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This takes place 2 weeks after Wrestlemania21. The women have all been fired and the new TV title was decided at Wrestlemania. Here are the quick PPV results of both No Way Out and Wrestlemania.

No Way Out

WWE Title

JBL© vs. Big Show (Barbed wire Steel Cage match). JBL wins this one cleanly.

US title

John Cena© vs. Orlando Jordan. Jordan wins when the Bashams interfere behind the refs back to capture the title.

Cruiserweight title

Funaki© vs. Billy Kidman. Kidman wins via BK Bomb to capture the title.

Singles Match

Undertaker vs. Heidenreich. Heidenreich wins this one when Snitsky interferes. Heidenreich jumps to RAW to avoid Undertaker for good but has to deal with Kane.

Singles Match

Daniel Puder vs. Hardcore Holly. Puder wins when a returning Brock Lesnar and Matt Morgan help him. They then announce that they are a faction.

Tag Team Titles

The Bashams© vs. Eddie & Booker T. Bashams win when Eddie leaves Booker alone in the ring.

Wrestlemania21 Results

World Title

HHH© vs. Batista vs. Randy Orton. Batista wins the title when Flair turns on HHH in the end.

WWE Title

JBL© vs. John Cena. JBL wins when The Cabinet come out and help him. Scotty 2 Hotty comes out as he and Cena had been partners for the past few weeks and The Cabinet start laughing at him asking what he is going to do. He turns around and starts to stomp away on Cena and The Cabinet join in.

Interpromotional Match

Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels. Angle win when The Outsiders come out and help him.

US Title

Orlando Jordan© vs. Raven. Raven had showed up the past Smackdown after weeks of messages sent Jordan from him. Jordan retains with the help of The Cabinet..

TV Title

Maven vs. Matt Hardy vs. Val Venus vs. ???. ??? turned out to be newly acquired AJ Styles. Maven win the title pinning AJ Styles.

Interpromotional Match

Undertaker & Kane vs. Gene Snitsky & Jon Heidenreich. Undertaker and Kane win when both men tombstone piledriver both Snitsky and Heidenreich.

IC Title

Shelton Benjamin© vs. Muhammad Hassan. Hassan wins when Divari interferes to help him capture the title.

Singles Match

Eddie vs. Booker T. Eddie wins when he clocks Booker with a pair of brass knucks.

Cruiserweight Title

Scotty 2 Hotty defeats all Smackdown Cruiserweights including newly acquired Juventud Guerrera in a battle Royal, eliminating Kidman last.

3-on-2 Handicapped Match. Winners all get future Heavy Weight Title shots.

Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho vs. Edge, Christian & Tyson Tomko. Edge, Christian and Tomko win when Jericho taps out to Edge’s submission move and Benoit I hit with the Unprettier.​

At the end of the show Vince McMahon comes out and says that he is tired of the way the WWE is going and that it’s time for a shake-up. He says that he is tired of all the factions and groups and how they think they run the WWE. He then announces that there won’t be a RAW tomorrow instead there will be a 2 hour long lottery draft where every superstar that is not a champ will be part of. This brings JBL and his Cabinet out and JBL thanks Vince for giving him new people to beat. He then rambles off the people he has beaten since he became champion last June. Vince shakes his hand and says “Anything for a friends.”

I will still be doing EWF as well so don’t worry! If you would like to help me (i.e. banners, writing one of the shows and I write the other) just let me know.

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OK just to clear this up I did the draft completely randomly all the names where drawn out of a hat. This is the way they came out. I want to get the first show up tomorrow or Sunday. Anybody that wants to help me with this can do RAW. I'll do smackdown.

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OK I've found a partner in HBK_nWo33 and he will be writing the first show which will be the 2-hour draft lottery. At the end of the show will be all the trades made as well.

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Vince McMahon said:
Well, I had to get your attention somehow. But, first Raw is tomorrow!!

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The New WWE: RAW
4th April 2005
JR:Welcome to Monday night Raw!! And boy, do we have a show for you tonight folks!

King:No doubt JR! After Wrestlemania 21 last night, Vince announced a bit of a shake up around here, and tonight we have the brand lottery!!

JR:Teams, friendships, rivalries, can all be ended tonight! Folks, everybody but each of the brands respected champions, will be put into the lottery draw tonight! So welcome folks at home to a special draft lottery edition of WWE Raw!!!

We cut to the stage to where Eric Bischoff and Theodore Long are stood by a lottery bowl. It then shows you a locker full of WWE Superstars, with JBL’s Cabinet stood in the back corner with smug looks on their faces. The camera cuts back to where Bischoff and Long are stood. We see Vince walk up to them.

Vince:Well gentlemen, you know the rules, the pair of you will draw a ball from the bowl one after another until every superstar has been pulled out. Then the balls for the tag teams will be released and you will do the same from them. Good luck to the pair of you.

The balls are shook up while the two GM’s shake hands, Long smiles during the hand shake while Bischoff’s seems to be an act.

JR:Well, Smackdown get first pick out of the singles superstars, which means that Raw gets the first draw out of the tag teams.

King:Oh man JR, I can’t wait! The tensions are running high and we don’t know who we could be seeing next week!

The balls stop spinning and Long looks at the balls then back up at Bischoff.

Bischoff (forced):Good luck.

Long:Oh I won’t need it playa!

Long now dips his hands into the bowl and pulls out a ball. He opens up the capsule to reveal a piece of paper. Long unfolds the paper and reads the name...

Long:The first draw for the Smackdown roster is… Christopher Nowinski!

Bischoff starts to chuckle.

Long:Find something funny playa?

Bischoff (laughing):Well, yeah I do actually. Nowinski can’t wrestle! He’s out of action!

Long:Well, that’s where you’re wrong, cos you see I phoned him earlier and he said he can return to action in three weeks! Holla!!

Bischoff stops laughing and almost starts choking. He looks at Long who is looking back smugly. Bischoff then sarcastically smiles back and then dips his hand into the bowl. He then pulls one out and also opens it up.

Bischoff:And the first draw for Raw is… *unfolds paper* Billy Kidman! *to Long* You just lost one of your better cruiserweights to me Theodore.

In the locker room Kidman is handed his Raw shirt, which he proudly puts on.

The camera now cuts back to the two GM’s who are still at knifes edge with each other. Theodore Long dips his hand into the bowl.

Long:Smackdown’s second superstar is Matt Morgan!

Bischoff looks a little disappointed at this but takes it in his stride. He now takes his next ball.

Bischoff:Raw now has…the phenomenal, A-J-Styles!!! This is really starting to go Raw’s way!

Back in the locker room AJ receives his Raw shirt and he goes and stands with Billy Kidman who welcomes him to Raw. The two then stand there with smiles on their faces.

The camera cuts to where Coach is stood with Ric Flair.

Coach:Ric, last night you shocked the world when you turned on your fellow Evolution member Triple H to help Batista get his victory for the World Title.

Flair:Woo! Damn right I did! You see, last night I showed the world what Evolution is all about. It’s not about Triple H like he tried to turn it into, no, it was about passing down the torch through the wrestling evolution. And last night that’s what I did, as the new generation of wrestling, Batista, is now the Worlds Heavyweight Champion, woo!! Ha, ha!

Flair walks off doing his strut and he walks up to Batista.

Flair:Woo! You the champ big man! You the man!

The camera cuts back to where the two GMs are stood and Long now gets his next ball.

Long: Well Eric, Smackdown now has…the Rabid Wolverine, Chris Beniot!!!

Bischoff is now looking really pissed after losing one of his top main eventers.

Long: Looks like I can turn this back around then playa!

Bischoff gets his ball and opens it up, he has a big smile on his face.

Bischoff: Well, Raw has just made quite a comeback with this draw, because Raw now has Kurt Angle!!!

Long is now mad seeing as Raw seems to be doing quite a bit better than Smackdown.

Long is about to dip his hand into the bowl for his next pick when ‘You Think You Know Me’ hits. Edge, Christian and Tomko then come out. Edge signals to Long not to bother getting his next ball out because they need to speak to Bischoff.

Edge: Eric, last night me, Christian and Tyson won our match against Jericho and Beniot. So, we need to get our title shot, because we might not even be here after tonight! We deserve, hell, you OWE us our shots.

