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Welcome to the Pro Wrestling Federation!!! Right now I am posting the Details of the company. If I get a good response, then I'll start writing the shows (I have at least 3 months worth on paper) in this thread. However no-one gave my PPV any consideration (WWF invasion-Adam Meek). I do trust people so I will start it.

Shows - Heatwave (Mondays), Explosion (Thursdays)

January- High Stakes
February- Climax
March- Havok
April- Malevolence
May- Abomination
June- ReVolt
July- Cruel Intentions
August- Freefall
September- Heatwave
October- Mayhem
November- Destruction
December- End Of Days

Heatwave Roster
Chirs Jericho
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Scott Steiner
Randy Savage
Kevin Nash
Lance Storm
Juventud Guerrera
Ultimo Dragon
Taka Michinoku
John Cena
Jamie Noble
Tommy Dreamer
Rowdy Roddy Piper
Sean O'Haire
Jerry Lynn
D'lo Brown
Eric Bischoff

Explosion Roster
Booker T
Sean Morley
Randy Orton
Ken Shamrock
Billy Kidman
Rey Misterio Jr
Hulk Hogan
Scott Hall
Billy Gunn
Chuck Palumbo
Johnny Stamboli
Road Dogg
Gail Kim
Dawn Marie
Ric Flair

Gereral Managers

Heatwave: Eric Bischoff
Explosion: Paul Heyman

Heatwave Titles
PWF World Heavyweight: Chris Jericho
PWF World Tag Team: Kane (I'll explain in the show)
PWF North American: Scott Steiner
PWF Cruiserweight: Tajiri

Explosion Titles
PWF Heavyweight: Triple H
PWF Intercontinental: Ken Shamrock
PWF Tag Team: Filthy Animals (Kidman and Rey Rey}
PWF Womens: Jazz

I know the rosters are smaller than others but I ain't the WWE. My rosters are full of talented guys, and I want to use all of them regularly.

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The first show!

EDIT: Right. This is the first show I've done in a while so bare with me!:D

Heatwave Week 1 May.

The pyro's explode around the stage as "Always"(the show's theme tune) bellows through the arena.

As the song dies down Y2J's music hits and the PWF World Heavyweight Champion makes his way down to the ring, to the jeers of the crowd. He stops at the bottom and verbally assaults a crowd member before climbing the steps and getting into the ring. He goes over to Lillian Garcia who gives him the mic.


The fans boo Jericho who justs waves them away

Jericho: Today is a new day for wrestling fans around the world! No longer will you be subjected to lame storylines like Kane shagging corpses, or Mr America! The WWE is dead! Out of it rises the NEW and IMPROVED PWF!!!

The fans give out a cheer

Jericho: As the champion of Heatwave it is my job to lead this company into the unknown. As champion I am ex....

Jericho is interupted by Eric Bischoff's music, and Bisch makes his way onto the stage carrying a briefcase. He puts it down as the boos echoing thoughout the arena grow to a deafining level. Bischoff raises his hand

Eric: Chirs, Chris, Chris. How ya doin'? Life treating you good? Anyway, you were half right. This is a new start for wrestling, but you won't be champion for very long. You see I have plans, plans that don't involve you. Tonight you will see the birth of a new administration. An administration that will run Heatwave with an iron grip.

He pauses to soak up the boos of the crowd. He gives his trademark evil smile and continues

Eric: So without further ado, may I introduce the NEW administration.....

Out of the back comes EDGE, CHRISTIAN, and D'LO. They all take turns to shake hands with Bischoff, then line up beside him

Eric: Oh! I forgot, there is one more member I failed to introduce.....

Sirens blare throughout the arena, and red stobe lights flash as Big Poppa Pump comes through the curtain. He flexes his muscles, and poses for the crowd as the boos fill the arena. He then takes the mic from Eric

Steiner: Jericho! You've known me for a long time. As you know I'll do anything to get what I want, even if that means siding with the devil himself!

Eric smiles at Scott, Jericho on the other hand is pacing the ring

Steiner: I think you know what I want........I want that!

Steiner points to the PWF Heavyweight Title around Jericho's waist. Bischoff takes the mic with a concerned look on his face

Eric: Hold on Scott! Don't get carried away! I have a suprise for you. Just give me a minute.

He hands the mic to Edge, then picks up the breifcase. He opens it to reveal a shiny new title belt. He takes the mic from Edge

Eric: This is the New PWF North American Title! It is a present from me to you Scott. Here see how it looks on you.

He gives the belt to Steiner who puts it around his waist. He turns a few times, flexes, then smiles

Eric: Do you like it? I thought you would. Back to tonight. Jericho, you've stood there patiently all this time and you deserve an explination. In that very ring tonight, you will go one on one with Big Poppa Pump, with the World Heavyweight title on the line!

