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Royal Rumble 30th Jan 2011

World Heavyweight Title Match. Edge (c) vs Dolph Ziggler
Edge has the upper hand with a Sharpshooter locked in when Vickie gets up on the apron. The referee is distracted as Dolph taps but CHRISTIAN comes down to make the save for his brother. He grabs Vickie and shoves her to the ground and the referee turns back around to see Dolph tap leading to Edge winning via submission.

Backstage Segment
The Bellas are giving out the Rumble numbers and Daniel Bryan picks out a number after the Bellas tamper with the balls. Bryan looks very unhappy with his ball number as he leaves with Gail Kim

Randy Orton looking focused in his dressing room​

Womens Championship Match. Natalya (c) vs LayCool​

LayCool take it to Natalya after Michelle McCool injures Nat's neck in the early goings. However Nat fights back and ends up locking Michelle in the Sharpshooter only for Layla to make the save and hit Nat with the Women's Title. Nat wins by DQ but LayCool continue the assault until Beth Phoenix makes the save. But the damage is done as Nat leaves on a stretcher.

Backstage Segments
The Corre are picking their numbers with the Bellas now. Everyone seems happy with their balls apart from Heath Slater. The Nexus come in to pick their numbers to. Punk and Barrett have words but nothing more. Everyone is happy in Nexus with their numbers apart from Punk who is livid. Cue John Cena, Cena takes the p!ss out of Punk and says that he will knock as many Nexus and Corre members out of the Rumble as he can! Cena picks his number and seems quite happy. Christian then enters and he and Cena shake hands and Cena welcomes him back. Christian announces that he's in the Rumble and picks his number. It doesn't look good for Christian but Cena tells him to keep his chin up before we leave.

Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero are watching backstage. Dolph tells Vickie they need retribution and tells her that as the Official Smackdown consultant, she should put him in the Rumble match tonight. She does.

WWE Title Match. The Miz (c) vs Randy Orton
Alex Riley is banished from ringside early on and Orton is in complete control. Orton lands the RKO and is about to pin Miz when he hears voices. Orton lines Miz up for the Punt but Riley comes back down and makes the save. Orton turns and lands the RKO on Riley. The Miz escapes with his title and Orton gives Riley the Punt instead. The Miz watches on and Orton stares him down as Riley is attended to by doctors.

Backstage Segments
We see the Bellas saying that they couldn't believe the people who had been to see them for numbers tonight. Dolph Ziggler goes to get his Rumble number from the Bellas. He is ecstatic with his number.

Alex Riley is being put in the back of an ambulance as The Miz looks on petrified.​

The 40 Man Royal Rumble Match​
The first man to enter the Rumble was Daniel Bryan after having his ball tampered with by the Bellas earlier today. He was joined by CM Punk as number two. Christian joined them at number three. The main points in the Rumble were. CM Punk eliminated the whole of The Corre one by one with help getting them beat up by Nexus members along the way. Punk was then about to do the same with Cena after the help of the entire of Nexus but Cena somehow hung onto Punk bringing him over the top with him thus eliminating both men. Kevin Nash and Booker T returned and did very well. Nash is in the final six, Booker went not long before, eliminated by Kane. Sheamus was eliminated by John Morrison. Then when John Morrison was eliminated Sheamus came down and assaulted him. Then number 39 entered, TIME TO PLAY THE GAME! Triple H chases Sheamus away during the beatdown on the just eliminated John Morrison. Then HHH enters the fray and clears house leaving the final 4 Himself, entry number 40 Dolph Ziggler, entry number 3 Christian (who has put in a Shawn Michaels like display) and entry number 38 Kane. HHH throws Kane and Ziggler out leaving him with Christian. HHH plants the Pedigree and Christian is lifeless. HHH goes to dump him out but Sheamus returns and hits The Game with a a big boot from out of nowhere. Hits him with the Irish Curse and two High Crosses. Sheamus leaves him lying on the ropes by the turnbuckle and wakes Christian up. Christian looking confused throws out Triple H and wins the Rumble!

The Rumble goes off air with a confused Christian celebrating, a very angry and sore HHH outside the ring and Sheamus laughing at the top of the ramp


1. Daniel Bryan – Big Show
2. CM Punk – John Cena
3. Christian - WINNER!
4. King Sheamus – Big Show
5. Yoshi Tatsu - Sheamus
6. Heath Slater – CM Punk
7. Big Show – Kevin Nash
8. Ted Dibiase – Big Show
9. William Regal – Big Show
10. Mark Henry – Mason Ryan
11. Mason Ryan – John Cena
12. Tyson Kidd – Rey Mysterio
13. Zack Ryder – Christian
14. Darren Young – Mason Ryan
15. Ezekiel Jackson – CM Punk
16. Rey Mysterio – Kevin Nash
17. JTG – John Cena
18. Primo – John Cena
19. R Truth – Kevin Nash
20. John Cena – CM Punk
21. Wade Barrett – CM Punk
22. Justin Gabriel – CM Punk
23. Kevin Nash – Triple H
24. Jack Swagger – Santino Marella
25. David Hart Smith – John Cena
26. Santino Marella – CM Punk
27. Beth Phoenix – John Cena
28. Husky Harris – Kofi Kingston
29. Michael McGillicutty – John Morrion
30. David Otunga - Kane
31. Alberto Del Rio - Christian
32. Chris Masters – David Otunga
33. Booker T - Kane
34. John Morrison - Kane
35. Kofi Kingston – Drew McIntyre
36. Drew McIntyre – Triple H
37. Vladimir Kozlov – Kane
38. Kane – Triple H
39. Triple H - Christian
40. Dolph Ziggler – Triple H​