Bischoff: I see where you’re coming from, and I agree, you do deserve your shots, which is why tonight our newly crowned World Heavyweight Champion Batista can have his first title defense against Christian! And then, if he manages to get through Christian, he can also have his second and possibly even third title defense, because tonight Batista will have to face a Gauntlet with you three as his opponents with his World Heavyweight Championship on the line!

Edge, Christian and Tomko all smile and laugh with Bischoff, Edge shakes Bischoff’s hand before the three leave.

Long: You finished?

Long then picks his ball out of the bowl and opens it.

Long: Smackdown now welcomes the master of hardcore, Raven!

Bischoff has already picked out his ball and is currently unfolding the sheet.

Bischoff: Well, you may have Raven, but Raw has the Doctor of Thuganomics, John Cena!

Long looks a little affected but not much. He quickly gets his ball out and opens it up.

Long: Smackdown now has…Charlie Haas.

Bischoff now cockily feels around the balls and then pulls out one.

Bischoff: Raw has just signed the Next Big Thing, Brock Lesnar!!!

Long is furious! While he is pacing up and down to control his anger we go to the superstars who are split, but at the back of the room we see Flair looking a little worried while Batista is stood smiling now he has another big man to fight.

Long: Playa, I am confident your luck has run out, so I am going to give the next superstar drawn out for Smackdown a WWE Championship shot tonight!

Bischoff sarcastically looks to be really bothered while we see JBL and his cabinet kicking up a fuss at the back of the superstar’s locker room. Long now picks out the ball.

Long: Smackdown’s pick is…oh Eric, it’s gonna be quite some match tonight playa! Smackdown has just signed…the Game, Triple H!!

Bischoff storms off the stage after losing possibly his biggest star to Smackdown, Long however is dancing around. We cut to the dressing room where all the Raw superstars are celebrating and all the Smackdown superstars seem to be disappointed. JBL and his cabinet are pissed. It cuts back to the stage where Bischoff is unfolding his next signing.

Bischoff: Raw proudly welcomes…Tyson Tomko!

We see in the locker room Edge, Christian and Tomko are looking a little edgy. Edge and Christian are clearly looking to be drawn to Raw to keep their problem solver.

The camera cuts to the arena where Muhammad Hassan’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring with the Intercontinental Championship around his waist. We then see Daivari following Hassan out onto the stage. Hassan raises his arms to a lot of heat from the full American crowd. He then heads down to the ring pointing at the title and taunting fans. He climbs in and taunts again before removing his turban. ‘You Are’ hits and the fans go crazy! AJ Styles makes his way out onto the stage and he does his taunt. He then walks down to the ring slapping fans hands. He climbs in and he takes his hood down while doing his taunt again. He then removes his top and gets ready for the match.

Intercontinental Championship
Muhammad Hassan (c) w/ Khosrow Daivari vs AJ Styles
AJ manages to get control of the match early and maintains it throughout the match with fast paced and high flying moves. After a corkscrew moonsault Daivari puts Hassan’s leg on the bottom rope. Styles saw it was Daivari and quickly slides out of the ring, he then chases after him. Daivari runs into the ring, followed by Styles. But Daivari quickly runs off to the left and out of the ring while Styles runs straight into a STO. Hassan then covers for the three count.
Winner – and still Intercontinental Champion – Muhammad Hassan

Hassan raises his arms while Daivari grabs the Intercontinental Title and brings it into the ring. He puts it around Hassan’s waist and then Hassan raises his arms again.

JR: An impressive performance there by AJ Styles! What a damn shame that Daivari had to get involved, we could have had a new Intercontinental Champion!

King: Well, I hate these two as much as anyone but they are definitely smart when it comes to the ring.

JR: Folks, during this match the two shows drew out some more superstars. Smackdown signed the Big Show and Funaki, while Raw drew out Al Snow and Bischoff is just about to reveal his next pick!

Bischoff: May I please welcome…Latino Heat, Eddie Guerrero to the Raw roster!! It looks like Raw is already confirmed the superior brand.

Long is quite angry but now picks out another capsule.

Long: That was quite a loss, I’ll agree. But I think that I have just made up for it! You see playa; Smackdown has just got the HeartBreak Kid Shawn Michaels!!!

Bischoff looks fairly disappointed but he still has Eddie so they’re kind of even.

Bischoff: Long, you’re not the only person who can take a chance, because the next person out of this bowl will challenge Maven for the Television Championship!!

Long looks on looking remotely impressed while Bischoff gets out the ball.

Bischoff: The superstar to face Maven next is…Shelton Benjamin! Get this match started!

AIN’T NO STOPPING ME, NOOO! Benjamin’s pyros go up and he makes his way down to the ring. He walks past Bischoff and Long and just looks at them. He slaps fans hands on his way down the ramp and then climbs into the ring. He climbs the turnbuckle and slaps his head before raising his arms into the air to a decent pop. Maven’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring with the TV title around his waist. He gets decent heat from the fans and he looks up at Benjamin who does the title taunt, saying he’s gonna win the belt. Maven climbs into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle; he then instead of raising his arms just brushes away the fans like nothing.

Television Championship
Maven (c) vs Shelton Benjamin
The match starts off with Benjamin controlling Maven hitting quite a few of his signature moves. Maven manages to get back into it after a low blow which goes unnoticed by the referee. Maven goes for his diving missile dropkick, but Benjamin ducks it and then goes for a T-Bone! Maven counters it into a school boy and then uses the ropes for the three count.
Winner – and still Television Champion – Maven

Maven quickly slides out of the ring and the referee gives him his title, he backs up the ramp with his arm raised high by the ref and his other arm in the air showing off his title.

King: Maven retains!

JR: With the help of ropes.

King: I didn’t see that!

JR: Well he did, look, look; it’s there on the replay.

King: Maybe he did, but if the ref didn’t see it…

JR: Well, Maven is still the TV Champion, and once again there was more draws during this match Smackdown received The Undertaker, Spike Dudley and Akio while Raw picked Val Venis, Steven Richard and Garrison Cade.

King: Well, big news for Smackdown there, they now have The Phenom, the Deadman on their roster.

Long now dips into the bowl.

Long: Smackdown has just signed a legend in The Undertaker, and now we have signed the Legend Killer, Randy Orton!

The fans cheer while Bischoff looks on in disappointment, but he gets his next ball anyway.

Bischoff: Well, I have just got Y-2-J, Chris Jericho!!!!

The fans go wild and Jericho is seen backstage with a mixed reaction. Bischoff smiles and chuckles right in Long’s face which doesn’t seem to affect Long. It goes back to where Jericho is stood and Coach runs up to him.

Coach: Chris, we just found out that you are staying with Raw.

Jericho:Yeah, this is a good thing for me although I was looking forward to Smackdown because I’m sick of that assclown Eric Bischoff always underestimating me. But I am just going to show Bischoff that I deserve to be the World Heavyweight Champion!

Bischoff: Chris! Chris! I’m an assclown? I underestimate you? Well let’s see how good you are, when you go one on one with…Latino Heat, Eddie Guerrero!

Jericho: Fine by me assclown! Eddie, tonight you will suffer your first defeat here on Raw. Whether you lie, cheat or steal you will tap to the Walls of Jericho!!

‘Viva La Raza’ Eddie comes out in his low-rider to a big amount of heat from the fans. He climbs out and taunts fan; he then says ‘What?’ asking why they’re booing him. He climbs into the ring and taunts on the turnbuckle. Y2J’s countdown starts and then his pyros go off. Jericho walks out onto the stage and does his taunt before turning back around to face the fans. He walks down the ramp slapping some fans hands, and taunting. He then climbs up the steps and does his taunt on the apron, but Eddie attacks Jericho from behind sending him gut first into the security barrier! Eddie receives a lot of heat but he just shrugs it off.

Chris Jericho vs Eddie Guerrero
Eddie dominates most of the match due to his attack at the beginning. But Jericho manages to fight back after rolling out of the way of the Frog Splash!! Jericho eventually makes Eddie tap to the Walls of Jericho after a grueling match.
Winner – Chris Jericho – Submission

Jericho taunts to a huge pop. He then heads backstage while Eddie Guerrero leaves the ring disappointed and annoyed.

King: What a match!

JR: Indeed it was King, but only man could win and tonight that man was Chris Jericho.

King: JR, the lottery continues; let’s update you on the draws during the match we have just seen. Smackdown have signed Chavo Guerrero, Juventud Guerrera and here’s the big one JR, The Rock!

