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The perfect time for Damien Sandows' cash in is now!

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Cena beats ADR. After the match, ADR attacks Cena with a chair. He then proceeds to bring in steel steps, and knocks Cena out, BUT, ADR is not done! He is still demanding for John Cena to rise, as Cena gets to his knees, ADR with his signature super kick! Lights out! "HALLELUJAH" Sandow comes storming down for a quick win, 1...2...CENA KICKS OUT! Sandow is in disbelief and tries again. Same result. So he picks Cena up for his finisher..."CENA WITH AN STF OUTTA NOWHERE!! SANDOW TAPS!!!" That way, Sandow does not put the final nail in the coffin destroying the WHCs credibility by winning it, and WWE can begin to play on the fact a MITB is not 100% victory. And who better to lose to than Cena. Thoughts?
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MITB is already not a 100% victory because Cena already lost when he cashed it in, also no, Sandow has a bright future and I see no point is just throwing away his case after having him hold it all this time especially to Cena. Cena is already the top guy and if he loses it to Sandow he can feud for the WHC with him maybe even ADR too to build its credibility.
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