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I have created a new SD and Raw. I have switched up the rosters in a draft type order. there will be a four week system where after 4 weeks pass a ppv featuring both SD and Raw will appear. The job of writing my Raw and SD will be chosen by me that I choose 1 will write raw and 1 will write SD. whoever I think can do the best for my shows will get the job. this job is open to anybody who is willing to write. Here are the rosters for Raw and SD.

HHH - World Heavyweight Title holder - heel
Edge - Intercontinental title holder - face
Dudley Boyz - Tag Ttitle holders - heel
Trish Stratus - Womens title holder - heel
Matt Hardy - Heat title holder - face
Undertaker - face
Kurt Angle - heel
Eddie Guerro - face
Chris Benoit - face
Booker T - heel
Christian - heel
Luther Reigns - heel
Eugene - face
Mark Henry - face
Ric Flair - heel
Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade - heel
Tajiri & Hass - face
Noble & Hurricane - face
Lita - face
Sable - heel
Miss Jackie - heel
Stacy Kiebler - face
Ivory - face
Chris Nowinsky - heel
Billy Gunn - face
Val Venis - heel
Spike Dudley - face
Scotty 2 Hotty - face
Rico - face
Akio - heel
Chuck Polumbo - heel
Steven Richards - heel

Jerry the King Lawler
Micheal Cole

Now for Smackdown.

Smack Down:
JBL - WWE title Holder - heel
HBK - U.S Champion chip holder - face
La Resistance - Tag title holders - heel
Victoria - Womens title holder - face
Rey Mysterio - Cruiserweight title holder - face
Rosey - Hardcore title holder - face
John Cena - face
Kane - heel
Randy Orton - face
Chris Jericoh - face
Big Show - heel
Rene Dupree - heel
Batista - heel
RVD - face
Shelton Benjaman - face
Kenzo Suzuki - heel
FBI - face
the Bashams - heel
Al Snow and Maven - face
Torrie Wilson - face
Molly Holly - heel
Dawn Marie - heel
Jazz - heel
Gail Kim - face
Chavo Guerro Jr. - heel
Paul London - face
Orlando Jordon - heel
Hardcore Holly - face
Sakoda - heel
Rhyno - face
William Regal - face
Test - heel
A Train - heel


the Gm's of Raw and Smackdown will be any body who writes Smack Down and Raw. The first PPv will be Vengenance.

the Raw wrestling Card goes like this first week:

1. Chris Nowinsky vs. Billy Gunn

2. Matt Hardy (defending title) vs. Chuck Polumbo

3. Stacy Kiebler vs. Sabel in a bikiny contest

4. Dudley Boyz (defending titles) vs. Jindrak & Cade

5. Edge vs. Christian

6. Eddie Guerro vs. Kurt Angle

7. Chris Benoit vs. HHH

end of Show

the Smack down wrestling card goes like this:

1. Rey Mysterio (defending title) vs. Chavo Guerro jr.

2. Rhyno & William Regal vs. Test & A Train

3. Gail Kim vs. Dawn Marie vs. Torrie Wilson

4. La Resistance (defending titles) vs. FBI

5. Rene Dupree vs. RVD

6. John Cena vs. Kane

7. Chris Jericoh vs. Kane (special guest referee JBL)

end of show.

the job is now open. lets see what you can do.
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