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The RAW dictionary

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Okay now how should I phrase this: let's say that the WWE had a RAW dictionary with the names of superstars(past or present) and you were asked to be the author of the dictionary, what would be a few of the wrestlers names and descriptions you would use?

Triple H - To bury a wrestler, to marry the boss's daughter
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Micheal Cole - The act of exploding with excitement on sight of a Miz*

*Miz definition in subsequent post

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Lol I made this kind of thread last year.

The Miz- a :To have low quality star presence.
b : To run the mouth and not say anything noteworthy then the word “Awesome”

Randy Orton- a : causing boredom : tiresome

Examples of Randy Orton
-I find Randy Orton totally boring.
-I wish Orton weren't so boring; I keep falling asleep whenever he is on my television.

Dolph Ziggler- a : no personal concern or embarrassment, just there and bland.

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Melina: To have sexual relations with someone in high power in order to be promoted to a higher level.

Melina used in a sentence: "Jill is always late to work. Her work is never any good and has lots of mistakes. The only reason she was promoted to Assistant Manager was because her ability to Melina".

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TYSON KIDD. v. to waste somebody's talent abjectly. "Principal Skinner, your school is totally Tyson Kidding my daughter."
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