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The new WWE RAW

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Im gonna start a new RAW, it starts the monday night after vengeance(tonight) but first i want to know if anyone is actually going to read it so if you will plz reply and tell me and add to my rep too :)

It starts on this monday, ill post the first show tommorow sometime and the storylines are all the same as they were at vengeance except Randy Orton is still IC champ(as he should be) and all of the injured guys are active.
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Alright i have readers. :) .... the first RAW will be posted by tomorow at 9 pm....and i will do one on friday as well(for next week) since im going to be on vacation all week and see RAW in DC on monday

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Ok like i said it starts the night after vengeance
The story lines are all the same except Randy Orton is still IC champ, and all injured men are active

Monday July 12, 2004

Pyro goes off and the audience is screaming as RAW starts live.

JR- Welcome ladies and gentleman to Monday night RAW, just one night after the hellacius Vengeance where Chris Beniot beat Triple H one on one to retain his World Heavyweight championship.
King- Triple H had that match won if it wasn’t for that damn Eugene.
JR- Well king Eugene and Evolution are both hear tonight so who knows what will happen.

IC championship match-
Suddenly Evolutions music starts to play as Randy Orton and Ric Flair make their way down to the ring. Orton has a cocky grin on his face like he owns the world, as he prepares to defend his title yet again.

King- Randy Orton is still the Intercontinental Champion after he destroyed Edge last night. That was a great match for the ages.

Orton is on the top ropes showing off his Intercontinental Championship when Shelton Benjamin’s music starts to play. Benjamin jumps out onto the ramp and gets huge pops from the crowd as he makes his long awaited return to RAW. Benjamin runs down the ramp into the ring and takes it to Orton before Flair can even get out of the ring. Flair tries to get Benjamin from behind but he turns around and dropkicks Flair out of the ring. As he turns back around Orton kicks him and connects with a DDT. Orton wrenches Benjamin’s arm back and uses his knees to hold Benjamin down. The crowd is already alive as the “Orton Sucks” chant starts. Orton mouths off to the crowd while still holding Benjamin down. The crowd gets behind Benjamin as he starts to make his way back up to his feet then he whips Orton over his head and down to the ground. Benjamin pulls Orton up and Whips him into the ropes, Benjamin tries a clothesline but Orton ducks and hits the ropes again then when hes coming back Benjamin jumps on him with a flying elbow. Flair is up on the mat trying to get in and the referee is restraining him while Benjamin runs over and knocks him down. Orton sneaks behind Benjamin and hits the low blow while the ref’s back is turned. Orton picks up Benjamin and hits neck breaker then goes back the arm wrenching it backwards again. Benjamin starts to pull towards the ropes and Orton pulls him back to the middle of the ring. Benjamin uses his free arm to knock Orton in the head while moving back to the middle of the ring. Benjiman gets up slowly and pulls Randy Orton up throwing him into the corner. Benjamin runs from the middle of the ring to the corner and hits Orton with the body splash. Orton is woozy as Benjamin runs to the other side of the ring to do the splash again. Flair is up and as Benjamin is jumping pulls Orton down and out of the ring . His head connects with the turnbuckle. The ref gets out of the ring and pushes Flair backwards telling him to stay out of the match. Both men are getting up. Orton goes for the RKO but Benjiman pushes him off and dropkicks him from behind. He rolls up Orton as the ref is still restraining Flair. The crowd counts the seconds Benjiman has Orton down before he gets up and goes to get the ref. Benjiman grabs the ref and yells at him to get back inside. As they go back in Benjiman pins Orton and Orton kicks out at the last possible second. Benjiman picks Orton up but Orton connects another neck breaker. Flair jumps up onto the apron distracting the referee again as Orton goes outside and grabs his belt. He slides back into the ring and picks up his belt as Benjiman gets up, Orton lunges at Benjiman but he ducks and as Orton turns around Benjiman dropkicks the belt right into Ortons face. Orton falls down out cold. Benjiman runs over and dropkicks flair onto the concrete of the floor. He runs back to Orton and rolls him up. The ref slides down to count. Flair gets up and as the referees hand is going down for 3 Flair pulls the ref out of the ring and punches him down. Flair gets into the ring but Benjiman Whips him into the ropes and hits a clothesline. Benjiman picks Flair up and throws him out of the ring as another ref runs down to officiate the match. Benjiman turns around and gets kicked in the gut. Orton gets an RKO on Benjiman and rolls him up for the 3 count. Orton quickly grabs the belt and Flair and walks back to backstage with another cocky grin on his face.
Winner- Randy Orton


