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Should i make a new brand by my self or wait foe jbl, even though hes 3 weeks late.

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The Real Deal! WWE by The Corpse and JBLrules

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I've just started writing forums and the first thread I read was the joint show by Predator and JBLrules. I contacted JBLrules and we have decided to start a new joint show and don’t be surprised if the old roster looks the same as our new roster, we will post both shows once a week give or take a day or two. I will be Raw and JBLr... will be Smackdown!! The Roster will be posted Tuesday or Thursday. Me and Jbl will hope for the best and try to make this new version of WWE. I hope you like our shows and our upcoming PPV's, By the way our shows will be posted Saturday.

"You can't kill what is already Dead!!"
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yeah good luck hopefully this oen continues.
Good Luck, hopefully this thread will last a little longer then JBLrules' last shared thread!
if this is over quick. I won't read anymore booker threads written by JBLrules. Hope this goes well for you guys. Welcome to WE Corpse. I will find a way to kill what is dead. I think.
I hope this lasts longer than 1 or 2 shows
Sorry about the long wait. I have talked to Jblrules and we have decided to choose randomly. We have picked picks out of a cup and they are shown below. I hope we can do well with our new rosters.


O’ Haire
Rob Conway
Garrison Cade
R. Dupree
Tyson Tomko
Ric Flair
M Jindrak
J Stamboily
Luther Reigns
Doug Basham
Hardcore Holly
C Pulmbo
Mark Henry
Steven Richards


Booker T
Nathan Jones
Matt Hardy
Val Venis
William Regal
Matt Morgan
Big Show
Rodney Mack
Kevin Furtig
Jon Hidenreich
Danny Basham
Jeff Hardy
Bubba Ray
Billy Gunn

That was the roster before the 4 trades were made and they were.

HBK= RVD & Val Venis
Jindrak= Matt Hardy
H Holly+ Jeff Hardy
Rhyno= Rodney Mack

I hope you like the next raw and smackdown shows. The raw show will be put up today. And smackdown will be put up monday.

And by the way how do you put pictures on the threads? Please help us find out how.
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RAW! will be posted tuesday and smackdown will be posted next saterday do to computer problems, sorry.
Whats up with the no replies are you pissed at me and Jblrules?
Sorry to sound rude but I was just wondering.
no it is just there are no shows to reply to yet, when you guys post your shows there most likely will be replies. Also JBLRules has started/been in a couple of shows/threads that havent continued so we will have to see if you guys are able to keep this one going past liek two shows. But when you post your shows I am sure there will be replies, just dont give up on the shows if there arent many replies at first because it takes progress. As you improve you get more replies. So good luck and I will read Raw Tuesday and Smackdown when that gets posted.
WWE: Raw!
Live from Tampa Bay, Florida.

The lights go out and fireworks begin to light the arena up. The official Raw theme song starts to play as the titintron starts to show the Raw video and also highlights of different wrestlers that are now official wrestlers of Raw. The crowd erupts and they continue to cheer.

JR: Welcome ladies and gentleman to Raw. I’m Jim Ross and I’m accompanied by Jerry {The King} Lawler and we have a slobbernocker here tonight as we officially announce who the new Heavy Weight Champion will be right here in Tampa Bay. And we just found out that there is a steel cage over head.

King: Like you said tonight will be great, but it going to get even better when the Raw Divas have a bikini contest to see who will be the next women’s champion. PUPPIES!!!! Even though coach will host the first ever Raw Diva Bikini contest.

JR: Hold on to your horses King that’s later tonight.

King: I know, but why can’t they just have it now. I can’t wait...

"I'M Back and Better Than Ever...” Fills the sold out arena, as Bishoff walks out with the heavy weight title to cut a Promo. As he entered the ring the crowd started to boo as Bishoff waves his hands in the air.

Bishoff: I know you fans don’t like me, but I don’t give a damn. As you morons might know all the titles are vacant, and before I reward the new champions I would like to say to the best of luck for all wrestlers... Ha-Ha...

JR: This is a scam he doesn’t wish the best of luck to any wrestlers...

King: You don’t know that yet just let him speak.

Bishoff: Like I was saying here’s your new Champion, Randy Orton. Come on out Randy.

