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Nitro or RAW is WAR

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  • Wolf Beast's RAW is WAR

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Wolf Beast vs. Grendrill

- Match of the Week:
- Moment of the Week:
- Shock of the Week:

* Best Developed Storyline:

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- Match of the Week: The Nitro Main Event. Goldberg/Nash vs. Steiners
- Moment of the Week: In Wolf Beast's Raw, when the Hardcore Participants ran into Regal's ofice with a Dog and Referee. Just Classic :)
- Shock of the Week: - Jericho getting screwed in his home town!

* Best Developed Storyline: - Triple H & Jeff Hardy

Sorry Grendrill but even though you posted a super Nitro, Raw does it for me this week!

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- Match of the Week: Tag Team ladder match from Nitro
- Moment of the Week: Mysterio and Kidman winning the tag belts considering they are my favorite cruiserweights.
- Shock of the Week: Hardcore particapents running into regals office.

* Best Developed Storyline: Power trip vs Hardyz (mainly Triple H and Jeff.)

AHHH...The pressure you guys put on your readers. I am beffudled as to who to choose as the winner this week, it is that close to me. I am going to have to say that overall I liked Raw a tad better. With the way things are looking it seems as if Nitro can take the cake next week though. All I have to say is you guys better not post such evenly matched shows next week or else I will be here for hours deciding wich was better. No hard feelings too I hope from Grendrill...

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- Match of the Week: Nitro Tag Team Ladder Match
- Moment of the Week: The dog crapping on Regal's shoe!!!!!!
- Shock of the Week:Edge and Christian not commenting on how they "Totally Wreak of Awesomeness"

* Best Developed Storyline: Flair v.s Bischoff

Sorry Grendrill but Wolf Beast's RAW just pipped you to the finish post. Then again I am more likely to enjoy RAW as I have never seen an episode of WCW in my life.....
Should be an interresting battle next week.

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- Match of the Week: Elix Skipper/Kid Romeo vs. Filthy Animals vs. Jung Dragons
- Moment of the Week: Dog mess on Regals shoes.
- Shock of the Week: Flair accusing Animal of attacking Rick Steiner.

* Best Developed Storyline: Chris Jericho/Austin

Very close this week but I'm going with Raw. I hope next week can be just as close.

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