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The Way Nitro should have finished!

OK I thought I'd give this ago, Mine starts just after the Sting Ric Flair Match at WCW Night of Champions, March 26th 2001.

Sting and Ric Flair leave the ring raising each others hand in respect for their great careers.

It then cuts to Vince MacMahon on the screen,

Vince: Well, Well, Well, looks like I finally won the Monday Night Wars, it also looks Like Ted Turners 'WCW Boys', couldn't cut what was needed to stay in this business. Now this brings me to what I'm going to do with WCW, should I put it on the self? Should I turn it into something like MY WWF?............Well I don't think so, next Monday night, all WCW superstars are requested at RAW, so I can look you all in the face individually and say YOUR FIRED, and Eric Biscoff I wish yo...............

Hit Biscoff's music

Eric: You know Vince...... While you have been rambling on about what your going to do with WCW, I've been making plans for what I'm going to do with WCW! You said earlier tonight, 'Who would have thought Vince MacMahon would ever open up a WCW broadcast', Well I've just fixed that problem, because we will never see you open up a WCW broadcast again, you know why? Because I've have just bought all rights to WCW!!!!!! So I only got one thing to say...... Good bye Vince!

Crown Cheers

Eric: Now for what I'm going to do with WCW, hmmmmmm Ah, I am as of now stripping Ric Flair as CEO of WCW, next I am going to take all belts tonight and make them vacant, so champs, would you please come out here.

Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman (Cruiser weight tag champs come out), Pulumbo and O'Haire (tag champs), Shane Helms (cruiser weight champ), and finally Booker T. (US champ and WCW world Heavyweight Champ).

Eric: Thank you, now would you all drop your belts on the ground and leave the ring.

All Champs drop belts, Booker T. hesitates and asks for a mic.

Booker T.: Eric what is up with dis?

Eric: Booker, leave your belts and you will find out, I'm sorry for what has happened in the past between you and me, but please trust me.

Booker T. throws his belts and Biscoff

Eric: OK now that that is done, its time for some changes, on April 12th there will be a new ppv airing, WCW Big Bang, everything will be anew. It is time for change around here, and I'm the man to do it.........


tell me what you think

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Show opens up with pyro going from every part of the arena.

Eric Biscoff makes his way to the ring

Eric: As you can see this is the new, and, improved, World Championship Wrestling! All titles will be decided tonight, except for one.... The WCW Cruiserweight Tag Championships, They will be decided tomorrow night on nitro.

Crowd boos

Eric: Our first match tonight will be the WCW Cruiserweight Championship, it will be a single elimination match, consisting of: Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman, Charvo Gurerro, Yun Yang, Kaz Hayashi, Shane Helms, Shannon Moore, Evan Karagais, Lash LeRoux, Elix Skipper, Kid Romeo, Jason Jett and last but not least, the returning Psycosis.

Crowd Cheers

Eric: Next will be the WCW tag team Championship match that will be a sudden death 4 way dance between Kronik, Pulumbo and O'Haire, Team Canada and the Boogy Knights.
Then will be the US title, that will be a mini Over the Top Rope Battle Royal with Hugh Morris, Rick Steiner, Dustin Rhodes, Kanyon, 'Francise' Shane Douglas, The Cat and Konnan.

Crowd Cheers

Eric: Also something else BIG is returning tonight.........the WCW Hardcore Championship, between Big Vito, Johnny the Bull, The Wall, Bam Bam Bigalow, Shawn Staziak and Reno. There will also be more surprises tonight ............... You will just have to wait and see.

