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The New ECW

WWE ratings are going down and because of that they are in financial catastrophe . So they decided to sell the rights of their entire ECW rights . They were a lot of offers for their rights bit finally Paul Heyman did whatever it took to buy ECW . He has been missing for a lot of time and now he wants to make wrestling interesting again buy starting from scratch and build it to greatness without obviously going bankrupt once again . He decided to recruit free agent wrestlers , announcers etc . He started contacting some stars and probably he already signed some of them . When he was interviewed by ESPN he was very reluctant and said at their very first show of the new ECW regime will be massive and with a lot of surprises and will announce the matches in that very same night . It is said that he already reached an agreement with My network TV on Tuesdays to broadcast their weekly show now called The New & Improved ECW .

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The New ECW Roster Updates & A Little Preview

The New ECW Roster Updates & Preview

Paul Heyman announced that as of right now the following wrestlers that had signed are.....Big Daddy V , Chavo Guerrero Jr , Caylen Croft , Chris Harris , Damaja , Harry Smith , DJ Gabriel , Elix Skipper , Gregory Helms , Gymini , Jimmy Wang Yang , Kenny Dykstra , Kevin Vampiro , Luke Gallows , Manu , Michael Tarver , Nick Dinsmore , Paul Bearer , Orlando Jordan , Paul Burchill , Petey Williams , Puma , Ricky Ortiz , Rob Conway , Scott D ' Amore , Scotty 2 Hotty , Sean Morley , Shad Gaspard , Shawn Daivari , Cliff Compton , Sim Snuka , Snitsky , Sonjay Dutt , The Boogeyman , Trevor Murdoch , Tommy Dreamer

Holy Shit !!?!?!? This roster is fu*kin huge . But it looks really promising in my eyes . Heyman also said that there are more to be announced on their first The New & Improved ECW episode !!!! And BTW this show is rated TV-MA !! Thats motherfu*kin greatt !!!!

The Championship Titles are these :

ECW World Heavyweight Title :
ECW Television Title :
ECW World Tag Team Titles :
ECW X Division Title :

Paul Heyman announced an X Division Extreme Battle Royal to crown the first ever ECW X Division Champion !!
That is the only thing he announced in terms of events of the next show but it already looks very hot .

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The New & Improved ECW Show

The New & Improved ECW
Attendance : 1159

The Show starts of with the old ECW theme and out comes the owner of ECW Paul Heyman , A huge pop from the crowd and chanting Paul E..Paul E.. Paul E !!!! Great reaction here as expected from the always loyal ECW crowd .
For the first time ever Paul looks a bit emotion by that response...after a bit he shouts...WELCOME TO THE NEW & IMPROVED ECW !!! An insane EC-dub chants from the crowd .
''Now after long 6 years absent from TV Im going to make hardcore wrestling relevant again , exciting , and of the roof again like the old days but this time...Better !!
As I already announced tonight we will have our first match which is the X Division Extreme Battle Royal , the ring will be full of dangerous weapons and everything is legal...to crown the New ECW X Division Champ .
Also tonight we will start a Tag Team Title Tournament in which we will see the dominant team of Gymini taking on Cliff Compton & Sim Snuka..former tag team champs themselves . Also another tag team title tournament match which will feature Damaja & a surprise partner vs Tommy Dreamer and also a surprise partner . And for our main-event we will have 4 potential contenders for the ECW World title compete against each other in a Tag Team Match , Chavo Guerrero Jr will team up with the monsterous 487 Lbs Big Daddy V vs Kevin Vampiro & The Brooklyn Powerhouse.. Shad Gaspard
+ More To Come

ECW X Division Championship Extreme Battle Royal
Caylen Croft vs DJ Gabriel vs Elix Skipper vs Jimmy Wang Yang vs Petey Williams vs Puma vs Shawn Daivari vs Sonjay Dutt.... OMGGGG !!! The 150 Lbs X Division Sensation himself..here comes The Amazing Redd !!!

Petey Williams won the extreme battle royal and is the new ECW X Division Champ . It was a very brutal , hardcore and highflying match which lasted about 11.59 mins *** ¾
While he's celebrating instead of his titantron there's a vignette package highlighting The World Warrior Low Ki's which he will debut next week on ECW . The crown goes insane and Petey is in absolute shock !!!

If you noticed the 1st match didnt even have an announcer and now the ECW theme is played and out comes Joey styles in also a good reaction chanting OMG !! ( his trademark catchphrase )

Styles says he is glad to be back and part of The New ECW , also commented on that phenomenal opening Extreme Battle Royal which proves this is really what ECW stands for violent , extreme , bloody and no limit show .

