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This is New to me so cut me some slack guys


Monday Night Afterburn
Friday Night Aftershock
Saturday Night PPVS (one Monthly)


World Main Event Title
International Title
Main Event tag Titles
Womens Main Event Title
Crusierweight Main Event Title
Extreme Title


Owner- Shane McMahon
General Manager- Steve Austin
Commentators- Good Ol Jim Ross and Jerry 'The King' Lawler
In Ring Announcer- Lillion Garcia


Triple H
Big Show
Jeff Jarrett
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy
Randy Orton
Ric Flair
Rob Van Dam
John Cena
The Rock
Eddy Cavalera
Da Kid
Disco Inferno
Rey Mysterio
Chavo Gurrero
Eddie Gurrero
Scotty 2 Hotty
John Bradshaw Layfeild
Doug Basham
Danny Basham
Orlando Jordon
Kurt Angle
Mark Jindrak
Chirs Jericho
Shelton Benjamin
Charlie Haas
Billy Kidman
Colt Cabana
Chirs Masters
Muhamid Hassan
Booker T
Shawn Micheals
Trish Stratus
Torrie Wilson
Miss Jackie
Molly Holly
Stacy Keibler
Nikkie Wilder

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As The Screen opens up it shows the Camera Zoom around the Crowd showing many people in there seats waiting for this Exciting show they they red about in papers and stuff a New Federation IPWF what got most wrestling Fans hyped up for it as the Camera then zoomed towards the ring as the Ring apron Says Afterburn on it as the Ropes are a Orange Color of the ring as the Camera then goes to JR and The King Sitting at there Announcers booth as the crowd goes nuts

JR: WELCOME ALL To the first ever AFTERBBBBBURN Im Jim Ross and Im here with My Partner Jerry 'The King' Lawler

The King: Wooo this is soo exicting JR

as The Camera Fades out as The STart of the shows plays for all the fans veiwing at Home as Blue Oystar Cults 'Dont fear The reaper' starts playing as the Opening Preview starts up

As soon as the Show begins again 'Here comes the money' hits over the new sound system loudly as the fans raise to there feet as the New Owner Shane McMahon steps out from the Back in a Suite as He jogs About the stage SHuffling from side to side as he moves down the ramp nodding his head to his own beat as he climbs into the ring and contues bobbing about as his Theme slowly cuts down as the Lovely Ms. Garcia hands Shane a Microphone as he winks at her and begins to talk now

Shane: Let Me Welcome ALL of you to the First Ever Afterburn and The First Show of IPWF

The crowd Applauses for Shanomac

Shane: Thats Right and Tonight Is going to be an Epic Night Becuase Here in a Little Bit im going to Introduce you all To The General Manager of IPWF But Right now Being the Owner im going to Book a 1 on 1 match up for Later Tonight........

He is Intruppeted by The Fans chanting 'Shan-O Shan-O Shan-O

Shane: And this Match Will Be For The Womens Main Event Title......Between none other then Torontos Beatuty Trish Status and a New Comer who is looking to make a Name for Herself Nikki WIlder should Be Good BUT as Of now I said Ill Introduce you to your general Manager and I ment it soooo Come on out........

As this time he Is Intrupped By Glass Shattering and Stone Cold Steve Austins Theme hits as the Fans Errupt as The Texas Rattle Snack comes charging out giveing His Finger Salute tot he crowd as they Cheer for him as he storms down the ramp and climbs into the ring and heads to eatch turnbuckle giveing the Crowd 4 more Salutes as he climbs down talking Major shit towards everyone as the crowd eats it all up as he talks the Mic from Shane

SCSA: I said Stone Cold Steve Austin Is the General Manager

Crowd: WHAT

SCSA: I said Stone Cold Steve Austin is going to take over the show

Crowd: WHAT

SCSA: I said Stone COld Steve Austin is going to make a a 10 Man Tournament for the World Main Event Title

Crowd: What

SCSA: Yeah You herd me and 3 of those matches are going to take place right here tonight