Mixed boos and cheers because of suspending act

First Match
WCW Cruiserweight Title
Elimination Match
All Superstars enter the ring and start with some basic punches and speedy moves, as the match moves on Shannon hot a top rope X-plex on Lash Leroux, exit Lash, while recovering of dizzyness Charvo hits a brainbuster on Shannon pins for 1 2 3, exit Shannon, Kaz attacks Charvo while Yang gets not 1 not 2 but 3 ladders and puts them in the ring, Yang sets one up in the corner across the ropes and lays the already worked over Kid Romeo on the ladder Yang them pulls Charvo up and with the help from Kaz powerbombs Charvo onto Kid Romeo on the ladder, Shane Helms knocks Kaz and Yang out of the ring and Vetabreakers Chavo for the 1 2 3, exit Charvo, Jason Jett picks up the already limp body of Kid Romeo and hits the afterburn on him, just before Rey hits a Hunacarana on Jett, Kidman SSP's Kid Romeo 1 2 3, exit Romeo, Elix starts to work over Psysosis with his amazing agility and flexibility, he goes to hit the overdrive but Psycosis reverses to a tornado DDT, Yang then hits the corkscrew moonsult for the 1 2 3, exit Elix Skipper, Jason Jett works on Evan Karagais in the corner, Jung Dragons work on Kidman and lays him in the middle of the ring, the Dragons then set up the ladder in the corners and climb up them to hit a leg drop/body splash on Kidman 1 2 3, exit Kidman, Jason then turns his attention to the dragons, they fight their way to the outside, Rey goes for another Hunacarana on Shane but reverses it into a sit out powerbomb, reys gone for the 1 2 3, exit rey, psycosis comes to pick up the pieces on Shane with a Tornado DDT, but is reversed into a nightmare on helms street, Kaz breaks up the pin by hitting a leg drop on Shane, Psycosis rolls it into a small package for the 1 2 3, exit Shane, Jason hits a jumping DDT on Yang from the ladder, exit Yang for the 3 count, Kaz hits a karate kick to Jett's face which spins him to meet a very hard DDT form Psycosis, Kaz then hits Jett with a body splash off the top rope for the 1 2 3, exit Jason Jett, Psycosis whacks Kaz in the face with the ladder which he then proceeds to lay him to the ladder so he can hit a top rope leg drop, 1 2 3,
New Crusierweight Champion: Psycosis

Cuts to Backstage and see Biscoff talking on the phone

Eric: Uh huh.......yes...........so he signed?...............great
Hangs up phone
Eric: YES!

Second Match
Hardcore Championship
Hardcore Brawl
Many high sorts and innovative moves involving chairs, tables, trash cans, metal poles, monitors and nearly every weapon imaginable. Big Vito Hits a major Swinging DDT on the concrete to Johnny the Bull, but he is tended to by the paramedics, The Wall ChokeSlams BBB through a table with computers on it, but is soon taken out by Big Vito, while this is happening Reno hits a Roll the Dice on Shawn on a table for the 1 2 3,
New WCW Hardcore Champion: Reno

Third Match
Tag Team Championship
Sudden Death Fatal 4 Way
Fairly Slow match till Mike Awesome hits a Powerbomb on Disco, but Clark breaks up the pin, Pulumbo and O'haire come in the ring and start attacking everyone until Kronik fights back, Lance storm hits a super kick on Wright, then O'haire hits a Seantonbomb but is then down after with a meltdown from Bryan Clarke, Kronik then hits a High Time on Mike Awesome for the 1 2 3
New WCW Tag Team Champions: Kronik

Eric makes his way to the ring again

Eric: Well I guess it's time for my announcements. Firstly the WCW world title will be decided with a Gauntlet, with Lex Luger, Diamond Dallas Page, Booker T., Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett and last but not least, Sting, I called him last week and he said he would miss the 'Rebirth of WCW' for anything. Ah but thats not all, I have also undone some of Ric Flairs errors when he was CEO, I just have signed, Kevin Nash and WCW's biggest loss Goldberg. Thank you and good Night.