The camera shows HHH in the back in disbelief and anger. HHH grabs the T.V in the back and throws it at the wall.

JR: That was a scam, Orton isn’t the champ.

King: Well I guess Orton is now the new champion.

"Evolution is a mystery, that no one can see...” Starts to play as Orton slowly walks down the ramp and tacks off his jacket as he enters the ring by the steps.

The crowd continues to boo as Orton climbs the middle turnbuckle and taunts.

Bishoff: Cut the music... Now...

Orton: Hold on Eric before I accept this belt I would like to say.....

"Evolution is a mystery, that no one can see...” Starts to play again, as HHH comes out storming and slapping around his jacket.

Orton: Hold on H think about what your doing by coming out here.

HHH: Orton you know damn good and well why I’m out here and that’s because you screwed me over.

Orton: No H it wasn’t like that...

HHH: Ohh it wasn’t know was it Orton. You know I told you to talk to Eric about awarding me with the belt witch should be mine any way.

Orton: If you want the belt so bad why don’t you come take it.

JR: Here we go.

HHH rushes toward the ring and Orton rushes to the ramp.

Bishoff: Security get out here now!!!

HHH and Orton start throwing fists and both roll around on the ground fighting. Security pulls them apart and yet they still break threw and continue to fight.

Bishoff: STOP IT NOW!!! The both of you stop now or neither of you will ever wrestle in the WWE again.

Order restores and both men calm down a little.

King: Its about time Eric made a good decision.

Bishoff: Now to night the both of you hold our cool until tonight because the both of you will be in a cage Match tonight for the WWE championship....Now go get ready your match is later.

Orton and HHH have a stare down as Orton walks to the back.

JR: We now know why the cage is up here tonight. Its going to be a great math here tonight. We will be back after a quick commercial break.

Commercial break!

JR: welcome back here at Raw as we get under way.

King: Sorry about the break so early we just want to go ahead and get rid of them. Don’t forget to watch Velocity this Friday night.

“Word Life!” Fills the arena as Cena makes his way out and the crowd starts to chant Cena, Cena, Cena.

JR: What’s Cena doing out here?

Cena: The Champ is here!

The crowd continues to chant.

Cena: I said the champ is here, or at lest I should be the champ. And for you Great fans here in Tampa I would like to show you the New Interconitential Champion…

As Cena does the “You Cant See Me” taunt, Christians music starts and he comes out with a microphone.

The crowd starts booing.

Cena: Your not the champion so why are you out here because I’m the champion. I talked to Eric before I came out here and he garn…Dam…teed me the belt.

Christian: I know all about your whining and begging Eric for that belt. And that’s why I also talked to Eric and I thought you might want to that I’m the number 1 contender if I beat Maven in a singles match right here in Tampa Gay tonight. And by the way my match is next, even though these poor losers here in tamp don’t deserve it.

The crowd continues to boo.

Cena: That’s all right I will be watching.

Maven Vs Christian

Ending: Maven trashes out with several high dropkicks and quickly pins Christian with the hook of the leg. 1... 2... Kick out. Maven whips himself off the rope and jumps for a dropkick as Christian gains back to his feet. Christian moves out of the way and waits for Maven to get back up. Christian uses an thumb to the eye to stun Maven as he possessions the un-prettier, Cena’s music starts to play as Cena makes his way to the ring as Christian lets go of the un-prettier and while maven lays on the matt he catches his breath. Christian starts to climb the middle rope and taunts Cena on the ramp way. The ref grabs Christian to keep him away from Cena when all of a sudden Maven pulls a quick roll up. 1... 2... 3... DING DING DING Cena laughs at the ramp as the ref holds Maven hand up. Christian stays in the ring and stomps around.

Christian: What the hell was that! You cheated me Cena you knew you couldn’t handle me in the ring so you took the easy way out.

Cena: It isn’t like that Christian, see the reason I wanted you to lose is because you don’t deserve the Intercontinental belt. And by the way Maven’s the new # 1 contender, and he will face me one on one next week.

Christian: That’s ok I’ll be watching.

Cena: What the hell do you mean by that.

Christian: You know what that means.

King: I wounder what cristian ment when he said he woild be watching.

