cena/WWE completely no sold his arm being hurt.

The worst part was that the Smackdown WHC title feud is being treated completely serious with all of the participants itching to beat the **** out of each other, face heel alignment be damned, so I don't get why the face in their main feud was so damn happy.
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