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I was just watching the Summerslam 1998 ladder match and it got me thinking, neither man ever beat the other man cleanly and I find it a bit strange. Off the top of my head:

Raw 1997 - Rocky beat Triple H for the intercontinental title but I can't remember if it was from a distraction. Anyone?

Raw, June 1998 - Rocky won a King of the Ring qualifier against Helmsley but I'm pretty sure there was interference or a distraction.

Fully Loaded 1998 - was it a double DQ or count-out or something? Rocky retains but neither man beat the other.

Summerslam 1998 - Triple H wins thanks to Chyna's low blow.

Raw, January 1999 -Rock wins the I Quit match but Triple H only says it to save Chyna from getting chokeslammed.

Over The Edge 1999 - The Rock wins by DQ

Raw, June 1999 - Billy Gunn interferes in the match so it's a DQ win for The Rock.

Raw, July 1999 - The Rock wins the cage match. I think this may have been clean actually, although Triple H escaped the cage when the ref was knocked out. Does this count as a clean victory?

Fully Loaded 1999 - Triple H wins after Billy Gunn interferes and attacks The Rock.

Smackdown, August 1999 - on the debut of Smackdown, Triple H beat The Rock after a superkick from HBK.

Backlash 2000 - The Rock beat Triple H, but the match was full of outside interference from the McMahons and Steve Austin. But the actual ending to the match was between Helmsley and Rocky so does that count as clean?

Judgment Day 2000 - Rocky loses because of Undertaker's interference.

Are there any more?

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they had one more match on RAW in 2002 just before Rock left around SummerSlam im not sure of the finish though but that was the last time they wrestled
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