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the rock wins the title

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now i dont no if this has been brought up but did i hear correct last night that if cena which it will happen is holding the wwe title that he will put it on the line against the rock??? if so i cant see the rock losing as its in his home town and i cant see the rock laying down i just cant see it and not just that even if wwe has given him a wad off cash to do so i cant see him off taken it he dont need cash the guy is worth millions, and surly he wouldnt come back for one last match to lose, so maybe the rock has plans to stay after mania to hold on to his title,

what are your thoughts???
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I've been hoping from day 1 that it's a non-title match, because if it is for the title, Rock's not winning.
That said, Cena chasing the title might just be a way to get him in title matches and the Rumble/Chamber matches, for buyrates.
It won't be a title match, then it would be even more obvious that Cena will win. It should just be a non title match up, just throwing in the title will pretty much make the title get overshadowed by the mere fact that two icons are going at it.
I'd rather it be a non title match but if is a title match I'd have no problem with Rock winning as long as he comes back full time.
Rock can also win the title and lose it again the next night on Raw.
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