RAW comes back showing Eugene walking backstage. He looks very sad and scared. Edge comes up to Eugene.
Edge “Hey Eugene, how you doing buddy”
Eugene “Hey Edge, I don’t know. Arent you Chris Beniots friend?”
Edge “Well, I think we get along pretty well”
Eugene “Chris Beniot hit me last night. I thought he was my friend too but hes not. He hit me and it hurt. Since you’re Chris Beniots friend you cant be my friend.”
Edge “Oh, c’mon Eugene I’m your friend you can always count on me. I’ve never hurt you have I?”
Eugene thinks about this and then brightens up “No you haven’t hit me. You can be my friend but right now uncle Eric told me I have a match against a mystery wrestler. Will you be the mystery Edge”
Edge looks confused but then he realizes what Eugene means and laughes “No no no Eugene…. Your uncle Eric gets to decide who you wrestle”
Eugene looks sad…
Edge “But we can wrestle some day Eugene now go get to your match”
Eugene walks off leaving Edge staring at him

The camera goes to Bishoff’s office and we see him in a conversation with someone we cant see.
Eric “ Alright. I think this will work out great for both of us,” he laughs as the unseen man walks out of the room but then his eyes glaze over and he looks scared as Kane enters the room. The camera zooms out so we see both kane and bishoff. Kane has a furious evil look on his face and looks like he is about to explode. Kane grabs Bishoffs throat and starts to yell
“ I want a rematch…. from last night. Matt Hardy… should never have beaten me. He’s just a little fly to me. I am going to get of him tonight. You understand that Eric”
Bishoff nods his head as he looks like he is about to cry. Kane releases the choke hold and walks out of the room still furious.

The camera goes back to the ring as Eugenes music hits the arena. The audience erupts as Eugene walks out to the ramp and waves to the crowd. He gets a standing ovation as he goes down towards the ring. He throws off his jacket and jumps up on the ringpost and throws his arm into the air imitating the Rock. He uses his finger to push his eyebrow up. Then for the second time tonight we hear Evolutions music. Out comes Ric Flair again, in his $10,000 suit. Eugene looks ecstatic thinking he is wrestling Flair. Flair turns around and points to the back as Batista comes out onto the ramp. He yells at the crowd and flexes at the top of the ramp. Then he walks towards the ring. Eugene looks frightened now. As Batista and Flair enter the ring Batista gives Eugene a dark smile and flexes his muscles again. Eugene claps and points to Batista then Wooo’s and struts around the ring imitating Flair. Flair explodes trying to get to Eugene but Batista holds him back and edges Flair to the outside of the ring. The bell rings as Eugene runs around in cirles holding his arms out like an airplane. When he gets to Batista, Batista grabs him and hit’s a sit down power bomb. Eugene is down holding his head as Batista laughs. He picks Eugene up and begins to thrust his knee into Eugenes stomach again and again and again. Then Batista throws Eugene shoulder first into the ring post. “C’MONNNNN” Batista yells as the crowds gets behind Eugene. Batista picks up Eugene then slams him back into the corner. Batista rams Eugene repeatedly with his shoulder until Eugene falls to the ground with nothing left to give. Batista throws his arms up and yells to the crowd as a large round of Boos go up. Batista picks up Eugene and just tosses him out of the ring onto the barricade. Batista goes outside and clotheslines Eugene over the Barricade into the first row of fans. Batista picks Eugene up and tosses Eugene using his hair back over the barricade. He throws Eugene into the ring. Flair goes around the ring and gets a chair for Batista. Batista picks up the chair and slams the referee in the head with it. Batista hits Eugenes back with the chair and laughes. As Batista continues the assault Edge runs from the back to the ring. Batista tries a clothesline but Edge ducks and runs into the ropes. He rebounds off the ropes and spears Batista. Flair gets into the ring but Edge punches him and throws Flair into the ropes spearing him too. Edge throws out both members of Evolution as he bends down to check on Eugene.
Winner- By DQ- Eugene