JR: You know as well as I do when it comes to Christian he will do any thing to make sure he wins in the long run.

King: Well be right back in a moment after this commercial break.

Commercial break…
Commercial break…

JR: Thanks for staying toned he on Raw, we ued two breaks so we will have time for the much antisapated cage match that is coming up in a few moment.

The cameria shows Eric in his office…

Knock Knock…

Eric: Come in.

Rico: Hi Eric your looking nice to day…

Eric: What do you want? Make it quick I have a lot going on right now.

Rico: Well what I was wondering was if maybe I can wrestle with the women category.

Eric: What? OK OK just get out of my face you nasty piece of trash.

Rico: Thank you so much Eric.

Rico plants a big wet kiss on Eric as Eric pushes away.

Eric: Get out before I fire you, you nasty maggot.

King: I cant believe that Eric’s ;eting Rico wrestle the ladies here on Raw, that luck man.
The cameras focus on the ring as the coach comes out.

King: This is what I’ve been waiting for.

Coach: Welcome fans all around the world this is the frirst ever bikini contest. And Im the lucky man who will host it here tonight, unlike other people isn’t that right Lawler?

King: What I wouldn’t do to nock the …

JR: Hold on there King were on live tv so watch what you say.

King: Yea Yea…

Coach: Like I said this is the time we have all been waiting for, THE BIKINI CONTEST. We have three great women in this contest. I know only three but Eric said that the Divas lower the show ratings.

The crowd starts yelling, Eric is Gay. Eric is Gay.

King: The Diava rase the shows rating.

Coach: Watch what you say about Eric. So we will have to enjoy these three great Divas. First we will have Stacy, and second is the playboy superstar Torrie Wilson and the most extreme women alive Lita, and last but not least Trish. Come on out ladies…

Stacy’s music starts to play as she comes out in a pink leather bikini. The crowd starts to cheer.

King: Ohh God I cant belive what I saw, that was great.

JR: Calm down King:

Coach: Hold on to your chants because here comes Torrie.

Torrie comes and un-robes as she reviles here Santa Clause thong. The crowd erupts as she licks a pink lollypop.

King: That’s what Im talking about.

Coach: Calm down we still have more. God I’m so lucky.

Lita’s music starts to play as she come out and is about to tack off here robe, but suddenly Jeff Hardy comes out and keeps the robe on Lita.

The crowd boo’s as Jeff takes Lita to the back stage.

JR: What was that all abought?

King: I don’t know what that was about.

Coach: Well we now only have three divas…

Trish’s music starts as Trish makes her way to the ring with Tyson Tomko. Trish reviles her custom in with the crowd booed because it was only her street cloths.

“You Look So Good, To Me.” Rico makes his way out and un-robes with only a thong on.

The crowd starts to laugh as The Coach puts his hands over his eyes as he backs down in the turnbuckle.

JR: I never thought I would see the day.

King: God have mercy on me get him away.

Coach: Get him out of here, please just get him.

Rico Stays in the ring as Coach starts to gain back his nerve.

Coach: Well if I have to continue I guess I will have to ask you fans who won, by a round of applause. Ok what about Stacy, the crowd makes some noise but not a lot. Ok Ok What about Torrie, the crowd erupts. What about Trish. The Crowd boo’s loudly. Ok now what about... Ri… Rico, the crowd laughs. Well I guess the winner is Rico. The crowd boo’s. You seen it with your own eyes ladies and gentlemen.

The crowd starts to Boo.

JR: What was that abought? Rico shouldn’t have won.

King: I agree.

Trish: You’re not even a women, I deserve that champion ship belt.

Rico: I'm more women that you…

Tomko attacks Rico. The crowd boos as Tomko slams down Rico with a powerbomb. The other divas run to the back.

Matt Hardy’s music starts as he come running out to the ring.

King: What’s Matt doing out he shouldn’t be messing with Tomko.

Matt: What are you thinking Tomko? You can’t just come out here and disrespect a wrestler or even a woman wrestler, so why don’t you lay off and let Trish handle here own business. Just like my brother Jeff should have done.

Tomko: Why is it your business what I do around here.

Jeff’s music starts to play as he makes his way to the ring.

