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The ramifications of this new 'deepfake' video technology

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so we are approaching a time where almost any video can be doctored and you can impose anyone's face onto a frame and animate it.

may be easier to spot now but as the technology evolves we may reach a point where fake videos are near indistinguishable from real ones.

on the scary side this could render all video footage as we know it meaningless. if the validity of every video you see is in question, then what good is it?

on the bright side instead of relying on screens to inform our reality we'll have no choice but to rely on each other instead... as it was prior to the advent of television. could bring us closer together in a weird way.

either way the impact on society is pretty huge. shit is about to change.

what is your takeaway?
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Nancy Pelosi had a video of her slowed down to look drunk shared by the president, fake news and videos are everywhere.

I'm no fan of all this gotcha doctoring and these videos should be watermarqued as fake by Facebook etc seeing as they refuse to delete them.
The fake vid of Megan Fox rubbing one in is pretty hot.
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They've been doctoring and messing with stuff for years.

Propaganda is now legal, it doesn't matter.

This poses no more threat than fake News already does and honestly most News seems to be fake.
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