The Glass Shatters again as The show then cuts off to a Commocial

Match 1
Edge Versus Jeff Hardy(Tournament Match 1)
As The show Returns from the Commocial The fans are still Excited about this as Jeff Hardys Music hits over the sound system as the fans errupt once more as Jeff comes out headbanging and loveing it as he runs down the ramp slideing intot he rign and jumps up moshing around a bit for the excited fans as he head bangs some more but is quickly Intruppted as Smoke fills the stage as 'Metalingus' By Alter Bridge hits loudly now as the fans boo for the first time tonight as Edge makes his Appearence stomping out though the smoke in his signature coat as he heads down the ramp talking shit as he climbs on into the ring removeing his coat as the first match of IPWF was about to get underway {Ding Ding DIng} The bell sounded as both of these men Locked up quickly eatch one trying to get the Advantage over the other by force as Hardy quickly jumped up onto edge Catching his head and dropped into a quick DDt as Edge flops onto his back Hardy covers him Early 1....2... Edge pushes Hardy off avoiding a Humilating Lost as Hardy pulls Edge up only to be met with a stright Right hand knocking Hardy Down and out as Edge grins some and hauls Hard up and sends him into the ropes and sets himself up for a backdrop But Hardys Return he fliped over Edge into a sunset flip 1.....2...... Edge kicked out once again Looking to be out wrestled here as Both men got back onto there feet Hardy leaped in looking for a spinng Heel kick but Edge caught his legs and dropped him and fliped him back into the Turnbuckle as Jeff Bounced off it Edge met him with a Dropkick sending him down and out once more as Edge thinks he has this well in hand as Edge backed into the corner crouching down nodding looking ready for his Spear As Jeff Struggled to his feet and turned towards Edge as He then sprinted foward at Hardy and leaped at him but Hardy leaped Over Edge as Edge smashed into the Ref with his spear takeing him out

King: This isnt Good for Jeff I can tell you that

As Edge got back up and His head hooked quickly from behind as Jeff Spun into a Extreme Twist of Faith turning Edge into the Mat with Easy as he coverd Edge but The Ref wasnt there to count as He got up and looked at the Downed Edge as Jeff Hard leaped onto the Top Rope and nodded his Head looking ready to end this with his Swanton as All of a Sudden Raven Came though the crowd to some boos as he climbed up onto the apron and clubed Jeff leaving him proned on the top rope as Raven climbed up as well Hooking onto His head and leaped off backwards Evenflowing him off the top rope ontot he mat as Raven smiled and quickly made his exit leaving Jeff Hurt and out as The ref got back to his feet After awhile Jeff Made his way up holding his head as he turned around in a lot of pain as he was met with a Crushing Spear By Edge outa no where as He pinned him hooking both his legs 1.....2.........3 {ding ding ding}

Jr: Edge is a no good son of a....
King: Carefull Kids might be watching
Jr: Oh sorry But what a Cheap Win by Edge
King: Edge was out he didnt have anything to do with this

The show cuts to a commocial now

Match 2
HBK Versus Y2J(Tournament Match 2)
As The countdown begins the fans going nuts as it reachs 2 as the pyro explodes from the stage as Jericho spins out and heads down the ramp high fiveing the crowd as he climbs the stairs intot he ring and struts a bit and then spins toward sthe crowd cheering loudly for him as he does he then climbs on into the ring as 'sexy boy' then hits loudly to an even bigger reaction as Shawn comes out danceing around a bit as he flexes somewhat sending pryo up behind him as he quickly enters the ring ready and willing to go as the bell rings {Ding Ding Ding} and it turns into a brawl pretty quickly with rights flying in every direction nailing Shawn and Nailing Chirs as Jericho starts chopping the hell outa shawn as he stummbes into a corner as he chops again and again and again as Jericho gets a bit over cocky as Shawn flys out with a Major right hand sending Jericho back away as he comes in at him again but jericho ducks and runs off the ropes comeing back with a bulldog dropping Shawn onto his back as Jericho sees his opputunity and runs to the ropes spring off the middle one with a flip looking for the lionsault but meets the knees of Micheals as Jericho rolls off cringing as Micheals and Jericho get up Shawn needing a breather as Jericho runs at him but Shawn lifts him up into a high backdrop smashing Jericho on his back as Shawn gets over hyped and starts TUNING UP THE BAND as the fans errupt stomps his foot over and over and over as Jericho raises up to his feet and turns around to be met with the Sweet Chin Music Laying Jericho Out as Shawn drops down pinning Down Chirs 1.........2.........3 {Ding Ding Ding} As Shawn gets up and celebrates his win over Jericho

King: I thought Jericho was going to duck that
JR: I guess not King
King: you think JR

As The Camera Zooms in on a Locker room that says Evolution on the door as The camera then goes into the room as it shows Triple H and Rick Flair Talking to eatch other