Jericho looks furious and decides to speak

Jericho: What? Do you think I'm an idiot? Hell NO! You can't do this to me!

He pauses looking into the crowd

Jericho: On second though, I accept. Steiner, you've got your shot. You and me, one on one, tonight!

Jericho's music hits as the Administration leaves the stage and Jericho plays to the crowd. The camera cuts to JR and the King at ringside

JR: Welcome everybody, to Monday Night Heatwave! We have a great show lined up fo ryou this evening!

King: That's right JR. Already we have an explosive main event. How can things get any better?

JR: Well it looks like your questio's going to be answered King. Our first match is about to start, and it should be a slobberknocker!

John Cena's music hits as he makes his way down to the ring, doing his usual taunts. he gets into the ring and gets on the mic

Cena: Yo, Yo! Tonight I gotta fight Test, to prove I'm betta than all the rest. You all think I suck, well I don't really give a.....

He raise the mic as the crowd shout FUCK!!!!

Test music hits, as he and Stacy comes out from the back, Test running, and gets into the ring without wasting any time at all...

Match 1 John Cena Vs Test
Test starts the match off the way he came down to the ring, at full steam. He lays into Cena with a number of blows to the back. He whips Cena off the ropes and hits him with a powerful shoulder block. He doesn't stop, quickly stomping on Cena as he rolls around the canvas in agony. Test picks Cena up and sets him up for the Pump Handle Slam. He looks around and sees Stacy posing for pictures. He throws Cena to the ground and rolls out of the ring. He spins Stacy round and starts shouting at her. Meanwhile the ref is doing the ten count. Test turns round just in time to see the ref count ten.
Winner via Count-out at 4:25 John Cena

Test slides back into the ring and attacks Cena again. He whips him off the ropes and hits a vicious big boot. He turns around and hits the ref with a big boot aswell, then rolls out of the ring and leaves up the ramp as EMT's show up to see to the Ref

-------------Comercial Break--------------

The show comes back on air inside Eric Bischoff's office. There is a knock on the door

Eric: Come in.

The door opens and Kane enters

Kane: You wanted to see me?

Eric: Yes Kane, I did. It's about your position in the company. I don't feel your heatwave material. You could prove me wrong though.

Kane: And what does that involve?

Eric: All you have to do is win your match tonight and your job is safe. However if you lose, YOU'RE FIRED!

Kane: Exactly who do I have to beat?

Eric: Well Kane, your opponent tonight will be Edge.........and Christian! Tonight you face the tag teag champions in a handicap match! To make it fair though I will put the belts on the line.

Kane gives Bischoff a deathly look, then leaves slamming the door. Bishchoff smiles as the camera cuts back t ringside.

Lilian: In the ring weighing 200lbs...JAMIE NOBLE!

Ultimo Dragon's music hits and he comes out to a generous ovation from the crowd

Lilian: His opponent, from Mexico, ULTIMO DRAGON!

Ultimo flips over the top rope, climbs the turnbuckle and salutes the crowd, when Noble attacks him from behind...

Match 2 Ultimo Dragon Vs Jamie Noble #1 contender's match for Cruiserweight title
Noble throws Ultimo off the second turnbuckle, and immedietly goes to work on his neck and back with a few swift stomps. He bounces off the ropes and delivers a senton splash onto Ultimo's already injured lower back. After a few more stomps Noble picks him up and sets him up for the Tiger Driver, however Ultimo reverses it and throws Noble onto the canvas. With both men down, the cruiserweight champion Tajiri appears on-stage to watch the action. Noble and Ultimo both get to their feet and start exchanging blows. Noble gets the upper hand with a kick to the stomach. He bounces off the ropes but is met with a dropkick to the face. He finally takes the upper hand on Noble and starts to execute a few legdrops in quick sucession. He signals for the Twisting Sentom Bomb and climbs the top rope. Tajiri, who has slowly made his way down to ringside, jumps onto the apron and hits a swift kick to Ultimo's head, knocking him off the top rope and hard onto the canvas. Noble limply slides over Dragon for the three count.
Winner by pinfall at 6:16 Jamie Noble

Tajiri climbs into the ring as noble is getting up. He turns, and Tajiri spits green mist into noble's eyes. He drops to his knees and Tajiri hits him with the Buzzsaw kick. He leaves as both men are down in the ring.

The camera cuts to the backstage area where Kane is shadow boxing preparing for his match later tonight. Shawn Michaels comes into view, and Kane stops

HBK: Look man, I'll get straight to the point. It sucks how you gotta fight two men to keep your job tonight, but if you need anything, you know where to find me.

They shake hands, as HBK goes to leave Kane grabs his shoulder

Kane: Thanks man, but i doubt I'll need your help, because I'm in a fighting mood so E&C better watch their backs cos it's gonna rain hell-fire and brimstone on their asses!