Forth Match
WCW United States Championship
Over The Top Rope Battle Royal
Kanyon Tries to start the match early by going after Dustin Rhodes, but is backdroped over the top rope, exit Kanyon, elimination's occur in this order, 2 Cat, 3 Rick, 4 Hugh, there are 3 men left, Dustin, Konnan and Francise, Dustin work on Francise for about 5 min but them Dustin accidentally eliminates Konnan, while in shock Francise hits a Franchiser on Dustin and the momentum throw Dustin out of the ring.
New WCW US Champion: 'Francise' Shane Douglas

Fifth Match
WCW World Heavyweight Championship
6 Man Gauntlet
First Enters DDP and Jeff Jarrett, they exchange blows for about 10 min until DDP hits a spin out powerbomb for the 1 2, kickout by Jarrett, they hit their trade mark moves, but then JJ slips in he Stroke but DDP, 1 2, barely Page kicks out. Jarrett goes to pick up DDP for another but reverses it to a Diamond Cutter, 1 2 3, exit Jarrett - enter Stiener, BPP comes in and manhandles DDP around the ring and then locks in a Stiener Recliner but DDP makes it to the ropes, Madajah distracts the ref while Stiener beats the hell out of page with his lead pipe, Steiner latches the recliner in again but Page is out, exit page - enter Booker T., Steiner waits for Booker but he comes through the crowd and nails stiener with a chair, booker hits his harlem side kick, scissor kick and book end but stiener still kicks out (thanks to Madajah), Booker goes and gets the chair while stiener gets the lead pipe, they hit each other simuntanosly both rebond into each others faces,m while Booker land on BPP for the 1 2 3, exit Stiener - enter Lex Luger, Kronik attack Luger from behind while on his way to the ring, they beat on him while Booker T. Recovers, they finally send luger in the ring and Booker hits the scissor kick followed by a book end, 1 2 3, exit Luger - enter Sting, luger gets back up and attacks Booker T while Sting makes his way to the ring, sting recuses Booker, but soon goes to work on him, Sting hits 5 stinger splashes and them allpies the Scorpian Deathlock, Booker makes it to the ropes Jarrett makes his way down to ringside, and whacks Sting with the guitar, Booker T covers Sting for the 1 2 3,
New WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Booker T.

Booker T Celebrates in the ring while Sting rols otu of the ring and after Jarrett, Booker does a Spin-a-rooni in the middle of the ring to celebrate as The Big Bang fades off air.

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Nitro Week 1


Pyro gos off

Eric Biscoff Enter the Ring

Eric: Well, Well, That went better than I thought is would, we've already got 1 match booked tonight, the WCW Cruiserweight Tag Titles, it will be a ladder match with but I'm not going to say who the teams are. I also thought I might announce that Goldberg and Kevin Nash are here in the build...........

Magnificent 7 arrive into the ring

Ric: Biscoff, you've made a big mistake by taking my CEO away from me, for that your going to have to pay.

Ric Steiner grabs Bischoff


Magnificent 7 don't back down but Nash stops just before he get into ring and tells them to turn around, Goldbergs standing there, he clears the ring with Nash and they both stand tall in the ring.

Eric: OK you want to beat something, how about 2 of your seven against my 2, what you say Flair?

Ric: Your on Biscoff

Match 1
Jason Jett vs. Shane Helms
Fast paced match with lots of High spots, Shane goes for the Verebreaker, but Jason Jett reverses into the Afterburn.
Winner: Jason Jett - Pinfall

Backstage Flair is talking to Lex and Buff about their match with Kronik tonight, Stieners come up to Flair.

Scott: We want the match with Nash and Goldberg tonight so I can put them back into retirement

Flair: Are you sure Scott, I mean it's Goldbrg and Nash ther............

Scott: What do you mean am I sure, don't you think I can do it? You know what Flair, F*ck you, common Rick, Madajah.

Enter Animal

Animal: What was that all about?

Flair: Scott's losing it, he's gonna snap soon.

Animal: Don't worry, I'll take care of it!