JR: Well, we can show you Eric Bischoff’s reaction when Theodore Long pulled out that ball. And as you see King, he wasn’t very happy.

King: I don’t blame him, that’s two of the biggest names in this company exclusive to Smackdown. But, don’t forget while they were happening Raw still had their picks Daniel Puder, Mick Foley and 5 time, 5 time WCW Champion Booker T!

JR: We now join Eric Bischoff and Theodore Long live as Mr Long is about to announce his next pick.

The camera cuts to Bischoff and Long on the stage, Long is ready announce his next pick.

Long: Smackdown welcomes one of the best Cruiserweights in this industry, Paul London!

Bischoff acts scared sarcastically while getting his ball.

Bischoff: Well Teddy, may I call you that?

Long: If you wish playa

Bischoff: Raw has just signed Sakoda!

Eddie gets back to the dressing room and he bumps into Booker T who is wearing his Raw shirt. Eddie looks a little taken aback and Booker T gets in Eddie’s face. The two then have a stare down before Eddie steps back.

Eddie (jokingly, laughing): Relax holmes!

Eddie then walks on.

We cut to Edge, Christian and Tomko’s dressing room where they are preparing for their gauntlet match.

Edge: Christian, you’re up first. You get the first chance at that World Title. And if you don’t manage, then we have the big man here Tyson, it’ll be your turn. And if you don’t manage then I’m bringing home the gold for camp E&C.

The three leave the dressing room and the camera comes back to the arena where Batista’s music hits. Batista comes out with the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist and Flair following him bowing, the fans give a big pop for these two with quite a lot of the audience shouting Woo! Batista does his taunt on the stage before the two head down the ramp to the ring. Batista climbs into the ring and flexes his muscles on the turnbuckle. He climbs down and prepares for the match. ‘Just Close Eyes’ hits and Christian makes his way down to the ring wearing his jacket and trousers over his attire. He taunts on his way down the ramp to a fair amount of heat from the fans. Christian climbs into the ring and does his taunt on the turnbuckle before climbing down and removing his jacket and trousers.

World Heavyweight Championship
Gauntlet Match
Batista (c) vs Christian
Christian gets a little offense at the start but Batista basically dominates. He hits a hard clothesline on Christian early which nearly knocks him out. He hits a big spinebuster followed by the Batista Bomb for the three count.
Winner – and still World Heavyweight Champion – Batista

Christian rolls out of the ring and Tomko’s music hits. Tomko makes his way down to the ring and he climbs in. Him and Batista get in each others faces.

World Heavyweight Championship
Gauntlet Match
Batista (c) vs Tyson Tomko
After neither mans attacks can manage to move the opponent at all Tomko hits Batista with a big knee to the midsection to get control. Tomko hits a big boot on Batista! But Batista manages to kick out at two!!! Tomko is in shock and sets up another one, but this time when he runs at Batista he gets on the receiving end of a spinebuster. Batista then gets Tomko up for the Batista Bomb and hits it once, but doesn’t cover, instead he hits it again and covers for the three count.
Winner – and still World Heavyweight Champion – Batista

Tomko rolls out of the ring and hits the floor in frustration, ‘You Think You Know Me’ Edge’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring taunting the fans to an amazing amount of heat. He then walks down the ramp and slides into the ring. He stays on the floor for a few seconds as usual and then gets to his feet and stands on the second rope in the corner. Edge then climbs down and takes of his shades and jacket.

World Heavyweight Championship
Gauntlet Match
Batista (c) vs Edge
Edge gets an early advantage after hitting Batista with a cheap shot straight after he removed his jacket. Edge continued to stomp on Batista for a bit to wear him down. Edge was clearly in control for the starting part of the match and he managed to hit the Edgecution! Edge covered but only to get a two count. Edge argued with the referee, but for too long. Batista got up and as soon as Edge turned around, Batista nearly took his head off with a huge clothesline. Batista covered for a two count, Flair is stood at ringside encouraging Batista. Batista manages to hit a huge spinebuster on Edge, still only to a two count. Batista calls for the powerbomb and then sets Edge up for it. Batista lifts him up for the Batista Bomb but Edge counters it through to a victory roll. Batista just kicks out at two! Both men get up and exchange right hand, but Batista manages to get the advantage and back Edge up to the ropes. He then irish whips him and Edge bounces back with a spear!! Edge goes over to the corner and crouches down, waiting for Batista to get up. Edge hits a Spear!!!!! Edge covers but Flair puts Batista’s foot on the rope! Edge doesn’t see it and celebrates, the referee then tells him about Batista’s foot on the rope. Edge turns around and walks straight into a Batista Bomb!! Batista covers for the three count.
Winner – and still World Heavyweight Champion – Batista

JR: Batista just go through one or two, but all three members of E&C!

King: I can’t believe it! Edge was screwed again!

JR: Oh you’re as bad as he is!

Down in the ring Batista and Flair are celebrating the victory and then head backstage with then World Heavyweight Championship. Edge now gets up.

Edge: Flair! Batista! I should have won that! You screwed me out of that Championship!!

The referee is leaving the ring.

Edge: You! It was your fault!! You should have told me about Batista foot on that rope dammit!! You let me waste time celebrating which cost me my title!!

Edge suddenly drops the mic and spears the referee. He then leaves the ring screaming ‘It’s all your fault’.

JR: As usual Edge blaming everyone but himself for his loss, folks there was no lottery picks made during that last match. Which leads us to Smackdown’s General Manager Theodore Long.

Long: Oh holla! Smackdown now has…Captain Charisma, Christian!!

Backstage Christian is irate. Tomko and Edge are also pissed but Christian is really irate, he throws the television over and storms out of the room.

‘Just Close Your Eyes’ hits and Christian comes out onto the stage.

Christian: What? What are you playing at Long?! Dammit, this thing was fixed from the start! How dare you split up E&C?! We are the most dominant tag team in the history of professional wrestling! You can’t split us up!! I wanna be traded!!!

Bischoff: Christian, calm down. I understand your anger, but unfortunately you didn’t win here, so you aren’t guaranteed to be on Raw, so that means that you are unfortunately on Smackdown. Accept it, and move on. Now for Raw…the Big Red Machine, KANE!!!!

Bischoff smiles and seems pleased with this draw, Long just ignores him and draws his ball.

Long: And for Smackdown…Bill DeMott!

Bischoff is annoyed that Long continued while he was celebrating so he quickly gets his ball.

Bischoff: Hardcore Holly!

Long even quicker grabs the next ball.

Long: Shannon Moore!

Bischoff laughs.

Long: What’s so funny?

Bischoff: Oh come on, you know as well as I do that Shannon Moore can’t do anything!

Long: We’ll see playa.

Bischoff looks at Long funnily and doesn’t take his eyes off him as he grabs the next ball.

Bischoff: Matt Hardy!!

Long grabs his ball while Bischoff was opening his and then Bischoff quickly snatches the last ball.

Long: Smackdown’s last singles superstar…The Nature Boy, Ric Flair!!

Backstage we see Batista and Flair irate. The two then say their goodbyes and Flair wishes Batista luck for the future.

Bischoff: And the final singles superstar left, also Raw’s last singles superstar…Edge!!!!

Bischoff and Long get in each others faces and get annoyed with each other. It is clear that they are still racing to annoy each other when the bowl gets filled up with the tag team balls and Bischoff grabs his straight away.

Bischoff: I go first for this one! And Raw gets…Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki!

Long instantly cuts Bischoff off.

Long: Smackdown…The Outsiders, Kevin Nash and Scott Ha-

Bischoff looks pissed that Long interrupted him and cuts him off.

Bischoff: Jesus and Carlito Caribbean Coo-

Long: Mark Henry and Rodney Ma-

Bischoff: Mark Jindrak and Luther Re-

Long:The Dudley Boyz, D-Von and Bub-

Bischoff: FBI, Nunzio and Johnny Stam-

Long: Rosey and The Hurr-

Bischoff: Gene Snitsky and Heidenrei-

Long: Rey Mysterio and Rob V-

Bischoff: Rhyno and T-

Long: Eugene and William Regal!

The two now get in each others faces now they have finished with the draw. Vince McMahon’s music hits and he makes his way out onto the stage.

Vince: What the hell is wrong with you two?! Grow up! Interrupting each other, fighting, you’re like a bunch of kids!

Referees and crew members come out and separate the two GM’s. They drag them backstage. Vince then follows them. We next see them all sat in a room. The crew members and referees are sitting the two GMs down when Vince walks in.