Jeff: I heard what you said when I was back stage, and by the way it isn’t any of your business what I do between me and Lita.

Matt and Jeff sart pushing each other around and soon Tomko joins in.

JR: Here we go again King.

"I'M Back and Better Than Ever...” Starts as Eric makes his way to the ring again.

Eric: I'm tired of all you wrestler wining and B****ing over who the best and who done this and that. So Matt, Jeff the two of you will be in a singles math next week. And for you Tomko you will face a deer friend of Rico, Haas isn’t the one but Shelton is. I’ve done a lot of trading to get you both and this is how you repay me.

BANG!! “Or something like that” Kane’s music starts and he makes his way to the ring.

King: Now whats Kane doing out here also?

JR: I have no clue.

Kane: Ohhh Eric… Remember what you told me?

Eric: It isn’t the time Kane.

Kane: Now is a perfect time so why don’t you get Batista out here so I can finish him once and for all.

Jeff: What the hell are you doing out here, this isn’t your time this is my time.

Eric: Jeff keep out of this.

Kane: Hold on Eric he is right this is his time… And his time to die is now!

Kane grabs Jeff and chokeslams him on the ring.

JR: Kane is a mounster.

King: Do you rember when Kane set you on fire? That was funny.

JR: Yea I remember and it wasn’t a damn bit funny.

Eric: Ok Kane you want Batista than you got it next week on raw.

Kane: I thought so…

Eric: Now Kane if you would escort your self out of here… please?

Kane leaves the ring with the flames from the ring posts.

Matt: So Eric next week me and Jeff one on one.

Eric: Yea… I guess. And while you leaving take your brother with you.

Matt: I’ll take him all right, the day hell freezes over.

JR: What does he mean by that?

While matt leaves the ring Rico get back up to his feet and low blows Tomko, which take Tomko off of his feet. Rico hurries up and run toward the back in his thong as Trish try’s to help Tomko up.

JR: We have to go to commercial break and well be right back.

King: stay toned for the highlights of what just happened.

Commercial break!

JR: Welcome back to Raw. I cant believe what I just saw happen out here, Matt and Jeff one one one next week.

King: I cant wait for next week, coming up next will be RVD vs Val Venis.


Ending: Rvd sets Val up in the turnbucle and and monkey flips val out to the middle of the ring. Rvd leadfrogs up on the turnbucle and attemps a five star frogsplash. As he jumps val moves out of the way and Rvd lands on the hard canvis with a miss. Val bounces of the rope and lands a quick elbow drop. Val climbs the top of the rope and gets ready for a money shot when suddenly Rvd springs back up and does a rankinstiner of the top rope nearly hiting his head on the ground. Rvd taks a quick cover. 1...2...3

JR: What a match, i thought Val hade a chance of winning toward the end but Rvd aka Mr. Monday night Raw, gains back his composer.

King: You wree right that was a great match, it was a lot better than I thought.

Y2J’s music starts to play. Y2J makes his way down to the ring.

JR: Whats he doing out here?

King:The highlight real JR.
J2J: Welcome Jericoholics to the first ever highlight real. And to start this off I would just like to say that I have no clue why that French bastard Dupree thinks he’s the number one wrestler in the WWE. He should know that Y2J is the greatest wrestler in the world. I'm the Greatest French wrestler, the best USA wrestler and last but not least I'm the greatest Canadian wrestler also.

The crowd cheers for Y2J.

King: That’s true JR.

Y2J: I know I’m the best you don’t have to tell me, back to the subject. Like I was saying I’m the best wrestler of all time…

Dupree comes out with no music as he carrys a microphone.

Dupree: Did you say you’re the best French wrestler?

Y2J: Yea I said that.

Dupree: You Canadians are dumber than you look. So if you want a peace of this French phenom you will have to face me live in two weeks.

Y2J: Why two weeks, are you afraid of me?

Dupree: Its not that its just that I don’t think those dumb Canadians deserve to see me in action so in two weeks get ready for the French Phnom to beat you all over the ring, or better yet why don’t we make it a tag match.

Y2J: That’s ok I will get a partner, a Canadian partner.

Dupree: That’s ok I will have the pride of the French men with me.

Dupree: Slowly walks down the steps and walks out with FeeFee.

