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The perfect way to end the Undertaker

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I know Undertaker is a good wrestler and all but he is getting a bit too old, so I've come up with a perfect storyline to end the Undertaker's career so here it goes.

It is announced that a trade will be made that night.
Undertaker is shown going to the office of Eric Bischoff. Undertaker comes out with a smile on his face. Later, Undertaker is shown coming out of Stephanie McMahon's office with a smile on his face.
Eric Bischoff and Stephanie McMahon come out. Eric calls out the Undertaker.
Eric: 'Taker you know we've talked about about it. Now just sign here in the contract and you're a part of Raw.
Taker grabs the contract.
Taker: No!
Taker chokeslams Bischoff
Stephanie: Good thing. Undertaker, you belong on SmackDown!
Taker: No, I don't!
Undertaker is about to give the last ride to Stephanie McMahon until Austin comes out.
Austin: Put her down right now.
Taker puts her down.
Taker: Or else what?
Austin: Or else you won't be allowed to go to Raw!
Taker smiles and signs Austin's contract.

The following day on Raw...
The main event is Triple H Vs. Undertaker for the heavyweight title or non-title depending if Triple H beats Goldberg at Summerslam or not.

When Undertaker is about to win, Evolution comes in and destroys the Undertaker and put him out for an injury for 7 months.

-There's been a buildup of Undertaker's return and Triple H has challenged him so he can stop the undefeated streak at WrestleMania once and for all.
-Triple H waits in the ring.
-Undertaker's music hits but nobody's coming out. The lights go off and the Undertaker's old music plays. Undertaker walks out with a purple haze following him to the ring.
-Triple H and Undertaker stare eachother down.
Triple H: Undertaker, how's about if I beat you then I end your career.
Undertaker: This is my last match, Hunter! I've beaten everybody around here. I just want to settle the score and stop wrestling. 'Cause Triple H, tonight you will be the last one to 'Rest In Peace!'

It's a long 1/2 an hour match until Undertaker tombstones Triple H 5 times and wins the match.

Undertaker says his goodbye's and leaves.
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No, I don't like it. 7 months, that is bad. Undertaker should have one LONG title run. I mean 3 or 4 months, then he should lose it , obviously if he is going to retire. I agree he should at least keep his Wrestlemania record. I really hope Undertaker continues to wrestle, because he is a fantastic wrestler and can work the mic as good as anyone. I just hope whenever the Undertaker retires it is a nice ending to a legends career, ie not like Hogan's with the WWE where he just left.


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Let's see.......if Angle wins the title at Summerslam against Brock Lesnar, he can keep it until Survivor Series where Taker beats him fair and square to win the title. The Dead Man can keep it until Wrestlemania where we can have a special match- something like the Elimination Chamber- where he is the last to be eliminated and loses the title. Taker can retire then and there to a standing ovation at the Garden.
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