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The Ratings War - Wolf Beast vs. Grendrill

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Well looks like it's time again... for the Ratings War to return to the world of Wrestling, only this time it will be a whole lot different.

We will both be starting on the same date, only I'm going to have The Big Bang up on Sunday and Monday the whole War will begin again.

We will both be starting on 16th of April 2001, which means it will be 1 week following Wrestlemania for Wolf Beast and from what I believe he'll be following from those storylines as well.

I will post up a Ratings War thread each week where you post who had the better show, also with these alternate caregories:

* Match of the Week:
* Highlight of the Week:
* Shock of the Week:

* Best Developed Storyline:

Wolf Beast, let's see who will be the better Booker this time.... THE WAR IS ON
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Good Luck to both of you this will definitly be a close war.
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