Vince: Enough! Calm down!! You two are going to sit here and you are going to get along, at least for tonight, because you have to discuss trades. So, we are all going to leave you now, and if I find out you two don’t get along nicely and discuss these trades then I will not hesitate to fire you both!!

Vince leaves them and they sit there staring at each other.

Back in the arena. JBL’s music hits and the WWE Champion’s limo pulls out in the arena. It stops and JBL followed by The Bashams, Scotty and Orlando Jordan get out of the limo. Each one has a title around their waist, except JBL who is carrying it in his hand. JBL taunts raising both arms, holding the WWE Championship for all to see. The Cabinet then walk down the ramp and into the ring; JBL first taunts on the turnbuckle and then all four members stand in the ring and raise each others arms. All four stand in the ring celebrating. Triple H’s music hits and the fans have a mixed reaction for Triple H. Triple H comes out wearing a Raw shirt. He drinks his water and spits it out. He then walks down to the ring and climbs onto the apron. He does his water spit and then stares out at the crowd. Triple H then rips his Raw shirt up to reveal a Smackdown shirt. He then climbs into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle to do his taunt. When he climbs down he rips the Smackdown shirt up to fight the match.

WWE Championship
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield (c) vs Triple H
A fairly even match with quite a lot of interference from the Cabinet. Triple H hits a Pedigree on JBL and Scotty jumps up onto the apron and tries to get into the ring, the referee tries to restrain him. While this is happening the rest of the Cabinet climbs into the ring and goes to beat up Triple H. But Triple H notices, he then hits Jordan with a right hand, then Danny with a running knee smash. Doug goes for a clothesline but Triple H ducks it and then hits a DDT. Triple H then goes for a Pedigree to Danny but Doug and Orlando attack Triple H. All three then stomp on Triple H and the Bashams then hit a clothesline and Russian leg sweep type double team move and then all three leave the ring. Scotty now jumps down and JBL crawls over into the cover. But Triple H kicks out at two!!! The Cabinet and JBL are all shocked!! JBL covers again in disbelief; Triple H once again kicks out at two! JBL now sets up the Clothesline from Hell, but Triple H ducks it! He goes for the Pedigree, but JBL gets out of it and then smashes him with the Clothesline from Hell!! JBL covers for the three count.
Winner – and still the WWE Champion – John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield

JBL celebrates with The Cabinet. All four once again raise each others arms, everyone with gold. JBL calls for a microphone.

JBL: Nothing, and no one is going to end the John Bradshaw Layfield era. And now, that I have my cabinet, we have all the gold. And this Thursday Smackdown will open up with The Cabinet’s celebration party. So this week on Smackdown, we celebrate our victories.

Backstage Long and Bischoff leave the office. They then head out to the arena.

Bischoff: Me and Theodore Long now would like to announce the trades between the Raw and Smackdown rosters. First of all Billy Kidman will go to Smackdown, and Bill DeMott will come to Raw!

Long: And Smackdown will give Raw Akio for Matt Hardy!

Bischoff: That’s not it! We also have Raven coming to Raw and AJ Styles going over to Smackdown!

Long: And Smackdown will now receive Tyson Tomko in return Raw receive Christopher Nowinski!!

Bischoff: Now we get to the two big ones. Smackdown receive Kurt Angle…

Long: And Raw will get The Undertaker!!

Crowd goes crazy at the mention of his name.

Bischoff: And finally, Smackdown will receive Y2J…

Long: And Raw…Triple H!!!!!!!

The crowd goes crazy!!! Triple H is still heading backstage and looks at Bischoff, Triple H and Bischoff smile at each as the show fades to black.


Bill DeMott
The Undertaker
John Cena
Brock Lesnar
Christopher Nowinski
Al Snow
Eddie Guerrero
Shelton Benjamin
Val Venis
Steven Richards
Garrison Cade
Triple H
Daniel Puder
Mick Foley
Booker T
Hardcore Holly

Tag Teams:
Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki
Carlito Caribbean Cool & Jesus
Mark Jindrak & Luther Reigns
Nunzio & Johnny Stamboli
Gene Snitsky & Heidenreich
Rhyno & Tajiri

Tyson Tomko
Matt Morgan
Chris Beniot
AJ Styles
Chris Jericho
Charlie Haas
Big Show
Shawn Michaels
Kurt Angle
Spike Dudley
Matt Hardy
Randy Orton
Chavo Guerrero
Juventud Guerrera
The Rock
Paul London
Billy Kidman
Shannon Moore
Ric Flair

Tag Teams:
Kevin Nash & Scott Hall
Mark Henry & Rodney Mack
Dudley Boyz
Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam
Eugene & William Regal

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Great show man! Not going to do to much in depth because it was mostly lottery picks, but great idea to do it in a show. Good stuff and the roster looks good. Hopefully Jericho getting traded to Smackdown will equal WWE title! Great Show, look forward to Smackdown. 8.5/10

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Pretty good first show which was good for a draft lottery show. The roster which it caused is good. Should be interesting to see what direction you take this. 8/10 Should be interesting to see what you come up with in the future. Hopefully more superstars are brought in throughtout the coming weeks as the rosters seem quite small to me.

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Great show man, I like how you did the draft and had matches in there, I don't know why people say that the rosters are small, there's 21 superstars on each show and 6 tag teams for a total of 33 wrestlers on the shows. Not that small. Again great show, it's gonna be cool working with you. Smackdown will be up on Thusday!

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Folks, C...L....B is going to post up Smackdown very soon, Raw shall be posted straight after, this thread is not ended. Smackdown will probably be up tomorrow, or today, and Raw will follow soon after!

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Heavyweight Division:
Champion: JBL
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Big Show
Shawn Michaels
Kurt Angle
The Rock (Contract Negotiations)
Randy Orton
US Division:
Champion: Orlando Jordan
Tyson Tomko
Matt Morgan
Charlie Haas
Matt Hardy
Ric Flair
AJ Styles
Cruiserweight Division:
Champion: Scotty
Spike Dudley
Chavo Guerrero
Juventud Guerrera
Paul London
Billy Kidman
Shannon Moore
Tag Team Division:
Champions: The Basham Brothers
Kevin Nash & Scott Hall
Mark Henry & Rodney Mack
Dudley Boys
Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam
Eugene & William Regal

**Note** Some wrestlers in the tag division will compete in other divisions at times

The Smackdown! Music Video is aired followed by the pyro. The camera zooms around the packed arena looking at all those signs that the fans made.

Cole: “Welcome to Smackdown ladies and gentlemen, four days ago Wrestlemania rang high in the air, but as the saying goes all good things must come to an end. But don’t worry because next year it will be back!”

Tazz: “Yeah Wrestlemania was great, but Smackdown has a brand new roster after the rocket-buster of an announcement Mr. McMahon made at the very end of Wrestlemania where every superstar that wasn’t a champion was in it! Out with ‘Taker, John Cena, Booker T and Eddie and in with Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair! The new roster will prove that Smackdown is the superior brand Cole.”

Cole: “You’re right about that Tazz, but we are still stuck with The Cabinet, JBL and his goons.”

Tazz: “What’s wrong with The Cabinet, I like them.”

*JBL’s Music hit’s*

Cole: “Speaking of JBL and his goons here they come.”

The stretch limo appears on the stage and we see JBL through the roof of the limo. He takes off his cowboy hat and signals to the fans by tipping his hat. The limo comes to a stop and the driver gets out of the limo and opens the door. Scotty steps out follow by The Bashams, then Orlando Jordan they all circle around the limo as JBL gets out and puts his hands in the air. The Cabinet members start clapping. They make their way to the ring with all the Smackdown gold around their waists. They get into the ring and JBL signals to the fans yet again with the other member clapping in the background. JBL grabs a mic and speaks into it.

JBL: “Yet again it’s morning in America! The Cabinet was superior at Wrestlemania retaining all the titles as well as gaining the 4th and final title as well as the 5th member, everybody welcome Scotty.”

The fans boo as we hear a “You screwed Cena” chant going up through the rafters.

JBL: “Yes we did screw Cena didn’t we? But it was great how we did it. We took Scotty here beat down on him for a few weeks, have him run to the ring, make it look like he is going to try and help John out and all of a sudden turn on him and joining the elite Cabinet. And the best thing is we don’t have to worry about Cena any more as he is on Raw. HAHAHA. So crack the champagne cause The Cabinet is here to party! We are the most dominating team in WWE history and we have the belts to prove it! There is nobody in that locker room that can beat us and we know it.”