Now its time for the first tag team title tournament match of the night .

ECW Tag Team Titles Tournament Semi-Final Match
Gymini vs Cliff Compton & Sim Snuka

A Hard fought which saw the team of former tag team champs Compton & Snuka put in a hell of an effort but it wasnt enough as they were dominated by Gymini...Gymini wins in about 8.36 mins , normal Free TV Tag Team Bout . ** ¼

Styles officialy states that Gymini are now in the finals of the tag team title tournament …. Heyyy !!! Its time for Sean Morleyy Babyyy !!!!

A nice reception from the crowd here while hes shaking his abs and balls like he does usually . “Hey ladiess !!!!” ladies scream in excitement....im back like the old days with the exception that this time there are no limits in what I can do or show”...more excitement here from the ladies . No more talk lets get to action...
After he removes the robe and now hes in his underwear , a familiar name on the titantron hits and..OMGGGG !!!! Its Sean Waltmann or better known as 6-Pac !!! He says that Morley should stop doing this stupidiness and get to the damn fu*kin business . This is a wrestling show not a freakin gay strip club...the crows laughs :pPP . Morley says... are you done with nights in china ??? Waltman says...usually I get very angry when somebody refers to past scandals that I was involved in but I realised that it is time for a change . I am str8 edge now and my only focus is being the great wrestler that I know I am . Exactly when Morley says that he doesnt care....Waltman kicks him in the balls and does his signature spinning kick , Morley is lying flat on the ground while Waltman is doing his signature The Generation X ball chops...the crowd booess !!!

Styles says that was some interesting stuff...hot water is boiling in the minds of 6-Pac and Sean Morley , Now its time for the other semi-final of the tag team title tournament..Gymini already passed to the finals earlier tonight !!

ECW Tag Team Titles Tournament Semi-Final Match
Damaja & ??? vs Tommy Dreamer & ???
Damaja introduced us with his brother Doug Basham...they are former tag team champs too together , while tommy dreamer announces that his partner is the chair swinger Balls Mahoney..an ECW Originals reunion on The New ECW

The ECW Originals came out on top when the referee was distracted by Dreamer and Balls swings a chair shot to the head of Damaja..and left him in a bloody mess !! Good old school tag team match with a Balls type of finish . 9.49 mins **3/4

Styles says that he missed the ECW originals but now since they're here things are getting fun and serious at the same time...they also pass to the finals of the tag team title tournament in which next week The ECW Originals will take on Gymini for the coveted prize . Its time for some 4 way dance ….OMGG !!!!

4 Way Dance Elimination Match
Paul Burchill vs Manu vs Orlando Jordan vs Kenny Dykstra

The British man Paul Burchill wins this 4 way dance in a fast paced action packed match . After the match....Its The Boogeyman , he comes to the ring everybody runs away except for orlando jordan which he eat the worms :pPP !!!! Boogeyman says “Im Comin To Gettt youu “

Styles says that The Boogeyman is going to pursuit his first ever championship here on ECW and hes already left a good mark !!! Now Its time for the Main-event !!!!!!!!

Main-event Tag Team Match
Big Daddy V & Chavo Guerrero Jr vs Kevin Vampiro & Shad Gaspard

Shad comes first and has a mic in his hands...”tonight is the start to the road of greatness for The Brooklyn Powerhouse Shad Gaspard . Cos this is my time to shine here on The New ECW and become the ECW World Heavyweight Champion...more wins and titles means more money !!! stop hatin”...the crows booes . Now out comes Kevin Vampiro and ...wait a minutes..is that Paul Bearer with that damn urn ??!?!! Bearer says that hes done with the last client he worked for over 20 years with , he says its time for the new dark siders , this time its not an undertaker , this time its a vampire....KEVIN VAMPIRO !!!! Chavo comes out and looks very confident..and why he shouldnt be ?? Hes teaming with a 6ft9 ,487 Lbs monster....here comes Big Daddy V , towering over the ropes .

