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Okay...Me and my soon to be a registered user friend are planning on starting our own WWE....Today we had our WWE Brand draft for my Raw and his Smackdown!...Heres the Raw roster H=Heel and F=Face

- Undertaker (F)
- Sting (F)
- Big Show (F)
- Randy Orton (F)
- Christy Hemme (F)
- Kurt Angle (H)
- Kane (F)
- Jeff Hardy (F)
- Kevin Nash (F)
- John "Bradshaw" Layfield (H)
- Batista (H)
- D-Lo Brown (H)---->Injured
- Gene Snitsky (H)
- Al Snow (H)
- Gangrel (H)
- Rowdy Roddy Piper (H)
- Zach Gowen (F)
- Jamie Noble (H)
- Brock Lesnar (H)
- Ernest "The Cat" Miller (F)
- Bubba Ray Dudley (H)
- D-Von Dudley (H)
- Steven Richards (F)
- Ric Flair (H)
- Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli (F)
- Rob Conway (H)
- Sylvain Grenier (H)
- Rikishi (F)
- Jon Heidenreich (H)
- Paul Heyman (H)
- Theodore R. Long (H)
- Bill DeMott (F)
- Shaniqua (H)
- Hiroko (H)
- Kenzo Suzuki (H)
- Shannon Moore (F)
- Paul London (F)
- Akio (H)
- Rodney Mack (H)
- Jim Ross (F)
- Mark Henry (H)
- Chris Benoit (F) ---->Injured
- Mark Jindrak (H)
- Miss Jackie (F)
- Molly Holly (H)
- Jazz (H)----> Injured
- Carmella DeCeasere (H)
- Stone Cold Steve Austin (F)
- The Rock (F)
- Booker T (F)
- Luther Reigns (H)
- Mordecai (H)
- Hurricane (F)---->Injured
- Charlie Haas (F)
- Rico (F)
- Carlito Caribbean Cool (H)
- X-Pac (F)
- Scott Hall (F)
- Chuck Palumbo (F)

The Co-General Managers are...Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon noth are faces

The Commentators for Raw are Jim Ross and Al Snow
And for Heat Bill DeMott and Ernest "The Cat" Miller

The champions are
- World Champion- John "Bradshaw" Layfield---> #1 Contender---> Kurt Angle
- Intercontinental Champion- Mark Jindrak---> #1 Contender---> Jeff Hardy
- World Tag Team Champions- Mark Henry and Rodney Mack---> #1 Contenders---> Rico and Charlie Haas
- Hardcore Champion- Jon Heidenreich---> #1 Contender---> Gangrel
- World Womens Champion- Shaniqua---> #1 Contender---> Jazz

Starting off with a RAW pay-per-view Backlash---
Theme Song- Numb-->Linkin Park
Matches Made
World Heavyweight Championship Match
1) John "Bradshaw" Layfield vs. Kurt Angle
More matches announced soon

SmackDown roster will be up later on....
Hows the RAW roster sound?

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My friend Kaine will be controlling SmackDown! when he gets registered soon...
This is his roster from our brand draft... H=Heel F=Face

Dan Basham (H)
Bob "Hardcore" Holly (F)
Spike Dudley (H)
Nunzio (F)
Rene Dupree (H)
Rob Van Dam (F)
Scotty 2 Hotty (F)
Tazz (F)
Ultimo Dragon (H)
Josh Mathews (F)
Sho Funaki (F)
Tony Chimel (F)
Doug Basham (H)
Chavo Guerrero Jr. (H)
Chavo Guerrero Sr. (H)
Billy Kidman (H)
Simon Dean (H)
Lilian Garcia (F)
Jerry "The King" Lawler (F)
Jonathan Coachman (H)
Garrison Cade (H)
Eric Bischoff (H)
Johnny Nitro (H)
A-Train (H)
MC Fully (F)
Viscera (H)
Road Dogg (F)
Nathan Jones (H)
Gillberg (H)
Sable (F)
Lita (F)
Rey Mysterio (F)
Shawn Michaels (F)
Eddie Guerrero (F)
Victoria (F)
Eugene (F)
Hulk Hogan (F)
Matt Hardy (F)
Orlando Jordan (H)
Triple H (H)
Chris Jericho (F)
William Regal (F)
Trish Stratus (H)
Torrie Wilson (F)
Nidia (H)
Gail Kim (F)
Dawn Marie (H)
Goldberg (F)
Christian (H)
Edge (F)
Maven (F)
Rosey (F)
Shelton Benjamin (F)
Rhyno (H)
Tajiri (F)
Test (H)
Tyson Tomko (H)
Val Venis (F)
Billy Gunn (F)
John Cena (F)