JBL cracks a bottle of champagne and is just about to drink it when…

*Chris Jericho’s Music hit’s*

Jericho appears on the stage. He walks around the stage and pumps his right arm to his side.

Jericho: “Welcome to Smackdown is…Jericho! Now JBL at the end of Wrestlemaniaaa, (pop from the crowd) Mr. McMahon made an announcement, a ground breaking one and you JBL said that you where happy because you would get new competition, well the Eidola of Rock and Rolla is here! He has answered the call baby! So JBL how about tonight we have a little match?”

JBL: “You want a match against me? I’m sorry that just is not going to happen tonight. I mean I just came off my biggest title defence in history just barley escaping beating John Cena, that rap clown, but I still won. I am a wrestling god and you Chris are a wrestling wanna be. When’s the last time you had a title shot and when is the last time that I unsuccessfully defended my title? So what makes you even think that you are in my league? I’m the great JBL and you are the lousy no good Chris Jericho. So no I will not wrestle you here tonight, you must wait in line like everybody else.”

*Theodore Long’s Music Hits*

Long makes his way onto the stage with a mic in hand and stands beside Jericho, he shakes his hand and welcomes him to Smackdown. He then focuses on JBL and his Cabinet.

Long: “JBL, playa, who do you think you are? You think you decide when you get to defend the WWE Title? Forget About it, I’m in charge here and what I say goes! So tonight playa…”

JBL: “I’m not your “playa” Teddy, I’m the champ and I deserve a little bit of respect! For almost a year now Teddy you have been making my life a living hell and enough is enough treat me like you treat every other man in that locker room.”

Long: “Listen playa I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to. I’m in charge not you. Ya dig? Now if you don’t like the way I’m running the show, hand me that title and leave, but if you do don’t ever think about coming back. Now as for a title defence by you tonight JBL, it will happen and your opponent will be none other then…”

Long is cut off by Vince McMahon’s music as the Chairman mans his way to the stage.

McMahon: “Theodore Long. You cannot make that match. You are no longer the General Manager of Smackdown. Even though Carlito is no longer on Smackdown his pension went through and with 3,000 votes, one third of them from fans, and we listen to what the fans have to say, Teddy, I have no choice but to say…YOUR F…”

Long: “Now hold up a minute playa, I understand that you think that just because Carlito’s little pension had 3,000 signatures that I am done. But I got news for you Vinny Mac I have my own little pension with 3,000 votes on it saying that they like the job I am doing. So playa I don’t think that I am fired. Holla Holla Holla!”

McMahon: “I will take that pension to the Headquarters and I will have my answer on what to do next week, but for the night, Teddy take the night off because right now you aren’t the GM. And for that little match between Jericho and JBL it will not happen (Crowd Boo’s) instead it will be JBL and Orlando Jordan against Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels! ( Crowd Cheers). Also tonight we will see Juventud Guerra against Billy Kidman and the winner next week will get a Cruiserweight title shot.”

McMahon makes his way backstage as we go down to Michael Cole and Tazz.

Cole: “What a night so far! On top of the two matches just announced it will be Chris Benoit against a mystery opponent.”

Tazz: “Yeah the first Smackdown since Wrestlemania is shaping up to be a rocket buster of a show.”

Cole: “When we come back it will be the first match as AJ Styles takes on Matt Morgan, who is for the first time since his return here without Brock Lesnar and Daniel Puder. AJ is going to have to use his quickness to beat this beast of a man.”

**Commercial 1**

Match 1-Matt Morgan vs. AJ Styles

7:12 into the match
AJ is on the top rope and as he leaps off to do a hurracarana but Morgan catches him and hits him with a sit down powerbomb. He pins him for the win.[

Cole: “What an impressive win for Matt Morgan! He really showed that he can do so much in so little time. A 7 minute match against an athlete like AJ Styles is amazing.”

Tazz: “Your damn Skippy about that. Morgan power bombed AJ straight down. What a power bomb though, Morgan is on a mission to prove something to the world and beating AJ will only help prove it!”

Cut to back where Nash and Hall are standing in Teddy Long’s office.

Long: “Listen dog’s I can’t give you a match tonight against HBK, I’m not the GM right now. Go find Vince McMahon and ask him for a match.”

Nash: “Listen Teddy, you either give us a match or we will make sure the show doesn’t go on. It’s up to you baldy.”

Long: “Do what you want playa it ain’t me that has to worry about it it’s you dog. I am not in charge so I have nuttin to worry about!”

Hall: “Hey, yo listen here, big sexy and the bad boy and you are telling us that you can’t give us a match? You better give us a match or something very bad will happen.”

Long: “I’m a guest tonight, not part of the show in any way, shape or form, you are invading my private space asking’ me for a match when I can’t give it to you? I don’t know about you two cracka’s but I think that you need to get-a-steppin’!”

Nash and Hall stand there wondering what Long was trying to say to them.

Nash: “Did he just call me a cracker? I am not a cracker. I’m a 7 foot monster not a cracker!”

Hall pulls Nash out of the room telling him that they have business to take care of tonight.

Back to ringside

Cole: “Somebody had better get to the back and get Nash and Hall out of the building before they do something to a superstar.”

Tazz: “I’m not a big fan of The Outsiders but I think they have a right to be doing what they are doing. They asked for a match and they where turned away. Why? Because they are the baddest team in WWE history.”

Cole: “We have word that something else is going on in Teddy Long’s room right now so lets go there.”

Backstage in Long’s room

Flair: “How dare you, how dare you trade Triple H back to RAW! I was hoping to finally get my hands on him after 2 years of listening to him say that he, he is the greatest, the greatest of all time! I’m the greatest and I wanted to prove that to him but you, you traded him back to RAW. How am I supposed to teach him that to be the man you have to beat the man? How?”

Long: “Now playa I can help you with this you see dog I made a trade before midnight on Monday. Ya feelin’ me? Now I now that you have always said that to be the man you have to beat the man, and so with this trade you will be able to prove that Triple H is not the man.”

Flair: “And that I am the same limousine riding, jet flying, wheeling, dealing, kiss stealing, son of a gun I was 30 years ago.”

Long: “Hey man I can’t say all that so yes and prove that to the cracker as well. Now onto the trade to Smackdown…young and talented Daniel Puder and to Raw…The man, the myth the legend, Ric Flair, WOOO! Holla, Holla, Holla!”

Flair: “WOOO! Triple H you can run but come Monday, there will be nowhere, nowhere to hide! The Nature Boy is coming and he is coming for the Cerebral Assassin, you Triple H, you. For two years you said that you where the greatest living wrestler today, but what about me 30 years in this business to listen to you talk about how you are the greatest alive! Enough is enough and when I show up on Monday I want you to be there to greet the dirtiest player in the game because at Wrestlemania I showed you that you can’t outsmart the smarter by turning on you when you needed me the most! See you Monday Hunter.”

Cut back to ringside

Cole: “Folks when we come back from our break Juventud Guerra will take on Billy Kidman and the winner will face Scotty next week.”

**Commercial 2**

Match 2-Billy Kidman vs. Juventud Guerra-Winner faces Scotty next week.

12:23 into the match
Juventud goes for a 450 Splash off the top rope but Kidman rolls out of the way. He picks him up and hit’s him with a BK Bomb. He then goes to the top rope to hit a Shooting Star Press but The Cabinet come from the back and shove him to the outside. Scotty and Orlando roll into the ring with the Bashams get Kidman on the outside. The ref calls for the bell ending the match in double DQ.

After the match the beat down continues as The Bashams throw Kidman into the guard rail. In the ring Orlando hit’s Juventud with a powerbomb as Scotty sets up for the Worm. He hit’s him with the Worm and goes out and grabs a steel chair. Back on the outside The Bashams have lifted up the protective mat and deliver a double DDT to Kidman. Before anything can go further officials come out and break them up. EMT’s come down to the ring and load Kidman onto the stretcher.

**Commercial 3**

When we come back we are in The Cabinets locker room, all 5 members are sitting around a table laughing at what they just did.

JBL: “Boys that was…amazing! I mean you went out there and demolished Billy Kidman and knocked out Juven…whatever his name is. He doesn’t belong here anyways and that is why we have to keep anybody and everybody from taking the titles we so dearly hold.”