Hell Yeahh !! Big Daddy V crushed Kevin Vampiro on the outside and also crushed Shad Gaspard with a samoan drop following a frog splash by Chavo who gets a victory for his team . A physical and solid main-event which lasted about 14.13 mins ***

After The Match Shad & Kevin gets and beats up on Chavo and was destroyed by both men , following an STO by Shad and a Tombstone Piledriver by Kevin...the go after Big Daddy V.....and outcomes Chris Master ...Holyy Shitt !!! the crowd goes while hes running to the ring for the save , both Shad and Kevin retreats . Big Daddy gets up and eats a masterlock by the masterpiece . What the hell is going on ???? First he saves him and then he demolish him ?? Thats insanee

For next week officially the tag team title tournament finals is scheduled !!
Its the ECW Originals taking on Gymini !
And Paul Heyman has a HUGE announcement...wait and see !!!

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The New ECW Roster Updates & Preview

Back from a great first show of The New ECW , we already saw great talent compete against eachother , we crowned the first ever ECW X Division Champ in Petey Williams in which he next week will team up with a debuting Paul London !!!! & they are going to face the team of Sim Snuka & Cliff Compton...as noted in this match the X Division & the Tag Team are going to collide in an Extreme Rules Tag Team Match !!!! Because of the vignette we saw this week which showed that Low Ki is going to debut next week....thats right next week , in an X Division Exhibition Match hes going 1 on 1 against Sonjay Dutt !! As already scheduled next week we will have the finals of the ECW Tag Team Title tournament which will feature the team of Mike & Todd Gymini against the extremists ECW Originals Tommy Dreamer & Balls Mahoney . Its told that Paul Heyman has a major announcement and the rumors are that he will introduce us to more talent !!! The man who got kicked in the balls this week Sean Morley will have a singles match against a wrestler of Sean Waltman's choice...it is said that whoever he chooses Waltman will be in his corner . Next week we will have something scheduled regarding the ECW TV Title but everything about that is still a secret . And as regards to the main-event & the ECW World Title scene next week we will have the first contender's match to determine the first challenger for the world title at the next PPV ! It will be a 3 Way Dance Match which will showcase Big Daddy V vs Chavo Guerrero Jr vs Shad Gaspard !!!

BTW already Paul Heyman released a bunch of guys which he signed earlier this month..he said they werent actually signed but they were on a try out and now he signed his official roster + more to come ...he said once again !! The wrestlers released are Chris Harris , DJ Gabriel , Elix Skipper , Luke Gallows , Nick Dinsmore , Orlando Jordan , Puma , Ricky Ortiz , Shawn Daivari & Snitsky !!

He also hired new stars which already appeared or will appear soon on the show...Chris Masters , Sean Waltman , Stevie Richards , Doug Basham , Tommy Dreamer , Balls Mahoney , Trevor Murdoch , Rob Conway , Low Ki , The Amazing Red & Paul London

The Official New ECW Roster :
Big Daddy V Chavo Guerrero Jr Kevin Vampiro Shad Gaspard
Chris Masters Harry Smith Gregory Helms Manu
Michael Tarver Paul Burchill Sean Morley Sean Waltman
Stevie Richards The Boogeyman Kenny Dykstra Damaja Basham
Doug Basham Mike Shane Todd Shane Tommy Dreamer
Balls Mahoney Sim Snuka Cliff Compton Trevor Murdoch
Rob Conway Scotty 2 Hotty Caylen Croft Jimmy Wang Yang
Petey Williams Sonjay Dutt Low Ki Paul London
The Amazing Red

ECW World Heavyweight Champion : Vacant
ECW TV Champion : Vacant
ECW World Tag Team Champions :
ECW X Division Champion : Petey Williams

Everybody is looking forward for next week for the 2nd show of The New & Improved ECW
!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGGGGGGGGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Before you even think about doing another post, I want you to go and look at how some of the more successful BTB people format their threads, because this is down right unreadable. From what I can read, your roster is okay, but I literally cannot read a damn thing that you have posted because of how poorly you put it together!

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The New ECW 2nd Show

The New ECW - 2nd Show
Attendance – 1034

The show starts with a preview video package for tonight's first match of the night...which is the ECW Tag Team Titles Tournament Final . After the video preview , Joey Styles welcomes us to the second episode of The New ECW & immediately heads us to the ring for our first match for the ECW Tag Team Titles !!!

ECW Tag Team Titles Tounament Final
Gymini vs The ECW Originals

It was a very intense championship match , Gymini were dominating as usual in the final minutes but then a surprising interference from Sabu !!! & Stevie Richards distracted the referees attention and once again Balls Mahoney swings a massive chair shot to the skull of Todd Gymini and wins the ECW Tag Team Titles for the ECW Originals !!! 8.50 mins ** ¾

Styles says that last week he was happy to see the reunion of the ECW Originals but lately they are using a lot of extreme underhanded tactics to get victories...well still they are the new ECW Tag Team Champions !!! Now the next contest will feature the debut of Low Ki and hes going 1 on 1 against another debutant in Sonjay Dutt !!

