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Which name do you like better?

  • Claudio Castagnoli

    Votes: 29 17.3%
  • Antonio Cesaro

    Votes: 139 82.7%
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I don't care if you're an ROH/KOW mark. Be honest. I'm kinda leaning towards Antonio Cesaro tbh. Then again, I only became a mark for the guy when I saw his match with Hero in FCW. Was a very good watch, and I was amazed right away by his style, and knew it would fit WWE easily.

So anyways, which name do you like better? nothing serious, just wondering. lol

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I like both names. CESARO is a pretty bitching name for a WWE superstar, and The Superior Swiss Sensation Claudio Castignoli was a splendid name in it's own right. Personally, I've found that once you adjust to a new name, there's little difference in reality. I've been a fan of Cesaro for around 8 years and it took me almost no time to move away from calling him Claudio.

I had a problem with BD being called Daniel Bryan at first, now it's synonymous with his act - and honestly, it's a better name for fans to chant. Dolph Ziggler sounded like the most ridicioulus wrestler name of all time at first, now it's synonymous with his act - and honestly, it's a much more memorable name than Nick Nemeth. Dean Ambrose sounded like a rice-y desert at first, now it's synonymous with his act - and honestly, it's a much more marketable name than Jon Moxley.

If they had called Punk something along the lines of Brooky Phillips, I'm sure we would've all adjusted in time. :side:

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Cesaro, it's much shorter and easier to say. That said, it does piss me off how they never let guys wrestle under their own names any more.

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Voted for Claudio, since the Antonio Cesaro name sounds considerably more Italian instead of Swiss, although the Cesaro name has grown on me a little. Ultimately, the man is a fucking boss regardless of using his real name or a company-made one.
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