Orlando: “Champ you are right, we do need to keep these titles, I mean I just won this title off that punk Cena at the No Way Out. The Bashams won them a few weeks before No Way Out and Scotty just won the title Sunday, we cannot lose these.”

Doug: “John tonight we will help you in your match tonight, and we know just the boys to help us. Danny shut the door we have a little bit of planning to do.”

Danny gets up and shuts the door and we can no longer see what is going on behind the doors.

We cut over to wear RVD is looking for Rey outside near the TV trucks. All of a sudden he spots him knocked out. He runs up to him and looks down at him.

RVD: “Rey, wake up. Wake up dude we have a match tonight.”

The Outsiders step out from behind a truck walking very slowly.

Hall: “If it isn’t (mimics RVD)R…V…D.”

Nash: “How’s it going kid? Oh is that…is that Rey Mysterio? Who’s he doing? Oh he can’t talk?”

RVD: “I know you two are behind this and when I find out for sure that you are RVD and Mysterio will take you out.”

Hall: “Oh boy now I’m scared, RVD and his midget partner are gonna take us out. Why don’t you take on us tonight?”

Nash: “Yeah prove that you can take out The Outsiders. You seen set that you are better, prove it.”

Before RVD can answer Nash and Hall kick him in the ribs as he tries to get up. Hall picks him up and throws him over to Nash who throws him into the truck. A member comes out but Nash yells at him to go back in before he goes up there and beats his ass as well. They continue the beat down using a garbage can and some wooden crates as well. It ends when Hall gives him an Outsiders Edge through one of the crates. Nash picks him up and gives him a jackknife powerbomb straight into the truck. The two of them leave RVD and Mysterio in a heap back there as we cut to commercial.

**Commercial 4**

Match 3-Chris Benoit vs. ???

While Benoit stands in the ring waiting for his mystery opponent to come Tomko and Christian make there way down to the ringside area. All of a sudden…

*Edge’s Music hit’s*

Cole: “He’s on RAW what is he doing here?”

Tazz: “I dunno but lets see.”

Benoit reaches out for a mic but before he can get one Edge attacks him. The ref races to the ring and signals for the bell.

30:21 into the match
Edge goes for a Spear but Benoit counters it into a Crossface. Edge is just about to tap when Tomko jump on the apron and Christian sneaks into the ring. He steps on Benoit head a few time before taking about a pair of brass knuckles, he hits him in the back of the head again and picks him up and hit’s him with the Unprettier. He drags Edge over and has him cover him. Edge wins the match.

After the match we cut to backstage where Randy Orton sees Teddy Long leaving.

Orton: “Teddy where are you going? You have some explaining to do.”

Long: “Do I player? What do I have to explain?”

Orton: “Why is Edge here and who got traded?”

Long: “Listen dog I’m gonna make this short and sweet…you are going to RAW dog.”

Orton: “Me? For Edge? (A smile spreads across Orton’s face.) That is the best news I’ve heard all night, finally I will be able to set out and do what I’ve always wanted to do.”

Long: “I’m glad you liked that now I gotta get a steppin, be watching you from RAW playa.”

Orton: “Yeah see you.”

Orton stands there as Long walks away and all he can do is smile.

Cut to ringside

Cole: “Well there is another trade that just went down. Orton moving to RAW and the man we just seen, Edge coming here to Smackdown. How will this impact how we do things here on Smackdown?”

Tazz: “I dunno man, but I guarantee that Smackdown will be the superior brand.”

Cole: “Folks we have to take a commercial break when we come back Matt Hardy will take on Tyson Tomko.

**Commercial 5**

Match 4-Matt Hardy vs. Tyson Tomko

6:12 into the match
Tomko has control throughout the match and hits Hardy with a spinout powerbomb for the win.

After the match Tomko gets on the mic.

Tomko: “I think I have proved myself worthy for another title shot so I want JBL next week in this ring. I understand that we don’t have a GM tonight but after that gets sorted out next week I want an answer.”

Tomko leaves the ring to a chorus of boo’s from the fans.

Cole: “I’m not a big Tyson Tomko fan, he scares the hell out of me but he does deserve another title shot soon, not next week though, it was only one week, but soon he deserves one.”

Tazz: “You damn right. That’s one scary man, I would not want to get into the ring with somebody like that.”

Cole: “We have to take our last commercial when we come back it’s the main even as JBL and Orlando take on Jericho and HBK!

*Commercial 6**

Match 5-JBL & Orlando Jordan vs. Chris Jericho & HBK

23:54 into the match
HBK set up for Sweet Chin Music when all of a sudden The Outsiders and Angle come out to the ring and grab HBK’s foot. They pull him out of the ring by they foot as The Cabinet come from the back and start top beat down on HBK and Jericho. The ref calls for the bell ending this match.

After the match ends the beat down continues on the inside Jericho is grabbed by The Bashams while Orlando throws a few punches at him. JBL moves him to the side and takes his fair share. On the outside Nash grabs a steel chair while Angle and Hall hold HBK. Nash comes up to him and looks him dead in the eyes and nails him in the head with the chair. He brings the chair above his head again when Hall steps in the way and tells him to hand him the chair. Nash reluctantly does and Hall tells Nash to go grab onto HBK, after Nash does, Hall steps in and hits HBK again with the chair!

Back in the ring, Jericho has just been laid out with a Clothesline from Hell. Nash Hall and Angle climb into the ring and stand in front of JBL and his Cabinet. The all join hands and raise them up in one fluent motion. JBL goes over and grabs the mic.

JBL: “Ladies and gentlemen no matter what happens next week, whether Teddy Long remains General Manager here on Smackdown, or if somebody else gets the job, they have to realize that the 8 of us will be ruling this brand and no body can stop us.”

Angle takes the mic from JBL.

Angle: “That’s right and you seen what we can do tonight alone,6, count them 6 wrestlers injured at the hands of us. And the sooner the WWE realizes that we rule this place the sooner we will stop hurting the stars.”

The show goes off air with the 8 of them standing tall in the ring. Orlando, Scotty, Doug and Danny and JBL all have their belts draped over their shoulders while Nash Hall and Angle stand with Nash and Hall pointing to Angle while Angle brings in all the boos.

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nice Smackdown!!! love the rivalries you got building up there!! I shall post up Raw on Monday!!

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Pretty good show man, dont like Scotty being in the cabinet at all however. Nice to see Edge on Smackdown now and it seems Orton and Flair are both going back to Raw. Pretty good choice of matches and nice main event but crazy ending. 8 men now in the cabinet? How in the hell will Angle and JBL get along? Next few weeks will be interesting to say the least. 8/10

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Hey man thats good rating, I mean for a first show in this thread. Like you said before the first show to start the thread off is always the toughest.

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The New WWE: RAW
11th April 2005
Delta Center
Salt Lake City, Utah

JR:Welcome to Monday night Raw!! We are two weeks removed from Wrestlemania, but this is the first proper Raw due to the special edition draft lottery last week!

King: I’m getting Goosebumps JR! We are live coming to you from the Delta Center in Salt Lake City!! The tensions will still be high from Wrestlemania, and of course we have our new World Champion Batista, who we thought was going to be split from Naitch, but we found out on Smackdown that Eric Bischoff had managed to trade Daniel Puder for Ric Flair. So Naitch is back on Raw!!

JR: That was not the only announced trade on Smackdown, we also found out that Randy Orton will still be on Raw but we had to give up Edge to gain the services of the legend killer.

King: But now onto tonight JR! Tonight we have Sakoda going up against the man beast, Rhyno! We also have Dude Love taking up John Cena, and boy oh boy that should be a good one!

JR: Don’t forget King, we have the TV champion Maven teaming up with Garrison Cade to take on Booker T and Al Snow! And we also have the tag team titles on the line, La Resistance defending against the Full Blooded Italians, Nunzio and Johnny ‘The Bull’ Stamboli!

King: But as you see from the ring JR, its party time! Batista’s congratulations ceremony is up next!