ECW X Division Exhibition Match
Low Ki vs Sonjay Dutt

It was a spectacular high flying and high paced match , after about 10 minutes in this great contest Low Ki came out on top afteh he hit the warriors way from out of nowhere !! 9.58 mins *** ¼

Styles says...What a match it was !! Both Low Ki and Sonjay Dutt proved that they deserve to be in The New ECW X Division after this high flying and high paced match they had tonight , tonight Low Ki came out on top and im sure he will advance in the X Division Title hunt but Sonjay Dutt will also have a great future here on The New ECW !!! Next will be the major announcement that our boss will make !!

Paul Heyman comes to the ring followed by a standing ovation for the true wrestling pioneer ! He says that everything is going great right now , tonight we already crowned new ECW Tag Team Champions in The ECW Originals !!! and also we had a spectacular X Division Exhibition Match which im sure will be rememberes and yet tonight we still have coming up 1 on 1 contest between Sean Morley against Sean Waltman ' s handpicked opponent , we also have X Division and the Tag Team division collide against each other when The ECW X Division Champ Petey Williams will team up with Paul London !!! to take on the tag team of the former tag team champs Sim Snuka & Cliff Compton ! Now str82dpoint last week I announced that I have some major announcements for tonight...hell yeaaaahh I do !!! Next week we are going to make history when a major player in the wrestling business will make his debut here on The New ECW !!! He has a lot of experience , he has charisma , he is extreme , tough , he is a former Tag Team Champion , a former United States Champion , a former European Champion , a former member of TNA's Immortal stable....He Is Mattttttt Hardyyyyyyyyy !!!!!! Also next week will have onboard former 2 cool member Scotty 2 Hotty and yes...he also has an announcement for next week !!! Those announcements are for tonight , and yet there is still to come !!! Enough of me now , back to Joey Styles .

Styles says..what an announcement ! Matt hardy ??? OMGGGGGGGG !!!! and also Scotty 2 Hotty will be in the building next week , now lets move on to an ECW Extreme Rules Tag Team Match

ECW Extreme Rules Tag Team Match
X Division Champ : Petey Williams & Paul London vs Sim Snuka & Cliff Compton

A nice and brutal extreme rules tag team match here with both teams utilised every object that came to their hand , but finally the X Division Team prevailed when Petey set Cliff on a table and Paul London did 450 splash on Cliff Compton and the table !! 13.25 mins *** ½

Styles says that this match was nearly a classic and that it was very brutal , now next is a match we have been waiting for , Sean Morley will take on Sean Waltman ' s handpicked opponent .

Singles Match
Sean Morley vs ???? / Sean Waltman

Morley came to the ring waiting for Waltman and his handpicked choice , Waltman announced that his choice is non other than the samoan destroyer...Manu !!!

This match was dominated by Manu but after Morley gained a little advantage Waltman tried to spray some pepperspray into the eyes of Morley but he moved away and instead caught the eyes of Manu and Morley rolled Manu up for the win !!! 7.51 mins ** ½

After the match Waltman and Manu continues attacking morley and Waltman is celebrating , but while he is celebrating Manu hits Waltman with a samoan drop !!! Thats a little revenge for the pepperspray ...hahaa !!!

Styles says that Waltman ' s plan backfired and Morley still somehow claimed the victory , up next is a 4 Way Dance Match for the ECW TV Title

ECW TV Title 4 Way Dance Match
Paul Burchill vs The Boogeyman vs Michael Tarver vs Kenny Dykstra

It was an action packed 4 Way Dance Match but after the Boogeyman took everybody out Michael Tarver hit Boogeyman with a KO Punch and Michael Tarver is the ECW TV Champion !!! 12.12 mins ** ¾

Styles says that up next is the Main Event for tonight !!! It is a first contender Triple Threat match !!

Main Event 1st Contender's Triple Threat Match
Big Daddv V vs Chavo Guerrero vs Shad Gaspard

This match was a great one , Big Daddy V was bullying both men in this bout but then Chavo and Shad joined forces and took out Big Daddy V for good , and after they went on 1 on 1 Chavo heroically prevailed Shad missed a flying shoulder block and Chavo took advantage , he hit a frog splash from the top rope and he pinned Shad to become the 1st contender for the ECW World Title !!!! 14.31 mins ***
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