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What grade do you give the matches i've made up?

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First lets get a few things straight.

The 2 Brands are still at war.
Here is a list of each of the titles on each show.
Raw:WWE World Heavyweight title
Intercontinental Title
Raw Tag team titles
Woman's Title
Hardcore Title
European Title

Smackdown:WWE Undisputed title
U.S Title
Smackdown Tag Team titles
Cruiserweight Title

Rosters are the same.

Same GMs.

Here is the Wrestlemania Card.

Both tag titles on the line.

4 way Elimination Match Last Team Standing crowned WWE Tag Team Title Holders of Both Brands.

Winners of Raw T.L.C Match vs Winners of Smackdown T.L.C Match
vs Raw Tag Team Tournament winners vs Smackdown Tag Team Tournament winners

Womans title match.

Trish Sable
Victoria vs Dawn Marie
Jazz Torrie Wilson

8 Man Pin Royal Rumble for Intercontinental(To Be Unified with Euro & Hardcore Titles) & U.S titles

Rules:8 men eliminated to 1,Put out by Pin,Tap Out or KO,Falls Count Anywhere.Last Standing is Champ

Person from Winning Team of Raw T.L.C Match who is crowned Intercontinental Champ vs
Person from Winning Team of Smackdown T.L.C Match who is Crowned U.S Champ vs
Hardcore Champ vs
European Champ vs
No 1 Contenders for Intercontinental,U.S,Hardcore & European titles.

Cruiserweight title match

Ladder Match

Rey Mysterio vs Ultimo Dragon

Normal Match

Tajiri vs Taka Michinoku

Main Event:
Undisputed Championship Series:4 Men,3 Matches,2 Titles,1 Champion.

Match 1:Smackdown Champion vs Smackdown Royal Rumble Winner,Smackdown Title on the Line
Match 2:Raw Champion vs Raw Royal Rumble Winner,Raw Title on the Line
Match 3:Match 1 Winner vs Match 2 Winner,Both titles on the line

More to Come....

I'm not just gonna show you the PPV,I'm gonna show u the buildup as well!

Build Up Next Time,Starts at Armageddon..

Please Rate my Matches.

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hey gr8 idea especially the euro hardcore and the other titles 8 man elimination match, i also have a match that is similar it's called the gauntlet and it will be featured in my wrestlemania artile which will be soon. be if u can read my stuff and give me some feed back that would be gr8. it's an episode of raw and feuds.
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