General Manager- Stacy Keibler (F)

SmackDown Commentators
Tazz and Jerry "The King" Lawler

Velocity Commentators
Josh Mathews and Jonathan Coachman


WWE Champion- Triple H---->#1 Contender----> Chris Jericho

United States Champion- Rob Van Dam---->#1 Contender----> John Cena

WWE Tag Team Champions- New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn)----> #1 Contenders----> T and A (Test and Albert)

European Champion- William Regal----> #1 Contender----> Nathan Jones

WWE Womens Champion- Trish Stratus----> #1 Contender----> Gail Kim

Hows SmackDown! sound????

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The injured superstars one SmackDown! are
Hulk Hogan
MC Fully

Any more thoughts on the roster so far??
I'm new so if you can give any help to me that would be great! :)
Ummm....I dont know when the first show will be up probably in a couple days....

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Sunday Night Heat (I rushed this because its only SNH, for SNH I will only give match results)

Match One- Steven Richards def. Jamie Noble with the DDT

Backstage--->Chuck Palumbo: Tonight Johnny when we beat La Resistance we will be one step closer towards the tag team titles.....
Johnny: Yeah I'm pumped up, I will beat him when I pin him for the 1-2 ugh...what comes next???
Chuck- Are you truly that stupid??? 3!!!!!!! *Chuck slaps him on the head* and Johnny asks what was that for??? And they walk away

Match Two- Full Blooded Italians def. La Resistance when Chuck Palumbo superkicked Rob Conway

Match Three- Molly Holly def. Miss Jackie w/ Rico and Charlie Haas when she grabbed the tights in the pin

Match Four- Hardcore Championship
Heidenreich w/ Paul Heyman def. Shannon Moore with the Neck breaker-powerbomb

Backstage- Shane McMahon confronts Paul Heyman when they are walking backstage---He announces that at Backlash there will be a 6-pack time limit challenge for the hardcore championship----The participant will be named on Raw!!!!!---Heidenreich flips out and punches the camera man when the show fades of the air

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IMO, Sunday Night Heat would be better off just breifly summed up before typing RAW.

Anyways, next time use bolds,italtics and colors ;)

Interesting roster, Stacy as GM should be interesting. Also the smackdown brand has a pretty big roster, good luck to the both of you in writing

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thanks Jarmac....I have started Raw and plan on having it up soon....sorry if it takes a little longer....i'm trying to make it good and its my first Raw.....thanks everyone for the comments and thanks Jarmac for the comments and help!!!!! :)

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Here it is.....my first Raw.....

Sunday Night Heat (Same as before just putting it before Raw)

Match One- Steven Richards def. Jamie Noble with the DDT

Backstage- *We see the Full Blooded Italians Backstage*
Chuck Palumbo: Tonight Johnny, when we beat La Resistance we will be one step closer towards the World Tag Team Championship...
Johnny Stamboli: Yeah I’m pumped up, I will beat them when I pin Sylvain Grenier for the 1...2...ugh what comes next again Chuck?
Chuck Palumbo: Are you truly that stupid??? 3 you idiot!!!
*Chuck slaps Johnny on the head*
Johnny: What was that for???
*We see FBI walking away*

