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The New World Wrestling Entertainment-Please reply.

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This is my World Wrestling Entertainment.


Championships that can be defended on both shows:

WWE Championship
WWE Tag Team Championship

Championships exclusive to Raw:

WWE Raw Championship
WWE Intercontinental Championship

Championships exclusive to Smackdown:

WWE Smackdown Championship
WWE United States Championship


Brands have the same superstars.


Owner of WWE:

Vince McMahon

WWE Commissioner (overlooks the 2 GM's):

Mick Foley

Raw GM(s):

Stone Cold & Eric Bischoff

Smackdown GM:

Stephanie McMahon


Mixed PPVs:

Royal Rumble
Survivor Series

Raw Brand PPVs:

Bad Blood

Smackdown PPVs:

No Way Out
Judgment Day
No Mercy

*Shows are both again 2 hours long.

Raw 1;

Stone Cold & Eric Bischoff come out and announce the following matches for that evening:

Kane vs. RVD and Shawn Michaels vs. Booker T; the winners of these two matches will face off the following week and the winner will face a Smackdown superstar to crown a WWE Champion at Summerslam.

Goldberg vs. Triple H vs. Kevin Nash to crown a WWE Raw Champion that evening.

Randy Orton vs. Test vs. Scott Steiner to crown a WWE Intercontinental Champion that evening.

La Resistance vs. Christian and Lance Storm; the winners will face a Smackdown team at Summerslam to crown the WWE Tag Team Champions.

Bischoff also says that although Kane had revealed his face to the world, it was sickening and Bischoff says he feels sick when he has to see Kane. So, he orders Kane to put his mask BACK ON.

Austin then challenges Bischoff to a Street Fight match that evening with the Raw General Managership on the line! Bischoff looks surprised, but accepts, saying that not only would he get the opportunity to become Raw GM once again, but he could do it right there that evening in Austin's home - Victoria, Texas. Austin then nails Bischoff with a Stunner and says the show should begin!

Match 1:
Test def. Randy Orton and Scott Steiner for the WWE Intercontinental Championship when Steiner nails Orton with a Powerbomb and then Test hits Steiner with a Pumphandle Slam and then pins Orton for the win.

Match 2:
La Resistance def. Christian and Lance Storm by DQ when Dupree tried to chair on Christian (Storm as distracting the ref.) but Christian reverses into a DDT onto the chair. As the ref starts to count -1, -2, he stops and sees the chair. The ref thinks Christian brought it into the ring and disqualifies Christian and Storm, giving La Resistance the win.

Backstage, Kane is getting ready (his mask is on) when RVD walks in. Kane goes to punch RVD and RVD blocks it, asking Kane what the hell he thought he was doing. Kane says he was being him - the monster, the freak, the Big Red Machine. He then kicks RVD in the gut and throws RVD out of his locker room!

Elsewhere, Goldberg is with Marc Loyd. Goldberg says that nothing or no one could stop him from becoming WWE Raw Champion that evening. Loyd says that this will be the first time since WCW’s Starccade PPV that he and Kevin Nash will go into the ring against each other. Loyd points out that it was Nash who ended Goldberg’s WCW Championship reign and his undefeated streak at the PPV. Goldberg grabs Loyd and shouts in his face that Nash and Triple H would go down that night before throwing Loyd to the ground.

Match 3:
Kane def. RVD after RVD misses a Five-Star Frog Splash and then Kane hits him with a Chokeslam for the –1-2-3. After the match, as Kane walks up the ramp, RVD says that even if Kane went on to become WWE Champion, he still wanted to face him at Summerslam. Kane just stares at RVD form the top of the stage and then leaves.

Backstage, Booker T is in his locker room when HBK walks in. They shake hands, and HBK says that it didn’t matter who won, they should give the fans a superb match. Booker agrees, but states that he was determined to become WWE Champion. HBK smiles, and they wish each other good luck.

After a commercial, HBK and Booker T come to the ring and the match begins.

Match 4:
HBK def. Booker T after HBK kicks out of a Scissors Kick they are both down. As Booker T is getting up, HBK hits Sweet Chin Music and pins Booker T for the win. After the match, Kane runs out and gives Shawn Michaels a Chokeslam and shouts in his face that he would beat him the following week on Raw.

Triple H is talking with Ric Flair backstage when Randy Orton runs into their locker room with a scared look on his face. They ask what’s wrong, and Orton says that when they invited Kane to become the fourth member of Evolution, Batista was watching and knew that he had been kicked out of Evolution. Triple H tells Orton to go and deal with Batista.

Bischoff and Austin are talking when Orton goes in their office and requests a match that night right then against Batista. They tell him to go to the ring and get ready.

Match 5:
Batista def. Randy Orton after two Powerbombs on Orton, thus making a triumphant return to Raw. Afterwards, Triple H and Ric Flair come out and stand at the top of the stage. They challenge Batista to go to them and try some, but Batista says he doesn’t need to when suddenly Kevin Nash runs out and attacks The Game and Flair from behind! As Flair and HHH are lying on the floor, Nash declares that he would be WWE Raw Champion by the end of the evening.

After a commercial, Austin and Bischoff come out for their Street Fight match.

Match 6:
Stone Cold Steve Austin def. Eric Bischoff for the Raw General Managership after hitting Bischoff with a chair and then giving him a Stone Cold Stunner. After the match, Austin gets in Bischoff’s face and trash talks to him before giving him a second Stone Cold Stunner and firing him from Raw!

Main Event:
Goldberg def. Triple H and Kevin Nash in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Raw Championship after Triple H got Jackknife Powerbombed and then Goldberg hit Nash with 2 quick Spears for the victory. After HHH and Flair leave, Nash challenges Goldberg to a WWE Raw Championship match at Summerslam. Goldberg accepts and the two stare each other down as Raw goes off the air.

Raw 2 coming soon!

What do you think of 'Raw 1'?

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  • Very good.

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  • Ok, but needs development.

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Out of your choices, I'll say "Ok, but needs development." If you were to start a company with those champions, I think it would be successful. You just need to add some more detail into your matches and it'll be much better. Not much else to say.
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