Match 2
Normal Tag
Totally Buffed vs. Kronik
Good Match, Totally buffed works over Adams for a while, Clarke finally gets the tag and clears house and goes for a Meltdown on Luger, Buff comes in and gives a low blow and hits the a reverse DDT, Luger gets back up and puts Adams in the torture rack then they hit a team Buff Blockbuster(u know the move they beat Goldberg with) 1 2 3
Winners: Totally Buffed - Pinfall

Kronik beat up T-B and hit a High Time on both of them

Backstage in the Magnificent 7's locker, Rick is out on the floor

Flair: What the Hell is going on here?

Jarrett: Rick's been taken out he's in the locker room.

Flair finds Animal

Flair: Why the Hell did you do that? We need Rick for tonight, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING!!!!!!!!!!!

Animal: I didn't do it, and you know Ric, I think Scott said it best, F*ck you!

Animal walks off

Match 3
WCW Crusiserweight Tag Team Championship
Ladder Match
Teams: 3 Count, Rey & Kidman, Jung Dragons and Elix Skipper & Kid Romeo, match starts with Hunacaranas and fast paced movement 3 Count are first to get a ladder and barrel people out of the way with it, they set it in place and climb up it but Evan is powerbombed off by Kaz and Shannon is backdroped off by Yang, Kid Romeo is put to outside and then this breaks out all the high flying stunts, cross bodies, moonsults, rope flips everything, Elix sets the ladder near the ropes and climbs up to do a moonsult off it to the outside, knocking down everyone. They all eventually recover and get back into the ring, Kidman hit a SSP onto Yang, Rey gets sent into the ropes and does the 619 (before the kick came in) and got a face buster on Shannon, Rey drags him to the corner and goes for a bronco buster but it is reversed with a foot to the groin, many more high points with innovative moves but while Shannon is knocked out due to a ladder shot to the head, and every going after each other, Rey Mysterio climbs up the ladder to get the belts.
New WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions: Rey Mysterio Jr. and Billy Kidman

Flair is Backstage talking with Jarrett

Flair: Damn that Animal, Jeff what are we going to do now?

Jarrett: Don't worry Flair, I got the 'perfect' person for the job

Whispers in Flairs ear

Flair: Oh, I like your thinking Double J, WHOOOOOOO it's going to be a party tonight!

Match 4
WCW Hardcore Championship
Mike Awesome vs. Reno
Mike with he's mixed style keeps Reno off guard until Mike misses a frog splash on Reno between two chairs, Reno then works on Awesomes lower back with crutches, chairs etc. Mike finally comes back and hits Reno with the Chair on the head, Awesome hits a powerbomb through a table on Reno for the 1 2 3
New WCW Hardcore Champion: Mike Awesome

Eric Backstage in his office

Eric: I'd like to now announce that the new WCW commissioner.......... The Cat

Crowd Cheers

Match 5
Tag Match
Goldberg and Kevin Nash vs. Scott Steiner and Rick Steiner
Rick Steiner barley makes it to the ring due to the beating he got, Match is slow Goldberg and Kevin Nash dominate most of it by beating on Rick and Scott, Madajah occasionally interfered, until Nash gave her a sidewalk slam, Scott took out the ref and got the Lead pipe and took out Nash's Knee with a shot to the back of it, Goldberg got into the ring and speared Steiner and then hit the Jackhammer but there was no ref to make the pin, Kurt Henning then runs down to the ring and hits Goldberg with a chair, Jarrett then runs down to ringside and yells and Kurt, then Hits him with the Guitar, Sting also comes down to go after Jarrett, but JJ escapes through the crowd, Sting gets in the ring and hits the Steiners with the bat and leaves, Nash then powerbombs Rick but cannot due to his weak knee, Kanyon runs down but is cut short by DDP, but he is also then attacked by The Wall, Wall gets in the ring and Chokeslams Goldberg and barley to Nash, Scott gets back in the ring and applies the Recliner to Nash who is already out, the ref recovers and calls for the bell
Winners: Scott and Rick Steiner - Submission

Steiners celebrate in the ring in between adding insult to injury against Nash and Goldberg.
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