Batista’s music hits and he makes his way out onto the stage to a huge pop. He is wearing a suit and has the World Title over his shoulder. He paces around on the top of the ramp a little before doing his taunt. We now see Flair coming out of the curtain behind him, bowing down to the animal. Flair catches up to Batista and continues to bow. The pair then walk down the ramp and climb up the steps. Batista quickly climbs into the ring while Flair takes his time. The ring has a red carpet. Batista jogs over to the turnbuckle and climbs it he then flexes his muscles. Flair is strutting around the ring while he is doing this and when Batista climbs down Flair once again bows to him. The fans are still going crazy for Batista! Batista climbs down and heads over to the opposite turnbuckle and flexes his muscles once again, this time pyros explode above them and golden confetti falls from the roof. A bunch of golden balloons are then released and fall down from the roof down to the crowd and ring. Batista climbs down and kicks some balloons out of the way while walking over to Flair in the center of the ring.

Flair: Ladies and Gentlemen, may I please introduce to you the NEW World Heavyweight Champion, Batista!!

Flair claps and hands the microphone to Batista while the fans are still going crazy.

Batista: Triple H! I told you for weeks, and I even told you at Wrestlemania that I would finally realize my dream, and I did. But not only did I capture my dream by winning the World Heavyweight Championship, I did it on the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania! That’s two years in a row Hunter; you really don’t like Wrestlemania’s do you? You’ve had your time defending your title against the little people, and when a real competitor comes along you dropped it, to me! You always overlooked me; never let me had my chance to shine, well guess what Triple H? I have proved that it is my time! So it looks like its Game Over! It’s now Batista Time!! Now onto Backlash, I currently have no title defense, but unlike Triple H, I’m a fighting champion, so anyone in the back who wants a title shot I dare you to bring you sorry ass out he-

New Big Thing hits and Batista smiles Brock then walks out onto the stage and the lights go out, all except the spotlight on Lesnar. Heyman follows Lesnar out onto the stage. Lesnar does his little jumping thing before walking down the ramp towards the ring. He stops outside of the ring and does his jumping thing again before jumping up to the apron setting off his pyros. He then climbs into the ring followed by Heyman. Lesnar stamps on a balloon and then looks up at Batista, he stamps on another before walking over to Batista. Lesnar gets passed a microphone by Heyman.

Lesnar: Nice party you got going here champ. I mean, you clearly deserve it, what a win last night. Great finish!! I mean, if it wasn’t for Flair here you wouldn’t even be champion.

Batista takes off his shades and gets in Lesnar’s face.

Lesnar: What’s wrong? Have I hit a nerve Dave? Oh sorry, but seriously, two years ago I won the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania, in one of the greatest matches in Wrestlemania history. And I won mine, singled handed, I didn’t need some jumped up has-been to help me!

Flair is now throwing a fit! He takes off his tie and unbuttons the top button of his shirt. He then raises his fists, ready to fight. Lesnar simply laughs.

Lesnar: Listen, I don’t fight with jumped up shoe shiners.

Flair is really mad now, and goes to take a swing at Lesnar but Batista stops him. He then says leave it to me.

Batista: So Brock? You want a fight huh? Well you just found one!

Batista quickly drops the microphone and the two monsters exchange right hands. Neither man can get the upper hand until Lesnar hits Batista with a big knee to the gut. Lesnar then hits him with another knee to the gut before trying to throw Batista out of the ring through the middle ropes. But Batista counters it and irish whips Lesnar. He then hits a big spinebuster on Lesnar!! The fans go crazy for Batista! Batista taunts and then goes for the Batista Bomb but Lesnar gets out of it and slides out of the ring. He then backs up the ramp shouting at Batista while Batista stands tall in the ring shouting back. Flair brings him the World title and points at it shouting at Lesnar ‘You’ll never be champ!’.

JR: Wow! Big collision!!

King: You ain’t joking! Two titans battling it out! I get the feeling that this one isn’t over JR!


La Resistance’s music hits and they make their way out onto the stage both waving their Quebec flags. They receive a decent amount of heat from the crowd in attendance, they then climb into the ring and stand next to each other waving their flags. Conway gets a microphone and passes it to Grenier.

Grenier (singing, badly, very off key): Oh, Canad-

FBI’s music hits interrupting the anthem to a decent pop, Grenier and Conway are in the ring and a re pissed sat having their national anthem interrupted again. FBI walk down slapping hands on the way before climbing into the ring and taunting on the turnbuckles.

World Tag Team Championships:

La Resistance (c) vs F.B.I.

An even match with La Resistance first wearing down Nunzio, but he manages to get a tag and ‘The Bull’ takes out both members of La Resistance. He hits a big spinebuster on Grenier but Conway breaks up the pin at two. Grenier and Conway then beat down on Stamboli until Nunzio comes in to the rescue. Nunzio clotheslines Conway over the top and goes over with him; the referee is trying to break up the fight on the outside and inside the ring Grenier hits Stamboli in the gut with the Quebec flag before hitting the one man variation of the Au Revior. Grenier then covers for the three count.

Winner – and still World Tag Team Champions – La Resistance

Grenier slides out of the ring and Conway walks around the ring to him with the tag titles in his hands. The two then back up the ramp looking down at the ring holding the tag titles high in the air.

Bischoff is seen in his office, he is sat down watching Raw on his Television set. Triple H bursts into his office and Bischoff quickly stands up while Triple H gets in his face.

Triple H: Bischoff! I want my rematch!! That’s two years in a damn row I have had Wrestlemania ruined!! Two years in a row I have had to defend MY World Heavyweight Championship in a triple threat match! All you do I screw me out of my title!! This year I also have Flair turn his back on me?! This isn’t on Bischoff!!! I want my rematch!!!!

Bischoff: Well if you just shut up I could tell you that I already have you booked in a match tonight. But I can do you this favour; if you win your match tonight then you will get your rematch next week!

Triple H: I knew you’d see sense Bischoff. Who am I against? Tajiri? Steven Richards?

Bischoff: Not quite. You see in tonight’s main event, Number one Contenders Match, Triple H vs …… The Undertaker!!!

Triple H: What?! Bischoff, don’t screw me around again! Take that back!!

Bischoff: Sorry Hunter, but the match is booked! Now get out of my office!

Triple H storms out of the office, slamming the door behind him. Bischoff just smiles and sits back down again.

JR: Blockbuster news folks! Triple H vs The Undertaker tonight!! Winner faces Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship next week!! Folks, that one’s gonna be a slobberknocker!!

King: Man, I think slobberknocker is the only word to describe it JR!


Garrison Cade’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. He climbs in and raises his arms. Maven’s music then hits and he makes his way down to the ring with the TV title around his waist. He climbs into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle, he then goes to raise his arms but he instead pretends to brush the fans away. He then climbs down and passes the title out of the ring. ‘What does everybody want?’ Al Snow’s music hits and he walks out onto the stage, carrying head!! He is wearing an old attire and both him and head have HELP written backwards across their foreheads. They get a huge pop from the crowd as Snow walks down to the ring carrying head. ‘Can you dig it, Sucka!!’ Booker T’s music hits and he walks out to the stage. The crowd are giving Booker a big pop and he walks down the ramp but stops halfway down to do his taunt which sets off his pyro. He then walks down to the ring and climbs in. He stands next to Snow and looks on at his opponents before climbing the turnbuckle and raising his arms. He then climbs down and the match starts with the two teams looking at each other.

Maven & Garrison Cade vs Booker T & Al Snow

Al Snow and Garrison Cade start the match, and Al Snow gets the advantage by straight out brawling he then tags in Booker T. Booker dominates Cade but he manages to low blow Booker behind the referees back and get the tag to Maven. Maven comes in and gets spinebustered straight away by Booker, Booker then hits him with a series of punches and chops before hitting the Scissors Kick!! He covers for the three count.

Winner – Booker T & Al Snow

JR: Booker T just pinned the champion!

King: No! He’s sure to get a title shot after that!!

JR: A title shot which he rightly deserves.

King: I wouldn’t go that far JR, it was just a fluke.

Booker and Snow celebrate in the ring. Booker grabs the TV title and raises it high above his head; he then puts it down across Maven’s waist and leaves the ring.


We return to Raw and there is a strange promo playing, it is in a dark room that looks like a boiler room. Suddenly we hear a screeching and the camera falls to the floor.

JR: What was all that about?

King: God know JR, but it was strange and it was sure as hell wacky. I wonder what it was for?

JR: I have no idea King.

John Cena’s music hits and he makes his way out onto the stage doing his usual entrance. He then walks down to the ring pulling on his jersey, he then slides into the ring and quickly gets up to his feet and raises his arms doing the Word Life taunt. The fans are giving Cena a decent pop. Cena then throws his jersey into the crowd and a few people reach out to catch it. Dude Love’s music hits and he walks down to the ring to a mixed reaction. He does a bit of taunting on the way down to the ring before climbing in and Cena attacks him early.