Flair: I know You should just be Handed that belt

HHH: Your Damn Right I should INSTEAD Friday on Aftershock I have to face STING that isnt right

the Crowd errupts hearing Sting name going though out the arena as a Sting chant is herd

HHH: FLair I dont care what it takes im going to Win This Tournament AND THERES NOT A DAMN THING ANYONE IS GOING TO DO ABOUT IT

FLair: your the man champ woooooooo

as the Show then cuts off to another Commocial

Match 3
Trish Startus versus Nikkie Wilder(Womens Main Event Title)

As Thouhsand Foot Crutches 'Rawk Fist' Hits over the Pa Nikkie Wilder comes danceing out high fiveing the fans as she kisses one on the cheeck and then climbs into the ring and winks at the crowd as Suddective giggling is herd and Rock and Roll hits over the sound system as Trish status comes out bowing to the crowd as she acts like she hitsone and then climbs into the ring mocking the hell out of the crowd as she talks trash towards Nikkie {ding ding ding} as they both lock onto eatch other but Nikkie quickly turns Trish into a Modfied Arm Bar as Trish hollowers out as she wrenches it in then spins Trish over into a Huge arm drag take down as Trish holds her arm as Nikki contues on to her but Trish SMartens up and sends a cheap right into her gut sending Nikkie over as Trish swings a huge kick at her nailing her with a hard chick kick sending her down as She then pins her 1....2....but Nikkie manages to get a shoulder up to some shocked fans and a shocked trish as she gets up pissed and ready to go as Trish hauls her up and latche sonto her head and signals for the Stratusfaction and runs to the ropes but Nikkie out smarts her and spins her around hooking her arms slaming her down in mid air hitting a WIld Fire and fold sher into the pin 1....2.....3 {Ding Ding Ding} as Nikkie grabs the Title and raises it up and goes into the crowd Celebrating

KIng: Oh well Trish Will win it again
Jr: I think this first show was a good Success
king: Yeah JR and We still have the Main Event Left to go
JR: Its going to be a good one its the last tournament Match for today

Main Event
Randy Orton versus Jeff Jarrett(Tournament match 3)
As Both of them Made there entrences towards The ring THe crowd going Nuts as The Legend Killer comes out but they booo Jeff alot as he comes out carring his Aqustic Equalizer as he enters the ring the ref quickly takes it and hands it out notr letting him use it as the bell rings {ding ding ding} as Jeff quickly nails orton in the stomach with a Right hand followed by another and another as he uppercuts him stronly sending him to the mat as Jeff stomps him again again again again just pummeling away at him but Orton starts fighting back up with right hand of his own as they start brawling around the ring left and right fists flying Orton sends Jeff to the ropes as he returns he drops him with a high dropkick and makes a cover on Jeff 1....2...Jeff manages to fire a shoulder up tho as Orton mounts him and begins beating away with rights and lefs on Jeff not likeing his uperhand earler on as they both get up and Orton leaps catching his head looking for the R K O but Jeff quickly shoves him off into the ropes and on his return Jeff catches him abck and drops into a Somoan drop and pins him like so 1....2..... Orton manages to kick outa this one las moment as Jeff kneels up shaking his head as they start brawling again

Jr: we have to take out last commocial Break
as the show cuts of for a commocial

Main Event Part 2
as Jeff hooks Orton up and looks to fall into the Stroke Randy spins outa it and behind Jeff hooking his head and drops into a Modfied Backbreaker which he uses as Jeff holds his head rolling around a bit hurting as he drops an arm onto jeff for a pin 1....2....NOJefftosses the arm off quickly as Jeff weakly pushes up to his feet Orton manged to pull up onto the top rope as Jeff turns towards him Orton leaps off looking for a huge crossbody but Jeff dives outa the way and Orton hits the crossbody onto the Ref laying him out as Orton takes care of the Ref Jeff quickly crawls outa the ring and he gets his Guitar from the announcer and climbs into the ring stalking Orton badly as Orton gets up and turns around and Jeff swings the Guitar at Orton but Orton manges to move outa the way as Jeff drops it as Orton leaps catching Jeffs head and leaps into an RKO but Jeff spins him outa hit and hooks him in and Drops into the Stroke on the Guitar smashing it all to hell as Jeff throws the peices outa the ring and weakly covers orton now as the ref crawls over and begin a slow count 1....................2...............................3 (ding ding ding)

KIng: Sweet Sweet Music of the Guitar

The Show cuts off now as The next show on the Channel begins on as The crowd begins leaving the building as the fans go nuts loveing the very first show

*End Of Show*
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