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The problem with WWE (and they're still doing it)

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Is that they keep doing the Cena formula for every major face. You know, have them constantly win matches and never give up. I know you're thinking "Why would anyone cheer for a loser?", well sometimes it's better to cheer for an underdog. And in wrestling, it's no different.

Sheamus shouldn't be booked like Cena. When he passed out to the LeBell Lock, I thought that was good but I don't see why they couldn't have Bryan start working on the arm viciously and then have Sheamus start tapping out like he was in agony. He's not a superhero, he's a human being. The passout finish did work, probably better but for future references, I don't see why a face can't tap out. What's the point in heels having submission finishers? I can't see Punk tapping to Bryan. I can't see Del Rio putting the armbar on Sheamus and Sheamus tapping out. The same goes for Orton and Cena.

I just want a little resiliency, thats all. Even the best fighters in the world tap out. It's called common sense. You win some, you lose some. They won't lose any of their fans for losing a match clean. If anything, it would make them cheer them on more. #logic
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I don't see why they can't take a clean loss once in a while. It clearly won't hurt their credibility. I know the fans have ADD but they couldn't possibly be that fickle.

Everybody needs to lose once in a while.

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I never understood that either. I was asking myself the same question while I watched WM on DVD. While Punk was in the WOJ people wanted Punk to tap but honestly nobody would expect him to.
I think it all boils down to Vince taking out the sport of professional wrestling and also his obsession with protecting the superhero image of certain guys despite the fact that its not always necessary to.

Faces (main event faces) almost never submit to heels, I can only think of two that have: Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit and they both tapped to Kurt Angle. There's no point in even cheering or getting excited for a match when a heel has a submission finisher because its almost guaranteed he won't win using it.

I remember hearing about Rick Martel as a super babyface world champion in AWA losing by submission and that people believed that it killed his credibility as a world champion and a main event face. But then again I remember Chris Benoit getting a standing ovation after losing by submission. People understood that Angle was just the better man on that occasion and that Benoit was still awesome despite losing. They respected Benoit's effort regardless of him losing.

Rey Mysterio lost an I Quit match to Chavo Guerrero and was still taken seriously by the fans as a main event face, he literally said "I quit" and people STILL cheer and go nuts for him. Its a respect thing.

I think it all goes back to Vince eliminating the sport aspect of professional wrestling. In UFC, a guy makes another guy tap out and the other guy gets up and shakes his hand, the better man won, wrestling used to be very similar in that way. Hogan shook Warrior's hand, he shook Rock's too. Jericho & HBK even hugged after a match, fans like respect, I've yet to see a show of respect not receive a pop.
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