John Cena vs Dude Love

Cena got an early advantage attacking Dude Love and hitting him with everything he can throw at him, but Dude Love manages to counter the FU and then hits a Double Arm DDT. He cannot capitalize straight away and so both men get to their feet. Dude Love now beats down Cena but Cena once again lifts him up for the FU!! Dude Love slips behind and slides out of the ring. Cena then follows Dude Love but Dude slides back into the ring. Cena then slides in but Dude Love stomps on him and then chokes him before letting go at four. Dude Love then raises his arm and waits for Cena to get to his feet; Dude Love looks ready for the Love Claw but Cena ducks and goes for the FU!! Dude Love once again fights out of it and this time gets the Love Claw locked in and Cena eventually has no choice but to tap.

Winner – Dude Love

Dude Love let’s go of the hold and then gets to his feet and holds his head. He then heads backstage still holding his head.

JR: The strange Dude Love picking up the victory here.

King: John Cena has just been taken back to school! Sure, Dude Love may be a little zany, he may be a bit whacked, but he just showed John Cena why it’s important to never let your opponent know what you’re thinking. Whereas Cena has only one main move, Dude Love could do anything! I mean he is so whacked, even he doesn’t know what he’s going to do!

Backstage, Coach is stood with Triple H.

Coach: Triple H, earlier tonight you went to Eric Bischoff and demanded your rematch for the World Title, which you rightly deserve, and you were expecting it on a plate. You then found out that the plate was not merely a starter, it was an all you can eat! Tonight, you ain’t facing Steven Richards, you ain’t facing Tajiri, you ain’t even facing JR, but you are facing the Phenom, the Deadman, The Undertaker.

Triple H: I know who I’m facing! And it’s all because of your friend Eric Bischoff. Undertaker, you may scare a lot of people, but you don’t scare me. I’ve been through to many people to many times. I have been through you to many times. And tonight, I eliminate you from the title picture when I beat you and get the rematch that I deserve!! Batista! You enjoy your time as champion, you enjoy living your dream, because next week I-

Batista walks up to Triple H to a huge pop.

Batista: Going to take my title? I don’t think so. I’m no one hit wonder Hunter. And next week I prove that, whether I beat you or The Undertaker, I will carve my name in the history of WWE as a champion to be remembered. Oh and Hunter, I’d stop worrying about me if I was you, and start worrying about your match. Just in case you have to Rest in P-

Triple H: Oh don’t worry about me, just watch your back for Brock Lesnar, seem as he’s another enemy you made around here.

Batista and Triple H walk off in separate directions.


Sakoda’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring followed by Akio. They both climb into the ring. Rhyno’s music hits and him and Tajiri walk out onto the stage. Rhyno then pounds his chest and raises his arms into the air. The two then run to the ring and slide in. Akio and Sakoda quickly get out of the ring and Rhyno once again clubs his chest and raises his arms. Tajiri gets out of the ring while Sakoda climbs back in.

Sakoda w/Akio vs Rhyno w/Tajiri

Rhyno dominates the entire match. When he is setting up for the Gore, Akio quickly climbs up onto the apron and distracts the referee. Rhyno sees this and walks over to Akio and hits him with a big right hand. Akio falls off the apron and Tajiri hits him with a kick to the head. Rhyno then turns back into the ring, he walks straight into a running enzuiguri from Sakoda. Sakoda then hits the roaring elbow. Sakoda covers Rhyno and uses the ropes to help him get the three count.

Winner – Sakoda

JR: Sakoda steals one! Thanks Akio and the damn ropes!

King: He was in control anyway! All Akio did was point out that Tajiri had the Mist in his mouth!!

JR: Sure he did.

King:He did, and it was proved. Tajiri spat that disgusting mist right in Akio’s face!

JR: He deserved it.

King: If you ask me, Tajiri screwed Rhyno out of the match.

JR: Good job I wasn’t then.

Sakoda celebrates and then sees Akio. He quickly slides out of the ring and helps Akio backstage. Akio continues to try to wipe the mist out of his eyes.

Backstage, Triple H is seen in his locker room preparing for his match with The Undertaker. We hear the door open and the camera turns around to see Randy Orton walking into the room. Triple H stands up straight, ready to fight but Orton puts his hands up and says he hasn’t come for a fight. The conversation is blurred with not much being able to be understood, but we can see Orton wish Triple H luck before leaving the locker room.

King: That was weird, we were all here, waiting for an explosion, and Orton wishes him luck?!

JR: It certainly was unexpected! Ladies and Gentlemen, that match is next!


‘Woo!!’ Flair’s music hits and he comes out strutting his way out onto the stage, he then walks over to the announcers table and puts on a headset.

King: Ric Flair!! How you doing?

Flair: Woo! I’m feeling great!!! I’m here to watch this here match and watch Hunter get what’s coming to him, and then, come Backlash I shall teach Hunter his much needed lesson in wrestling! Woo!!

Triple H’s music hits and he walks out onto the stage. He pours some water onto his head before shaking his head around. He then walks down the ramp doing his usual entrance before getting to the side of the ring. He pours more water onto his head and then throws away the bottle, he climbs onto the apron and does his water spit. He gets into the ring and does his taunt on the turnbuckle. The lights go out in the arena, GONG! Triple H looks a little nervous. GONG! GONG! The entire arena is now lit in the Undertaker blue. Undertaker then walks out across the stage followed by Paul Bearer. He stands in the middle of the stage and looks down the ramp towards the ring.

JR:Folks, the sensation in this arena is overwhelming!

King: I’m getting Goosebumps JR!

Undertaker now walks down the ramp towards the ring and Triple H is looking very uneasy. Undertaker walks up the steps, and stops on the top one. He now looks up from the floor at Triple H, he then raises his arms slowly turning the lights back on and rolling his eyes back into his head. Undertaker now walks along the apron and climbs into the ring. Bearer quickly follows as Undertaker stares across the ring at Triple H. Bearer now takes off Undertaker’s jacket, and Undertaker reaches up for his hat. He slowly takes that off and rolls his eyes back into his head once more. Bearer now leaves the ring with the urn, jacket and hat. Undertaker and Triple H then have a stare down.

Winner Receives a World Title Shot Next Week

Triple H vs The Undertaker

Undertaker dominates the match until Triple H comes back into the match using a little bit of cheating. Undertaker irish whips Triple H into the turnbuckle and charges at him but Triple H pulls the referee in front of him and quickly gets out of the way. Undertaker squashes the referee but goes after Triple H anyway. After a big clothesline Undertaker sets up for the Chokeslam! But Triple H kicks Taker in the balls. Triple H then slides out of the ring and looks under the apron frantically. He pulls out a sledgehammer and then slides into the ring. He then smashes it over Undertaker’s head!!!!! Undertaker is laid out, Triple H drops to his knees and holds the sledgehammer close to him. Undertaker sits up!! Triple H turns around and he is shocked!!! He quickly smashes Undertaker with the sledgehammer again and then throws it out of the ring. The referee is stirring as Triple H hooks the leg, 1…2…Taker kicks out!! Triple H can’t believe it and does an elbow drop to the back of the referee, knocking him out cold again. Triple H then quickly grabs a steel chair and places it on the mat. Undertaker is slowly getting up. Triple H then hits him with a kick to the midsection, before hitting the Pedigree onto the chair!!! The referee is now starting to stir and Triple H slides the chair out of the ring, 1…2…3!

Winner – and receives a World Title shot next week – Triple H

JR: Dammit! Triple H! Triple H! He steals another one!!

King: Justice has been served, here tonight in Salt Lake City!

Triple H raises his arms in victory, when suddenly Undertaker sits up!! Triple H quickly climbs out of the ring and starts to back up the ramp, nearly falling over in shock. Undertaker looks up the ramp at Triple H, staring an ice cold stare. Undertaker then climbs to his feet and looks up at Triple H. Undertaker does his cut throat taunt while not taking his eyes off Triple H.

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Whoa great show man. Interesting start off Lesnar/Batista should be great. IF Triple H doesnt pull an upset and take the title back next week. If not, I dont think him and Taker are through with. Randy Orton talking with Triple H? Interesting to say the least/ Good job man. 9/10
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