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I thought this would fit here better than the WWE section.

In this thread, we'll all talk about a show we watched(doesn't need to actually be a PPV) that for some reason or other was good. Do your best(or not, It's not like I can force you or something) to basically "sell" the PPV to the forum.

About myself, I just recently thought "F it, I'm gonna watch DDT" so I started with something goofy:The "Apartment Building Wrestling"show, with plans of watching the far more recent Train Wrestling show.

Well, I speak shit of Japanese and never watched DDT before but by what I've understood they've put the wole roster on a building and it's basically a gauntlet between Kota Ibushi and the rest of the roster. Do I even need to say more? Of course a lot of shenanigans ensue such as Boxing and Watermelons. Awesome.
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