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this is in my view to be the perfect show:

Event name:Bad Blood

Match 1: HBK vs Shelton Benjerman for the #1 contender spot

Match 2: Chris Beniot vs Chris Jerico for the IC with no DQ

Match 3: Randy Ortan vs Catus Jack no DQ (lets face it it was a hell of a match) for the Hardcore

Match 4: Austin vs The Rock for wwe title

Match 5: Kane vs Taker in a casket/inferno/hardcore for the wolrd heavyweight

Match 6: Tommy Dreamer vs RVD in a Hardcore for the ecw championship

Match 7: Sting vs Bret Hart for the wcw championship

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Spelling Mistakes (God dammit)
Shelton Benjamin **
Randy Orton**
Chris Jericho **
Cactus Jack **
World Heavyweight ** (not wolrd heavyweight)

Good Card though.
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