Match Two- Full Blooded Italians def. La Resistance when Chuck Palumbo superkicked Rob Conway

Match Three- Molly Holly def. Miss Jackie w/ Rico and Charlie Haas when Molly roll her up and grabbed the tights

Main Event- Hardcore Championship
Heidenreich w/ Paul Heyman def. Shannon Moore with the powerbomb-neck breaker

Backstage- Shane McMahon confronts Paul Heyman when they are walking to their locker room--- He announces that at Backlash there will be a six pack time limit challenge for the Hardcore Championship!---- The participants will be named on Raw!!!--- Heidenreich flips out and punches the cameraman the show fades off air..


Raw opens up with the usual pyro and *Across the Nation* playing....

JR: Welcome to Raw!
Al Snow: Tonight we have a great line up for you!
JR: That’s right Al, the main event will be *John "Bradshaw" Layfield, Kenzo Suzuki, and Hiroko vs. Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns and Carmella Deceasere*
JR: Well folks, last night at a press conference Mr. McMahon fired Eric Bischoff from the general manager position...and he hired none other than Shane McMahon...
Al Snow: Your forgetting one thing old man....he also made Stephanie McMahon his 50/50 partner!

*Here Comes the Money plays*

Shane: Hey everyone, Raw has been saved!...by none other than...Shane!!....Yes, you've been saved by that slimeball Eric Bischoff... On my first order of business I have traded him to SmackDown! for none other than...GANGREL!

*The Ministry's Music Plays*
Gangrel makes his way to the ring and grabs a mic

Gangrel: I am now a new man! Teaming up with Viscera got me no where! I was relieved when I found out that I was traded to Raw and that I would get a shot at the Hardcore Championship...I mean I deserve the title more than that man Heidenreich!

Shane: Yeah Gangrel...You do deserve the championship, but I can't put you in the title match jus like that...You have to beat....

*Dancing Music Plays*
Rikishi makes his way down to the ring

Rikishi: Thats right, The Phat Man is back and ready to dominate the roster....And Gangrel I promise to beat you tonight....and then I promise at Backlash I will win the Hardcore Championship!!

*The bell rings and Shane McMahon exit the ring*

Match One- Qualifying Match for the Hardcore Championship
Rikishi vs. Gangrel
End of Match- Rikishi dominate most of the match. When Rikishi is about to get the Rikishi Driver on Gangrel
*Mordecai's Music Plays*
Mordecai stands at the top of the ramp and has a fierce stare-down with Rikishi.
All of a sudden Gangrel rolls up Rikishi and
Winner- Gangrel
Backstage- We see Stephanie McMahon walking out of her office with the FBI behind her....

JR: I wonder what that was about?? Does Mordecai have something against Rikishi??

Al Snow: I don't know, but did you see how hot our new co-general manager,Stephanie McMahon, looked?!?!

JR: I'm sorry I have no comment, my wife is watching at home. But it does look as if she is making her way out to the ring with the Full Blooded Italians!


{Promo Plays}
{ Dogs Barking in the background }
{ You here wolves howling }
{ -A familiar laughing plays- }
{ A voice speaks ----> "Im Back" }
{ " And as ruthless as ever" }
{ "At Backlash I will make my presence be known" }

*The show comes back to Stephanie McMahon and the FBI in the ring...*

---> Stephanie McMahon: Ladies and gentlemen, these two men have great talent and have a lot of potential, and they will show it at Backlash when they face Rodney Mack and Mark Henry for the World Tag Team Championship!

*Shane McMahon shows up on the titantron*

Shane: Look Steph, I've already promised a tag team the title shot!!

Stephanie: And which tag team is that?

Shane: None other than....La Resistance

*La Resistance Music Plays*

*La Resistance makes their way down to the ring*

Rob Conway: { Laughing } That’s right....Its our tag team title shot!

Chuck Palumbo: We beat you last night on Sunday Night Heat therefore we deserve it!!

