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The Rumble PPV - my view.

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Here's my thoughts on the PPV.

Edge v Ziggler - a great match, back and forth the whole way. Another stellar match featuring Dolph and I don't know if it was because he was in there with a younger and more energetic guy, but Edge looked in great form as well. It's the first time in a while he's not looked clapped out and knackered. The spear looked great, and I loved the finish as a whole. I'm guessing after Vickie's rule on the spear, there's probably going to be a segment about this on Smackdown. A great start to the event.

Miz v Orton - no great surprise that this was a slower paced match than the WHC match, bearing in mind the guys involved. That said, I did enjoy the match, but it did lack the excitement that the WHC match had. And the finish was just 'WTF??'.

Nattie v Laycool v Eve - I'll be honest, I usually skip diva matches. But this one was actually quite enjoyable. It was a surprise seeing Eve join the match. I loved Nattie doing the double sharpshooter, and Eve's moonsault was great.

The rumble itself was a letdown in many ways. CM Punk coming out first was a surprise. The brawl at the start was utterly pointless. Even more silly was the Corre coming out to their music, even though none of them were number 2.

Once that crap was over, it was a good choice of starting entrants, keeping the action enjoyable.

The high spot for me was near the start of the match - JoMo's spidey spot. I've never seen anything like that - a fantastic stunt.

Then came the Nexus domination, and this got old really quick. This was the low point of the match for me, as guys going in and quickly being eliminated doesn't make for an interesting match at all. I marked completely to both Khali and Booker, thinking they would end the Nexus domination. But Khali eliminated Husky, and was quickly ejected himself (unsurprisingly looking like a big cumbersome oaf in the process). Booker came out to a huge pop, but he was wasted by being eliminated so early. Still, at least he got to do the spineroony.

I was actually glad to see super-Cena clean house (although it would have made much more sense for CM Punk to stay in longer).

The Cena/Hornswoggle section was actually quite amusing, and Hornswoggle's AA on Tyson was actually an impressive show of strength from the little fella. This bit did go on too long though.

Seeing Diesel was also great, but he was another wasted entrant really.

Then, the end. It was a great finish. I'm sure most people enjoyed Santino giving Alberto the cobra! I'd totally forgotten about Santino, and for a minute I was thinking 'holy fuck Santino's going to win!'. Still, I am glad Del Rio won as I enjoy his matches and I think a title match with him at WM will be great.

But, my biggest disappointment of the night was no HHH. I made no secret that I would totally mark out when he returned, so I was gutted that he didn't. But as soon as Sheamus was eliminated, I knew HHH wasn't returning.

I think the aftermath will prove to be interesting. The end to the WWE title match, and Miz eliminating Cena from the rumble is obviously setting up a match at Elimination Chamber. Miz v Cena v Orton v Punk v ??? v ???. I'm guessing Sheamus and JoMo will probably be the other 2. I can't see Miz retaining in the Chamber, so I think this one will either see Punk or Cena leave with the strap, to set up a Punk v Cena title match at WM.

I also think Edge will retain at EC, before losing to Del Rio at WM.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on the PPV. It was an ok event, but I do think the rumble overall was ruined a bit by Nexus in the middle and the pointless brawl at the beginning.