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The return

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I have seen many people use this idea but I want to try it

Commissioner Bret hart


Bam Bam Begalow
Chris Benoit
Ric Steiner
Scott Hall
Kevin Nash
Lone Star Dustin Rhodes

Cruiser weights

Michael Modest
Christopher Denials
Johnny Storm
Teddy Hart
Jhuventud (pardon my spelling)Gurraira

Tag Teams

Roadkill and Danny Doring
Rock and Roll Express
Alex Shane and Ulf Hoffam


WCW World Heavyweight Championship (already held by Chris Benoit)
WCW United States championship
WCW World Tag Team Championship
WCW Cruiser weight Championship

The return of Monday Nitro

Where the Georga Dome
Crowd 40,000 Sell out

The show starts off with a Clip of last weeks Monday Night Raw where Goldberg and newly crowned World champion Chris Benoit said they were through with WWE

A huge pyro display comes after that and the old Nitro music is played. A brand new stainless stell WCW logo with agiant screen is the new set.

Tony Schavani Hello everyone and welcome to the night you never thought you would see. Its the return of WCW and the return of Monday Nitro. The Monday Night Wars live. We know little about what will happen tonight. I am of course joined by my new broadcast colligue Jessy "The body"Ventura

Jessie Ventura I may not be in office anymore but I will always be welcome in WCW. I can tell this is going to be an extra special night.

Bret Hart's music hits and he walks out to a standing ovation. He takes a mic

Bret Hart Good evening Atlanta. I never thought I would stand in a WCW
Ring again. Let alone as WCW commisioner! (crowd go nots)
We have a lot of buisness to attend to. First off. We will be broadcasting Nitro and Thunder on CBS in the USA and PPVs on DirecTV. In the UK you can watch us on TWC. Our first PPV back will be Mayhem. We will crown Tag team champions tonight. The Outsiders will meet Kronik also tonight.

Goldberg's music hits. The fans don't expect this. He grabs the mic

Goldberg Listen up. I found out that one of wrestlers on the roster is Bam Bam Begalow. Incase you have forgotton he ended my winning streak and got me fired. Did I get revenge? NO! Why? Because WCW was baught out
I wnat Begalow tonight!

Bret Hart This is only a two hour show! You wan't Bam Bam you got him. Now lts get this show underway. Wait one more thing. When the WCW champion Chris Benoit gets here he will be interveiwed.

Match 1

Raven vs Vampiro

The match starts off slowly with blows being exchanged. Raven took controll when he hit Vampiro with several clothslines. Vampiro change that with a bulldog and an elbow but Raven scored the victory when he drilled Vampiro with the Raven effect

Winner Raven 11,47
Bam Bam cuts apromo about his match with Goldberg

Match 2

Micheal Modest,Spanky, Jhonny Storm and Chris Danials vs. Mosowa, Teddy Hart, Psycosis and Juventud Gurrira (once again pardon my spelling)

The match was explosive with regular tags made and high flying stunners. The highlight of the match was Teddy Harts 450 splash on to Spanky witch scored the victory.

Winners Mosowa, Hart, Psycosis and Gurrira in 25.52

Tony Schivani Ladies and Gentelman Benoit is here!

Benoits music hits and Mene Gene was supposed to interveiw him but Benoit snatches the mic.

Chris Benoit I was treated like a peice of crap by everyone in WWE. When they ran out of ideas for HHH they slapped the belt on me. They thougt of a new one and at Backlash I was going to be paid 4million dollers to lose the belt. When Ted Turner bought back WCW. I jumped with the belt.
Bret told me to tell all you great fans of WCW that next week there will be a battle royal and the winner will face me at Mayhem.

Match 3
WCW World tag team championchips
The outsiders vs. Kronik

For two teams that arnt famous for their stunning matchs this one was good. It felt like a high profile match. In the end Kronik won the gold when Brian Adems pinned Kevin Nash.

Winners and new WCW world tag team champions Kronik in 22.22

Main event

Bam Bam Begalow vs.Goldberg

Goldberg was on fire. He ripped through Bam Bam. It was just like when he tore the house down in 1998/1999

Winner Goldberg in 7.13

Jessie Ventura Wait some fan has jumped the rail!

Tony Schivanni Thats BROCK LESNER! He left WWE at wm20

Bret Hart Wait if you two want each other that badly. You two will meet at Mayhen.
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I agree with You're Next! 2004. It did seem rushed, and there were a lot of spelling mistakes. Such as Jessy/Jessie (Jesse), championchips (championship), Gurrira (Guerrera), wnat (want), Begalow (Bigelow) and Jhuventud (Juventud).

Your ideas are good though, and I liked the show. One thing though you said that the WCW Tag Team Titles would be defended at Mayhem but then had KroniK win the titles.

I would add a lot more detail to your matches, and please add colons before people speak. I also edited your original post to put your first show in your original post.

Overall: 8/10.

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