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First off, I didn't know where to post this and I felt the forums could use some fun amidst all the ignorance and dreadfulness around here recently. If this has to be moved, by all means.

The Best Ass in WWE/F History Tournament

Moderator: The Winning One
Co-Moderators: Evolution and Headliner

Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen. And ladies too (gotta be equal, :)). Let's be honest. Most times in these forums, whether it's the RAW discussion or when it involves a Diva in a storyline or at our popular Women of Wrestling subforum, we start asking certain questions here and there about certain Divas, past or present. However, there is one question. One question that has caused debated and sparked controversy amongst fellow posters and even those who have followed the product. We are finally going to answer this question right here and right now on Wrestling Forum.

Who has the best ass in WWE history?

And now you, the WF Universe (I said it, sue me) will finally have that answer within your hands. We're going to be doing a 16-Woman Divas tournament. Divas, from the past and present, will be eligible to enter this tournament according to the rules below.

A couple of rules:

-WCW/ECW/non-WWE only Divas are not eligible for this tournament.
-Each poster will have the maximum choice of two women they would like to see in the tournament on this preliminary.
-A Diva can only be eligible if they have the minimum of 8 votes in their favor.
-It's first come, first serve so if the sixteen have been chosen no other Divas will be allowed in the tournament.
-No deceased Divas (i.e. Miss Elizabeth, Woman, Sensational Sherri, etc.)
-The Diva must have had a minimum of 10 matches in the WWE to be eligible and have been active in the wrestling business for more than a year.
-If a Diva is no longer active in the wrestling business, they must have at least the previous credential.
-When the preliminaries are done, a match will be posted every week until the finals where they will be crowned having the best ass in WWE/F history.
-No spamming or flaming other posters will be allowed and continuous attempts will result in your vote not counting or other punishment from other various Admins and Mods.
-You must explain your choices with the minimum of a sentence. No one word or phrase choices on this tournament or else it won't be counted.(including this preliminary).
-In the event of a tie, my two co-moderators (Headliner and Evolution) will make the final decisions. They will not vote unless their votes are required. If the votes are still tied by then, I will make the final decision to break the tie.
-If you need to use a pic for your choices then fine but one picture maximum so make it count.
Currently qualified in the tournament (DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM ANYMORE):
Trish Stratus
Stacy Kielber
Layla El
Mickie James
Torrie Wilson
Dawn Marie
Eve Torres
Stephanie McMahon
Christy Hemme
Maria Kanellis

All right, that about does it. Make sure you read ALL the rules. Preliminaries will close next Tuesday.

Make Winning proud. :ass​

24,947 Posts
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Like Evo said:

EDIT: Can people please bold their votes so it makes it easier for us to count? It won't be counted if it's not bolded from now on.
So edit your posts or it's a no go.

And follow the rules, some of y'all. Say why you chose them for god sakes.
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