*Rico's music plays*

*Rico, Charlie Haas, and Miss Jackie make their way to the ring*

Rico: Me and Charles deserve it!...we are the most underrated tag team in the business! You all know we have the most talent!!!

*Rodney Mack's Music Plays*

*Rodney Mack, Mark Henry, and Theodore R. Long make their way to the ring.*

Theodore: Listen playa. I know just how to resolve this issue...Just don't put the tag titles on the line!....Ya feelin me?

Stephanie: No, I'm not feeling you...

*In Shane McMahon's office we see the Dudley'z*

Bubba: That’s our World Tag Title Shot, Shane! You know it and I know it!...We have held more tag titles more than anyone else....EVER!

D-Von: Testify

Shane: Okay, Okay....This issue is getting out of hand...So...Umm....at Backlash...It will be...A TAG TEAM TURMOIL MATCH FOR THE TAG TEAM TITLES!!!


JR: Ladies and Gentlemen our next pay-per-view will be Backlash! And its already turning out to be a jam-packed night!!!

Al Snow: The main event will be *JBL vs. Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Title!*

JR: And during the break Shane announced all the members of the 6 pack time limit challenge for the Hardcore Championship! It will be *Heidenreich vs. Gangrel vs. Gene Snitsky vs. Batista vs. Steven Richards vs. Shannon Moore*

Al Snow: And this ones going to be great the tag team turmoil match....the teams in the match will be * Rodney Mack and Mark Henry, Rico and Charlie Haas, Dudley Boyz, Scott Hall and X-Pac, Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli, and La Resistance!*

JR: More matches will be announced soon!

*Pyro Explodes and Kanes Music Plays*
*The following contest is scheduled for one fall introducing first waying in at a 328 pounds....Kane!*

*Team eXtreme Music Plays*
* And his opponent from Cameron, North Carolina waying in at a 220 pounds Jeff Hardy!*

Match Two- Kane vs. Jeff Hardy

End of Match- Kane jumps off the top rope and gets a close line....When he gets up he grabs Jeff by the throat picks him up and choke slams him for the win...1...2...3
Winner- Kane
After the match---> Mark Jindrak runs to the ring and starts stomping on Jeff Hardy .... then he picks Jeff Hardy up and power bombs him...He then gets a mic...

Mark Jindrak: I am the Reflection of Perfection and one of the greatest wrestlers alive!! Next week on Raw I will beat Jeff Hardy and keep my Intercontinental Championship!!!

*Jindrak exits the ring and paramedics help Jeff Hardy out of the arena*


JR: Well next folks we have a triple threat womens match to determin who will face Shaniqua at Backlash for the Womens Championship!

Al Snow: Oh....I can't wait...Bring in the women!

JR: Al, lets keep this professional...

* The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a triple threat match to determin the number one contender for the womens championship*

*Introducing first from Temecula, California...Christy Hemme!!*

*And her opponent from Forest Lake, Minnesota...Molly Holly!!*

*And their opponent from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio...Miss Jackie!!*

Match Three- Number One Contender Match
Christy Hemme vs. Molly Holly vs. Miss Jackie

End of Match- Molly Holly DDT's Miss Jackie and pins her....1....2....Christy Hemme kicks Molly Holly off....Christy hurrcanranna's Molly out of the ring...and leg drops Miss Jackie....she gets the pin 1..2...no! Molly Holly pulled her off and they get into a cat fight on the outside the ring...the referree starts the count out with out Molly and Christy knowing 1....2....3....4...5...6...7...8...9.........10!!!!
Winner as a result of a count out- Miss Jackie

After the match Shaniqua runs to Molly Holly and Christy...She powerbombs Christy and big boots Molly....Then she looks at her knocked out opponent at Backlash...gets in the ring and DDT's her two times....She walks away after and goes backstage...paramedics help all three girls out of the arena....


