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The New WWE Post-Brand Extension

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TNA wrestling was bought out by WWE, RAW and Smackdown are combined.

WWE RAW Roster:

World title rank: / Intercontenental / Tag team
triple H /christian / dudley boyz
randy orton /tyson tomko / americas most wanted
batista /scott steiner / team canada
a.j. styles /luther reigns / hardy boyz
jeff jarrett / tommy dreamer / la resistance
bret hart / A-train / edge and christian
big show / Mr. Harvert / nasty boys
shawn michaels / Edge / legion of doom
kane / jeff hardy / nwo
brock lesnar / test
undertaker / rhyno
rob van dam / john cena
booker t / heidenreich
chris jericho / kenzo suzuki
ddp / matt hardy
kurt angle / maven
chris benoit / tajiri
stone cold
the rock (Crusierweight and womens division still exist with same people)