As RAW comes back we see the ring set up for the highlight reel with Chris Jericho already in the ring. He hypes up the crowd and gets them excited. Then he introduces his guest. The rabid wolverine, the Canadian crippler, the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION CHRIS BENIOT. Benoits music hits and the lights flash as the crowds stands and gives Benoit a tremendous ovation. Benoit gets to the ring and Jericho talks about his great title defense last night. “You see Chris Benoit that was a great match. It stole the show in my opinion but theres only one problem. You couldn’t beat Triple H on your own.” Benoit looks confused and angry “What do you mean Jericho…. I can beat anybody on any night.” Jericho- “Well Chris, just look at this footage from your match last night.” The footage of Eugene hitting Triple H with the chair is shown and Benoit is still angry “Triple H just got what he deserved, he manipulated an innocent man into doing whatever he wanted, Triple H just lost earlier than he would have if Eugene hadn’t come to the ring. Triple H, could never stay with me because I am for Real. Triple H will ne-” Benoit is interrupted at HHH’s music comes over the arena and the lights go down. For a second a loud round of applause his heard but it gives way to the loudest boos of the night.
Triple H stands at the top of the ramp with a bandage on his head looking very arrogant and cocky. He gulps the water in his bottle then walks down to the ring. As he enters the ring he goes toe to toe with Benoit and they stare each other down. A “You tapped out” chant starts. Jericho backs up a couple steps out of the way. Benoit looks down then back at Triple H, he grabs a mic but again is interrupted by the RAW general manager. Bishoff steps onto the ramp with a mic in hand as a “You suck” chant is started. Bishoff- “Ok ok ok…. I have had enough tonight, with kane threatening me… and then,” Bishoff snears “Edge, interrupting the match that I made personally to take Eugene out of the picture FOR GOOD. But Edge couldn’t have that. So heres what Im going to do. Triple H you want Chris Benoit tonight. You’ve got him.” A big cocky grin spreads across Triple H’s face. Bishoff- “Its going to be Triple H… and Ric Flair against Chris Beniot and Edge.” Triple H doesn’t look so happy any more. Bishoff- “Now onto more important business, Triple H I know you want that World Championship back, but the Board of Directors won’t allow me to give you another shot because you’ve had so many. So I’ve decided that there is going to be a tournament to see who is the #1 contender for that World Championship. Triple H you will get your shot right here next week on RAW when go one on one........with EDGE. And the two other main event men will also face each other. Kane, will go one on one with Shawn Michaels. And the winners of those 2 matches will wrestle in that very ring LIVE on RAW 2 weeks from now for the #1 contender spot.” Bishoff smiles as he turns around and goes back into the backstage and as the Camera fades to a commercial Triple H and Benoit continue to stare at each other.


A large burst of fire erupts as the arena turns red. Kanes music engulfs the arena as he bumbles out. Kane still looks mad but now he also has an evil grin on his face because he knows with Lita gone no one can stop him from destroying Matt Hardy. As Kane gets into the ring he throws his arms down and the ring posts explode with a tremendous fire. He turns towards the entrance as Matt Hardys music turns on and looks prepared to do anything to beat Matt. As the music continues to play Kane is getting angry because Matt Hardy still hasn’t appeared. Then the crowd explodes as Shawn Michaels pops out of the stands and jumps into the ring behind kane. Michaels jumps on Kane knocking him down. Michaels stomps at Kane as Kane just stands up. Kane tries to choke slam Michaels but Michaels goes under Kanes arm and as Kane turns around he gets hit with the super kick and sinks to the floor unconscious. The crowd explodes as Michaels shows off. Shawn gets out of the ring and walks towards backstage with a huge grin on his face having gotten his revenge on Kane. As Michaels is walking he looks at the fallen Kane on the Titantron and Kane just sits up as if nothing happened. Michaels looks stunned as he stares at Kane and Kane looks ready to tear Michaels apart with his teeth.

