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The Rock and Miz promo is what i really want

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Both men have been excellent in this three man feud. Cena has sucked pity cause i expect more from him.I want a promo between these two guys face to face, it would be interesting to see how The Miz reacts seen as The Rock is his Hero. It would do wonders for The Miz to go back and forward with the Great one.

do you think we see any interaction between these two in the coming weeks before wrestlemania?
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If anything id gunna happen face to face it will be cena v rock but a miz rock promo would be ideal as cena has looked like a whipping boy in this fued and he has been crap.

Id love to see a miz rock promo, my fave of my childhood vs my fave now, but i know who id be rooting for the rock is the greatest
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