Shawn laughs shakes hands again then leaves as Kane goes back to shadow boxing

Jerry Lynn is making his way down to the ring for his match against Lance Storm and a mystery opponent. Lance Storm's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring, never taking his eyes off Jerry Lynn. The fans wait to see who the mystery opponent is. The lights go out...


The heartbeat signals the arrival of Taz. His music gets into full swing but he is nowhere to be seen. Storm and Lynn look around, then from the crowd Taz appears, slides into the ring and hits both opponents with stiff clotheslines

Match 3 Lance Storm Vs Jerry Lynn Vs Taz
Taz continues with the clothes lines until Storm rolls out of the ring laving Taz and Lynn alone. Lynn manages to get up but is met with a thunderous T-Bone suplex. Taz picks Lynn up and hits another T-Bone suplex. He signals for the Tazmission, but Storm slides back in and hits a low blow. Taz turns around and is hit with a savate kick. Storm pins Lynn 1....2...Lynn kicks out just before the three count. Storm looks furious and grabs the ref. He is about to hit him when Lynn rolls him up in a small package 1....2....Storm manages to kick out aswell. He is quickly back on the offensive hitting Jerry Lynn with a double axe handle to his neck. Lynn somehow fights back and gets the advantage on Lance Storm. he whips him off the ropes and throws him out of the ring. Taz has made hgis way back to his feet and locks in the Tazmission, but Jerry Lynn won't let go of the ropes, and Taz is forced to let go. He drags Lynn into the middle of the ring and goes for the cover 1.....2...Storm interupts the count with a low dropkick. Taz gets up and gives Lance an evil look, he runs at him goes for a clothesline but misses, hitting the ref. Storm goes into his tights, and pulls out a set of brass knucks. He hits Taz in the back of the head and rolls him up in a school boy. Another ref runs down to the ring and counts the pinfall 1......2........3
Winner by pinfall at 9:56 Lance Storm

Lance Storm leaves the ring victorious as Taz looks on in disbelief

Edge and Christian are walking through the backstage area talking about their match, Heatwave's theme-tune is playing as the show goes into another comercial break

-------------Comercial Break--------------

As the show comes back Edge and Christian are already in the ring with their belts over their shoulders.

Edge: Kane, listen dude. Do you think that you actually have a chance against us two? I mean come on! We reek of awesomeness!!!

Christian: Yeah! And you Kane just reek!!!

Edge and Christian laugh at each other the the Pyro's explode on the stage as Kane appears from behind them. He races down to the ring and immediately gets double teamed by E&C

Match 4 Kane Vs Edge and Christian(c) EWF World Tag Team Title Match
Edge and Christian continue their double team assault on Kane, but to no avail. Kane manages to fight back, and knbocks down Edge with a clothesline, then grabs Christian around the throat. As he lifts him up for the Chokeslam, Edge hits a Low Blow, undetected by the ref. Edge leaves the ring and Christian singles out Kane's right leg. He continues to attack the leg with stomps, knees, elbow drops, and then he gets him in a Leg Grapevine. Kane is in the middle of the ring, away from the ropes. Somehow Kane manages to use what strength he had left in his leg to throw Christian off. Christian runs over and tags in Edge. Both men now stomp down Kane then hit a double suplex on him before Christian is forced out of the ring. Edge picks up where Christian left off dropping elbows onto Kane's Knee. Edge manages to pick Kane up and hits him with an Edgecution. He goes for the pin 1.....2....Kane gets a foot on the bottom rope. Edge drags Kane into the middle of the ring and pins again, this time hooking the leg 1.......2.....Kane kicks out with authority! Edge tags in Christian who goes for a quick pin 1....Kane kicks out straight away as Christian slaps the mat. He picks Kane up and sets him up for the Unprettier, and hits it! He goes for a lazy pin 1......2.....Kane Kicks out, and Christian goes ballistic! He grabs the ref and knocks him out cold. Meanwhile Edge has aquired two chairs from ringside and has slid them into the ring. Christian picks up one and the slam them on the mat signalling for the con-chair-to. Kan stands up, E&C swing, but Kane ducks! E&C drop the chairs upon impact. Edge reacts quickly attempting a spear, but Kane moves and he hits Christian sending him out of the ring. Edge turns around, and Kane gets a chokeslam onto one of the chairs. The ref comes round and counts the three.
Winner by pinfall at 11:05 and New World Tag Team Champions-Kane

Kane gets the tag titles and leaves the ring with them. Christian climbs back into the ring to check on Edge

Backstage, Eric Bischoff is giving Steiner a few last minute words

Eric: Listen Scott. I want you to cripple Chris Jericho. I mean really cripple him. I want his career to end tonight!

Steiner: Have you no faith in me? Do you really need to tell me to cripple someone? I'm Big Poppa Pump! I do that anyway!

