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TNA wrestling was bought out by WWE, RAW and Smackdown are combined.

WWE RAW Roster:

World title rank: / Intercontenental / Tag team
triple H /christian / dudley boyz
randy orton /tyson tomko / americas most wanted
batista /scott steiner / team canada
a.j. styles /luther reigns / hardy boyz
jeff jarrett / tommy dreamer / la resistance
bret hart / A-train / edge and christian
big show / Mr. Harvert / nasty boys
shawn michaels / Edge / legion of doom
kane / jeff hardy / nwo
brock lesnar / test
undertaker / rhyno
rob van dam / john cena
booker t / heidenreich
chris jericho / kenzo suzuki
ddp / matt hardy
kurt angle / maven
chris benoit / tajiri
stone cold
the rock (Crusierweight and womens division still exist with same people)

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Wierd way to organize your roster but whatever works out for you is fine. Next time you might want to list them going down and tell whether they are face, heel or tweener. I can't wait to see your first show though and make sure you use bolds and italics for Grendrill :)

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A good roster, but it we be better if you say who is face and who is heel. Not so sure about some of your choices in the divisions, like Maven, RVD, Chris Nowinski, Batista, Tommy Dreamer, LOD and nWo. I think you should leave the nWo and the LOD in the past but never mind it's your choice. I would also of thought you would have included some X Division stars in the Cruiserweight Division, such as Sabin, Kazarian, Juventud, Lynn etc. Also, please use capital letters next time.


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Looking ok, as JCFG said make sure you use bold and italics or you'll never be on my goodside.

Roster looks pretty good, becool to see how you run it.
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