Non-title tag team match-
RAW comes back as La Resistance is in the ring with Grenier holding a mic. As Conway swings the Flag back and fourth Grenier starts to ‘sing’ the Canadian National Anthem when he is interrupted as usual by Rhyno. Rhyno and his partner for the night Val Venis run quickly to the ring and start to decimate the unprepared team of French sympathizers. Rhyno pushes Grenier into a corner and pummles him with punches and kicks as Venis Whips Conway into the ropes then Power Bombs him. Venis picks up Conway and scoop slams him then hits a leg drop. Rhyno pushes Grenier into the barricade and continues to decimate him. Venis whips Conway into the ropes but Conway recovers and connects with an elbow to send Venis to the ground. Conway slows down the match and uses his superior technical skills to keep Val Venis pinned down. Outside the ring Grenier is almost out on his feet as Rhyno whips him into the Ring post. Grenier can barely stand. Rhyno goes for the gore but Grenier bends over and sends Rhyno flying head first into the metal post. Grenier falls down exhausted. Rob Conway is still at work on Val Venis inside the ring when the Referee notices Rhyno is down in an awkard position. He gets out of the ring to check on him as Grenier slides in to double team Val Venis. La Resistance hits their finishing move and Grenier slides back outside the ring. Conway calls to the ref and he slides in as Conway rolls up Val Venis for the win.
A huge round of Boos and USA chants start as Grenier gets a flag and waves it back and fourth mocking the crowd. Conway stands laughing at Val Venis as the last commercial is taken.

JR- “We have to take our last commercial break but don’t go away. The main event is next and who knows what will happen when Triple H and Chris Beniot are in the same ring together”
King- “This could be huge JR”


RAW returns with the fans cheering and screaming in anticipation for the tag team match between Evolution and Beniot and Edge. The lights dim and starts to flash as Triple H music starts to play throughout the arena. The loud Boos come up once again as Triple H stands on the top of the ramp. He walks down looking around at the crowd. Triple H is followed closely by Ric Flair in his sparkly blue robe. Triple H finishes his infamous entrance as Flair struts around in the Ring and Wooo’s. Evolutions members await their opponents. First Edge enters getting a mixed reaction from the crowd, a lot of boos and cheers. A small “Edge sucks” chant starts as his music ends and Chris Benoit is about to enter. Triple H laughs at the chant. The chant stops as the World Champions music blasts out. A huge ovation for Benoit as he walks down the ramp and steps into the ring along with Edge. He holds up his World Title for everyone to see which creates even more cheers. Then he gets close to Triple H as the two stare down each other once again.

Benoit decides to start the match and Triple H goes outside. Flair moves towards Benoit. He laughs at him then Wooo’s. Benoit chops Flair and Flair goes down writhing in pain. A large pop from the crowd. Benoit picks up Flair and chops him again. Flair jumps into his own corner still in pain. Triple H points at Benoit but doesn’t tag himself in. Flair moves forward out of the corner into another chop from Benoit. Flair walks forward slowly, stops, and then falls. The crowd goes crazy and Triple H tries to get in the ring now but the referee holds him back while Benoit picks up Flair and whips him into the corner. Benoit goes over and chops again and again until Flair falls down, his chest completely red.

Benoit whips flair into the opposite corner where Flair flies over the top of the ring post and runs into a fist from Edge on the apron. Flair is down on the outside and Triple H jumps into the ring while Benoit’s back is turned and hits him with a double ax handle. He Irish whips Benoit but Benoit reverses sending Triple H flying outside the ropes onto the ground. There is a huge pop from the crowd for Benoit as Flair gets up and walks over to Triple H to regroup. Flair enters the ring and grapples with Benoit. Benoit pushes him off and chops him 6 times and then whips him into the corner. Flair goes down to his knees and begs Benoit off then when Benoit is close he pokes his eyes. Flair Wooo’s then pushes Benoit into the corner and chops him, Flair chops him again and the crowd gets into it. Chop “Woooo”
Chop “Woooo”.