*Ladies and gentlemen it is now time for the main event of the evening!*

*The following contest is a 6 man tag team match*

*Kurt Angle's music plays*
*Introducing First at a combined weight of 505 pounds Kurt Angle and Luther Reigns!*

*Carmella's Music Plays*
*And their Partner Carmella DeCeasere*

*Kenzo Suzuki's Music Plays*

*And their opponent introducing first from "The Land of the Rising Sun" weighing in at a 260 pounds...Kenzo Suzuki!...and his partner....also from "The Land of the Rising Sun" Hiroko!*

John "Bradshaw" Layfield's music Plays*

*A white limosuine pulls out into the arena*

*And their partner New York City, New York weighing in at a 290 pounds....The World Heavywieght Champion...John "Bradshaw" Layfield!"

Match Four- Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns, and Carmella DeCeasere vs. JBL, Kenzo Suzuki, and Hiroko

End of Match- JBL is about to get the Clothesline from Hell on Carmella....When....Kurt angle gets the Angle Slam...Angle puts Carmella on JBL....for the pin...1....2........*The lights go out* ***Riddle Me This....Riddle Me That....Whos afraid of the Big Black Cat?*** The lights come back on and everyone is on the outside of the ring knocked out...1....2...3....4....5...6..7..8....9........10!
Winner- Double Count Out (TIE)

The show fades away with all Kurt, Luther, Carmella, JBL, Kenzo, and Hiroko knocked out....

How did you like it?
Please tell me how I did good or bad....
SmackDown! will be up in a couple days....
If you have any constructive critizim or like it please tell me....
Also please tell me matches or storylines you wouls like to see....
And if you can please help me to grow as a stronger storyline and wrestling writer
thank you :)

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Backstage News From Raw

- When Gangrel came back from his match he complained of a soar shoulder

- Rikishi felt great to be back

- There are various rumors that a WWE SmackDown! superstar may come to Raw and try to reform a tag team....Once his contract runs out next month that is....

- There are numerous reports of Rico getting a little jealous of the relationship of Miss Jackie and Charlie Haas

- On the SmackDown! side

- There are numerous reports of MC Fully getting released and a former WCW star coming in....Perhaps someone a bit VICOUS

- Mr. McMahon has beem very interested in seeing Stacy as GM and would like to see how the fans react to it...

- John Cena has been taken out of the U.S. title number one contender slot and put into a WWE Title Picture in the near future....The number one contender is rumored to be Maven...Perhaps a heel turn is in mind?

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Not a bad show,
good seeing Gangeral going to singles action. Seems as thought Mordecai will join forces with him though which would be pretty cool.
The turmoil match at Backlash looks to be good.
The Big Black Cat? Seems interesting.
The backstage news is a good idea, Maven turning heel would be good. As well as Cena moving up a division.
Jindrak versus J.Hardy should be good next week...I'm just hoping Jindrak retains.

Now just one more comment concerning the structure, I thought it was alright. But a little hard to read. The match length doesn't worry me. As for my own fed, NGW, I sometimes have a 3 line result of a match for weekly shows.
But I will use the first match for an example on how you could make it a little easier to read:

Match One
Qualifying Match for the Hardcore Championship
Rikishi vs. Gangrel

End of Match- Rikishi dominate most of the match. When Rikishi is about to get the Rikishi Driver on Gangrel
*Mordecai's Music
Mordecai stands at the top of the ramp and has a fierce stare-down with Rikishi.
All of a sudden Gangrel rolls up Rikishi and
Winner- Gangrel

Well that is my 2 cents;)

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Pretty good storylines behind your matches and I can't wait to see who the Big Black Cat is?

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RKO1139 said:
thanks a lot everyone especially u jarmac.....i will take ur advice.....SmackDown! should be up in the next couple of days........once again thanks everyone!
No Problem, glad to help. If ya need any help just PM me.
I will be following this federation;) Need any tips go to NGW :agree:

I'm thinking that the big black cat may be sting? Since Sting used to say that catchphrase, but the cat bit of the saying through me off. Possibly The Cat?
Not too sure though.
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