JR: I guess we have another match coming in a few weeks, Im surprised by all these wrestlers wanting to fight thuis early in the season.

Y2J: Se folks that’s a true French pansy. Im sorry to leave but I need to go talk to my partner aboght him tagging up with me, and by the way Yeshe was born in Canadia.

King: I wounder whos jericos partner.

JR: I have no clue. Well the cage is now lowering so I guess this is the final match so get ready.

King: I’m ready allright ive be waiting to see these two former Evelution members go toe to toe.

The cage lowers. And HHH comes out threw the crowd.

King: Whys HHH comeing out threw the crowd.

JR: I wish I knew but I don’t.

Orton makes his way to the ring with a new theme song made by the WWE.

Orton Vs HHH

Beginning: Orton and HHH stand toe to toe and soon HHH and Orton lock up fingers to test each other strength but it dead locks, so HHH hits a low blow and then toss's Orton at the cage and continues to try to bust Orton open. HHH tries to Irish whip Orton into the cage but Orton reverses it and land a quick R.K.O. Orton gathers back his breath and pins HHH. 1..2..Kickout. Orton’s worried as HHH starts to get back up. Orton runs of the ropes and dropkicks HHH back down and does it again but as Orton jumps HHH grabs him in the air and lands a gutwrench across the knee…. The match continues…

Highlight!!!!! Orton lands a superplex to slow down HHH momentum, Orton tries to climb the cage but HH get up in time and lands a large backdrop off the middle of the cage…

Ending: HHH and Orton climbs the side of the cage and trade punches HHH almost falls of but stays on both men are wobbling on the top rope by holding on the cage. Orton grabs the back of HHH head and slams it on the cage and HHH falls of the rope and lands on his jewels as he did Orton also loses his balance and both now are hung by the jewels on the top rope.

Commercial break.

They both lay in the middle of the ring and suddenly Lesner runs out with a chair and throws it over the cage and climbs up. And as he enters he F-5s both Orton and HHH. Lesner picks up the chair and splits open Orton. He then kicks open the cage door and pulls HHH out which makes HHH the new Heavy Weight Champion. Lesner picks up HHH and F-5’s him against the turnbuckle post. Lesner starts to laugh as he walks out just like he had done with Mysterio.
Winner by escape HHH with the help of Lesner.

JR: Why did Brock come back and why did he help HHH win and why did he F-5 HHH in to the turnbuckle.
King: I have no clue but maybe next week we might find out some answers.

JR: We are running out of time kladies and gentlemen, so stay toned to next weeks Raw, there will be several great matchs to come.

The camera fades out the ring as it focuses on the bloody Orton.

Sorry for any mess ups, this wasm my first ever show i hope you injoy. and im also sorry abought the short amount of matchs. Its hard doing the first show. But ive been told that it gets easyer as you continue. Is that true?

PS. How do you put pictures and cool logos on shows?

Thanks alot.

"You cant kill what is already dead!!"
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it was alright for a first show 7/10 what really brought the grade down is you didnt use bold and italics. Use bold, italics, and maybe even color next time. Besides that I thought the show was pretty good and I am sure you will improve over time. I will be here to read.

by the way to post pics it is

To get the URL right click on the pic, go to properties and copy and paste it.

Hopefully that sint to confusing for you. If it is scim about in the suggestions and help forum and a better explanation is bound to be in there somewhere.
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sorry about not posting raw yet but im still waiting for jblrules to post, or what ever his new screen name is, im not sure. i hope he hurrys up so i can continue. i might just start my own shows but it would be hard to keep up with raw and smackdown. Do you think i should start my own shows? and if so how would i post up both shows a week with school now starting? Can any one help me out. I dont know what to do!!!!
WHAT THE HELL IS TAKING SO LONG JBLRULES? Hurry jbl or im quiting this thread, i stillm might quit any way. Im giving you two days to make up your mind are you going to hurry or not?
does anyone wana take a look at my thread the AWF One. I mean its very good. I will be posting my smackdown show either tommorrow or thursday. Its a clash of old and new on the AWF. Which ctands for Alltime Wrestling Federation. I am begging for someone to either help me with SD o do SD for me.
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