Flair struts into the middle of the ring and Wooo’s again. Benoit comes from behind him and gets a german suplex. Then another and another. Flair and Benoit are both down and the Referee starts the count. “1.….2.….3.….4.….5.….6.….7”. Both men start to move towards their respective corners. Benoit tags Edge and Edge jumps into the ring and runs across to knock down Triple H. Edge pulls up Flair and does a scoop slam followed by a leg drop. He pins Flair for a 2 count. Edge locks Flair in a half Boston crab, Flair screaming in Pain.

Triple H slides into the ring and Edge releases Flair to spear him but Triple H moves out the way and pushes Edge through the ropes landing on the hard ground outside the ring. Benoit jumps into the ring and gets Triple H from behind. Benoit chops Triple H and Irish Whips him and Triple H connects with a flying knee knocking Benoit down. Triple H sets Benoit up for the Pedigree but Benoit counters dropping Triple H to the mat. Flair comes from behind and knocks Benoit off his feet. Flair goes for the figure 4 but benoit pushes Flair off. Just as Triple H is getting up Flair backs into him knocking him out of the ring.

Flair looks at what happened and Benoit pushes Flair down and locks him in the sharpshooter. Flair grabs the ropes and but Benoit pulls him away into the center of the ring. Triple H gets up and slides into the ring to break up the sharpshooter but out of nowhere Edge blasts Triple H with a spear. Both men are down. Flair is screaming and clawing trying to get to the ropes. He is pushing himself forward and finally makes it. Benoit releases the hold but grabs Flairs legs and pulls him back to the middle of the ring. Triple H is gets up slowly and runs into Benoit knocking him down. Triple H picks up Benoit but Benoit pushes him off and Whips him across the ring. Triple H goes for the flying knee again but Benoit ducks then goes behind Triple H and locks him into the crossface. Flair gets up and runs to push Benoit off but Edge comes again with another spear. Flair sees him and leans back just in time for Edge to fly by Flair and run right into the referee. Edge looks at the ref trying to wake him back up and Flair kicks Edge off of the ref. Flair picks Edge up and tries to chop but Edge ducks and runs into the ropes then comes right back at Flair spearing him through the ring as both men fall onto the mat outside.

Triple H is trying frantically to break the crossface and reach the ropes but Benoit refuses to move. Triple H is screaming and looks about to pass out. He begins tapping out wildly. He keeps tapping madly but the ref is out. Edge is down but Flair is getting up slowly. Flair limps to the timekeepers chair and throws him off. He grabs the chair and runs into the ring but Benoit sees him and releases the crossface. Benoit punches the chair sending it right into Flairs face. Benoit grabs Flair and puts him in the crossface. Triple H gets up slowly and grabs the chair crashing it right into Benoit’s back. Benoit yells painfully while Triple H sets him up for the pedigree. Triple H pedigrees Benoit onto the chair then pushes it out of the ring and puts his arm over Benoit as the ref is waking up for the 3 count.
Winner- Triple H / Ric Flair

Triple H gets up and as RAW goes off the air he is standing over Benoit signaling that the title will be his.

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pretty cool. listen you should go to where it says wwe game booker or something like that in the booker's section. We need someone to run nitro. this is an elimination game where 4 people run 4 shows and I run smackdown. When one person gets eliminated, another steps up and continues from where the last person stopped. Hurry cause the draft is tommorow. remember, Nitro

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chainsaw66 said:
pretty cool. listen you should go to where it says wwe game booker or something like that in the booker's section. We need someone to run nitro. this is an elimination game where 4 people run 4 shows and I run smackdown. When one person gets eliminated, another steps up and continues from where the last person stopped. Hurry cause the draft is tommorow. remember, Nitro
id love too but im going to be very busy from now on and this RAW is all i will have time for. sry :)

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Not bad but you need to use bold and italics to make it all look much better in appearance, so people seemed a little out of character but every is like that when they first start writing the shows.

Keep up the good work.

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Pretty good show, but as Grendrill said, you should use Bold & Italics.
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