Steiner flexes his muscles then leaves the room and makes his way to the ring

Lilian: The next match is for the EWF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Steiners music hits to a chorus of boos, then he makes his way onto the stage, flexing his muscles and taunting the crowd

Lilian: Making his way to the ring, from Detriot Michigan, weighing 267lbs, BIG POPPA PUMP, SCOTT STEINER!!!

Steiner gets into the ring and climbs the second turnbuckle and poses for the crowd

The countdown appears on the Pro-Tron. At zero, the pyro's explode and Jericho's music hits. A spotlight shine on the stage and jericho is there arms out-streched. He turns around to reveal the World Heavyweight Title around his waist

Lilian: His opponent, from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, He is the EWF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, Y2J CHRIS JERICHO!!!

Jericho slides into the ring, and locks eyes with Steiner. He removes his belt and gives it to the ref, who shows it to Steiner, then gives it to the timekeeper.

Main Event Chris Jericho(c) Vs Scott Steiner EWF World Heavyweight Championship Match
Both men circle each other, and are about to lock up when Bischoff's music plays. He comes out wearing a ref's shirt.

Eric: Jericho. I didn't like the way you agreed to this match so I've decided to make myself the special referee so I can make sure you don't try and pull anything!

He makes his way down to the ring and the other ref leaves. Yhe bell rings and the match is started. Both men circle the ring again, then lock up. Steiner gets the upper hand and locks in a side headlock. He hits Jericho a couple of times in the head, but Jericho manages to whip him off the ropes, only to be hit with a hard shoulder tackle by Freakzilla. Steiner capitalises with some clubbing blows to the back of Jericho, and then a Steiner-line. He flexes his right arm, the drops an elbow. Bischoff goes for the count 1..2. Stener gets off and starts doing push-ups, while bad mouthing Y2J. Afterwards he picks Jericho up, and hits a thunderous body slam. Bischoff makes a fast count 1..2..Jericho manages to kick out despite the fast count. Steiner picks him up again, and hoists him on his shoulder and hits an Oklahoma Slam and gets another fast count 1..2..Jericho kicks out again. Steiner is getting angry, so he gets Jericho in another Oklahoma Slam, only this time Jericho slips over the back, and pushes him into Bischoff, who hits the floor like a sack of potatoes. With Bischoff down Jericho nails a low blow on Steiner. He bounces off the ropes, and hits a Bulldog. Steiner is down in the middle of the ring. Jericho hits a massive Lionsault, and gets the pin, but there's no ref. Jericho counts himself 1....2....3....4....5. Out from the back comes the rest of the Administration. E&C, and D'Lo mass attack Jericho, untill Kane, HBK, and Nash show up and drive them away. Jericho and Steiner both get back up, but a mistimed punch from Steiner allows Jericho to lock in the Walls Of Jericho. Steiner is tapping out, but Bischoff is still "Out". Jericho is pissed off, and grabs Bischoff, who low blows Jericho, and Steiner hits a small package. Bischoff Delivers the count 1.....2....All of a sudden Undertaker's music hits. He rides out on his bike, and circles the ring. He stops at the ramp and gets off. He hops onto the apron and steps over the top rope. Steiner and Bischoff both stare at The Undertaker liek he is a ghost. Steiner goes to attack, but is driven down by a right hand, followed by Bischoff aswell. They both exit the ring and retreat to the safety of the ramp.
Match finished a No Contest

Undertaker gets on the mic

Taker: Steiner. Do you actually have balls? I thought you were a man. Now you need four guys to help you beat Chris Jericho? Well I decided to join Heatwave so I could teach you a lesson about fair play. Next week, you and me, number one contender's match, inside a CAGE!!!

The show goes off the air with Taker's music playing, and Taker saluting the crowd while Steiner and Bischoff leave the stage defeated.

----------------END OF SHOW---------------

Well that's it! I'll wait for comments before posting the next show.

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VERY good.

+ Promos were excellent.
+ Matches were pretty good.
+ Well sctructued.
+ Good Storyline/s.

- Last match felt a little rushed.

Grade: A

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I know. I was pretty tired and just wanted to finish it and go to bed. I should have the next show done in a few days, or if I'm up to it I could have it done by tonight.

Edit: Ok here's the preview for Explosion. (Not very detailed, but gets the point across}

Explosion 4th May LIVE!

What has Paul Heyman got in store on the First edition of Explosion?

Can he top an amazing Heatwave from last week?

Will the Heavyweight Champion, Triple H be at the show?

In a battle of the up and comers, Johnny Stamboil challenegs Randy Orton to a match to be entered into the Intetcontinental title tournament announced for next week.

A-Train and Nunzio also sqaure off in a one on one match to gain entry into the Tournament.

Plus Hollywood Hulk Hogan makes his Explosion debut!

All this and more on Explosion 4th May Live!!!
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